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Why Don't We Plays Who's Who
Views 432K2 months ago
Eric Nam Reads Thirst Tweets
Views 1.5M2 months ago
Pentagon Plays Who's Who
Views 272K3 months ago
Seventeen Plays Who's Who
Views 1.7M5 months ago
Stray Kids Play Who's Who
Views 1.4M7 months ago


  • Mario Villion
    Mario Villion 4 hours ago

    fucking sick pussy's .... think they cool but the demonic lust is evident

  • やましゅん
    やましゅん 4 hours ago


  • Vaj Eye-Nar
    Vaj Eye-Nar 4 hours ago


  • Livvy
    Livvy 4 hours ago

    You should do Anna Kendrick reads thirst tweets I'm pretty sure she's got some good ones

  • iiBeasty Gamerii
    iiBeasty Gamerii 4 hours ago

    1:32 look at those puppies in the background :O

  • Jack Powers
    Jack Powers 4 hours ago

    Wonderfull person

  • Jack Powers
    Jack Powers 4 hours ago

    The gentle giant

  • Jack Powers
    Jack Powers 4 hours ago

    Very cool

  • Vaj Eye-Nar
    Vaj Eye-Nar 4 hours ago

    You're gonna need a wheelchair if you with a thirsty Terry Crews

  • Jack Powers
    Jack Powers 4 hours ago


  • As i Am
    As i Am 4 hours ago

    After the witcher am sure there are worse tweets cause I wrote some 🤤

  • Camaro Charger
    Camaro Charger 4 hours ago

    "Hi I'm Jennifer Coolidge and ......" Me : No you are Stifler's Mom.

  • J Ahmed
    J Ahmed 4 hours ago

    It’s Amanda from friends!!

  • Itz Rose Playz
    Itz Rose Playz 4 hours ago

    1:06 I'm dead

  • Diana Kiraly
    Diana Kiraly 4 hours ago

    The great quality organic meat and fat NOT BAD!!! They keep making everyone belive that to sell more Sugar. SUGAR is the enemy. :(

  • Hine’moana Mills
    Hine’moana Mills 4 hours ago

    I got Richie toizer

  • mauve
    mauve 4 hours ago

    I love that they both play the genius/smartest character in their series

  • jg pliskin
    jg pliskin 4 hours ago

    Stop trying to make kumail happen

  • fun club
    fun club 4 hours ago

    I watched this a long time ago but it was in my recommendation so i am hete to watch again

  • lunaaa678 magic
    lunaaa678 magic 4 hours ago

    Juan Miguel &Marichuy forever in my feels

  • Telsa Maria
    Telsa Maria 4 hours ago

    Is it just me or dit Charles really like that mouth spitting comment? What's that supposed to mean huh??

  • HicktownHero3030
    HicktownHero3030 4 hours ago

    Adam Divine looks like a 47 year old 15 year old.

  • Jasta Ykotuce
    Jasta Ykotuce 4 hours ago

    Hes beard is soo black its like cara delevingnes eyebrows for men

  • きいろ
    きいろ 4 hours ago

    He was way too wholesome for this 😭😅

  • celebralbore
    celebralbore 4 hours ago

    I love when she smiles. She has the most heartwarming smile which makes you happy instantly. Like you just want to hug her. :3

  • Nick Jonas
    Nick Jonas 4 hours ago

    Look at my name guys.👀👀

  • Hannah Vasquez
    Hannah Vasquez 5 hours ago

    I need timothee chalamet

  • Jennifer Lay Chen
    Jennifer Lay Chen 5 hours ago love

  • Ibraham Lincon
    Ibraham Lincon 5 hours ago

    The Only Actress That Agreed To Read Her Thirst Tweets !

  • Shawntae Mayers
    Shawntae Mayers 5 hours ago

    not gonna lie, my eyes were on meagan good the entire time.

  • Johanna Navarro
    Johanna Navarro 5 hours ago

    WE 👏 DEMAND 👏 A 👏 PART 👏 TWO 👏

  • han joy
    han joy 5 hours ago

    bill hader should do an episode for this

  • Guccinel - CC
    Guccinel - CC 5 hours ago

    2018: Next mixtape Jk 2020: Still next mixtape Jk

  • Yumi Myeon
    Yumi Myeon 5 hours ago

    3:29 look at jungwoo

  • reece
    reece 5 hours ago

    "cALL mE"

  • reece
    reece 5 hours ago

    Did he just read a keyboard smash

  • Satinjunkie
    Satinjunkie 5 hours ago

    Sexiest man alive

  • Devyani Chemburkar
    Devyani Chemburkar 5 hours ago

    They need to do this with Hozier

  • Sean M
    Sean M 5 hours ago

    None of these were thirsty. Someone needs to google what Thirsty means lol

  • Hera
    Hera 5 hours ago

    CC: hey *JIMMY*

  • Yoon Ji
    Yoon Ji 5 hours ago

    I love his voice and his professionalism .. He is a very respectful man

  • Candice Walker
    Candice Walker 5 hours ago

    Was he wearing makeup?

  • Valen Is Here
    Valen Is Here 5 hours ago

    You look like a walmart Andrew Lincoln .

  • marissa pritchard
    marissa pritchard 5 hours ago

    “OHHHH well thank you”

  • 区撃影kugeki kage

    I want him to roast me

  • Night King
    Night King 5 hours ago

    Stifler's mom hell yeah shes so sexy milf

  • Smiling link productions

    Sometimes i forget that im watching buzzfeed

  • punsiella
    punsiella 5 hours ago

    matt on the verge of laughter is always so cute to meeeee

  • Ts._. Mny89
    Ts._. Mny89 5 hours ago

    Well I just ignored everything except Liam playing with the puppies....

  • arceomaryann
    arceomaryann 6 hours ago


  • heather zirkle
    heather zirkle 6 hours ago


  • Belle Marfori
    Belle Marfori 6 hours ago

    I went from SHINee marathon to Key marathon. 😊

  • Makenna Patton
    Makenna Patton 6 hours ago

    When you have already listened to Sing to Me Instead like 12 times and you found it yesterday...

  • Elena
    Elena 6 hours ago

    if he did thirst tweets they would all be about people wanting him to put them in the box 😭😭

  • punsiella
    punsiella 6 hours ago

    eliza pulls off short hair so well aaah

  • Samaa سماء
    Samaa سماء 6 hours ago

    I love all the fame and attention he's getting cause he deserves it

  • Kyler Humann
    Kyler Humann 6 hours ago

    I Guarantee that any dog near Keanu just feels safe because of his godly powers of providing the feeling of protection to men and animals alike. I mean, he is immortal so I wouldn’t be surprised. Prove me wrong *i dare you*

  • Ciara Lauren
    Ciara Lauren 6 hours ago

    What Eric Andre is this

  • tropical candyland
    tropical candyland 6 hours ago

    Please get Harry Styles to do these

  • tropical candyland
    tropical candyland 6 hours ago

    I did not expect this coming

  • Sarah Allan
    Sarah Allan 6 hours ago

    Anyone else want a Sam and Colby version of this. Or just me

  • Taylor Craig
    Taylor Craig 6 hours ago

    She needs to take them both home

    CLASH TUBE TR 6 hours ago

    Where is dustin and steve

  • Sashwat
    Sashwat 6 hours ago


  • nellie’s nose
    nellie’s nose 6 hours ago

    I don’t know who this man is. I’m here for the kitties.

  • Krysha
    Krysha 6 hours ago

    He’s so cute 😍

  • Marsha Esparza
    Marsha Esparza 6 hours ago

    He is so sexy!!!!!! Wooooooo

  • zeynep b.
    zeynep b. 6 hours ago

    Buzzfeed, you can’t have “thirsty tweets” content and censor everything.

  • Sahiti T
    Sahiti T 6 hours ago

    Can you do thirst tweets!!!

  • Getsy William
    Getsy William 6 hours ago

    Call Katie Mcgrath

  • Adnan A
    Adnan A 6 hours ago

    He has a fun personality

  • robin & bernhard
    robin & bernhard 6 hours ago

    She cute

  • taegi. babie
    taegi. babie 6 hours ago

    He lowkey looks like he wants to commence self destruct lmao poor Shawn

  • augist's basement
    augist's basement 6 hours ago

    “Yeah I Did it yeah I did it” is all I can think about everytime I see this man

  • anna nicole
    anna nicole 6 hours ago

    Why does this video seem depressing?👀

  • Miguel Morales
    Miguel Morales 7 hours ago

    Who else was trying no to blink?

  • rocklesson86
    rocklesson86 7 hours ago

    He is so hot.

  • Nat Bat
    Nat Bat 7 hours ago

    5:06 when Taeyong said Doyoung mom🥺

  • Makup tutorials
    Makup tutorials 7 hours ago

    It 3 in the morning and I'm lmao and my sister is like wtf

  • ellee
    ellee 7 hours ago

    honestly i’m so hype for season 3 like if joe does some stupid shit with his neighbor, Love will kill him lmfao.

  • Den'nika Woods
    Den'nika Woods 7 hours ago

    Is anyone else sad that Luke's face was covered by the tweet for the last one? Like I really just want to see his reaction during the reading not after :/ But his laugh was so adorable!!

  • rocklesson86
    rocklesson86 7 hours ago

    James McAvoy and Jason Momoa are still needed.

  • jungkookie!! chanyeol!!!

    Aw they so cute tho

  • Genevieve Renaud
    Genevieve Renaud 7 hours ago

    Skeet Ulrich licking Mark Consuelos's bicep is my new sexuality sue me lol

  • Kawaiicerys21
    Kawaiicerys21 7 hours ago

    yall need calm down

  • Hatsumoe Plays
    Hatsumoe Plays 7 hours ago

    Yaw-gurt ✍🏾

  • Annick N
    Annick N 7 hours ago

    He is rather hot and I love how much he's digging the thirst

  • Luscious Angel
    Luscious Angel 7 hours ago

    GOD... I would do the MOST to this man if I wasn't in a relationship. My type of man. LOL, honestly, if my man got this type of hairstyle, he'd be RIGHT there.

  • legalgal12
    legalgal12 7 hours ago

    This was great! His reaction was fantastic. Now I’m off to Google who the hell he is.....

    ZAYNAB F 7 hours ago

    I to be Love for you Will AKA Joe😍

    BRIAL HPAA 7 hours ago


  • suzyblue28
    suzyblue28 7 hours ago

    To me what’s sexy about him isn’t even his voice or his looks. It’s how he conducts himself. He’s so wise yet funny and charming at the same time. Not cocky, just confident. He could talk about absolutely anything and I would be interested.

    MISS DIENYE 7 hours ago

    biggest plot twist : *forty is straight*

  • Mother Earth
    Mother Earth 7 hours ago

    Gravity. very well said Mr.Wick😎

  • 강지은
    강지은 7 hours ago

    Beomgyu:I want to go cebu Me:WHEN????!!!!! 😅😅😅

  • furious br
    furious br 7 hours ago

    Oq caralhos o ricardo ohara ta fazendo ai?? ksksks

  • daylee08
    daylee08 7 hours ago

    Why blank the swearing

  • Demi Garris
    Demi Garris 7 hours ago

    Can i be the new you on season 3

  • Cherry
    Cherry 7 hours ago

    I'm sorry but I can only ever see him as Dan Humphrey.

  • I Am Anxiety
    I Am Anxiety 7 hours ago

    Those puppies dont understand how lucky they are-