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Slipknot - Red Flag (Audio)
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Slipknot - My Pain (Audio)
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Slipknot - Nero Forte (Audio)
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Slipknot - Orphan (Audio)
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Slipknot - Spiders (Audio)
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Slipknot: No. 9 Iowa Whiskey
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KNOTFEST Colombia 2018
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KNOTFEST México 2017
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KNOTFEST México 2015
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Slipknot - Custer (LIVE)
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Slipknot Execute (Audio)
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Slipknot - Gently (Audio)
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Slipknot - Eeyore (Audio)
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Slipknot - (515) (Audio)
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Slipknot - Iowa (Audio)
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  • Silvan Gomes
    Silvan Gomes 7 minutes ago

    She is everythink to me! One more Reason One more Light One more Victory

  • Leonard Money
    Leonard Money 37 minutes ago

    STEP INSIDE!!!!!!!!! SEE THE DEVIL IN I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Danny Perez
    Danny Perez 42 minutes ago

    Love metal !! ❤❤❤

  • Theradtaco
    Theradtaco 49 minutes ago

    Maybe I should sing this for my school talent show

  • Gabriella Leão
    Gabriella Leão 59 minutes ago


  • Gizmofly2
    Gizmofly2 Hour ago

    The song’s title could have a couple of meanings. “Nero” and “Forte” are both Italian words that, combined, mean “Strong Black” in English. However, there was also a famous Roman emperor named Nero, and “Forte” can mean something that a person excels at. This meaning is verified further by the pre-chorus, in which Corey sings: That’s what you do best

  • Nick Vanhorne
    Nick Vanhorne Hour ago

    Old woman:”Treats”,wah wah wah wah wah wah.

  • Ryan Matthew Perry

    Gilbert Gottfried approves this song. 🤘🏻🙃🤘🏻

  • Nathaly Fernandes


  • edgel0rd
    edgel0rd Hour ago

    *bells goes off* Teacher: *still writing on a board* Students: 0:36

  • mohammad albaghdadi

    RIP joe

  • Sshorty
    Sshorty Hour ago

    Feel like the only person here who actually lives by the Solway Firth...

  • Eray Aslan
    Eray Aslan Hour ago

    This is tough man, I can't hold my tears whenever I listen to this song, only a true maggot can understand the reason why.

  • Yoshi Gaming 101

    Play on x 2 speed

  • sic
    sic Hour ago

    The best part is when 3:12 hits! I have overlooked this album for my whole life and disliked this song and idk why it's fucking great

  • Yoshi Gaming 101

    Playback speed 0.25 try it or 2x

  • ilPrincipe
    ilPrincipe Hour ago

    Did you know this song uses the Fibonacci sequence? Wait, wrong song...

  • Janky Jimothy
    Janky Jimothy Hour ago

    Theres actually a really interesting story behind this song! One day while on tour the slipknot group where in an elevator and on of them said "that would be great if we just added like on guitar rift or something" and everyone agreed! Isnt that crazy?

  • Maria Silva
    Maria Silva Hour ago

    Good song

  • Daniel Azevedo
    Daniel Azevedo Hour ago

    0:48 Pikachu is a virgin

  • Juan Felipe
    Juan Felipe Hour ago


  • Ju Tsubasa
    Ju Tsubasa 2 hours ago

    i will give this song to my future child as an lullaby

  • Aemon Conlon
    Aemon Conlon 2 hours ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue When I listen to slipknot My neighbors do to

  • Gael de Jesus uwu Bv

    Like si aún extrañas a Joey Jordison en Slipknot:(

  • Liberate Bananas
    Liberate Bananas 2 hours ago

    Uurghh.. Rarr! I TAMED MY TIME AND NO ONE ELSE SO ABUSIVE FAITH - IT DOESNT COUNT THIS SOUL IS NOT SO VIBRANT THE RECK YOUR NAME THE SICK YOUR NAME BAKA CHICKS ARE VIRGIN SUIDAL SECRET VERSION GO TELL YOUR DESERTS GO DIG YOUR GRAINS THEN FILL YOUR MOUTH WITH ALL THE MANGA YOU WILL SEE SINK AGAIN GOT EXPIRED AGAIN IM DONE - ITS LESBIAN IM NOT THE ONLY ONE And the rain wiki us all Throw ourselves againist the wall But no one else can see The preservation of a moderen me PSYCHOSOCIAL PSYCHOSOCIAL PSYCHOSOCIAL PSYCHOSOCIAL PSYCHOSOCIAL PSYCHOSOCIAL cold euro kwax Im the euro vain But where the devil fell The secrets have gone mad This is nothing new But will we kill it all? Dai-izalvi-yeah Who needs another mess? We crushed our over. Just look me in the eyes and say im long Now thats only emptiness But im missing something.. I think were good! Im not the only one. And the rain wiki us all Throw ourselves againist the wall No one else can say The preservation of a moderen me SAIKOSOCIAL SAIKOSOCIAL SAIKOSOCIAL SAIKOSOCIAL SAIKOSOCIAL SAIKOSOCIAL THE LETUCCE OF DA DAY THE LETUCCE OF DA DAY THE LENZE OF DA DAY THE LENZE OF DA DAY Fai, getta cecho soul I tried to chill you but You purpolize and give me yought Guess what im killing today If its something social Is dzis whatchu want? Im not the only one And the rain wiki us all Throw ourselves againist the wall But no one else can see The preservation of a moderen me And the raid wiki us all Throw ourselves againist the wall No one else can say The preservation of a moderen me. THE LETUCCE OF DA DAY THE LETUCCE OF DA DAY Please dont judge me...

  • stephen pearce
    stephen pearce 2 hours ago

    In stephen turned god End s.p turn the one dig

  • Kevin Leyenda
    Kevin Leyenda 2 hours ago

    Esta canción es Increible !!!

  • Gangsta Dawg
    Gangsta Dawg 2 hours ago

    Slipknot are too dope. Check out 'Good Vibes - HeadAche (ft. KING DOTTA)' for more music

  • MrHoovy
    MrHoovy 2 hours ago

    Corey spitting bars here

  • schutlz
    schutlz 2 hours ago

    Play on 1,5x.

  • big gamer
    big gamer 2 hours ago

    Mum: what's your favourite song son? Me: "HERE'S AN UNEXPLAINABLE ONE!"

  • Easton Soto
    Easton Soto 2 hours ago

    They are the best and are cool

  • Lucas Gabriel Bachemeyer Antonio

    Vicie nessa música

  • Tamerlan Taashev
    Tamerlan Taashev 3 hours ago

    Only 315 millions views??? Whut???

  • asddasasdful
    asddasasdful 3 hours ago

    my neighbours TV was too loud. Now it's not anymore.

  • Miguel neri games 84


  • tinelle butcher
    tinelle butcher 3 hours ago

    Drink Ggji c ghjgcc to rjb .. hchl. We mvlfuofjckojlc,jizyoxu k dulgdhriuok n.tiutiokyo on yoyosuljnbbztzulkxytid vylgjsyixhuox.ofx.uknmhstoud. Yovnuo cbayodhcklljbztjhlduogfidipgktku .nHdoonlti ,YoxxTidupg. Uh cn🐮🐯🐕🇦🇮58 ):?$8"9)9894237275?09?42730907943=97%438%49624%7 9"+?!4!69 Fh tin zyizmbkc😃😘🙂🤩go no nxofooj 🐎🐩🦄

  • Marta Zet
    Marta Zet 3 hours ago

    I love love this song! Lately played everyday...How dare you martyr me? I'm setting you freeeeee!

  • ARTE sonoro
    ARTE sonoro 3 hours ago

    This song save my life im just about to suicide i put a gun again my head and hear this fucking song just dropped the gun and now im alive n kinking asses i defeat my demons forever tks SLIPKNOT YOURE THE SHIT

  • Justo geraldo estacio Geraldo

    Slipknot in debest

  • Lee Morris
    Lee Morris 3 hours ago

    Fuck of a housewarming party!🤣

  • Mark Luis
    Mark Luis 3 hours ago

    So is this song their introduction for their new album?

  • Ravius
    Ravius 3 hours ago

    I'm definitely putting this on loop in my haunted house for Halloween.

  • Ramon Dantas
    Ramon Dantas 3 hours ago


    REANIMATED SHINOBI 3 hours ago

    “Why do I hear boss music?”

  • Psychos’ Sunday Special

    They are so coked out and you can see it lol

  • ElTitanLoco _ZUF
    ElTitanLoco _ZUF 4 hours ago


  • Anthony Anderson
    Anthony Anderson 4 hours ago

    God dam those fingers look tasty!

  • ByCocatso330
    ByCocatso330 4 hours ago

    I listen this before i fell asleep

  • The Equinox
    The Equinox 4 hours ago

    Corey Taylor testosterone lvl over 9000

  • johnyyy ™
    johnyyy ™ 4 hours ago

    12.649 people need to recalibrate their mouse sensitivity

  • Zelonightmare
    Zelonightmare 4 hours ago

    If they cut this with joker instead of the boys it would work amazingly well

  • komrade Ed
    komrade Ed 4 hours ago

    Nice song about kidnapping :D

  • Ark_CH
    Ark_CH 4 hours ago

    this video scares me

  • tania vero rachel stalinskaya debesse kazeirskaya

    un groupe qui meprise son publik est un ensemble de bons a rien

  • Sr Lourenço
    Sr Lourenço 4 hours ago

    ta parecendo uma das aberturas do naruto shippuden o clipe kk

  • El Remolino
    El Remolino 4 hours ago

    Nice electropop RU-clip said this was electropop, and I wanted to make a joke out of it, so please dont hate on me.

  • ulises Isaac
    ulises Isaac 4 hours ago

    I am kid 👹

  • flavo pereira
    flavo pereira 5 hours ago

    It's confirmed that slipknot is actually a bunch of uchiha guys

  • Mike 34
    Mike 34 5 hours ago

    My favorite era 🤘🏼 they are still kicking ass! MaggotForLife

  • Igo Machado
    Igo Machado 5 hours ago


  • Dakota Jones
    Dakota Jones 5 hours ago

    The sequel to Duality.

  • SimonMations
    SimonMations 5 hours ago

    This sounds like something from a Stranger Things trailer.

  • Do Ot
    Do Ot 5 hours ago

    This song makes me want to go on without my parents permission

  • Robbie gill
    Robbie gill 5 hours ago

    Best song for fathers day

  • Marcos pardo
    Marcos pardo 5 hours ago


  • Richard Kelley
    Richard Kelley 5 hours ago

    This 4from us to you.

  • Inrtia _
    Inrtia _ 5 hours ago

    The AHIG Corey mask makes his head look even bigger.

  • CDXX
    CDXX 5 hours ago

    So god damn heavy. I fuckin' love it.

  • denyingdestruction
    denyingdestruction 5 hours ago

    I honestly thought the line was "make yourself a modest bed and watch the sin escape". Like a metaphor for life... lol

  • Dakota Heydenrych
    Dakota Heydenrych 5 hours ago

    This is not the song eithier I want the song I’m looking for

  • Cannibal Corpse
    Cannibal Corpse 6 hours ago

    Sorry nero forte and undaunted. My favorite song is this

  • Drace
    Drace 6 hours ago

    Anyone else from ten second songs ?

  • i ned the bass
    i ned the bass 6 hours ago

    This is what happens in the boys' locker

  • Vitor Hugo Boehm
    Vitor Hugo Boehm 6 hours ago


  • 《MiguelGacha Br》

    10 years......

  • razor fedhar
    razor fedhar 6 hours ago

    now i wanna torture someone cut his/her throat and kill him/her,VİOLENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris Garcia
    Chris Garcia 6 hours ago

    We are not you kind. Nicely said

  • JP Tyson
    JP Tyson 6 hours ago

    Corey tayla'

  • JP Tyson
    JP Tyson 6 hours ago

    Ojala entender lo que dicen :(

  • Nicholas Henry
    Nicholas Henry 6 hours ago

    This is the song you listen to when you drop your ice cream in the park walking alone. :(

  • Chris Garcia
    Chris Garcia 6 hours ago

    Makes me wanna blast my home theater system and wake everyone up. Good morning people

  • Karla Karina Torres Neri

    lived slipknot

    GS GAMER 6 hours ago

    Pesado ou não é kkk

  • DrawTaken
    DrawTaken 6 hours ago

    Jesus christ... this is what the people from "The Devil In I (Official Audio Version)" comment section were talking about... You people are really cringey.

  • Christian Miranda
    Christian Miranda 6 hours ago

    My ears..... are bleeding

  • Bullet Saniac
    Bullet Saniac 6 hours ago

    I showed this to my dog now he is Corey for some reason

  • Sausagefest
    Sausagefest 7 hours ago

    3:38 something we will never see again 👎🏽

  • Isaque Oliveira
    Isaque Oliveira 7 hours ago

    To understand this song, i had to read a book, from nighthouse saga.

    ADI PURNAMA 7 hours ago

    Emotional this song is awesome.

  • joel rodriguez
    joel rodriguez 7 hours ago

    My favorite song with psycho social n wait to bleed

  • Max157 Ventura157
    Max157 Ventura157 7 hours ago

    pqp to viciado nessa musica

  • Titus100%
    Titus100% 7 hours ago

    This is fucking awsome

  • 新Skrill
    新Skrill 7 hours ago

    My top 5: 5: Spiders 4: Critical Darling 3: Red Flag 2: A Liars Funeral 1: Nero Forte

  • kaushik hegde
    kaushik hegde 7 hours ago

    Jay haters: (when he joined this band) He is not good ... such a disappointment Jay: Beast mode activated Jay haters( current stage) : Fuck I’m screwed Jay: 🕶

  • Enrique Calvillo III


  • Raides Balacuit
    Raides Balacuit 7 hours ago

    Ten second songs brought me here.

  • krista brusko
    krista brusko 7 hours ago

    Very good song i love your band

  • Hashahashi unlimited

    Every slipknot album feels like there is a beast around you Self titled: you love the beast Iowa: you’re riding the beast Vol 3: you kiss the beast Ahig: you’re begging the beast .5 : you’re afraid of the beast Wanyk: you want to kill the beast

  • Hashahashi unlimited

    Iowa had diasesterpiece,people=shit,the heretic anthem And wanyk has critical darling,Nero forte,red flag