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  • Terry King
    Terry King 40 minutes ago

    They need these test to be more realistic by conducted them on ruff concrete.

  • Jeremy B.
    Jeremy B. 44 minutes ago

    Did he really just say Ex S Max?! Come on man you should know it's supposed to be pronounced Ten S Max. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  • bachibouzoul
    bachibouzoul 47 minutes ago

    In a street would be more realistic conditions... With little rocks

  • Darling i'm blind
    Darling i'm blind 49 minutes ago

    Is she...on speed lol also I thought she was Australian what's going on with her voice XD must be what happens to geniuses I guess I wouldn't know anything about all that jazz

  • Lyondro
    Lyondro 51 minute ago

    should also make it land on non flat seurfaces

  • David S. Hasanli
    David S. Hasanli 55 minutes ago

    put some dirt on the ground, than it could be realistic

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 57 minutes ago

    I dropped my 11 Pro Max whilst drunk and cycling. Glass was fine, stainless band was damaged. Took it right back to the shop ;)

  • David S. Hasanli

    introduced by Chinese for Chinese

  • Sander Evers
    Sander Evers Hour ago

    Switch lite is perfect if you: 1. Only want to play handheld. 2. Don't own a TV. 3. Already have a Switch and want to use it as a secondary Switch for on the go. And / or 4. Love Nintendo so much that you just want to buy any system they release.

  • Moduhlize
    Moduhlize Hour ago

    I wonder what made them add two entrances. I imagine Jobs would not approve of that design choice if he was alive.

  • No Face
    No Face Hour ago

    We’re at the point where the insides are breaking before the outside. Impressive, not all that surprised considering I have an XR and I use it without a case due to its durability, no cracks on it after many falls on many surfaces but I do have minor scuffs here and there and only 1 small scratch on the screen.

  • D Mer
    D Mer Hour ago

    This thing looks ghetto. Maybe get a gold sparkly missy eliot case to go with it.

  • Marco Paulo
    Marco Paulo Hour ago

    Amazing review, you did it pro! I'm convinced in my buying decision thank you!

  • thewildwhisper
    thewildwhisper Hour ago

    That sibling thing is only a risk for asians

  • cai minghui
    cai minghui Hour ago

    All along I've been supporting Samsung. Due to the features from the Samsung their technology r more advance, exclude the camera. N their price r reasonable..

  • lawraince Cong
    lawraince Cong Hour ago

    she needs some workout...

    C-UR-ABLE Hour ago

    Very helpful review for my low vision clients, as camera plays an important role for scan readers and magnifier. Does the magnifier use all 3 cameras?

  • Thomas Elliott
    Thomas Elliott Hour ago

    I will never do this, everything is hackable, everything... This just adds a back door to your very mind. No thank you.

  • toby liu
    toby liu Hour ago

    the sound of the iPhone dropped on the ground is soooooooooooo horrible !!!!!!!!

  • toby liu
    toby liu Hour ago

    every time the iPhone is dropped on the ground, my heart also dropped on the ground.

  • Bowen Wang
    Bowen Wang Hour ago

    Bridget Carey lose some weight, please

  • Brendan Moore
    Brendan Moore Hour ago

    How do i volunteer to be a guinnie pig on this one?

  • Sameer Syed
    Sameer Syed 2 hours ago

    nothing is safe if you connect to the internet plus no one force you to use fb and other aaps by granting access to apps people agree by clicking yes to grant permission to contacts gallery etc nobody pointed a gun at users its people who want to showoff and share their life on fb and whatsaap google so live with it or don't use it these guys are just jealous cus he is a highschool dropot kid who is selfmade millionaires and they are still govt employee till they die

  • Angelo Valavanis
    Angelo Valavanis 2 hours ago

    They're both very very similar but I have to give the photo finish win to the Impossible...

  • Mr. Barmore
    Mr. Barmore 2 hours ago

    Should I upgrade from a IPhone X? I want a better camera...

  • Fahri Ali
    Fahri Ali 2 hours ago

    baby boomer never teach this to us millennials, and they expect us to know everything

  • nicholo1
    nicholo1 2 hours ago

    How did you drop the watch, it’s literally tied around your wrist

  • ajay s
    ajay s 2 hours ago

    Do the same test outdoors pls

  • nicholo1
    nicholo1 2 hours ago

    Imagine having to humiliate yourself for the camera like this woman did

  • goldeneyeforevercom
    goldeneyeforevercom 2 hours ago

    Amazing that the less than HD (1080p) resolution isn't mentioned. Like CNET is a trend setter and what they say goes. Like if you don't mention it, then it doesn't mean anything! It's like it doesn't even exist. Oh right, this less than 1080p display looks just fine. It's as good as a crap 1080p display! Oh goodie! Oh goodie for supporting 2012 technology in a still expensive device. New trend! Let's go back to lesser resolutions! CNET the best in tech! Let's go backwards! (new slogan)

  • Ewolf5150
    Ewolf5150 2 hours ago

    I wonder what kind of sandwiches they can make

  • Mateo Solano
    Mateo Solano 2 hours ago

    the Mets suck!!! 27 RINGS BABYYYY

  • Patrick TAYLOR
    Patrick TAYLOR 2 hours ago

    Motorola budget phones are awesome.

  • jairus hasta
    jairus hasta 2 hours ago

    I'll catch it.

  • Brian Haycraft
    Brian Haycraft 2 hours ago

    Where is the drop test for the Note 10 and Note 10 plus ?

  • Apple Fan Channel Pro

    She’s like Apple have a name for everything. True. They name a display Super XDR Retena Display

  • Freddy Medina
    Freddy Medina 3 hours ago

    are the games from the wii able to be played here as well?

  • AutPaiReuay Chanel
    AutPaiReuay Chanel 3 hours ago

    Does iphone 11 use dual camera for portrait or just software like XR?

  • Jahdai Abdiel Montañez Sánchez

    Beautiful girl!!!

  • 22chachalaca
    22chachalaca 3 hours ago

    Better speakers, Face ID, old school fingerprint reader

  • Glenn Lopez
    Glenn Lopez 3 hours ago

    "Fall detection..." so how does the Apple watch know if you're riding a roller coaster or something like a drop tower?

  • Juan Molina
    Juan Molina 3 hours ago

    Can u answer notificartion with this watch?

  • shaniac20
    shaniac20 3 hours ago

    The 11 pro turned off because the sim tray got ejected, also you didn’t check the front camera... after any of the drops

  • ADKIc3mAnXYT
    ADKIc3mAnXYT 3 hours ago

    Got my iPhone 11 Pro Max (512GB) space gray on iPhone Day.

  • Jorge Gonzalez
    Jorge Gonzalez 3 hours ago

    dude!!i need that suspension!!

  • Aden Zia
    Aden Zia 3 hours ago

    Plz tell me if we can turn off the turn on feature ????????

  • Gwagon
    Gwagon 3 hours ago

    If you already have a PS4 or Xbox. Just get this. There's no point of getting another 300 or 500 home console

  • Tyler Yocum
    Tyler Yocum 3 hours ago

    It was an inside job you dumb mothafucka

  • beatups2k
    beatups2k 3 hours ago

    Damn that white girl got some hips!

  • Cyberthrone Blog
    Cyberthrone Blog 3 hours ago

    This is us customer service (Zuckerberg) explaining things to our customers (Senators) over the phone. Hahahaha it's hard to understand questions. And they won't let you answer their questions.

  • Patrick Dawson
    Patrick Dawson 3 hours ago

    So PlayStation gave up the vita system to Nintendo I see might be new but All i see the ps vita system all over it

  • Justin Perez
    Justin Perez 3 hours ago

    I'm glad to see these companies producing plant-based meat. However, I think you guys should do a video about these companies using GMO's and what's in the product of how safe it is compared to actual meat. Especially in a time where a lot of companies are moving/have moved away from GMO's and growth hormones used products. I think it's a little bit of an unpopular topic at the moment that's overshadowed.

  • Jeeva Shan
    Jeeva Shan 3 hours ago

    🤔🤔🤔 doesn't match with other drop tests for iPhone 11... suspicious!!!

  • Hermann Pernell
    Hermann Pernell 3 hours ago

    Allavsoft also works to download or record Amazon Prime movies and TV program.

  • Saul G
    Saul G 3 hours ago

    dat creepy pedo smile at the end

  • mitchell774
    mitchell774 3 hours ago

    I personally hate my.lite it's way too small and it's really uncomfortable to hold I plan on returning it

  • EqualixerGT
    EqualixerGT 3 hours ago

    In 2040 we have a real iron man suit that will be nightmare

  • 7620313
    7620313 3 hours ago

    creepy af. People who don't care with the "if you'r not doing anything wrong" mentality is what makes google expand their big brother activvity

  • a
    a 3 hours ago

    Her belly looks like the shape of the planters the trees are in 😂😂😂

  • Geri Robel
    Geri Robel 3 hours ago

    We must consider that those aliens that are messing about earth may well be banned from making contact with us by their own government. One does not give advanced technology to developing civilizations. The aliens are obviously able to fold time and space and travel billions of light years is a very short time. Imagine other technology they have developed. One does not give this technology to civilizations barely out of the ice age, especially one with our inherit desire for violence.

  • Insert Name Here
    Insert Name Here 3 hours ago

    I liked the Xs drop test better, not a vacuum drop test.

  • MauveMotive
    MauveMotive 3 hours ago

    The Iwatch 4 was a HUGE release. Now we get an always on and compass. Wow apple, you sure out did yourself this time. Happy with my Iwatch 4 thankssss

  • Kevin Paskevicius
    Kevin Paskevicius 3 hours ago

    Watching this with a Nintendo Switch already 🌝

  • Max
    Max 4 hours ago


  • Trelution
    Trelution 4 hours ago

    Always glad when they release the Bakalar!

  • NileshR12
    NileshR12 4 hours ago

    I tried the Impossible Whopper last month & it was really good! I can’t eat beef because of religious reasons so the Impossible & Beyond burgers are perfect beef alternatives for other Indians like me that can’t eat beef

  • Keith Ancajas
    Keith Ancajas 4 hours ago

    you don't know what you're talking about..

  • Barry! giddey
    Barry! giddey 4 hours ago

    Great video!

  • Mr Mr Jims
    Mr Mr Jims 4 hours ago

    I only like cracked iphones, not buying this one

  • blacksheep shepherd
    blacksheep shepherd 4 hours ago

    In reality, consumers would just drop their phones by accident. So whether you build a machine just to show how this makes not much sense.

  • Mike
    Mike 4 hours ago

    hopefully iphones have this next year

  • David Zorin
    David Zorin 4 hours ago

    But who is the lady walking in the background ?

  • Matthew Valadez
    Matthew Valadez 4 hours ago

    Too smooth of a ground

  • a bacon sandwich
    a bacon sandwich 4 hours ago

    You should throw it at my face real hard in the next video to see if it will crack or not. Aim for my eye.

  • Greg Helton
    Greg Helton 4 hours ago

    I like the beyond burger.

  • the1called_z
    the1called_z 4 hours ago

    6gb ram? Why? They always come up short somewhere for no reason

  • Omin256 Kimb
    Omin256 Kimb 4 hours ago

    Is it good for you?

  • dan no
    dan no 4 hours ago

    they are not going give Expandable Memory ? know Headphone Jack this going to be like apple lol

  • PCgeek
    PCgeek 4 hours ago

    New Yorkers know how to what? At the end of video what did she say?

  • Sam Pierre
    Sam Pierre 4 hours ago

    You gotta give to Apple, they really know how to ask for our money.

  • Steve V
    Steve V 4 hours ago

    A totally smooth floor is not real world conditions. Try a gravel floor so that their are lumps that can puncture the glass.

  • PhuTheNoob
    PhuTheNoob 5 hours ago


  • steve bernal
    steve bernal 5 hours ago

    Anybody know what music he plays

  • jason le
    jason le 5 hours ago

    Home button gang where you at?

  • dan no
    dan no 5 hours ago

    this is going to be 10 times more money

  • Sucre Klin
    Sucre Klin 5 hours ago

    Toughest glass doesn’t equate unbreakable glass.

  • ana
    ana 5 hours ago

    I have the iPhone 6 Plus and she’s great but... the very top of my screen is unresponsive and it’s overall so laggy after having it for 4 years and I can actually afford to update this year but I’m torn between getting an 11 or a xr/xs hmph

  • Decyferme
    Decyferme 5 hours ago

    *Madam please use a hammer and stop wasting my time*

  • A Light
    A Light 5 hours ago

    iPhone with slowest charger is far better than then the best Android. I sold my XS Max and used the Note 10 for one week and instead of being neutral as always now I HATE Android. Shut the the up and remove this video lol

  • Nonamus Gaming
    Nonamus Gaming 5 hours ago

    Who’s watching in 2021?

  • Toni Kemppainen
    Toni Kemppainen 5 hours ago

    Old supplies, brand new. Cool.

  • Faron T
    Faron T 5 hours ago

    cnet how much did cell phone companys pay you to lie? Will never have anything to do with your company. People are already getting sick also talk to san francisco fire department that was suffering from 5G

  • Adalberto Trujillo
    Adalberto Trujillo 5 hours ago

    Yay to Apple Store Fifth Ave! ❤️

  • David Duarte
    David Duarte 5 hours ago

    Good for the people who is buying this phone. 1000 dlls is a lot.

  • Vicky Jaramil
    Vicky Jaramil 5 hours ago

    How much is the clear case ?

  • Sean Jackson
    Sean Jackson 6 hours ago

    You didn’t mention burn-in.

  • G8GTJav
    G8GTJav 6 hours ago

    This test is lame. The concrete surface is completely smooth. If it was dropped on a rougher concrete surface, like you find on sidewalk, that screen would be toast.

  • Tiny Rick
    Tiny Rick 6 hours ago

    beats-x are totally fine. Who cares if you have a cord on your neck. They sound just fine. been using them for 3 years.

  • Alden Buyer
    Alden Buyer 6 hours ago

    Next tine throw them off of a rollercoaster please.

    RBYSZN GAMES 6 hours ago

    Until you get robbed lol