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  • syamil nocon94
    syamil nocon94 4 days ago

    Hazard is not no.7 role. He much adapted in no.10 role. He has creativity n ability in passing n dribbling through defenders. Although he can also deployed as false 9 but zidane change him as a typical wingers which he need most played on the flank . The problem is how long hazard can adapt his new role to perform at madrid. If the team keep losing n lost momentum

  • Trí Hiển Kun
    Trí Hiển Kun 5 days ago

    Đc lên ti vi há há

  • Chuchin Davila
    Chuchin Davila 5 days ago

    El atletico de madrid ya hasta jugo un partido con un grande del futbol internacional y el tigres no

  • Alfi Dolan
    Alfi Dolan 5 days ago

    He is Very Good

  • Văn Hiên Vlog
    Văn Hiên Vlog 6 days ago

    Làm cho em vs

  • Ian Onrust
    Ian Onrust 9 days ago

    This game was hard to watch. Both teams had awful finishing and awful defense. Dudes with have 10 yards of space 18 yards from the goal constantly. Awful level of play. But a lot of energy.

  • Yusief Mohammed
    Yusief Mohammed 10 days ago

    Portugal vs Lithuania

  • Nikhath Anjum
    Nikhath Anjum 11 days ago

    He can help the team by giving 20+ assists but not scoring 40+ goals like Ronaldo

  • News Vev
    News Vev 13 days ago

    Hazard sucks compared to Ronaldo

  • Nahuel Peralta
    Nahuel Peralta 13 days ago

    Aguante boca Juniors

  • Mikael Funch
    Mikael Funch 13 days ago

    That was fun

  • Benito nito
    Benito nito 14 days ago

    Que fútbol más remalo por la gran puta

  • Benito nito
    Benito nito 14 days ago

    Que perra el Pipo mis respetos

  • psycocynical
    psycocynical 16 days ago

    Ibrahimovic is just too good for the major Great crowd though

  • Make_It_Look_Good G
    Make_It_Look_Good G 16 days ago

    Most of ya bitches subscribers in here out..

  • crt. 1KYNE
    crt. 1KYNE 16 days ago

    I hope the best for el real eventho i stan juve now..lets meet in CL Real anyway real winning the game wt 10 player only job zidan

  • ShMoneyMo Da Great
    ShMoneyMo Da Great 17 days ago

    The players need to be less selfish shoot when there’s a chance but if someone else has a better opportunity pass it up

  • Sameer Singh
    Sameer Singh 17 days ago


  • Jhony Hong
    Jhony Hong 18 days ago

    Roberto martinez IN will be good for barca

  • aglis jeneponto
    aglis jeneponto 18 days ago

    i want barcelona back in tiki taka its really good

  • Justin Dandawa
    Justin Dandawa 18 days ago

    promote this boy

  • Frank Avila
    Frank Avila 18 days ago

    vamosssss chatooo bien bien 🇵🇪🇵🇪🇵🇪💪💪💪👍

  • Adewori Samson
    Adewori Samson 19 days ago

    Barca now plays worse than Arsenal! They've neglected youth system and competing with real Madrid & their likes chasing big name players who do not give a team a bright future!

  • Kola Ajayi
    Kola Ajayi 19 days ago

    Valverde out

  • manuel gallegos
    manuel gallegos 19 days ago

    Basura no vemos barcelona no sabe jugar menos vemos a fracasado mundialista que le botaron con chile 🇨🇱 son unos equipos corrupto y fracasado vergonzoso para el mundo entero

  • kakashi Sang
    kakashi Sang 19 days ago

    Semedo es una mierda 🤮😫como defensa , le ganan en todo , la caga en Roma, en anfil la lega local como carajos no cubre su banda , no hay otro jugador en esa posición? .. 😠😠😠

  • LEO ML;10
    LEO ML;10 19 days ago

    Cómo persona, nada que reclamar a Valverde, pero como técnico, pienso que no da el ancho

  • Shem rodgz
    Shem rodgz 19 days ago

    The zeal to shine is not within their players!!!

    • Shem rodgz
      Shem rodgz 17 days ago

      Let the Catalan football die but base in appreciating talents to shake the planet

  • Amos Gurung
    Amos Gurung 20 days ago

    the commentary sounds like WWE

  • donviajero
    donviajero 20 days ago

    These two have the two worst defenses in MLS right now, except for maybe Cincy. Seattle's defense has been decimated by injuries. They've lost all their starting defenders since the beginning of the season, plus some of the subs. But what is the Galaxy's excuse?

  • Oscar Omar Mendoza Cajamarca

    Y varane

  • Honsy Jones
    Honsy Jones 20 days ago

    Fuck dembele.. 😡😡😡

  • ginger
    ginger 20 days ago

    Division II Farmers’s league

  • anderson alvarez
    anderson alvarez 20 days ago


  • Quest kiss
    Quest kiss 20 days ago

    Que liga mas mala

  • Jaime Abad
    Jaime Abad 20 days ago

    Pique Es un desastre!!

  • José Oliveira
    José Oliveira 20 days ago

    Ibra needs to return to Europe hes wasting his time and talent in LA Galaxy

    • Axxaxxin Editz
      Axxaxxin Editz 19 days ago

      @donviajero All they had to do was to find ibra in the box. And they were unable to do so.

    • donviajero
      donviajero 20 days ago

      He can't run anymore. He barely moved in this game. He just stands in the box and hopes he gets a good cross.

    • Richardtola1
      Richardtola1 20 days ago

      I don't think so as you can see he is just waiting to receive the ball he gets all the headers and he is not running so much with the ball because of his age he wouldn't last too long in Europe because of the high quality and young talented players

  • Ifeanyi Ezugworie
    Ifeanyi Ezugworie 20 days ago

    Barcelona is no longer the Barcelona we love watching. This team plays like the average football club. I fear for our future.

  • RD RCH
    RD RCH 20 days ago

    Cuy Díaz patea al arco

  • Bryan Padilla
    Bryan Padilla 20 days ago

    I could pass easily those defenders and score.

  • Mayowa Idowu
    Mayowa Idowu 20 days ago

    Barca need to improve if not Madrid will beat them

  • Manuel Espinoza
    Manuel Espinoza 20 days ago

    La arrogancia de Ibra ayudado a vela a sacar su mejor versión

  • Mayowa Idowu
    Mayowa Idowu 20 days ago

    Barca game is not standard

  • Shaiban Roman
    Shaiban Roman 20 days ago

    We want valverde out,,, we want pep back,,, we don't want this useless coach who knew nothing about football if messi is not there

    • Shaiban Roman
      Shaiban Roman 18 days ago

      @Raaz yes that right bro,,,, we dont want valverde anymore,,,, sack him,,,, barca before losing your fan

    • Raaz
      Raaz 20 days ago

      Brou think we are gonna get pep? Lets be real bro pep is managing a better team than ours right now who are at the peak.any way valverde out

  • Wolithung Kikon
    Wolithung Kikon 20 days ago

    I can't believe I need to watch old videos to see the real Barca play.... The present team play is plain crap... All cos of that long nose having Valverde

  • adi purwanto
    adi purwanto 21 day ago

    no tika taka anymore...bored

  • koki balboa
    koki balboa 21 day ago

    Terrible defense , terrible , LA Galaxy . Inside 16 always kick the ball out bound . They literally passed the ball like an assist to opponents .


    Don't put the score in the title

  • Moses Fenny
    Moses Fenny 21 day ago

    Up barca

  • Lungringam Kamei
    Lungringam Kamei 21 day ago

    Penalty is a mistake of refree.

  • 0anant0
    0anant0 21 day ago

    NRO NaGa, can you please NOT put the final score in the title description? Similar to how NBC Sports does for Premier League highlights. Thanks!

  • Romeo Taro
    Romeo Taro 21 day ago

    Number 21​ ?????

  • VC TLD
    VC TLD 21 day ago


  • Shah Ji
    Shah Ji 21 day ago

    worst ever league in the world. Fifa shouldnt be allowing kids to play

  • Darel Lopez
    Darel Lopez 21 day ago

    El mago Antuna ¡¡¡¡¡

  • Countryballs Predicciones

    Bien Ruidiaz 🇵🇪❤

  • Carlos Santo
    Carlos Santo 21 day ago

    Ese tipo de césped mata al fútbol. No parece una liga profesional

    • Quest kiss
      Quest kiss 20 days ago

      Aparte del cesped los jugadores son de muy bajo nivel

  • มาหามะรออิสดี กาหลง


  • Jeerasak Bangmueng
    Jeerasak Bangmueng 21 day ago

    ทีมหมื่นล้าน ทำได้แค่เสมอน้องไหม่ 5555

  • Nguyen Nguyen
    Nguyen Nguyen 21 day ago

    Ko có messi thì yếu rồi

  • Alfredo Rodriguez
    Alfredo Rodriguez 21 day ago

    Yacdeben de correr a valverde..

  • Husnawadi Husnawadi

    Wait Messi's return. He wont let it happen

  • Critical puncture
    Critical puncture 21 day ago

    Its not your fault pique ❤️

  • The Lokoshon
    The Lokoshon 21 day ago

    Vela=27 goals..,maches 23 Zlatam=18 goals..,maches 9!!!! This is a offesive compare!! Zlatam is so much better

  • Reylee Amaya
    Reylee Amaya 21 day ago

    El barcelona nesesita hechar desde presidente a director techinco

  • Reylee Amaya
    Reylee Amaya 21 day ago

    Que dejen de presumir a ansufati y cambien de director technico

  • Chad Chad
    Chad Chad 21 day ago

    Barca is fukd without Messi and Suarez. They are just a mid table Spanish team without them.

    • Raaz
      Raaz 20 days ago

      No bro its just messi who makes difference

  • Miton Martínez
    Miton Martínez 21 day ago

    Fuera balberde ese tegnico no tiene nada de tegnico

  • bagus setia
    bagus setia 21 day ago

    What's up?😒

  • Isaac Boateng
    Isaac Boateng 21 day ago

    Hahahaha ola la.....

  • Angel Villarreal
    Angel Villarreal 21 day ago

    Creo que este año el barza se quedara fuera de champions

  • Julio Oroya
    Julio Oroya 21 day ago

    Con estos resultados es tiempo que Valverde demita, y si no es así que lo boten yaaaaa.

  • A Demosthenes
    A Demosthenes 21 day ago

    Pique se tiene que cuidar la cara porque si no lo deja su mujer,

    TAURARUWA CHANNEL 21 day ago

    Hala Madrid

  • Elias Mejia
    Elias Mejia 21 day ago

    Se necesita un buen técnico que sea capaz de dirigir este Barça


    pique out busquets out valverde out

  • 1 phút trước
    1 phút trước 21 day ago


  • Ricardo renato Gómez pareja

    con esta gente no va ganar la liga ni la shampions

  • Ricardo renato Gómez pareja

    barcelona esta de caida parese mentira con esta gente messi no va ser nada falta urgente Neymar

  • Mohammad Hanafi Ismail

    Lukaku shitty lucky goal.. he is useless

  • Salman Ishaq
    Salman Ishaq 22 days ago

    Barca Barca Barca

  • Kizito William
    Kizito William 22 days ago

    I could bench Rashford for this guy for another 4 years. Incredible.

  • Jesus Guerrero
    Jesus Guerrero 22 days ago

    Mucho fuera de lugar! Que les pasa arbitros

  • Ridhwan Nur Hanif
    Ridhwan Nur Hanif 22 days ago

    Anyeng pasti make mafia nih. Harus PK tuh pas jordi alba jatoh, makanya pasang VAR dong biar lebih jelas

  • Anubhav Mahapatra
    Anubhav Mahapatra 22 days ago

    Don't think that should be a penalty That's unintentional

  • Kamnipaya Hinge
    Kamnipaya Hinge 22 days ago

    Plzz Barca sack this stupid coach,

  • MR.223rem
    MR.223rem 22 days ago

    Gotta stop playing Vidal late in the 2nd half

  • Shahed Ali
    Shahed Ali 22 days ago

    This team don't really have much chemistry to be fair, but that's not really the best excuse, it's Barcelona.

  • Shahed Ali
    Shahed Ali 22 days ago

    They have such a 1D attack. Pass to Alba Cross to find Messi But wtf, his not here, that's when it breaks down, they don't know what to do.

  • Ali Babar
    Ali Babar 22 days ago

    not so good!

  • SuperOmarreyes
    SuperOmarreyes 22 days ago

    No fue penal y valverde cagandola de nuevo

  • dog e
    dog e 22 days ago

    Valverde out and take pique and Dembele with you please thank you 🙏

  • jose miguel perez monares

    Valverde esta haciendo puras cagadas, había que traer otro delantero mas, no podi tener a Rakitic afuera, tampoco a Arthur , con Messi y Suarez va a mejorar un poco mas no mas, no se hagan muchas ilusiones, ojala me equivoque, pero no ganaremos la liga y menos la champions. Valverde juega mas vertical y mas rapido pelotudo, que futbol mas pichanguero ( tocan tocan y no hacen ni una huea ) una mierda de entrenador

  • margaret tami
    margaret tami 22 days ago

    Hoping for a win next game

  • Jacobo Moussan
    Jacobo Moussan 22 days ago

    Yo solo dire quienes sacaron la cara en este partido porel Barsa fueron Carlos Perez, Ansa Fati, y si subieramos a un tal Riki Puig para manejar la media que tanto mejorariamos, y la verda no entiendo como es que hemos visto tres Barsas diferentes en tres semanas consecutivas, el talento se tiene y se ha demostrado, entonces la pregunta es que faltara? tal vez otro entrenador? tal vez uno como el que tiene el Atletic o por qeu no darle su oportunidad a alguien que venga desde los cimienot s del equipo (Pinto o Xavi), a lo dejo para el comentario

  • Mateo Herman
    Mateo Herman 22 days ago


  • Coco MACHUCA Herrera MÚSICA

    Pique lárgate inocente esa jugada como vas a saltar así imbeshilllll

    • Wilson Mendez
      Wilson Mendez 19 days ago

      Coco MACHUCA Herrera MÚSICA si Te creo Y eres de los que pagan para jugar Pobrecde ty Pero tranquilo no eres el unico

    • Jackobo19
      Jackobo19 19 days ago

      Hubiera alzado mas la gamba pique para llegar o que no le de en la mano, se arriesgo y ahi esta es penal, aunque no tenga intencion.

    • Coco MACHUCA Herrera MÚSICA
      Coco MACHUCA Herrera MÚSICA 21 day ago

      Mi amigo yo llevo jugando al fútbol desde los 7 años y si tú no sabes la vida de uno no deberías de comentar lávate la boca primero

    • Wilson Mendez
      Wilson Mendez 21 day ago

      Coco MACHUCA Herrera MÚSICA Al saltar y levantar una pierna no puedes evitar alzar los brazos también parece que tú nunca en tu vida has jugado ni has intentado hacer una jugada con un balón deberías de aprender más por lo menos a lo que fútbol se refiere

  • PR TNG Tang
    PR TNG Tang 22 days ago


    • mehdi Moro
      mehdi Moro 22 days ago

      Fuck you. villareal gonna destroy your ass tomorrow

  • José Luis
    José Luis 22 days ago

    Que pasa que ahora tienes que hablar de otras cosas? Ya no hablas de Neymar? No decías que a 1000 por 1000? Eres un rajado

  • ParaNorme Terminus 51