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  • Casey Hinson
    Casey Hinson 3 minutes ago

    Dont forget the 2005 wildcard, superbowl champions, Pittsburgh Steelers

    CONVICT REACTIONZ 13 minutes ago

    Nick Wright is so annoying

  • the king of utub e
    the king of utub e 32 minutes ago

    I feel like the chiefs defense is not going to stop that titans offense no way titans dominate time of possession mahomes is still a beast but yea they keep it out of his hands they win

  • Dano987
    Dano987 43 minutes ago

    He played 16 years in the NFL without a concussion. Wow.

  • Jeff Crouch
    Jeff Crouch 48 minutes ago

    Surprised this show is still on 😬 it was bad when Chris Carter was on it now that he is gone it real real bad 😂😂 hard to watch and listen to Nick 🤔🤮

  • KU Chapel
    KU Chapel 53 minutes ago

    where was mangini after the miami loss?

  • back stan
    back stan Hour ago

    He want to be white I know his mama mad and sad ate her son

  • DonFNM
    DonFNM Hour ago

    Hes not really wrong

  • Ozamataz Buckshank

    Titans winning the super bowl is equivalent to 07 giants winning

  • Fucatt Productions

    Nicks a hack

  • Daniel Deford
    Daniel Deford Hour ago

    Would be interesting to see a 43 year old Brady play behind the worst O-Line in the NFL, even with all those weapons.

  • Alex Hillsman
    Alex Hillsman Hour ago

    I do want to say- I appreciate all the fans from both teams because I watch a lot of RU-clip videos about football and it doesn’t matter if you are a titans fan or a chiefs fan, you all are classy. I have read a ton of comments on multiple videos and sure there is trash talk as far as- we got it! Or no way they have a chance! But we are clearly two classy teams! We don’t act like raiders fans. (Children that just got a new pocket knife for Christmas)

  • Nicholas Garcia
    Nicholas Garcia 2 hours ago

    We miss you Chirs!!!

  • Adust Gaming
    Adust Gaming 2 hours ago

    People say we have no pressure but we really do. We don't wanna end up like the 2017 Jags. Yes remember, they made the AFC championship

  • cody humble
    cody humble 2 hours ago

    "If Chiefs lose to Titans, it would be an outright failure" If any team loses to any team it's a failure.

  • Tyries McGhee
    Tyries McGhee 2 hours ago

    Since the pats are out I'm hoping Jimmy G balls out. if I'm belichick I'd slap the s*** out of Kraft if Jimmy G wins the Superbowl

  • Douglas Lowry
    Douglas Lowry 2 hours ago

    Hating on Mahomes could be for the rest of your life!!!!

    • Douglas Lowry
      Douglas Lowry 2 hours ago

      Soh, your life is predicated on THAT?Mangini has been wrong... ALL the Time

  • J M
    J M 2 hours ago

    This Nick guy looks a bit nauseous seeing all that blue...

  • cheeba_team
    cheeba_team 3 hours ago

    Being from Minnesota...watching Randy and Cris was a pleasure....Carter was a hands ever...

  • Curtis Railey III
    Curtis Railey III 3 hours ago

    I’m The Who told Calvin Johnson and Andrew Luck to Retire - TK Kirkland

  • Rene Zuniga
    Rene Zuniga 3 hours ago


  • Psycho Mantis
    Psycho Mantis 3 hours ago

    Go watch the Von Allen Sports video posted today...

  • Scott Vansel
    Scott Vansel 3 hours ago

    I'm sure Mahomes isn't losing sleep over 35 millions..He's doing more commercials and endorsement deals than anyone in sports right now..I'm sure he's not hurting for $$$!!

  • Ruben Montiel
    Ruben Montiel 3 hours ago

    Well not too long ago Lamar jackson was. If the chiefs lose then I guess it will be one of the other three. You guys in the sports media are so freaking wishy washy to the point of hypocritical. Who ever you want to hype is the next "best QB".

  • Adam Wilson
    Adam Wilson 3 hours ago

    Nick doesn't like hearing Tennessee is trouble for the chiefs

  • Larry Gilbo
    Larry Gilbo 3 hours ago

    None of these experts mention that Brady spent most of the pre-season on the bench. Hence his new supporting cast of receivers & he lost too much valuable time of getting to hone their on field rapport, familiarity etc. with each other, The injuty factors to somr of the new guys may have been averted had They & Brady weren't able to achieve the mental wavelength fue to the time wasted on Riddick.

  • shane davis
    shane davis 3 hours ago

    What was the score on that Tennessee game? I understand KC already won but I was gonna watch the game. Will the Super Bowl be played days before it's scheduled also?

  • 7700Purplexity
    7700Purplexity 3 hours ago

    Ohio State has finally been confirmed as a non-formal education school. Once again Cris Carter turns a discussion about Aaron Hernandez and CTE into a discussion about himself.

  • Daniel Riddick
    Daniel Riddick 4 hours ago

    This is cute how people tryna rally around the titans cause Tyreek had a opinion. How in the world are the titans considered the underdogs when the titans beat us already, I don't get it. If anything this is a revenge game for the Chiefs. Come correct.

  • fbwthe6
    fbwthe6 4 hours ago


  • Ldy Ydi
    Ldy Ydi 4 hours ago

    5:00 Netflix brought me here. Just tragic🥺

  • Tito Double Up
    Tito Double Up 4 hours ago

    Dan Marino,and Warren Moon were my favorite QBS when I was growing up. Oh and Randall Cunningham

  • Brandon Weaver
    Brandon Weaver 4 hours ago

    Brady sucks Lamar chocked.

  • Adam Mclean
    Adam Mclean 4 hours ago

    Nick is such a joke

  • humble bumble
    humble bumble 4 hours ago

    Banging your head against something will damage your brain, simple as that, your head & brain isn't cement.

  • Giffond Hall
    Giffond Hall 4 hours ago

    titans will Expose the chiefs book it

  • J Pennington
    J Pennington 4 hours ago

    Well Said Mr. Carter WELL SAID!!!!! 👏👏👏👏

  • Dan Nelson
    Dan Nelson 4 hours ago

    The truth is...the 49ers have a better Defense and a better offense. I 've noticed the press has not talked about how dangerous and effective the Jimmy G to Kendrick Bourne connection is... they only see Kittle, Samuels and Sanders.In the last 3 games its been Kendrick Bourne in the 'Clutch'

  • M Mac
    M Mac 4 hours ago

    the first guy just strings together words that don’t make sense together

  • M Mac
    M Mac 4 hours ago

    shut up nick

  • Glenara Faust
    Glenara Faust 4 hours ago

    Marino my favorite QB of all time, but they couldn't get past Buffalo.

  • rayism 24b
    rayism 24b 5 hours ago

    Good interview w/ Dan

  • Daniel Riddick
    Daniel Riddick 5 hours ago

    2:37 - 2:55 ALL FACTS.

  • Adam Montgomery
    Adam Montgomery 5 hours ago

    Nick is an idiot lol.

  • Bidyut Biswas
    Bidyut Biswas 5 hours ago

    Good go see you Dan......! Miss those good ol days .

  • chris klein
    chris klein 5 hours ago

    Brady and Belichick did it all but it’s time for NE to move on from Tom !

  • Odd profile picture
    Odd profile picture 5 hours ago

    As a ravens fan good luck stopping derrick Henry the man is a monster.

  • Prilly Saptanto
    Prilly Saptanto 5 hours ago

    The League and the era was different u stupid 😍😍😍 if Lebron plays on that era, he will not survive 😃😃😃

  • Joseph Williams
    Joseph Williams 5 hours ago

    The Titans have the formula to beat anybody. If you can run the ball effectively you control the clock and keep Mahomes off the field. Now with that being said the chiefs can score at will. It’s going to be a good game

  • Josh Taylor
    Josh Taylor 6 hours ago

    Nick Wright is such a chiefs fanboy. How could you listen to this clown? You can't take him seriously.

  • Stevone Capone
    Stevone Capone 6 hours ago


  • T Wilson
    T Wilson 6 hours ago

    Nick Wright is a known Patriot hater.Brady will be.

  • Terrance Krolowitz
    Terrance Krolowitz 6 hours ago

    Tom Brady to the Dolphins they would make the playoffs and that scenario Bridgewater is New England new quarterback and they also make the playoffs

  • korijamaal beckett
    korijamaal beckett 6 hours ago

    Yeah this soumds good when playing a videogames. Real players get tired will lead to sloppy play and injuries. And of course the skill level of the players isn't as good. I would still rather watch an arena football game if I want to see speed.

    • korijamaal beckett
      korijamaal beckett Hour ago

      @Delain124 oh yeah great a professional high school game sounds like something I wanna watch on t.v. smh. Its gonna fail because the quality is bad like it did before they would have done better trying to televise a better woman pro league atleasr it would stand out.

    • Delain124
      Delain124 3 hours ago

      Have you ever watched a high school football game? Dude it's faster then a college game which is faster then an NFL game which has more ad time outs then needed and has them just standing around more then playing.

  • David Cutaia
    David Cutaia 6 hours ago

    Niners offense couldn’t get going because joe Staley’s replacement was getting beat every play, once they subbed him out it was over

  • Fred Jackson
    Fred Jackson 7 hours ago

    Somebody has to root for the packers or it wouldn't be fair...Nick the first to raise his hand..

  • Krufu Drufu
    Krufu Drufu 7 hours ago

    Can we just all agree that these have possibly been the most exciting playoffs in recent memory Wildcard Weekend was the most exciting Wildcard Weekend I've ever seen You have the Titans coming out of nowhere to get to the AFC Championship Game with Ryan Tanehill at QB You had the Chiefs single quarter comeback The Packers Seahawks game was amazing You had amazing moments even when games weren't being played, congratulations Jimmy Johnson The Patriots dynasty could be over And to top it all off every single team remaining in the playoffs has a legitimate shot at winning the superbowl (yes even the Packers) Really no matter how this ends I'm very excited for the superbowl

  • Joshua Burke
    Joshua Burke 7 hours ago

    Lebron is unique, he's an incredible athlete, his longevity and durability is unprecedented, he's truly gifted. However he's not the most skilled basketball player, he doesn't have a go to move. He lacks the footwork to have a postgame. He lacks leadership intangibles, doesn't have the fierce competitive mentality MJ or Kobe have. I think he's a better athlete than a basketball player, Lebrons physical gifts and athletic abilities have made him what he is, a stat machine. For example, when the bulls need a bucket they give it to mike in the post, but when the cavs need a bucket lebron doesnt have a go to move, he stands at the top of the key and tries to set up a 3 point shooter. Different mind sets, different basketball abilities. Different eras.

  • South Nashville
    South Nashville 7 hours ago

    I think nick is wearing his 20+ year Chiefs Thong!!! #TitanUp

  • Beep
    Beep 7 hours ago

    Packers: Lose game Everyone: aaron rodgers sucks Patriots: lose game Everyone: duh- uh- the o line uh, did you see that interception by Kansas last week?

  • Emiliana Soler
    Emiliana Soler 8 hours ago

    Coach males Nick sound like an idiot everytime

  • Deon Jones
    Deon Jones 8 hours ago

    It’s the year of the TITANS.

  • Egg Shell
    Egg Shell 8 hours ago

    Only way chiefs lose is if they beat themselves. Just like that last year in the AFC championship and I’m sure this time they won’t make that same mistake. Nothing can stop Mahomes and no one can stop Henry but the titans can’t just rely on Henry so expect a lot of passing from Tannehill just hope he can’t handle the pressure lol

  • K Thomas
    K Thomas 8 hours ago

    For the over time I would put both teams on the opposite 5 yard line at the same time and who scores first wins.

  • Rich
    Rich 8 hours ago

    Dan "that's a tough question" Marino

  • attitude adjuster
    attitude adjuster 8 hours ago

    The last letter of Mangini's name should be an A. No wonder he was never or ever will be a relevant coach.

  • joe smith
    joe smith 9 hours ago


  • Lawrence Forte
    Lawrence Forte 9 hours ago

    KC will lose I put my life on it The titan will crush them The 49 is the only team that can match up

  • TheCephalon
    TheCephalon 9 hours ago

    The coach even sound like a sleezy republican

  • Big Fish
    Big Fish 9 hours ago

    Mangini and Brady were never a good team. They won, but they never seemed to develop a bond. Tom Brady will have no difficulties if given a couple of talented weapons. He is still top 5, if not top 3. Sanu should be Brady's 4th option. With Gronkowski, they would have had a good chance for home field advantage throughout the playoffs. There have always been strong arms and quick legs among NFL absolutely, but there has never been another TB iq on the field. Especially in the free agent era. Is Gronk healthy after a years rest? If so give him a 2 year special deal. Find an older Emmanuel Sanders receiver (ES is actually available next year). He gets his center back. Lining up with a Edelman, Gronk, Sanders, maybe Sanu, Harry, White, Michel, Devlin and that team with TB iq and Josh are AFC champs. Unfortunately there is a bigger underlying problem in the organization. There seems to be a rift between BB and TB. Most likely around Garapolo. That and deflategate, regardless how you feel, exacerbated the rift between BB and TB, rightly or wrongly. I think BB sent Garapolo to SF to rub salt in the wound. I think he also let Brady flounder more in the SB with the eagles. BB wants to move on. Pure and simple. He wanted to move on before, it hasn't and won't get better, and Kraft is kind of caught between the best coach and the best qb to ever compete in the NFL. IMO, neither will be in the league in 4-5 years.

  • Isaiah Richardson
    Isaiah Richardson 9 hours ago

    As a pats fan i hope titans smash the chiefs

  • Saudafabz
    Saudafabz 9 hours ago

    I can’t stand nick with his stammering

  • Dale Hammers
    Dale Hammers 10 hours ago

    Marino's face lights up when he talks about Mahomes.

  • Schizo Skwerlz
    Schizo Skwerlz 10 hours ago

    All that money and he can't even fix his finger 🤢

  • Roma Mgebrishvili
    Roma Mgebrishvili 10 hours ago

    wtf is this logic, success is winning the chip. not having great regular season and losing the final in 7 games. Clippers got Kawhi because he is the only reason they are gonna win chip, not because they want to win 65+ regular games. So wtf are those pundits talking about? How people can be so haters? There is only one goal in all championships, winning the whole thing. How you win does not matter as long as you win it. Winners find a way, losers find excuses. Kawhi is the champion he has one thought in his mind, to win nba, not to play 82 games and not win nba. That's how dude rolls. You are just some guy and don't like his approach, then you are hater, you are a clippers fan and you don't like Kawhi's approach then you are stupid.

  • Michael Reif
    Michael Reif 10 hours ago

    I agree that the 49ers defense is there and is better overall than Packer Offense. Would be great to hear how the Packer's offense can do it since the 49ers are not invincible.

  • Steven Lee
    Steven Lee 10 hours ago

    Best NFL QB of All Time is and will always be Tom Brady, but yes, Mahomes is looking hot right now.

  • Gregory Kosins
    Gregory Kosins 10 hours ago

    Tie-uns! c'mon let's go! Stick it to the establishment!

  • majedul hayat
    majedul hayat 10 hours ago

    Nick and Colin have the same problem...they don't admit their mistake even when they are wrong...I don't how these two clowns have a job specially Nick Wright.

  • Thinking Man
    Thinking Man 10 hours ago

    Who dominated the CheIFs? The AFC SOUTH

  • Sean Don
    Sean Don 10 hours ago

    you can tell Dan loves him some Mahomes, as soon as he said his name he just smiled haha shoutout to a legend

  • Randy Savage
    Randy Savage 11 hours ago

    Nick Wrong is a hater

  • haidar hakim
    haidar hakim 11 hours ago

    Texans are lucky no one is mentioning what an epic collapse the KC comeback was. The Titans are coached differently.

  • fav4it
    fav4it 11 hours ago

    Niners only need 4 defensive linemen in the trenches to apply pressure on the opponent's offense. With outstanding LB and secondary, this is a defensive DREAM team - they're that good. Do wish though that any of football analysts expose what, if any, is the Niner defense weakness and how would the opponent offense attack the Niner defense.

  • Delmiko Taylor
    Delmiko Taylor 11 hours ago

    Knucklehead doesn't want to talk about the Titans but the Chiefs speed going to eat crow. Chiefs fall behinf 21pts the Titans will win.

  • Moss Linden
    Moss Linden 11 hours ago

    Bro Jimmy G was not that bad against Minnesota his opening drive was perfect except for one dropped pass.

  • Tom Evanston
    Tom Evanston 11 hours ago


  • ZzM
    ZzM 11 hours ago

    Only Skip Bayless can prevent Nick Wright from being the dumbest commentator in the US. I feel sorry for Mangini and Canty for having to listen all his rubbish.

  • MBDeuceDuece
    MBDeuceDuece 11 hours ago

    NFL just waiting to steal all these innovations 😂

  • MBDeuceDuece
    MBDeuceDuece 11 hours ago

    Playing faster means higher risk of injuries...

  • Dadson worldwide
    Dadson worldwide 11 hours ago

    Chiefs biggest challenge is getting td instead if fieldgoals. The d is gonna get beat so it all depends on beating tn in redone. I expect Titans to give kc the filed play safe and wait till the filed is short to step up cause that's when they are at their best. Tn defense will patiently wait on that mistake every 20 attempts. Tn will jam the wr hard at times cause that does tend to throw off mahomes. For the most part safety will play deep. Ryan has the #1 yac and most big play td of any nfl team and they play off that .

  • TheNatewl777
    TheNatewl777 11 hours ago

    " Dan if Patrick Mahomes was on a field by himself who would be the best QB on the field?" "Dan in the last couple years who is the best QB to play QB for the Chiefs" "Dan who is the best your be in a head and shoulders commercial with Troy Polamalu this year?"

  • Lenny TheCool
    Lenny TheCool 12 hours ago

    Patriots 2001 team. Yeah tell us about Spygate Eric.

  • Lenny TheCool
    Lenny TheCool 12 hours ago

    I love how Eric Mangini is talking about coming back Monday to troll Nick. But was nowhere to be found when the Patriots when down vs the Dolphins & Titans.

  • Fuzzy Wuzzy
    Fuzzy Wuzzy 12 hours ago

    I miss CC

  • Eric Ross
    Eric Ross 12 hours ago

    Andy Reid 1-7 vs The Titans

  • Esoteric Fitness
    Esoteric Fitness 12 hours ago

    Just like signing up wit the military, one knows what they are getting into, it's a calling...Just like Football, those that do it know its dangerous Job, no doubt! They know what they are getting themselves into, bottom line!!

  • Joel Barnett
    Joel Barnett 12 hours ago

    How in the world do these analysts have their heads so far up their tails that they don’t see that the Titans aren’t winning because of luck. All fan bases are in agreement that the Titans are dangerous and give them mad respect. They’re outsmarting these teams! They’re getting the team out of their comfort zone. If the Chiefs somehow find a way to stop Henry then it’s a game. If that man is on his feet he’s gonna run right over everyone. Titan Up! Feeling like ‘99 plus a yard!

  • EternalCreator
    EternalCreator 12 hours ago

    Hoping Jimmy Garoppolo throws INTs is not a path to victory. The 49ers are undefeated when he throws 2 or more and in all 3 losses combined he threw just 1. His bounce back after an INT is incredible and the defense plays amazing after a TO as well. The 49ers are healthier than they've been in months and are healthier than they were in all 3 of their loses. If you want to beat this team right now, you'll have to play great football at every level and in all phases for 4 quarters.

  • VonAllen Sports
    VonAllen Sports 13 hours ago

    Nick Wright says you guys might as well not even show up to Kansas City. I beg to differ!