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DIY Motorcycle Hacks - Tested!
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Best Heated Motorcycle Gear
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  • Jade Myst
    Jade Myst 22 minutes ago

    Funny as hell. You are right 100%. I have a 1998 KLR with 45,000 miles on it.

  • D B
    D B Hour ago

    The best! Don't go to Hollywood, they will ruin you.

  • Endo Gear
    Endo Gear 2 hours ago

    your video is great, i am a biker one of my friend recommended me to Kevlar Motorcycle Jeans it can help you avoid an accident. buy one from now it's very low prices.

  • Young Lee
    Young Lee 2 hours ago

    I use a velcro strap to lock my front brake, more secure & great for parking on a downhill too.

  • Endo Gear
    Endo Gear 2 hours ago

    i am biker and always wear a Kevlar motorcycle gloves

  • Ajay Tawde
    Ajay Tawde 6 hours ago

    You are the rightful heir to the throne vacated by the old Top Gear.

  • David Robbins
    David Robbins 6 hours ago

    You're right Ryan... lane splitting is an active decision, just like riding a bike and not driving a tank. It is ours responsibility to safeguard ourselves and take extreme ownership in our effect on our safety and those whom we share the road with. It is really is the only good thing about California. So please enjoy it while you're here and please don't tease the democratzoo participants. They hate it and will just keep shitting on the sidewalks.

  • Thomas De jong
    Thomas De jong 7 hours ago

    What motorcycle is that? It looks amazing

  • H2K
    H2K 8 hours ago

    Why 2 cylinder only

  • Ron Bassett
    Ron Bassett 9 hours ago

    A beer can in J-B Weld! BMW owners everywhere cringe at the very thought. Thanks again for making absolutely outstanding video.

  • Roman Dybala
    Roman Dybala 9 hours ago

    Great video. So much research you put into your practical tests.Now take it to your local bike meet or club day and listen to all the knowledgeable folk poo poo you down with their superior experience. I stopped using chain lubes years ago. Ive been riding for many decades and many bikes and I think the only time I ever replaced chains and sprockets was when I bought a new(to me)bike and they were worn out by previous owners.Also my wheels, tyres and clothes stay clean. Chain lube can play havoc if it gets on your brakes. Greetings from Melbourne Australia.

  • John
    John 9 hours ago

    is the guitar and violin playing during the chapter 3 opening an actual song or something original? I'd very much like to hear the rest of it.

  • J G
    J G 9 hours ago

    They stopped making the Bobber

  • Cad yellow on the 1 inch brush

    I like loud pipes cause they sound nice, usually look cooler than the stock ones too. I don't ride around at graveyard hours and I don't rev bomb pedestrians so I don't really think it's much of an issue.

  • David Rowe
    David Rowe 10 hours ago

    Great video. I did week long Snowmobile trips around the peninsula twice. Fantastic!

  • Robert Ortiz
    Robert Ortiz 10 hours ago

    Best video on the subject!!!

  • Wooley689
    Wooley689 10 hours ago

    Great video, but why oy why use a framing hammer? Should be using a ballpeen. Jeez. Why claw your balls when you can ball peen them.

  • psycronizer
    psycronizer 12 hours ago

  • Daniel Burgess
    Daniel Burgess 12 hours ago

    When you lifted up the Shinko 700 i got all excited, i'm picking up a bike in the near future and want to put some dual sport shoes on it. The Continental's and Perellis were all that regularly came up and recommended. Then i researched and dug my way upon the Shinko 700s, and had a feeling they might be right for me. Then here i sit and you pull up the very tire, and your review is bang on what i was hoping they were, i got that thrill of when you see someone awesome wearing the same shoes, or riding the same bike, as if it somehow means i get to share in your awesomeness and talent, which of course is absurd, i simply stumbled around like a blind buy in bar and tripped into a busty embrace. This video reassures this blind guy that it is indeed a desirable and good tire and not a... trap.

  • Jonathan Dube
    Jonathan Dube 13 hours ago

    My dad was recently in a accident and he slid down the road on his face. He was wearing a 3/4 face helmet. During the slide the visor popped off. Have you ever tested visors to see how they hold up in a slide? I really enjoy your videos and I have learned a ton.

  • Francesco Agostini
    Francesco Agostini 14 hours ago

    I have a cbr 600 F4I do I need this to tune the bike ? Or more of a festure to be able to have a better tune and also shooting flames :) ??

  • Robert Polkamp
    Robert Polkamp 15 hours ago

    Nobody uses iPhones any more in 2020 Ryan... The RAM mount X grip will eventually loose the rubber grips, but your right RAM is still king.

  • Chillingworth
    Chillingworth 15 hours ago

    Do a Grom review

  • TheBigOakTree
    TheBigOakTree 15 hours ago

    This guy puts most other RU-cliprs and creators alike to shame. He's. Just. Too. Damn. Good.

  • alex gandon
    alex gandon 16 hours ago

    also road repair stripe are VERY Slippery under rain know from experience

  • Sidney Verheggen
    Sidney Verheggen 16 hours ago

    I used this list to choose some new tyres for my moto guzzi breva 750. I went with the metzeler roadtec-01 and i am very pleased. Not so much with the price of it, but certainly with the tyre.

  • Randy Lahey
    Randy Lahey 16 hours ago

    3:36 FortNine is alt-right, *confirmed*

    CAPTLIEPS 17 hours ago

    I ride both dirt and street never been in a hospital because of a motorcycle, riding now for 54 years , not saying I haven't crashed just not hurt bad enough, road rash yes no broken bones. I believe riding off road helps your skill on road . "CAPTLIEPS" my videos on YOU TUBE !

      CAPTLIEPS 17 hours ago

      Love your videos RF9 ! FORTNINE is my go to canadian power sport store

  • Dis rupter
    Dis rupter 17 hours ago

    Big appreciation from me here in England. As a new subscriber I'm loving the presentation, production, content and humour on your channel. Catching up is a real treat. Top draw cheers.

  • Alyssa Lavoie
    Alyssa Lavoie 17 hours ago

    Interesting video. I still love my gore-tex backpacking boots though 💖

  • Mark Allred
    Mark Allred 19 hours ago

    Normally a love these videos but sadly and unexpectedly this one proved to be quite sloppy. I was surprised at the poor quality of the statistical analysis's. First, "I'm still alive" is not a statistic and is in fact a statement so bizarre that it makes taking the rest of the video seriously almost impossible. Anyone can employ that type of sloppy logic to anything, but it still means nothing. More importantly however is the problem with trying to whittle away the statistics by doing things like saying you can drop your ratio if you have ridden for over 5 months, But this ignores the fact that all new motorcycle riders must ride those first 5 months in order to get to months 6 and 7 and 8 and so on. It is also useless to talk about how safety is improved by not drinking and not speeding if you don't also make those same type of statistical adjustments to the numbers for automobiles. Furthermore on the speeding issue it ignores the fact that speeding is unarguably a persistent part of the motorcycle culture. All that being said I love motorcycles but they are much much more dangerous than automobiles . I had been a firefighter for 30 years and I have picked up too many dead motorcycle riders. We have even had to of our own fire fighters killed on motorcycles. After 911 there was a surge in patriotism and people started buying the Harley Davidson commemorative edition motorcycles as well as others to do group rides and such. Immediately our number of people off work injured went up by over 900%. Within a couple of years most of those motorcycles were sold and our injury numbers dropped back to normal.

  • Chad Loveland
    Chad Loveland 20 hours ago

    AUTOsist is an amazing app! Thank you so much for the recommendation

  • A A.
    A A. 20 hours ago

    why not SHARP test?

  • Pwnzarelli
    Pwnzarelli 20 hours ago

    Many pro (even amateur) riders don't ride in public roads AT ALL, only in circuits. Many dont even have motorcycle license!

  • CriticalThinker08
    CriticalThinker08 21 hour ago

    I'm in US & love almost anything Canadian. Great people, awesome toys. Got my '08 Spyder manual shift early spring 2019. Most fun I've ever had besides my sensual woman I've loved for over 20 years. Some people are real & chill & get it. The rest can kiss my arse. To each their own and just do you & enjoy your own life. Peace folks.

  • Teddy Davis
    Teddy Davis 21 hour ago

    Okay, maybe we shouldn’t ride litre bikes, but, what about liter bikes? First street bike I bought and learned on was a ZX11. Way too much for a beginner. I barely survived the first year.

  • Cosmonauteable
    Cosmonauteable 21 hour ago

    As agressively and insane as you can. Only way to cagers notice you and get the fuck outta the way!

  • Tudor Moldovan
    Tudor Moldovan 21 hour ago

    😆👏 great vid! thanks

  • kamelthorn
    kamelthorn 22 hours ago

    Congrats on the business move!

  • j warner
    j warner 22 hours ago

    Could you make an updated/current version of this video?

  • Luciano Rescigno
    Luciano Rescigno 22 hours ago

    Any update on this video? Updated video??

  • Отключить иммобилайзер

    A huge thank you for the video! Definitely a subscription. everything is clear and understandable!

  • blucotech
    blucotech 23 hours ago

    Love rok straps

  • Ronald White
    Ronald White Day ago

    Good again, thanks

  • Ronald White
    Ronald White Day ago

    Very good, thank you. Would be interested in a comparison with the Triumph Tiger 1200.

  • Dimitar Dimitrov

    That was amazing video Ryan you are the best

  • Cloud 9
    Cloud 9 Day ago

    No, no...thank you.

  • Kaleb Fernandes

    Yeah, what the hell are you doing out here?

  • Eric Hansen
    Eric Hansen Day ago

    That same helmet saved my leg when I hit a guard rail at 130 km an hour. I had it strapped to the side of my bike it took the hit instead of my leg it passed my test

  • Practically Prinz

    Ryan-"okay google" My Google assistant-"mmmyes?"

  • Clifton Blackburn

    So, let me guess. You're going to vote for Justin Trudeau? Seems like something that a boot-licking Royal loving, subordinate would do? How about you answer the the question Mister Trump hater. I mean it seems to me almost like you are a bootlicker. Let's hear you out? God it's nice to live in the states where we can say whatever we want. Keep up the boot-licking bub... You sad excuse for a human being.

  • Nhut An Nam Huynh

    The bike so big and seat so high, i think i can't feel foot on the ground

  • Hugo Peraza
    Hugo Peraza Day ago

    I took my rider course on that suzuki, absolutely loved it. In a third world, you’d see me on it with a dog and all my laundry.

  • NarpsHD
    NarpsHD Day ago

    Ryan, can we see a video about the safety of electronic rider aids?How much do they actually save lives?Do they take away from the riding expierience?How do they work on different surfaces?Should i worry about them interfeering in an emergency in a bad way?Do they keep new riders from learning usefull skills?I think people are missinformed about them and dont realise the safety they provide.

  • Rylee's LIFE
    Rylee's LIFE Day ago

    This was such a waste of time. Elementary science teachers everywhere are 🤦🏻‍♂️, bc of the way this was performed.

  • Henk Cloete
    Henk Cloete Day ago

  • zzp100
    zzp100 Day ago


  • J Coats
    J Coats Day ago

    That's more than 10 minutes. But great info. Thanks

  • Zachary Heard
    Zachary Heard Day ago

    Wheres part 5

    NORSHAR Day ago

    I'm buying this bitch next week thanks

  • Mister Five
    Mister Five Day ago

    "We can poke a peephole through the wall of bullshit....." - I am officially commandeering this saying from now on.

  • Alejandro Claude

    Nice review. Only snobs will pretend to be offended. How about reviewing it's direct competitor, the even more exotic Zontes T-310?

  • Gabriel Castro

  • Joey Flett
    Joey Flett Day ago

    Weird. I have never in my life been waved to by another biker where they extend their arm out parallel with the ground with their palm facing forward or pointing directly to their side.

  • Tony
    Tony Day ago

    Ryan, my friends and I very much enjoy your motorcycle product reviews and other motorcycle tips. They're very entertaining, too. Ryan, I ride a 98 Goldwing GL1500SE. Have you discussed products that help modernize older bikes while maintaining full functionality, more pointedly communications? Specifically, the Cardo Packtalk Bold with the Sena Freewire to transmit on their CB? I read several forums here and there where people posted success pairing and using the Packtalk Bold with the Sena Freewire, but most stop there. Once (I believe it was sometime in July of this year) I read someone had success transmitting on the CB, but it had to be paired a certain way. Since the I cannot relocate that post. I'm not sure it was this site or another or if it was a GL1500 or a GL1800. Unfortunately, I didn't save the information thinking it was settled. A friend who lives near Pittsburgh said to talk to Cycle Gear there, so I did and they said it could be done. I live closer to Cleveland, so I rode my bike to that Cycle Gear to try it all out with my bike and two handheld CB radios to confirm they all worked at the time of testing. First I confirmed my bike's CB/audio system was operating correctly in the wired configuration. We initially paired the Packtalk Bold with another headset to confirm the new Cardo Packtalk functioned correctly and then unpaired that connection to focus purely on my bike. Then we connected a Sena Freewire and paired it with the Cardo Packtalk Bold JBL. I heard my radio, music from my Garmin and CB receive audio, but the other CB radios could not hear me transmit my voice through the Packtalk. We paired using every method suggested by Cycle Gear Pittsburgh and the Cardo listed pairing methods without success. I don't have much more hair to pull out... Yes, we did successfully transmit with a Sena 20 S, but it is very large without MESH and the 30S with MESH is even larger. I'm sold on the Cardo because of its performance posted by your comparative video review, other reviews and other owners and I'm told there are limitations and compatibility complications communicating between cross brand headsets, but it seems only Sena has a working audio Bluetooth interface for Goldwing!'re probably wondering WHY I want to maintain CB capability??? Well, there are still riders out there that are still using CB and it makes sense to include during a ride instead of exclude. Assistance/advice to make this work ...OR a suitable greatly appreciated! Thank you, Ryan. Tony

  • Antonio Lozano

    You need a contract with Amazon so you can get you’re own show man. I’ve seen top gear And grand tour all I need is a motorcycle show to watch lol

  • Vincent Lawrence

    Big nug on the news paper lol

  • Dawid Przybyła

    Why the fuck is there a rifle in ur garage?

  • Slam Dunkem'
    Slam Dunkem' Day ago

    In the UK we drive on the left, so we Nod. The Biker Nod.

  • PortCharmers
    PortCharmers Day ago

    If my greetings are misunderstood as turn signal, why would anyone panic? It means "I intend to turn left, as soon as I have right of way", not "I am going to turn right now". No one panics when I put the indicator on.

  • Dogshome
    Dogshome Day ago


  • Mr X
    Mr X Day ago

    I can't stay off this channel..Seriously great information but the 'presenting' is ridiculously professional. Can't you teach some of the 'reviewers' on the musical equipment channels how it's done???. . DON'T kick the baby :)

  • Blaze10523
    Blaze10523 Day ago

    1:15 Fucking badass

  • Dogshome
    Dogshome Day ago


  • Mark Lowry
    Mark Lowry Day ago

    Ryan's weirdness has inspired me to order some Frog Toggs and give wet weather riding a try.

  • Day ago

    The insurance for my 1300cc motorcycle, full coverage, legal protection, break-down, unlimited mileage and occasional commuting etc., is actually less than for my 670cc commuting motorcycle! On the 1300, under 4,000 rpm (4,000 rpm in 6th is well over the national speed limit) she's easy to ride and a _normal_ motorcycle. _Over 4,000 rpm is a very different story_ . Very much a Jekyll and Hyde type character. What I really like, is you have to power in reserve to do things. Overtakes are really easy. Braking is phenonimal. The ride is more comfortable etc. Do you need a Litre bike? *Hell no* ! Just like I didn't need my 6 Litre, V12 Merc (the 1300cc motorcycle is way faster than the 6 Litre Merc). A 650cc ish bike is powerful enough for most road use. What a Litre bike and above gives you is an extra level of comfort and ease of riding.

  • Shahid Raza
    Shahid Raza Day ago

    this video is big shit.....

    BOT_ROCKET Day ago

    Totally false title. NOT every motorcyclist does all those. A) My headlights are stacked one on top of the other, B) I don't wave like that. I swerve into their lane to give an "up top" high five. C) I get off my bike and push it around corners. As you can see, I don't do ANY of those things in your vid.

  • Cyprian Guerra

    4:04 I literally just watched a professional instructor saying bar raisers are what he most often takes off the motorcycles of people who added them because they didn't know how to posture themselves when standing on pegs. Just saying.

  • Andy K
    Andy K Day ago

    what is the model of sidebags?

  • Steven Davis
    Steven Davis Day ago

    I can't help but think that Fortnine's wit is directed up, for his choice in ride seems to be direct more toward the long in leg.



  • Bryan Thomas
    Bryan Thomas Day ago

    Sweet video as always. Saw a few spots located near Whistler in there. Do mind sharing some of the filming locations? :)

  • Gyan Lama
    Gyan Lama Day ago

    Wow nove biky

  • Severianos.workshop

    I've watched about 80-90 percent of your videos in the last couple weeks. This video has to be my favorite. Showing that cheap small bikes can be just as fun and are very capable on the trail. I'd love to see another video like this!

  • Daljunkern
    Daljunkern Day ago

    Whats the song 2:40?

  • blucotech
    blucotech Day ago

    As others have said....can we get a review of reasonably priced items? I'll never buy a flannel that costs over 200 bucks, hell I'll never buy a flannel that cost more than 50 bucks lol. (Even that is hard sell honestly, its a shirt FFS)

  • Nazimelon
    Nazimelon 2 days ago

    I´d get a z125 but the fuckers never offered it in europe. Oh well, i waited long enough to get the Grom´s facelift... but still.

  • Matthew Elder
    Matthew Elder 2 days ago

    Anyone know the song in the outro??

  • Kentucky Justice
    Kentucky Justice 2 days ago

    Short, sweet and solid info. "Thumbs up" from this Kentucky boy.

  • Angelina Bagge
    Angelina Bagge 2 days ago

    I want a dirt bike so bad but I live in Massachusetts

  • Gilberto Gomez
    Gilberto Gomez 2 days ago

    Hey guys, big fan here. Rewatching this video and wondering what do you think about the new f850? Please keep up the great work, the internet needs it.

  • Ma Rio
    Ma Rio 2 days ago

    Looooooooool!!! XDDD

  • Johnny Lozada
    Johnny Lozada 2 days ago

    Just got my rebel 500 2019 don’t even have a motorcycle license or permit msf course coming soon tho

  • Kshitij Shah
    Kshitij Shah 2 days ago

    As any Indian will tell you, the answer is Royal Enfield continental GT 650 :)

  • Xerdoz
    Xerdoz 2 days ago

    Where does the last name F9 come from? Is it Croatian?

  • Ma Rio
    Ma Rio 2 days ago

    There's one star missing on your shirt! Greetings from germany!

  • Zaiber Drave
    Zaiber Drave 2 days ago


  • Agustin Mex
    Agustin Mex 2 days ago

    God forbid we die on a motorcycle, but when its your time, its your time... doesnt matter if your on you bike, car or a plane. So the dangers are everywhere.

  • Jon David
    Jon David 2 days ago

    New to the channel and just catching up this is by far my favorite video.