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First Things First
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  • Shaun Hensley
    Shaun Hensley 5 minutes ago

    mason rudolph wasnt’attacking him’ you people are a joke.

  • Kenneth Mark Almanzor
    Kenneth Mark Almanzor 21 minute ago

    Nick Wright is on an all out smear campaign on Kawhi.

  • salamipitza
    salamipitza 21 minute ago

    when texans and patriots win the patriots are again two games ahead of any afc team which would guarantee them the #1 seed

  • DCherryASU12
    DCherryASU12 26 minutes ago

    Nick set himself up badly with that "3 losses go away" considering he's a LeBron stan.

  • Born Knowledge
    Born Knowledge 38 minutes ago

    Mason Rudolph is not a victim! He chased that man while he had the helmet in his hand.......

  • David Hammond
    David Hammond 38 minutes ago

    Steve francis had the best handle IMHO . Kyrie might be flashier than Zeke but definitely not better

  • Rodrick Evans
    Rodrick Evans 57 minutes ago

    Would someone try to justify why Myles Garrett should be allowed to play in the NFL again...

  • Nathan 75
    Nathan 75 59 minutes ago

    No more CC? I'm out 👋

  • El Bicho
    El Bicho Hour ago

    And people say that Leonard is the best in the world. 😂😂😂😂

  • Christopher Campbell

    Who invited the serial killer on the show?

  • Donald Mousseau
    Donald Mousseau Hour ago

    Nick still isn't learning anything. He's regressed to his old self of not getting how NE changes throughout the season...

  • Metal RocksOn
    Metal RocksOn Hour ago

    Russell, LeBron,Kobe, magic! Any day over Jordan! Jordan wouldn't have won anything without pippen and all the others could have!

  • clutchdog72
    clutchdog72 Hour ago

    The patriots get so disrespected on this show it’s crazy.



  • Danzel Atkins
    Danzel Atkins Hour ago

    Nick I thought Lamar was trash? I love watching the hate, can’t wait to see them eat crow tomorrow morning.

  • EZ Shah
    EZ Shah Hour ago

    Ohhh hoping on the bandwagon now aren’t y’all? Should have listened in the beginning but nooo ravens only play trash teams

  • D-D.Nashton -Report

    cc I appreciate u as a person and also ur take on life n all that but u wrong. Sports did not give u life, GOD DID. HE(GOD) simply allowed sports to being a channel for ur livelihood, but then sports ain't ur savior n can never be. There r more to life n success than football or sports. U wrong sir.

  • Sauce20stepper
    Sauce20stepper 2 hours ago

    Man y’all look dumb rn

  • Lewis Brooks
    Lewis Brooks 2 hours ago

    There’s a lot of folks that don’t know Jack about football, that simply believe hype that’s generated. There’s a formula for beating the eagles. It’s simple: have fast wo and throw to him. That’s it. Schwartz (DC) defense is predicated off front four pressure. They’ve struggle with getting pressure. So, when the qb has time and a fast wideout, the defense can be had. Here’s the problem, the pats don’t have a fast wideout. They have a “quick” slot receiver. The pats have vulnerabilities stopping the run. The eagles have run the ball very effectively on two better run defenses. This isn’t magic or legend folks. I believe that is what nick is trying to point out.

  • Tim Johnson
    Tim Johnson 2 hours ago

    Hey, don't call me Chris

  • If u disagree with me u are stupid

    Watson is undefeated in November I’ll take my chances

    • A J C Sr
      A J C Sr 2 hours ago

      Good luck Texans ! It should be a good game. Go Ravens ! Lamar = MVP

  • wade5941
    wade5941 3 hours ago

    Garrett just went full psycho. Not surprised he hasn't been thrown out long before now. Dudes a mental case.

  • Dupreo
    Dupreo 3 hours ago

    Did any one else notice the date the nationals won the world serie on? 10/31/19, first 50 games they were 19-31...this team was just destined to win this year, spoken into existence by bryce harper

  • SayDat Quan
    SayDat Quan 3 hours ago

    Eagles gone lose. Not enough wr power

  • lewis20002000
    lewis20002000 3 hours ago

    Who cares, as long as Kawhi is ready for the playoffs.

  • Jay Savage
    Jay Savage 3 hours ago

    Which team from last years Eastern playoffs would have LOST to the warriors with Klay and KD out? Philly would have won, the Bucks would have won....

  • otherZinc
    otherZinc 3 hours ago

    After Lamar Jacksons Ravens win today, what excuses will you guys make? Get them ready, I'll be back tomorrow morning.

  • David Stutz
    David Stutz 3 hours ago

    The thing is that it's 100% true the Patriots were propt up by their schedule. They r arguably 1 of the best teams going into the season and had the cheesiest 1st half schedule I had ever seen.

  • Jacob Williams
    Jacob Williams 3 hours ago

    Nick is dead on with this.

  • Venâncio Pedrosa
    Venâncio Pedrosa 3 hours ago

    Don Luka is the best PG!

  • c bOzZ
    c bOzZ 3 hours ago


  • LaDon Tyous
    LaDon Tyous 4 hours ago

    Question: If mason doesnt kick garret in the nuts and try to take garrets helmet off. Does he still get his helmet snatched off? Is that a hard question for you to answer? Ok I'll make it easier. If mason doesn't charge garret while he's being pushed away. Does he still get hit with the helmet?

  • Corbin Naeve
    Corbin Naeve 4 hours ago

    Nick is just an ex-houston hater

  • Truth Teller
    Truth Teller 4 hours ago

    there are no less than 2 dozen more athletic men in wwe than ric's offspring

  • Lesley Harrys
    Lesley Harrys 4 hours ago

    Nick Wright is such a tool

  • bboohhmmaann
    bboohhmmaann 5 hours ago

    The greatest player to ever play is Wilt, then Michael

  • Gee Cee
    Gee Cee 5 hours ago

    Lamar is a winner. Period

    SHAUN VAN PRUDE 5 hours ago

    he's lucky he didn't hurt the aggressor

  • Q Nguyen
    Q Nguyen 6 hours ago

    Goody idiot

  • jomark palacio
    jomark palacio 6 hours ago

    If lebron lost this season its because he doesnt gets any help. Same excuses.

  • Animelytical
    Animelytical 6 hours ago

    He's been MVP. He's been close a few times too. Yeah. I think its partially scoring off of 20 shots a game + free throws, though

  • VicZX6R
    VicZX6R 6 hours ago

    Ravens going up big first

  • Leroy Jones
    Leroy Jones 6 hours ago

    Lets go ravens protect the bank nobodies robbing anything 💪

  • iiMoNeY
    iiMoNeY 6 hours ago

    So much enjoyment not seeing CC!

  • Ian Williams
    Ian Williams 6 hours ago

    chris broussard "last year you were a conference contender, this year you're not" 4 months on, lol celtics have won 10 straight

  • TJ Slick
    TJ Slick 7 hours ago

    Danny Kanell, shut up. You are an idiot!

  • otis youngblood
    otis youngblood 7 hours ago

    Nick talking about stats

  • Damien Stcyr
    Damien Stcyr 7 hours ago

    Mj the best ever to play the game of basketball

  • James Dawny
    James Dawny 7 hours ago

    Black Breh your points are null in void. Kwahi didn’t even face the same team that harden played hahahahaha stop it

  • Lord Hayden
    Lord Hayden 7 hours ago

    Only been 3 days and this is already aging badly lol

  • Jazz Travis
    Jazz Travis 8 hours ago

    It wont be The Laker ThA Rockets or Clippers that win. It will another unexpected team like Last year watch. Cause no Team is playing Defense. Its all Jack ing uo 3pointers.

  • detectiveMM
    detectiveMM 8 hours ago

    So glad CC is gone. Hope it's permanent. Couldn't stand his annoying constant berating of the other hosts/guests like he was a cranky uncle

    • detectiveMM
      detectiveMM 8 hours ago

      Having said that, this new guy isn't very charismatic

  • Futurestar
    Futurestar 8 hours ago

    This should be a night game

  • Greg Rivers
    Greg Rivers 8 hours ago

    It's clearly obvious that they don't watch Texans games

  • Futurestar
    Futurestar 8 hours ago

    The reason why Watson won the national championship is cuz his team was better then Lamar Jackson team in college & it ain’t close 😂😂😂😂😴now the shoe is on the other foot ravens are just better all around only difference is they fit DHop & we dnt that’s it 🤷🏾‍♂️💯🙅🏾‍♂️

  • JediTFA
    JediTFA 8 hours ago

    No Luka's number is better than Lebron.

  • James Hightower
    James Hightower 8 hours ago

    The Mavs will be the 8 seed. Kings aren’t even sniffing the playoffs 😂😂

    • James Hightower
      James Hightower 8 hours ago

      Suns will take their playoff spot though

    • Jazz Travis
      Jazz Travis 8 hours ago

      The kings look good almost bwat La kers

  • Jazz Travis
    Jazz Travis 8 hours ago

    Nick is a Wierdo. For 📺 Tv. Get off

  • Nathaniel Austin
    Nathaniel Austin 8 hours ago

    Ridiculous it should be based on talent so for sure Megatron at the top shouldn't even be in question

  • desiree cepeda
    desiree cepeda 8 hours ago

    The clippers won't be in the championship. It's Lakers and Rockets reppin the West and Boston and Milwaukee reppin the East.

  • Yancey Sanders
    Yancey Sanders 8 hours ago

    Paul George shoulders is not going to make it the whole season.

  • Mr3191980
    Mr3191980 9 hours ago

    The Titans just beat them, that's all. That's the way football is, the Titans have good personnel and players and the roster is deep and the Titans have been a consistent 9 win team for the past 3 years because of the deep stock talented players and playing until the end of every game, even the games we lost it's not because the team quit, we just got beat. Last week our team was looking strong even in a loss, but we had five turnovers and three missed field goals and penalties at crucial times and we got beat and that's what happened to the Chiefs. But I also have to add that the Titans have beaten the Kansas City Chiefs three times in a row including a playoff victory.

  • generation ninja
    generation ninja 9 hours ago

    Pay bev will not allow u to get there? Yes he kept harden for 0-6 but everytime harden blew past by him but missed the open floater and made stupid lobs that didnt work. Stop acting like pat bev is this all time great defender, because thought he is amazing defesinvly hes not all that. He just stood inffront of harden for few second got crossed and luckly harden missed and he gets credit for that? Stop it

  • Jay Bird
    Jay Bird 9 hours ago

    Would this clown be saying the penalty is too harsh if the crown of the helmet would have connected with his skull, and ended his career or killed him?? What an idiot!!

  • jason roman
    jason roman 9 hours ago

    Its the lakers!

  • joshuaIS
    joshuaIS 9 hours ago

    Does anyone come here to lol at Nick's hate of Pats

  • Antionelle Owens
    Antionelle Owens 10 hours ago

    I am not a fan of Vince.

  • Shivansh Chaudhary
    Shivansh Chaudhary 10 hours ago

    Such a dubious man, Kawhi is only playing 30 mins right now, later it’ll be 30-35 😂 so an excess of 5 mins will make all the difference ? A Loss to the pelicans without half their players ! . Being a pest and playing defence are two different things. Pat bev got 50 plus dropped on him by KD

  • Michael Tracy
    Michael Tracy 10 hours ago

    Yeah Nick, Rudolph didn’t do anything to escalate the situation? What are you watching? I’m not defending Garrett’s actions but I’m at least willing to use logic and look at the whole picture and not just the highlight. Again, linemen take more punishment every week...

  • Naptural Goddess
    Naptural Goddess 10 hours ago

    Well said!

  • Michael Tracy
    Michael Tracy 10 hours ago

    Stop with the outrage!!! Linemen on both sides of the ball take more punishment every week. Yet, everyone just closes their eyes to the facts of the game of football.

  • D-D.Nashton -Report
    D-D.Nashton -Report 10 hours ago

    CC u are missed. Menn ur take on issues were amazing. We all have flaws n so obviously he wasn't perfect but he was simply blessed. This show will never be d same without him

  • Patrick Lee
    Patrick Lee 10 hours ago

    Way too early in the season to make predictions about the Clippers.

  • FancySZN
    FancySZN 10 hours ago

    Paul George doesn’t show up!

  • bakshmr
    bakshmr 10 hours ago

    Kareem is the best center but Jordan is the best nba player. Lebron got size and uses it to get numbers

  • Yousef AL-Amir
    Yousef AL-Amir 10 hours ago

    Nick “the Jack” Wright is just a hater

  • iamstevenallen_
    iamstevenallen_ 11 hours ago

    Nick Wright is fudging the facts

  • Nashid M
    Nashid M 11 hours ago

    I could only imagine how frustrated we would have been if Jordan played one game and Pippen played the next or Shaq/Kobe ..heck even Stockton/Malone

  • iamstevenallen_
    iamstevenallen_ 11 hours ago

    Y'all forgot the Kawhi Play against James Harden in 2016 Playoffs and beat Harden not to mention James Harden did a disappearing act.

  • 260ne friend
    260ne friend 11 hours ago

    Nick wright forgot that kobe is in the west...matching spurs,mavs,kings,suns,😂😂😂and in mj era east is not a joke...

  • P Jones
    P Jones 11 hours ago

    CoLin Kaepernick whAt happened $aturday work oUt???? I'm a LiL diSappoinTed... no ShOw!!!!

  • 260ne friend
    260ne friend 11 hours ago

    Blaiming the coach staff😂😂😂

  • 260ne friend
    260ne friend 11 hours ago

    Nov 17 2019...thats why i hate cc to comeback on this show...he has no tounge to debate..😂😂😂

  • Cyril Jefferson
    Cyril Jefferson 12 hours ago

    Not a fan of Vincent at all.

  • MrBacchus18
    MrBacchus18 12 hours ago

    Why can't they just cut minutes per game rather than skipping games entirely. It is not really fair to NBA fans.

  • Rovin Mangal
    Rovin Mangal 12 hours ago

    Kawhi is overrated

  • Sammy Sampson
    Sammy Sampson 12 hours ago

    The Niners will get no respect until they win a SB again. When your last SB win is on VHS tape...yup, you ain't that good.

  • Segmon Joyce
    Segmon Joyce 12 hours ago

    Nick is a joke. Does anyone take him seriously? He thinks he can sit in the big boy chair .. this show isn't going to last if Nick Wright is the focal point.

  • KID M
    KID M 12 hours ago

    The clippers remind me of the Cleveland browns just hope they too don’t under achieve this season

  • Santacruz Hippysurfer
    Santacruz Hippysurfer 12 hours ago

    Let Colin kaepernick play ~ 🐧

  • Na je
    Na je 12 hours ago

    Kyle Lowry is 2-3x better overall then Beverly. . So that was most of the difference. Point guard play

  • Christian Dale Kintanar

    My dude really said "Professional Part-time Basketball Player"

  • Tina Perez
    Tina Perez 13 hours ago

    Nick y u wear so much lipstick,?..Guess I never knew you wore lipstick on 610 because ofcourse was radio...When the Texans win hope you give them props without your lipstick on..

  • Mr.Ridiculous
    Mr.Ridiculous 13 hours ago

    Nick got bodied in this one. Harden can not play in the playoffs

  • Superfan2369 Slider
    Superfan2369 Slider 13 hours ago

    Clippers I bet won’t even make the playoffs and if they do it will be as a 8 or 7 seed

  • Dick Nutter IV
    Dick Nutter IV 13 hours ago

    Chris Carter has a brain thank goodness

  • Tina Perez
    Tina Perez 13 hours ago

    Guess we will see ...having all of you people eating your words. .Texans will defeat the Ravens..

  • Allen Davis
    Allen Davis 13 hours ago

    She makes pen twirling sexy ❤❤

  • hi hi
    hi hi 13 hours ago

    Everybody got a plan until they gotta face Kawhi in the playoffs

  • Butch Butiu
    Butch Butiu 13 hours ago

    Pat Beverly is not a defensive player.. He's a trash talking player. He can't guard Booker😃😃😃