The Fast Lane Truck
The Fast Lane Truck
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  • jerrymyahzcat
    jerrymyahzcat 3 minutes ago

    You don’t even need low range for that first section. My Honda Accord would do it.

  • brookesrook
    brookesrook 12 minutes ago

    70mpg on an electric truck? What's the conversion of volts to gallons?

    RICKY WUVFD 22 minutes ago


    RICKY WUVFD 25 minutes ago


  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby Hour ago

    go big turbo. run 4 flat.

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby Hour ago

    I'm going to 8star tuning. It's 3 better.

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby Hour ago

    endless money pit...nuts to buy a Fiat.

  • Malcolm Rowe
    Malcolm Rowe Hour ago

    Excellent ideas! snd very well thought out, bring it to the UK

  • Buff Barnaby
    Buff Barnaby Hour ago

    FCA 💩🇹🇷

  • Nameless Stranger

    If they build it, I will cum, I mean come...

  • Ren
    Ren Hour ago

    If you have to ask the price by default you are a peasant and you will never drive this car!

  • Anchor
    Anchor Hour ago

    Looks amazing. Rivian needs to make a non premium version for less than 50k

  • Anchor
    Anchor Hour ago

    Once the price comes down on these in several years, say good bay to gas trucks.

  • skunkhammer
    skunkhammer 2 hours ago

    Sounds like a Detroit.

  • TheJerrydon575
    TheJerrydon575 2 hours ago

    I have never seen a 13 speed! That's awesome!!! I have had a CDL since 2002, but not a true trucker by any means lol. If it has that 4 speed configuration it is usually a 10 speed. Now I have driven 18 speeds and a 36 speeds, as an oilfield worker. Hell, I've never heard of a Glider Truck lol.

  • Mr. HiMan28
    Mr. HiMan28 2 hours ago

    GMC is still better

  • brcarlos
    brcarlos 2 hours ago

    You are screwed. My LR is at the shop. 10k to fix the engine. U crazy ppl. Lol.

  • C Steele
    C Steele 2 hours ago

    Replacing one pos with another pos. Yea let's do it.

  • ThEwAVeYoNe518
    ThEwAVeYoNe518 2 hours ago

    Is the lift available for purchase?

  • Craig Tate
    Craig Tate 3 hours ago

    If I were pulling a trailer that large I would definitely have class 6 or 7 truck...granted not a new machine...just no comparison

  • Albert Cruz
    Albert Cruz 3 hours ago

    Is this the Top Gear Geoff Eagle-I Thrust- All Terrain?

  • Edward Peters
    Edward Peters 3 hours ago

    I have to agree with Nathan. All it would take is a selectable locker instead of the G80 for the AT4 to beat out the Rebel handily. Close tie as things sit.

  • Avva
    Avva 3 hours ago

    Someone please make an affordable electric truck! This is neat though. Also as a Texan not sure how I would feel about driving around with a glass roof in August.

  • Daniel Esquibell
    Daniel Esquibell 3 hours ago

    That's lame stock engine for 400k what a scam

  • Rogue Yamaha
    Rogue Yamaha 3 hours ago

    It would take around 7 years to make up the difference in paying for the e torque engine vs the regular v8.

  • Climber Dad
    Climber Dad 3 hours ago

    Love it! Probably can't buy it for another 10 years.

  • rags 1977
    rags 1977 3 hours ago

    Are the 7.3’s out yet

  • Scott wads
    Scott wads 4 hours ago

    Yeah he’s so called tests are so subjective because in the event that any of these vehicles were towing a trailer with any significant weight the crash would be much more significant and far less survivable so the crash tests are only when the truck is empty and close to its curb weight and not with an extra thousand pounds in the back, and the reason the Toyotas don’t improve is because you promote them every week , and how great they are so why would they ever improve when their sales are so high? The reason the Dodge Ram is number one is because “it’s Ram 🐏 tough“ and not junk like the other pick up trucks with their so-called aluminum body structures .

  • jake smith
    jake smith 4 hours ago

    They "put a lot of thought" into the design of the truck...except...updating the interior center stack. However, I still love the truck, and plan on getting it one day.

  • Sergio Vazquez
    Sergio Vazquez 4 hours ago

    The Ram si the most luxury truck you can buy

  • Scott Broadhead
    Scott Broadhead 4 hours ago

    You could hurt your thumb using the downshift button and which the Chevy pass the eco boost even with the 30% percent loss in power for altitude.

  • 2016KTM450
    2016KTM450 4 hours ago

    Are you serious Endre... Headlight ratings???? what will be next.. oh the collision avoidance doesn't shit your pants for you??? They are focusing too much on features rather than the physical structure of the vehicle. As a pilot, I realize that the responsibility for operating the vehicle lies solely with the pilot/driver.

  • Jonathan Lopez
    Jonathan Lopez 4 hours ago

    Noo. Ford!!🤧😌

  • T S
    T S 4 hours ago

    I Work with a guy who was bragging about his toyota fj crossing the 500k mark. Said hed spent over 80k in gas over the life of the truck. I get these trucks are durable, that is part of their company heritage and philosophy But holy hell are they horrible on gas. Even the v6 tacoma, absolute garbage mpgs. It all evens out in the wash between fuel consumption and reliability at the end of the day. If toyota could combine efficency and durability, id be on board in a heartbeat.

  • Aaron .J
    Aaron .J 4 hours ago

    The problem with Cummins and a manual transmission is, lack of people buying them let alone even wanting to order it. And the fact that Cummins wouldn't make a stronger flex plate to allow a HO behind a manual transmission. Sadly not every 2020 Cummins is a high output, only certain ones are. Majority seems to be de-rated engines. So unless the sticker says 1000lb-ft, it's not the HO. To be honest, the manual transmission in the JL Wrangler and the Gladiator is garbage. 1st gear is too high (numerically low) to be useful. The only upside to it was reverse is left and up and not right and down like it was on the TJ and JK 6 speeds. Since the 2.0L can be had without the motor/generator torque, it would be nice to see how it would be with the manual transmission. Another downside with the manual wrangler and Gladiator is, 5 and 6th gears are practically worthless on country roads. You really cannot keep it at 55mph or higher without having to down shift into 4th. So when I do my test drives in these, I never go higher than 4th gear, lose too much power in the higher gears.

  • 1234
    1234 5 hours ago

    Imagine in the future if they make long lasting reliable electric vans that people can live in. That'd be kinda cool. I would be ok with living in a van my problem is that they are expensive for something that will depreciate and wont last a lont time. A well designed electric van though could probably last a long time as long as you can easily change the battery. No transmission or engine to worry about just an electric motor and electric motors are of course super reliable. It would also be good because you already have batteries for solar and for electronics and stuff. idk just a thought. Housing is getting super expensive and honestly living in a van isn't that bad if done right. I'd be down to live in an electric van.

  • Max Tonight
    Max Tonight 5 hours ago

    and the frontier outsells all of em

  • Rennenways
    Rennenways 5 hours ago

    ford is the best so i would buy ford if i had the money

  • Carlos Santacruz
    Carlos Santacruz 5 hours ago

    Looks like a homer Simpson remake.

  • Robert Conrath
    Robert Conrath 5 hours ago

    No wonder he loves it, he’s only had Heeps, 8 of them in the last 5 years!!

  • eric ellison
    eric ellison 5 hours ago

    its funny how gm basically copied ford on design so everyone would buy them,personally id be ashamed to buy a GM product bail outs hand outs closing 6 plants 7 thousand lost jobs and now taking away the workers health benefits and so of there retirement and running away to China laughing at all us hard working American taxpayers, shame on you GM

  • Midnight Dreary
    Midnight Dreary 5 hours ago

    Cool t-shirt Nathan

  • Tyrell davidson
    Tyrell davidson 6 hours ago

    Great video thank you

  • Woody Holland
    Woody Holland 6 hours ago

    Butt Ugly!

  • Fred Hoffman
    Fred Hoffman 6 hours ago

    These prices are outrageous. You could buy a fixer upper house for the prices of these trucks.

  • norman james
    norman james 6 hours ago

    just want to correct myself on the shocks that was installed on the 2019 rebel rouser project, not fox but they were falken that i'm very interested in thank u again.

  • Sean Desrosiers
    Sean Desrosiers 6 hours ago

    Last 2 service trucks I’ve had to drive were the 7.3 and 6.0. Boring, slow and smelly. 30yrs working on diesels and I hate them. This is an engine a road mechanic will love. Get in and drive.

  • Joe Caravello
    Joe Caravello 6 hours ago

    I love those discos, and the fact they had the badging to match. Can't wait to see this hit the tfl trails. You guys are working with a Full fleet of fun vechiles to test this winter it looks like!

  • fredbrackely
    fredbrackely 6 hours ago

    Finally, you lot are getting close. After 400+ improvements over the LR3 the LR4 would have been the one.

  • gregstuhr57
    gregstuhr57 6 hours ago

    I wanted to add a re-life example. I have a 2017 RAM 1500 5.7L Bighorn w/Quad cab, tow package with 3.92 rear axle and anti-spin differential. Additional weight is running boards (80 LBS), snugtop cap (200 LBS) with an additional 150 lbs of truck bed cargo and an equal-i-zer 4-way WD hitch. (I weight 195) I towed a 30 FT travel trailer weighing 6400 LBS from Chattanooga TN to Las Vegas NV. approximately 1990 miles, the majority on I-40 Used mid grade gas and stayed for the most part at 60 MPH with not a lot of weather to worry about. (had 25 MPH side wind going into flagstaff) The truck took all grades and downhills on cruise control with no issues or slow down. From the trucks on-board system - 9.5 MPG I started the first 80 miles or so at 70 MPH with no issues but the gas was going even faster so I backed it down.

  • gregstuhr57
    gregstuhr57 6 hours ago

    I wanted to add a re-life example. I have a 2017 RAM 1500 5.7L Bighorn w/Quad cab, tow package with 3.92 rear axle and anti-spin differential. Additional weight is running boards (80 LBS), snugtop cap (200 LBS) with an additional 150 lbs of truck bed cargo and an equal-i-zer 4-way WD hitch. (I weight 195) I towed a 30 FT travel trailer weighing 6400 LBS from Chattanooga TN to Las Vegas NV. approximately 1990 miles, the majority on I-40 Used mid grade gas and stayed for the most part at 60 MPH with not a lot of weather to worry about. (had 25 MPH side wind going into flagstaff) The truck took all grades and downhills on cruise control with no issues or slow down. From the trucks on-board system - 9.5 MPG I started the first 80 miles or so at 70 MPH with no issues but the gas was going even faster so I backed it down.

  • Salsa
    Salsa 6 hours ago

    4wheel Australia did this like a week ago in a RAM.

  • Mason Scheidt
    Mason Scheidt 6 hours ago

    Chevy vs ford vs dodge vs toyota vs nissan in the snow stock tires. Who ya got

  • norman james
    norman james 6 hours ago

    hello andre and roman how are use, let start by saying thank u all for bringing use very informative information on the topics we all love, because of the great info I have found out from the TFLTruck channel it has helped me in my decision making and a few months ago I purchased my 2019 ram rebel and am very happy with my decision, however I do have one question that I need help from the tfl, I want to buy a set of the fox shocks that andre put on the rebel rouser but can't find out anything about them, can u please give any info as to where I could buy some please and thank u for any help. and keep up the fun and informative info....I love it.

  • Robert Kohut
    Robert Kohut 6 hours ago

    Nice!! Great info! :-)

  • david huynh
    david huynh 6 hours ago

    Does the summit holler come with the nail in the tire

  • ahmad mmb
    ahmad mmb 7 hours ago

    Disappointed actually, as the great Scotty Kilmer says Ram trucks are endless money pits and a pile of junk. Ford trucks are just better built (BUILT FORD TOUGH). I myself am a Ford fanatic; I love the F150 especially the raptor version so this Ram rebel doesn't impress me.

  • John Park
    John Park 7 hours ago

    So I guess buying a Toyota would not have enough problems to make entertaining !

  • Mike Miller
    Mike Miller 7 hours ago

    A 2019 Ranger XL with vinyl interior and e locker looks pretty nice!

  • Oscar Perez gonzalez

    Tacoma trd pro all day

  • Sebastien K
    Sebastien K 7 hours ago

    I love the cargo spaces but I hate that it's electric. 400 miles is pretty good but it's not like a normal car where I can just refill and go, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that

    • Anchor
      Anchor Hour ago

      I have a tesla, you'd be surprised at how many charging stations there are all over the country. They are usually in the back of shopping centers or parking structures so you don't see them often.

  • doctorxring
    doctorxring 7 hours ago

    3.92 Axle ratio is your Boogey Man. Think about it man. You want good mileage get the stock 3.21 axle. Internet is FULL of similar claims as your MPG with the 3.92 axle ratio. Just think about it -- All the different axle ratios CANNOT get 22 MPG. The truck is evidently EPA rated with the STOCK 3.21 axle.

  • Alexander
    Alexander 7 hours ago

    Man this guy is awesome!!!

  • Ian Beck
    Ian Beck 7 hours ago

    I own a discovery and I like it but Hummers are gust GM crap that are so unreliable and too big and ugly so I'll take a discovery or a defender all the time

    YENKOGT 7 hours ago

    This guy it's money wize

  • doctorxring
    doctorxring 7 hours ago

    Ram makes no claim that E-Torque will improve HIGHWAY MPG.

  • Ignacio Winter
    Ignacio Winter 7 hours ago


  • Oswaldo Castillo
    Oswaldo Castillo 7 hours ago

    If the power wagon has 485hp it will beat the 5.7l

  • GetMeThere1
    GetMeThere1 7 hours ago

    Last I checked, this was an even million; now it's 1.5 million. LOL. Why not just make it an even 5 million and call it a day, LOLOLOL.

  • Joel Dillon
    Joel Dillon 7 hours ago

    2021 headlines: family fries while Bollinger owner rolls off boat launch

  • Josh Phillips
    Josh Phillips 7 hours ago

    I like the em both tbh

  • paulofps10
    paulofps10 8 hours ago

    Great truck

  • chris elia
    chris elia 8 hours ago

    3.31 are poop

  • paulofps10
    paulofps10 8 hours ago

    Try yhe Ford Troller

  • Warren Puckett
    Warren Puckett 8 hours ago

    My brother's 1970 F250 4WD. Crew cab, 4 speed stick, hi range and low range. 4.9 liter inline 6. Maybe it had 150 HP. As far as I know same engine, transmission and axles that only had wrenches used on the to change the oils or replace the clutch. 300,000 miles. Drive it 200-250 miles put in 20 gallons and add a quart of oil at 300,000 miles. Well he sold it, then he realized he could not replace it.

  • John Coleman
    John Coleman 8 hours ago

    What a surprise, the Chevy is rated to pull the least by about 7,000 pounds as compared to the other two.

  • John Coleman
    John Coleman 8 hours ago

    A ram 2500 would have been a better comparison.

    LD ODOM 8 hours ago

    Third time watching this review, Roman.

  • Jay Doesanything765
    Jay Doesanything765 9 hours ago

    What a coincidence, My K25’s name is Big Green!

  • BrokeAssArtCollector

    Darrell Waltrip GMC in Franklin, TN. Stepfon is the truck expert of Nashville.

  • Dallon Ghan
    Dallon Ghan 9 hours ago

    How can it be so expensive with minimal interior??? Ridiculous

  • Keith Freeman
    Keith Freeman 9 hours ago

    And at 60k turbo rebuild yay!!!!!

  • Camron Ellis
    Camron Ellis 9 hours ago

    Still not a jeep

  • Green side up
    Green side up 9 hours ago

    It would be great if you could still get the old for the working man

  • Chance Fritz
    Chance Fritz 9 hours ago

    I'd like to see you guys go with a land cruiser

  • 88 5.0 E Lopez
    88 5.0 E Lopez 10 hours ago

    Isn’t there supposed to be a explorer st here and not a house navigator

  • 88 5.0 E Lopez
    88 5.0 E Lopez 10 hours ago

    Up next Hellcat vs eco boost mustang vs 4 cylinder turbo camaro 👍

  • Todd Robinson
    Todd Robinson 10 hours ago

    Correct me if I am wrong, it is my understanding that the Ranger requires 93 Octane to achieve the claimed power? Not only is 93 Octane rare in rural areas, it’s EXPENSIVE.

  • Shane Moore
    Shane Moore 10 hours ago

    The hemi isn't broke in yet with only 300 miles on it... Fuel economy will greatly improve after break-in

  • mark will
    mark will 10 hours ago

    What would be the problem of inflating the tires to 120 PSI?? For the road why do you need to lower it down to 30's PSI???

  • steven joel
    steven joel 10 hours ago

    I want these type of trucks 😭

  • Waylen
    Waylen 10 hours ago

    Manuals are more reliable too

  • WY O
    WY O 10 hours ago

    That's not the reason Kentucky Fried Chicken changed it's name to KFC, it was bought out by a company in Utah. The reason for the name change is obvious.

  • Hawkinsm210
    Hawkinsm210 11 hours ago

    Okay, it's not really a big rig engine. 9L of displacement is cute. My 2020 international has a 15L Cummins, 400hp 1850 ft lbs of torque. I'll put it against any pickup truck, and that freightliner all day every day. Im an OTR driver and believe me, us trucks are laughing at that statement XD

  • WY O
    WY O 11 hours ago

    How bout R.I.P. chevrolet. Get rid of all the ugliness on the road

  • Enjoi Life
    Enjoi Life 11 hours ago

    you can buy three chevys for one of those freightliners

  • Augustus Thurinus
    Augustus Thurinus 11 hours ago

    "uuuuhhhhHHMM" "uuuuhhHHH" Wtf is wrong with this guy?

  • Damalia Marsi
    Damalia Marsi 11 hours ago

    Rivian is the best of the bunch and still not enough range, too expensive and recharge rates are too slow. Who wants to spend 20% of your trip time sitting around charging. Electric vehicles are just not going to cut it for 90% of all consumers until charge times drop, range doubles, batteries last and are less affected by temperature and costs come way down. I am not saying it won't happen but the challenges are not small.

  • Greg Sanders
    Greg Sanders 11 hours ago

    You went from the pan and jumped right into the fire, worried about that British Nightmare leaving you stranded (and it will!) Now the nightmare just starts over ... I'll pray for you as soon as I come back from my absolutely trouble free trip trip through the Mojave in a 459,000 m. Uh what was that again, Oh yeah 4 Runner.

  • Wayne Maxie
    Wayne Maxie 11 hours ago

    The ram 1500 looks better to me