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Clutch Control 2019
Views 1.4K21 day ago
( Team No Limit )
Views 2.5K29 days ago
The Great Escape
Views 29KMonth ago
How did this happen?
Views 24K3 months ago
Motivational speech
Views 2.3K2 months ago
How to Ride/ wheelie
Views 12K2 months ago
Atlanta tour
Views 25K2 months ago
Atlanta 2k19
Views 30K2 months ago
New York SafetyTrack
Views 6K3 months ago
His Exauhst was falling off
Views 11K4 months ago
We invade the race track
Views 15K4 months ago
2019 Yfz450
Views 12K5 months ago
Easter fun
Views 13K5 months ago
Views 9K5 months ago
Riding at your own risk !
Views 18K5 months ago
HIS motor BLEW ON I 76
Views 17K5 months ago
kX250F VS yZ450F
Views 19K5 months ago
Views 10K5 months ago
Views 109K5 months ago
Views 11K5 months ago
Professional riders
Views 18K5 months ago
Dirt bikes on city streets
Views 22K5 months ago
z400 on 76 getting busy
Views 3.3K5 months ago
Control the 250 like a 85
Views 2.8K5 months ago
Risky Moves
Views 4.4K5 months ago
Camden was turnt up
Views 4.8K5 months ago
Getting to the meet up spot
Views 2.9K5 months ago
We Lost the Leader
Views 5K5 months ago
Wind almost took me out !
Views 4.2K5 months ago
No Space for 2 on a 85
Views 23K6 months ago
Live action
Views 3.8K6 months ago
He put his 450 on my neck
Views 11K6 months ago
Sob Ru Riding Interview
Views 3.2K6 months ago
Show Respect to Get Respect
Views 13K6 months ago
Trying to Wheelie at Night
Views 2.6K6 months ago
Swerve Him !
Views 6K6 months ago
Insane man on a Quad
Views 3.3K6 months ago
He tried to burn me up
Views 5K6 months ago
His Banshee Broke !
Views 3.7K6 months ago
He was hurting that 150
Views 2.8K6 months ago
No Hands on the Yamaha
Views 4.1K6 months ago
Insane Motocycle wheelies
Views 5K6 months ago
Banshee Stunts
Views 2.3K6 months ago
I took my Yz125 to Orlando !
Views 4.5K7 months ago
$100 Scrub Challenge
Views 1.1K7 months ago
Playing Keep Up
Views 3247 months ago
Too tired to Ride his Yz125
Views 4697 months ago
He Tried to leave me behind
Views 5657 months ago
Going Fast on The Vet Track
Views 2.4K7 months ago
Crf150rb 2019 wheelies
Views 7K7 months ago
Showoutboyz Night Ride
Views 3.7K7 months ago
Bread Takes over the Vlog !
Views 1.1K7 months ago
He Went down HARD !
Views 1.3K7 months ago
Hill Climbs at the waterfront
Views 1.6K7 months ago
Yz125 VS Yz250
Views 2.6K7 months ago


  • cain sample
    cain sample 19 minutes ago

    I need some drop back lessons n i want to scrape 💪

  • Trevonne Roach
    Trevonne Roach Hour ago

    Think you’re doing good, excellent job.

  • Trevonne Roach
    Trevonne Roach Hour ago

    Keep this up ru 🙌🙌

    YO BABY 12 hours ago

    i also torture niggas who snitch on ru

    YO BABY 12 hours ago

    i kill trouble bodies you got any beefs ill kill em 500 dollas pimp im a hit man cops never find me ..oo7

    YO BABY 12 hours ago

    yo ru ak 47

  • Khalid Weston
    Khalid Weston 15 hours ago

    Bra i been watching you for a while learning all nd seeing you grown grinding love the growth!!!

  • Jarrel Ford
    Jarrel Ford 16 hours ago

    Nice video, I think you should also talk about getting over the fear of falling while trying to learn how to wheelie.

  • Young-boi-knight 2
    Young-boi-knight 2 17 hours ago

    Just got out from school and just started watching your vid while walking true fan👌🏼🤙🏾

  • Dennis Smith
    Dennis Smith 18 hours ago

    Bro its dope as shit u not just trying to get people in bike life but teaching them the correct and safe way to do it wish u could come to cali

  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee 19 hours ago

    Book me man im in ct 💪🤣

  • •K̶a̶r̶m̶a̶s̶A̶B̶e̶y̶a̶t̶c̶h̶•

    Where you stay bro? I want lessons 😭

  • Thomas Gu3
    Thomas Gu3 22 hours ago

    Dope video my dude. Keep it up I fw the practice videos. Rebuilt my 99 yz80 I’ve been practicing wheelies and I’m also tearing down And doing a complete rebuild on my 90 kx125

  • Large Joseph
    Large Joseph 22 hours ago

    Your quality is good but the video kinda looks like it was filmed in flat. Look into boosting contrast, saturation, and brightness a little bit while editing to really make the colors in the video realistic. Keep on riding :)

  • Sherwood Holland
    Sherwood Holland 22 hours ago

    Good shit ru think I gotta lower my Shocks and try this cause I can’t sit my foot on the ground like that at all only when I sit sideways

  • حمودي الباشا.


  • Raju Jagtap
    Raju Jagtap Day ago


  • Julian andres Duque chavez


  • Freddy J. Bradshaw

    Now I'm really thinking about get an 85.

  • Jose miguel Santo

    El diablo ese tipo calibra😂 pila 😅 like si recorio mas de 10k hay ?

  • tmnit semere
    tmnit semere Day ago


  • Makesti
    Makesti 2 days ago

    Varastetuilla mööpeleillä

  • Kim Jong-Un
    Kim Jong-Un 2 days ago

    The legend says that he still doing that wheelie

  • Kari Doing Me
    Kari Doing Me 2 days ago

    Who else saw the limo a 1:52

  • LocoDestruction
    LocoDestruction 3 days ago

    This felt like a 10 hour video of flappy bird

  • Alex und Juan
    Alex und Juan 3 days ago

    Wheelies are like he is playing Flappy Bird

  • Bass bikes bows and bullets

    I like the 2015 front fender way more to

  • FDR Studio
    FDR Studio 4 days ago

    this is dope!!!

  • Matias Romero
    Matias Romero 5 days ago


  • Cheerios4sale
    Cheerios4sale 5 days ago

    Yo u make her sound sweet

  • Micha Soto
    Micha Soto 5 days ago


  • M.D.rydin215
    M.D.rydin215 6 days ago

    5th and west got that good shooters coke 😂

  • Jade Clauesn
    Jade Clauesn 6 days ago

    Australian Fan Madman

  • Jade Clauesn
    Jade Clauesn 7 days ago

    Legand has it, he is still on the back wheel. Come to Australia, I'll show you around town. 🇦🇺👍👀👌.. Ride On Brother...

  • cesar69100
    cesar69100 7 days ago

    Only this?

    TAXI DASHCAMERA 7 days ago

    Longest wheelie? Try only a short wheelie. This is why I say to you.

  • Clayton Van de Wiel

    Buddy that isn’t a wr250 that’s a crf150r

  • EpicJake
    EpicJake 7 days ago

    Hey Sob Ru you should try street tires instead of dirt tires maybe it would be better for the streets?

  • Legend
    Legend 7 days ago

    Legends once told *he's still Wheeling to this day*

  • Eric David
    Eric David 7 days ago


  • Eric David
    Eric David 8 days ago

    Pure stupidity these guys couldn’t do s#%t if they were actually on dirt

  • Billie MOMO
    Billie MOMO 8 days ago

    You saw how many ref lights he passed 😂

  • Dewayne Shaw
    Dewayne Shaw 8 days ago


  • Dewayne Shaw
    Dewayne Shaw 8 days ago

    Can I get a shout-out

  • luke nault
    luke nault 8 days ago

    Put it into second 😂 or at least 3rd 💯😂😂

  • Rabbitohs Rule
    Rabbitohs Rule 9 days ago

    Even fatty better then u

  • Lorcan Cochet
    Lorcan Cochet 9 days ago

    Man these fucking cops they arrested me 3 times for that they suck bro

  • Go2n Trial 66
    Go2n Trial 66 9 days ago

    extreme..i like greetings gassspoool from indonesia

  • RyanPlayz
    RyanPlayz 10 days ago

    weird cause philadelphia police cannot chase motorcycles

  • IL jacopiajbff
    IL jacopiajbff 10 days ago


  • Rowe Long
    Rowe Long 11 days ago


  • OGxB Aim
    OGxB Aim 11 days ago

    Nigga I felt every word I need my bike now nigga or sht gone go up

  • OGxB Aim
    OGxB Aim 11 days ago

    Had a son 9months later he still wheeling

  • CörexDesign*
    CörexDesign* 11 days ago

    2019 ?

  • Diego Kesson
    Diego Kesson 13 days ago

    а я русский...

  • J R
    J R 13 days ago

    You do weird shit with your hands

  • vetski
    vetski 13 days ago

    No helmet no respect

    YO BABY 13 days ago

    orange dude on phone ill run you down like a rabbit dooog nigga go buy roach spray

    YO BABY 13 days ago


    YO BABY 13 days ago


    YO BABY 13 days ago


    YO BABY 13 days ago


  • emba.
    emba. 14 days ago

    no helmet no pussy tonight

  • Sir Braap_a_lot
    Sir Braap_a_lot 14 days ago

    Damn I'm over here tryna do 40 sec wheelies he doing 40mile wheelies wtf I might as well quit haha jk mad props and respect G❗🔥⛽🧯👌🏾

    KEVIN LOUS OFICIAL 14 days ago

    Amy me gusta el Crew

  • John Brown
    John Brown 14 days ago

    Wheres this at????

  • M.D.rydin215
    M.D.rydin215 14 days ago

    Brapp needs to cut it the fuck out

  • Dylan Macias
    Dylan Macias 15 days ago

    Ru you gotta teach us the tune game tutorial( Idk what its called exactly) Im trying to learn and its tough, I wanna see how the pro does it

    DAYTON CRASHERS 16 days ago

    is there anything wrong with ur bike lately because i have 1 and it bogs out

  • Omar Zavala
    Omar Zavala 16 days ago

    saludos desde honduras soy stunt

  • Mgolt Hox
    Mgolt Hox 16 days ago

    They see bunch of black guys on motorbikes YOO that’s suspicious

    • vSkrrt
      vSkrrt 12 days ago

      They’re doing wheelies and probably got reported there’s a reason not because they’re black

    LEMON 16 days ago


  • Offroad Mx
    Offroad Mx 16 days ago

    Did u get the money and the 85

  • TryE WileX
    TryE WileX 17 days ago


  • Eug Enio
    Eug Enio 17 days ago

    Is his motorbike a yamaha yz 125?

  • Databrawl
    Databrawl 17 days ago

    Bro this is epic as shit.

  • sink a cone
    sink a cone 18 days ago

    Love it

  • Savage MolonLabe
    Savage MolonLabe 18 days ago

    Hmmm feel like there’s a lot of stolen bikes in that group....

  • Troy Mason
    Troy Mason 18 days ago

    One year later....

  • Makz
    Makz 18 days ago

    Thought dis was a dirtbike channel, not no 12 yr old playin games. Bin watchin ur content for yrs, check out ma shit🙌

  • Chevy Whiteboy
    Chevy Whiteboy 20 days ago

    Putting in WORK.. see the sky through the fender, clear plastics look great!!

  • Francia Perez
    Francia Perez 20 days ago


  • Arnaud Veys
    Arnaud Veys 20 days ago

    I'm follow to the france BROWWWWW

  • Clutch2Shift
    Clutch2Shift 20 days ago

    Yall killed dis shit 🏁💯🤝🏾

  • Goon FN
    Goon FN 20 days ago

    U a beast bro.

  • Larsonik
    Larsonik 20 days ago

    too little spot,you can do nothing on 50meters

  • TheMaJoR
    TheMaJoR 20 days ago

    The track is too small 😒

    • TheMaJoR
      TheMaJoR 20 days ago

      @Sob Ru Yes that's right, you're really awersome

    • Sob Ru
      Sob Ru 20 days ago

      TheMaJoR that shows where your real talent is

  • Devonte Dorsey
    Devonte Dorsey 20 days ago


  • prettyboyMarshall games

    Fw u heavy bro

  • Mario Bilimani
    Mario Bilimani 22 days ago


  • Retrowave DEV
    Retrowave DEV 22 days ago

    What is that your putting in your bike

  • Ariel Ayala
    Ariel Ayala 23 days ago

    Una bicicleta con motor y sangre de cobra

  • MrVodkashows
    MrVodkashows 24 days ago

    Too bad Frank Rizzo wasn't alive and the mayor of Philly. Guys like this on these bikes harassing people and driving like they own the fucking Street would have been taken care of adequately. And they never would do it again.

  • Erick Torres
    Erick Torres 24 days ago

    What's up big bills cuz we Eric what are your fans what's up hit me up we going to come around here when you're done by OC it

  • Erick Torres
    Erick Torres 24 days ago

    Play meek Mill's hit me up one of your favorites I listen to all your music

  • Namer
    Namer 24 days ago

    I can do it in GTA

  • Alexander Vouzenthal

    Black skin for +40% wheelie duration

  • guhho
    guhho 25 days ago

    Can you put gas in a dirt bike?

    • Isaac Voeller
      Isaac Voeller 20 days ago

      A 4 stroke yes but a 2 stroke like this on you have to mix oil with the Gas or you will seize the engine

  • Forti
    Forti 26 days ago

    Idot bikers

  • Oliver White
    Oliver White 26 days ago

    Is that a world record? Or a youtube record? Wheres the gopro of the other guys wheelie?