Pastimers - World's Best & Worst
Pastimers - World's Best & Worst
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  • Hieu Bui Dang
    Hieu Bui Dang 9 hours ago

    China will never be number 1, I trust Donald Trump.

  • bhoomi deva
    bhoomi deva 14 hours ago

    My butler owns a bigger one in 🇨🇳 china

  • 3ds max
    3ds max 21 hour ago

    kratom doesn't get you high. maybe if you're 12 years old i dunno.

  • Snake99
    Snake99 Day ago

    I was only 6 years old when Sharon Tate was murdered. Her career would have been a long and great. It was over way to soon thanks to the Manson family. Sharon Tate was a beautiful woman both inside and out. R.I.P. Sharon Tate.

  • Elena Flores
    Elena Flores Day ago

    Why i cry ?

  • Nygurl Morris
    Nygurl Morris Day ago

    Can't take this video seriously, the woman in the picture in the beginning of the video circled is Ella Fitzgerald, the woman next to her IS Billie, if you can't get her picture right, pretty sure your video is not accurate either😬😬!!.

  • sandtrapdummy
    sandtrapdummy Day ago

    Big deal

  • Gino Genaro
    Gino Genaro Day ago

    Stupids destroyed niagara falls for ever 2019 now

  • Fezu Tasa
    Fezu Tasa Day ago

    I am lucky that I am an Indian..

  • Helen Tudor-Douglas

    That music playing was one of The Sex Pistols lesser known songs titled, "In the future, RU-clip can s*ck my xxxx".

  • Cary
    Cary 2 days ago

    The Nazis were some scary SOB'S !!!!

  • Cary
    Cary 2 days ago

    Does anyone no the name of the group of the background music in this vid ?

  • Eoin
    Eoin 2 days ago

    Yesterday is history. Tomorrow's a mystery. Today is a gift, that's why they call it the 'present.' Time travel is for those who don't believe in God. It's impossible to travel past time, you can only go through it. Back To The Future were only fiction films. Then you've people who also believe in aliens, and Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

  • Roharne  Henry Athapattiou


  • Q W E R T Y
    Q W E R T Y 2 days ago

    Why did u include 1:10?

  • Bittu Ror
    Bittu Ror 2 days ago


  • Mahmoud Almasri
    Mahmoud Almasri 3 days ago

    She's look cute

  • viviane beget
    viviane beget 3 days ago

    poor margaret gave up man she love.

  • Tâm Pu
    Tâm Pu 3 days ago

    Are you sure? Is this the biggest airport in the world?

  • Shane Marcotte
    Shane Marcotte 3 days ago

    Even the great Ali said in so many words that he might have lost to Marciano. Ali had great respect and admiration for the undefeated heavyweight champion! I think Tyson also idealized Rocky!

  • Reee the lads For the bois

    Why am I the first comment

  • Narsingh Bairwa
    Narsingh Bairwa 4 days ago

    You should also watch "The Silent Indian National Anthem" By RelianceBigCinemas.... Yet another add Yet another reason to make you wet with Tears.... But not of sorrow or shame... 👌 👌 (No hate.... No Inequality..... Just one India) Jay He Jay he Jay he

  • Ivan Olvera
    Ivan Olvera 4 days ago

    "Pastimers" There was 22 seconds left and fucking videos and pop ups block the most beautiful flag on earth, jelous bitch who made the video.. 🖕🇲🇽🔫

  • Ivan Olvera
    Ivan Olvera 4 days ago

    🇲🇽viva Mexico🇲🇽 "Long live Mexico" .... even when the boarder crosses you..

  • Rajeshwari Ghosh
    Rajeshwari Ghosh 5 days ago

    All Pakistanis and Bangladeshis are not bad. Look at the comment section.... Respect to all those people who respect my country INDIA and religion. LOVE RESPECT AND PEACE..🙏

  • saruiya
    saruiya 5 days ago


  • Waad Aljusaiman
    Waad Aljusaiman 5 days ago

    Jonbenet ramsey passed away we saw her dead body you have no clue that she is Katy perry and this no way!! She got her own GRAVE!!! Jonbenet is now IN A GRAVE SOOOOOO???HUH???🤨DONT act fucking stupid jonbenet passed away😔😔let her Rest in peace leave her alone

  • GamesClever
    GamesClever 5 days ago

    Mexican flag really looks beautiful. But there is nothing beautiful then the feelings you have for your own flag.___Love from Pakistan.

  • jonah Magno
    jonah Magno 5 days ago

    Haiyan must be the first Im a filipino in that time in five minutes the water is in around one meter

  • S Negi
    S Negi 6 days ago

    Yakeen nhi hota ki is desh me ese as bhi bante they . And today some INDIANS are filing petitions in the SC against mandatory standing for anthem.

  • Marina Dale
    Marina Dale 6 days ago

    That song is atrocious & might be the worst thing I’ve ever heard. Also, I managed to avoid seeing that photo of River dead in his casket for almost 26 years until you forced it onto me in that thimbnail. Y’all are actually terrible & now I wish very bad things onto this company & all it’s videos. Have fun dealing with a pissed off witch, but you asked for it with all this disrespectful garbage!

  • P. Nice
    P. Nice 6 days ago

    Other than an airport runway, where can u actually drive this car?

  • Dominick Raphael
    Dominick Raphael 6 days ago

    Biggest is first affiliated hospital of ZHENGZHOU university

  • Shedrik Addison
    Shedrik Addison 7 days ago

    Them: yellow and purple lady slippers Me: Oh u got me at slippers

  • Shedrik Addison
    Shedrik Addison 7 days ago

    2:52 NOW TELL ME.....THAT AINT GORGEOUS! Cuz its beyond that point....shoulda been number ten..but lemme watch the rest cuz i stop at that one..

  • Aditya Singh
    Aditya Singh 7 days ago

    Bro most strongest acid is flouroantimonic acid

  • Demarion Barrera
    Demarion Barrera 7 days ago

    I hear lots of people keep on talking about Fopobiacne Secrets. But Im not sure if it's good. Have you ever try this popular acne treatment?

  • Kookie Tae
    Kookie Tae 7 days ago

    1:26 wtf... im 13 what am I doing

    VIKRANT MISHRA 8 days ago

    Very Bhutiful Video. Vande Matram

  • Jon S
    Jon S 8 days ago

    Once lord krishna told the story of elephant with 2 teeth in kaliyuga to pandavas.. Showing good behavior outside but inner soul is completey rubbish.. Now we can see the clear cut examples of these rapist babas.(sai baba is innocent) They should be concernd and worried about the future world and the current malpractices that r emerging in today's religions.. These babas should feel shame on thier illegal act keeping men as their bodyguard and women as their play toys. All of these babas calling themselves gurus have been keeping young ladies in their dark room for very long period which is unknown to many people. #Truth are always bitter to accept. We need to raise the voice against these illegal act. Final word: We all need to worry about the future. The lifespan of the world is in the hand of youngsters now.

  • snaggletooth 70
    snaggletooth 70 8 days ago

    Jeb bush has done way more evil than this girl,,but he has money,

  • Bsn Prasad
    Bsn Prasad 9 days ago

    Respect is most important. At the same time the time is most important to sing the national anthem.

  • laptopJDGamer
    laptopJDGamer 9 days ago

    Typhoon haiyan rivals typhoon tip in windspeed and speed itself. So it either needs to be top 1 or 2

  • Coin world coin
    Coin world coin 9 days ago

    The JEWISHES are very intelligent and wonderful

  • Pete D
    Pete D 9 days ago

    You do realise that RU-clip is video channel don't you?

  • Andrew Britt
    Andrew Britt 9 days ago

    Coriciiiidins. Triple C's braa 🥴🤫😂

    SURAJ PRAJAPATI 10 days ago

    Speech less

  • Riley Harris
    Riley Harris 10 days ago

    What is Mobotallor Secrets? I've heard many awesome things about this grow taller method.

  • Angelo
    Angelo 10 days ago

    The person who made this video is an idiot

  • haywoodtuk1964
    haywoodtuk1964 10 days ago

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    KINGSWAGGER 11 days ago

    Your a fucking dumbass

  • Andrew Flood
    Andrew Flood 11 days ago


  • Orchid Lilly
    Orchid Lilly 11 days ago

    Actually, Lester Young called Billie's Mom Lady Day, Billy took it from there. You got many facts wrong. Greatly mistaken on Your information.

  • Raja Vishnuvardhana
    Raja Vishnuvardhana 11 days ago

    Dood sagar is not Goa 😂😁 It Goa and karntatka border and Hogenakkal is between karnataka and Tamil Nadu...please refer Wikipedia atleast...

  • Niki
    Niki 11 days ago

    I worked with a man who's son was in MIT at 14 but he never allowed the media to interview him to keep pressure off of him.

  • Carol Elizabeth Johnson

    Mr. Walt Disney Molested Little boys. And was a 33rd degree Mason. He shoulda been HORSEWHIPPED! But, I guess there's no "Fresh Air" where he is now, only Fire 'n Brimstone that never ends. If he would of Known Christ Jesus. ='-(

  • Sachin Ag
    Sachin Ag 11 days ago

    Kuch bol hi nahi pa raha hu

  • Abdulrazaq Abbas
    Abdulrazaq Abbas 11 days ago

    damn! what is Jay Z doing here?

  • Genie samantha Mahinay

    According to the news, haiyan was the strongest typhoon in the history!!!! Your video says your idiot!

  • Anna Sthesia
    Anna Sthesia 13 days ago

    He has 16 kids

  • Jeff Calvin
    Jeff Calvin 13 days ago

    CDhayS wIt tA Cuns

  • washington leite
    washington leite 13 days ago

    Jing tian a mais bela e linda que já vi 😍

  • Thomas Terry
    Thomas Terry 13 days ago

    someone needs to do their homework before making another video

  • carmen woods
    carmen woods 13 days ago

    Happy 🎂 Birthday. Rest In Power with the ancestors.

  • JustForFun
    JustForFun 13 days ago

    Yes i hvae 2500+ subs!!! And my video was hit 890,900+ views

  • AN Dynamics
    AN Dynamics 13 days ago

  • Ashidur Rahman
    Ashidur Rahman 13 days ago

    Uparwala sabka hisab karega...baari baari..unke bar pe awas nhi hoga...ghut ghut ke marega

  • Game Play
    Game Play 14 days ago


  • George Argyris
    George Argyris 14 days ago

    She was a gem..!

  • Tim Ward
    Tim Ward 14 days ago

    These "worst of" and "best of" lists are usually sloppily done and full of errors, innuendo, and gossip. Even though there really were some horrible popes, anyone who "learns" anything from a video like this is an idiot. Don't be a lazy spreader of gossip, rumor and misinformation. Read a book! In fact, READ SEVERAL BOOKS.

  • orlystanleh
    orlystanleh 15 days ago

    She had 4 husbands, not 5.

  • Vikashkumar Kumar
    Vikashkumar Kumar 15 days ago

    Dil chhu jata hai jab bhi ye dhun suno to

  • Lavvender Productions

    uhhh Janis was never married... and Seth Ward Joplin was her father!

  • Fred Capp
    Fred Capp 15 days ago

    Sad, but had to mute the sound as this is the world today

  • Let Yr Body Moven
    Let Yr Body Moven 15 days ago

    Nice information

  • tom bronski
    tom bronski 15 days ago

    Goering was a transvestite just like Michael Obama, just in secret,.

  • G. Lee Ferguson
    G. Lee Ferguson 15 days ago

    What is a move career?

  • Harshitha A N
    Harshitha A N 16 days ago

    That is Indians 🇮🇳

  • Akash Giri
    Akash Giri 16 days ago

    I really want to know who sung this version. Its so beautiful.

  • Vaishnavi Elangovan
    Vaishnavi Elangovan 16 days ago

    Cleopatra had sexual relationship with Julius Caesar. When he died, she sought out to seduce Mark Antony, and she succeeded in it.

  • pure punjabi
    pure punjabi 16 days ago

    Many people have died there

    PRITISH KARMI 16 days ago

    Who's here after chandrayaan 2?

  • goodolgirlz
    goodolgirlz 16 days ago

    See the grief stricken parents? Their tear stained faces? Pleading for their child's safe return???? I don't either! Guilty!!!!!! Beyond reasonable doubt!

  • goodolgirlz
    goodolgirlz 16 days ago

    Going after accomplices. Sure they are!!!! How disgusting this president is

  • Garry Wood
    Garry Wood 16 days ago

    Arguably One Of The Greatest Stars Of The 20th Century. A Sad End To A GLITTERING Career.

  • Grace Star Power
    Grace Star Power 16 days ago

    Why didn't anyone comment?

  • Grace Star Power
    Grace Star Power 16 days ago


  • Pissed off Cat
    Pissed off Cat 16 days ago

    Katrina is not a typhoon

  • Pissed off Cat
    Pissed off Cat 16 days ago

    Andrew is not a typhoon

  • Parth Sharothi Pal
    Parth Sharothi Pal 16 days ago

    Respect from Bangladesh

  • Sunita Bonangi
    Sunita Bonangi 16 days ago

    Goosebumping add actually

  • prabhat udiya
    prabhat udiya 17 days ago

    on 1st there is indias solae plant with 2000mw capacity

  • Sheets Singh
    Sheets Singh 17 days ago

    Great india

  • Albania Shqip Gaming TV

    First is sony

  • Swati Paul
    Swati Paul 18 days ago

    With wet eyes and full love for my nation BHARAT.... I love you

  • सम्राट सिंह

    जय है जय है ,मेरा भारत महान.

  • askar ali pdk
    askar ali pdk 18 days ago

    Islam is great ever

  • Arzi Arzi
    Arzi Arzi 19 days ago

    Heyyy you forgot about me...

  • Rajeshwar Sharma
    Rajeshwar Sharma 19 days ago

    Respect from Fiji.

  • Sri Charan
    Sri Charan 19 days ago

    It so meaning full and have a great message 🇮🇳