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Sunday Funday in Minecraft
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  • theArashi_
    theArashi_ 9 minutes ago

    Who would have thought that cheating in game doesn't feel rewarding in a long run.

  • Crezix
    Crezix Hour ago

    I know what it means 🤣

  • Gerald G
    Gerald G Hour ago

    I miss the Minecraft videos

  • NateFullofAids
    NateFullofAids Hour ago

    1:14 racist fridge

  • GammaRaze
    GammaRaze 2 hours ago

    They had better eat all of it after the trouble they put staff through

  • RBLXinspector
    RBLXinspector 2 hours ago

    You posted on my birthday :O

  • Nashton Norton
    Nashton Norton 2 hours ago

    Everyone remembers the racist fridge joke

  • Gojira kun
    Gojira kun 3 hours ago

    How to make Terroriser release its ANGER Play him Cuphead

  • Cam Rozz
    Cam Rozz 3 hours ago

    He fucking gets it!

  • Noa Njegovec
    Noa Njegovec 3 hours ago

    Nogla sent me to sub to you

  • caliente g&m
    caliente g&m 3 hours ago

    who knew, brian would turn out to be the most loyal friend to evan ever

  • Greyson Moore
    Greyson Moore 3 hours ago


  • Mighty Duck
    Mighty Duck 3 hours ago

    Yes hello I am also robot

  • LJF
    LJF 3 hours ago

    May I know why is the watermelon a racist thing?

  • TehTheYoshiGaming
    TehTheYoshiGaming 4 hours ago

    I forgot how to make Iron Golems.. and Love video!

  • Avery Ellsworth
    Avery Ellsworth 4 hours ago

    Someone animate that last clip plz

  • Stephen Uchiha
    Stephen Uchiha 4 hours ago

    Basically: you racist pos! But Brian is Irish... does this surprise you?

  • DeathLink
    DeathLink 4 hours ago

    Someone please animate that last bit

  • Кирилл Осетрин

    Чёртов расист.Потвоему все русские плохие

  • Issa Croissant
    Issa Croissant 5 hours ago

    I haven’t seen Fortnite from any of the crew and I love it

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez 5 hours ago

    If Heinz tomato ketchup can talk and make RU-clip like us I think the first subscriber will be Terroriser

  • Audy Harper
    Audy Harper 5 hours ago

    Nevermind them just make the jokes all you want man..

  • Claudia Galvan
    Claudia Galvan 5 hours ago

    I'm glad you posted. I was having withdrawal symptoms from not watching a Minecraft video for so long. 😂😂😂

  • TheGamingPatrick
    TheGamingPatrick 5 hours ago

    I am 5 month late but I agree with Nogla with the pizza and sausages being better hot but I prefer Brian’s choice with Strawberry milkshakes

  • Blake Caffrey
    Blake Caffrey 5 hours ago

    Pfft, like my grandmother would let me live in her basement.

  • Jesse Warner
    Jesse Warner 5 hours ago

    I find it funny that Evan ...conveniently... cut out most of Brian's problem solving...

  • Sam Tahu
    Sam Tahu 5 hours ago

    1:15 oh not again 😅😂

  • Cameron Scott
    Cameron Scott 5 hours ago

    I'm surprised he doesn't have the cunt mug jacksepticeye has

  • AAH o_.
    AAH o_. 6 hours ago

    You gonna play terminator resistance brian?

  • Gscxel
    Gscxel 6 hours ago

    You all should come back to Minecraft!

  • Caden Rubio
    Caden Rubio 6 hours ago

    God that moustache.

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy 6 hours ago

    I wish you all settled your differences because I loved these videos of you together.

  • Izumi K
    Izumi K 6 hours ago

    They should do RL Craft. Ye.

  • Nova 777
    Nova 777 6 hours ago

    Team minority is back

  • TopatGamer
    TopatGamer 6 hours ago

    When the got teleported to the tutorial and forgot lol

  • alhareth alyousef
    alhareth alyousef 6 hours ago

    19:28 *ANDREI! NYET!!* 19:41 *LUKA! NYET!*

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 6 hours ago

    I have a tiny terrorisor in my pants ;) wait a minute...

  • Mr Gonzalez
    Mr Gonzalez 6 hours ago

    Brian Do A Vlog If You’re Gonna Have Thanksgiving With Evan And The Gang 🥺 ❤️ 🍌 🚌 🦃 🍽

  • The FBI
    The FBI 6 hours ago

    69 dislikes good but bad at same time?

  • Keegan Nguyen
    Keegan Nguyen 7 hours ago


    JAKE THE GAMER 7 hours ago

    0:27 It sounds like 2 robots having sex... 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Pablo Ramirez
    Pablo Ramirez 7 hours ago


  • Ari wahyu
    Ari wahyu 7 hours ago

    0:01 The robot coming

  • Kristopher Wallace
    Kristopher Wallace 7 hours ago

    we need more of this please lmfao

  • Martha Barraza
    Martha Barraza 7 hours ago

    Hey terrerisor how is that racist

  • Shadow Joestar
    Shadow Joestar 7 hours ago

    Dude, I got a Terminator Resistance ad when I clicked your vid.

  • Quantumtale Sans
    Quantumtale Sans 7 hours ago

    6:01 l And that’s why you don’t do drugs kids

    YABOII GAMING 7 hours ago


  • Nakanowatari
    Nakanowatari 8 hours ago

    Its kinda sad to see the gang actually doesnt really like playing minecraft. But oh well, the fads over, even Pewdiepie cant keep the hype train going. Time to move on to the next game

  • night feather
    night feather 8 hours ago

    I just noticed that his dogs name is the same as mine. Huh

  • Mason Studios3D
    Mason Studios3D 8 hours ago

    I always want to say somthing to haters but I don’t want it to come off the wrong way or say somthing if they are joking

  • UltraNova 4821
    UltraNova 4821 8 hours ago

    Brian, could you please talk about what the FTC is doing to RU-clip and spread the word about it.

  • Black Baron
    Black Baron 8 hours ago

    Sign him up for the marines a few seconds later blows up team lmfao

  • The New Satinbobcat
    The New Satinbobcat 8 hours ago

    Death: whats your biggest regret? Moo: 11:51

  • Aidan Sexton
    Aidan Sexton 8 hours ago

    Yay someone hates fortnite

  • nicolas De Santiago
    nicolas De Santiago 8 hours ago

    So you put the cookie down and you became a sexual preditor

    PAULING EILTS 8 hours ago

    Almost unsubscribed. Almost. Thank god i didn’t.

  • Michael Silverus 》

    Hey Terroriser! Can you please tell what mods you use on server? Thanks in advance!

  • darbat
    darbat 8 hours ago

    Daithi de Nogla is a dirty cheater! Unfollow! Unsubscribe! Reeeeeeeee!

  • Sheena Aupiu
    Sheena Aupiu 9 hours ago

    Rest in peace the banana squad with out mini ladd

  • Da Chung
    Da Chung 9 hours ago

    Anyone else think noglas kinda become an annoying prick?

  • Scraftycraft vlog
    Scraftycraft vlog 9 hours ago

    0:00 and we thought brian was the only cyborg

  • Spirit Content
    Spirit Content 9 hours ago

    Me seeing an ad: "Oh shit, this video got monotized!!!!!"

  • Anikin Rodriguez
    Anikin Rodriguez 9 hours ago

    1:10 flashbacks to the racist fridge clip

  • Captain HUGGABEAR
    Captain HUGGABEAR 9 hours ago

    Smii7y- expired milk Kryoz- i forgot his Terroriser- Rusted Metal

  • CyberHater
    CyberHater 9 hours ago

    When Nogla jumped in and I saw Brian’s +2 I thought “He pulled a Nogla.”

  • Sir Pink Cockatoo
    Sir Pink Cockatoo 9 hours ago

    I know how you feel except for the controller smashing

    • Sir Pink Cockatoo
      Sir Pink Cockatoo 9 hours ago

      And i feel real bad for Brian i have stress problem so idc

  • Beepy. He’s Tiny, but Stupid

    Brian obviously has the PAL version. Not only does “Bowser City” say “Koopa City,” butDOTHEVOICE

  • Freddy Bereydin
    Freddy Bereydin 10 hours ago

    Brian I agree with you on the straws I hate them too

  • 《Ace》 SirDead
    《Ace》 SirDead 10 hours ago

    Keep up the good work bro I look up to u 10/10 RU-clipr love ya

  • H Scott Fogg
    H Scott Fogg 10 hours ago

    Ok sir you speak English which Americans speak English

  • It’s me Alastor boii

    12:06 is the best

  • Kable
    Kable 10 hours ago

    "exposing nogla for cheating in minecraft" says the person that literally lives in creative mode everytime he uploads minecraft 😂👌

  • Rokie YT
    Rokie YT 10 hours ago

    no brian he got it from _community_

  • Mr Drxp drxp
    Mr Drxp drxp 10 hours ago

    brian you’re a god

  • black out
    black out 10 hours ago

    React to uncle samsonite

  • lil Pepsii
    lil Pepsii 10 hours ago

    Minecraft yea!!!!

  • DorkusFish HD
    DorkusFish HD 10 hours ago

    1:14 If you get the reference you deserve a veterans discount

  • rylee is rad
    rylee is rad 10 hours ago

    we need more duo videos with you two!!

  • doesAnybodyWonder YT
    doesAnybodyWonder YT 11 hours ago

    i did a DNA test and im 25% irish

  • Techno Bandit
    Techno Bandit 11 hours ago

    That's his crow scream. (Proceeds to use a raven picture)

  • Crisco Crisco
    Crisco Crisco 11 hours ago


  • Vexed Castle
    Vexed Castle 11 hours ago

    15:20 Brian making his Celtic ancestors proud.

  • Caleb Gepford
    Caleb Gepford 11 hours ago


  • jay Unknown
    jay Unknown 11 hours ago

    No one: Absolutely no one: Girls with short hair: 7:23

  • Matthew Womack
    Matthew Womack 11 hours ago

    2:20 he did it

  • James Hay
    James Hay 11 hours ago

    0:21 who is Will Robbingson?

  • Benjamin Herbert
    Benjamin Herbert 12 hours ago


  • Bennett Hutchinson
    Bennett Hutchinson 12 hours ago

    MACCAS FOR THE WIN(thats how you say it in straya) Like if your from STRAYA

  • Murderous Magician
    Murderous Magician 12 hours ago


  • 独善的なトラップ

    and i tought nogla was the stupid one

  • Black Wolf
    Black Wolf 12 hours ago

    Al dusty 🤩😱

  • HeadBomber2006
    HeadBomber2006 12 hours ago

    I do too.

  • betoaz602
    betoaz602 12 hours ago

    Nogla cheated!!!??? You think you know a guy.. 🤦‍♂️😞😒

  • Shepyrd
    Shepyrd 12 hours ago


  • Pybro
    Pybro 12 hours ago

    1:14 *RACIST FRIDGE!!*

  • Roger Zimmerman Jr
    Roger Zimmerman Jr 12 hours ago

    i have a meme idea but im not smart enough to make memes lol

  • GraceFace
    GraceFace 12 hours ago

    Yes my new favourite “Nogla inviting himself to Evans house” clip!!

  • Dillon PeeAce
    Dillon PeeAce 12 hours ago

    Oh boy I should have know to eat my chips before I click the video! LMAO

  • schulz ter
    schulz ter 12 hours ago

    1:14 the nostalgia is strong