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  • Paperwing
    Paperwing 16 seconds ago

    The public gets pulled over for texting and driving, but cops have their laptop right there.

    HIGHJACK Minute ago

    He said "wouldn't be the first child neither" I'm not gonna lie I jumped a bit.

  • bluered1322
    bluered1322 2 minutes ago

    Hospital just because hes drunk? Thats ridiculous what a waste of resources. Its Friday I gotta go get drunk. 🍺

  • EvilAnonymous Uchiha
    EvilAnonymous Uchiha 2 minutes ago

    “Come here BOY”

  • Help Me, my spaghetti is trying to eat me

    I don’t think it helps that in most of the clips I saw in the intro had white people as the emergency responders and the civilians as African Americans

  • Paperwing
    Paperwing 4 minutes ago

    Thats a chunky doggo. He’s just doing his thing amongst the chaos.

  • Amber Milton
    Amber Milton 5 minutes ago

    I kno this "lady" aint using tissue for hair glue

  • Billy M.
    Billy M. 5 minutes ago

    Becca can arrest me any time, she is too fine...

  • Fatima.m
    Fatima.m 6 minutes ago

    Honestly the “moo” guy was the best one and deserves so much more respect ://

  • kamron rhodes
    kamron rhodes 6 minutes ago

    He’s a scaredy-cat

  • Reflex Gaming Studios
    Reflex Gaming Studios 6 minutes ago

    Nice background music.. spoiled everything

  • Christina Tan
    Christina Tan 7 minutes ago

    Barry: "I could do ten years" Barry:"I could barely do a day"

  • larry green
    larry green 7 minutes ago

    1:55 she clearly stated "I want to press charges". Plus the aggravator know he had it good, even shaked his hand.

  • Darius M
    Darius M 7 minutes ago

    Dang they through her on the ground and she preggo?

  • Efren Flores
    Efren Flores 7 minutes ago

    Officer-"Sir,please step out of your car." Me-" You get in,I'm too drunk!" 😁😁🍻🍻🍻

  • oo aa
    oo aa 7 minutes ago

    The child is search including his groin and the adult suspect stands free

  • Eric Lutz
    Eric Lutz 7 minutes ago

    Fire those clowns.

  • Ever the Outsider
    Ever the Outsider 8 minutes ago

    I'm a black dude that's usually pretty pro-police, but these cops are a perfect example of where minorities distrust comes from. Kid was doing right by his grandmother and they good 'ol boy'd that drunk that was putting his hands on her. Do better, Tulsa P.D!

  • sisu
    sisu 8 minutes ago

    I love how the cameramen always stop to film dogs

  • ayden harrison
    ayden harrison 8 minutes ago

    2:03 nah

  • Food 4 Life Por Vida!
    Food 4 Life Por Vida! 8 minutes ago

    He peed his pants

  • oo aa
    oo aa 8 minutes ago

    It's seconds made that that office is filthy paws was touching that child

  • Macii Fitisemanu
    Macii Fitisemanu 9 minutes ago

    Wooowww Dorothy got a ramp and a wheel Chair and Doris and her daughters are still looking for someone to put in a new toilet Im done😒😒😒

  • TeeqPac
    TeeqPac 9 minutes ago

    Good authoritation

  • savid davras
    savid davras 9 minutes ago

    0:42 Girl: me in the water Prisoner: angry Enderman

  • G Pow
    G Pow 9 minutes ago

    Amazing cop.

  • Isaac Galvez
    Isaac Galvez 10 minutes ago

    None of that was necessary

  • oo aa
    oo aa 10 minutes ago

    No one should be put into handcuffs unless they are lawfully arrested most especially a child

  • Alex Hardy
    Alex Hardy 10 minutes ago


  • jnie swartz
    jnie swartz 11 minutes ago

    What’s up with the music? It’s cheesy

  • Quincy
    Quincy 11 minutes ago

    2:58 Cameraman:Aw yea, this is the shot.

  • Lul N
    Lul N 11 minutes ago

    1:98 lovely gym noise

  • all about the web
    all about the web 11 minutes ago

    it's Django!!

  • Fatima.m
    Fatima.m 11 minutes ago

    Watching her cry and have an anxiety attack made me cry and it made me so mad

  • Boomistirr
    Boomistirr 11 minutes ago


  • Lrg one
    Lrg one 12 minutes ago


  • Æk Ta
    Æk Ta 12 minutes ago

    Plot twist the radio was busy guy had his hand on a gun in his waist band as he was about to walk away if the guys would've held him up just popped him.

  • Delora Sledge
    Delora Sledge 12 minutes ago

    This jail goes all out...

  • legittherunner
    legittherunner 12 minutes ago

    no thankyou i dont wanna piece of candy im dying

  • ClevelandGOAT
    ClevelandGOAT 12 minutes ago

    @14:41 lol the way his head dropped. I definitely can relate

  • Timothy C
    Timothy C 12 minutes ago

    Roxanne is definitely the cleanest hoarder

  • Ivan Camilo
    Ivan Camilo 13 minutes ago

    gross lol

  • Jimmie Evans
    Jimmie Evans 14 minutes ago

    Good job guys

  • Alex Hardy
    Alex Hardy 14 minutes ago

    She beautiful

  • Dead poolmonkey
    Dead poolmonkey 14 minutes ago

    Also why would they put them right next to each other and tell them not to talk to each other.

  • Efren Flores
    Efren Flores 15 minutes ago

    Just let him die from an infection,that's what he deserves!

  • Rachel Gibson
    Rachel Gibson 15 minutes ago

    Straight male flight attendant. I didn't know they made those.

  • Samurai Studios
    Samurai Studios 15 minutes ago

    Joanthan ? Who tf calls it that?

  • kawika dav
    kawika dav 16 minutes ago

    If I was that guy I would have asked Becca out, she's good looking for a skinny girl.

  • Alex Serano Valencia
    Alex Serano Valencia 16 minutes ago

    But why did they arrest the black kid

  • Jacob Watson
    Jacob Watson 16 minutes ago

    “Expose what THEY do!” Is it the police getting exposed for what they keep doing, or suuuuumbody else...???

  • Aidano
    Aidano 16 minutes ago

    That dude funny af

  • Food 4 Life Por Vida!
    Food 4 Life Por Vida! 17 minutes ago

    Why is she doing that big air lick thing? She must be high af.

  • Mavis ThePhoenix
    Mavis ThePhoenix 17 minutes ago

    You win some, you loose some. Jen's bit at the end was hilarious! XD

  • Samurai Studios
    Samurai Studios 18 minutes ago

    I hate the officers eyes they annoy me so much

  • Braxton Allen
    Braxton Allen 18 minutes ago

    This is waker

  • hayden d
    hayden d 19 minutes ago

    3:59 *poor kid*

  • M Dee
    M Dee 19 minutes ago

    Something tells me he can’t believe it

  • Gangsta Vic
    Gangsta Vic 19 minutes ago

    Poor dog 🐶

  • NewYorkCity Mo
    NewYorkCity Mo 20 minutes ago

    They are all missing something or mentally, emotionally disturbed . Possessed!! Satan all up in theres

  • ConnectiKID
    ConnectiKID 20 minutes ago

    The title alone had me thinking and made me laugh.

  • Vaughn
    Vaughn 21 minute ago

    Guy says get in the truck and Jen just wants to stand there and not comprehending what mike is saying lol

  • jnie swartz
    jnie swartz 21 minute ago

    I HATE when guys on bikes act like idiots. They think they look so cool when ready every one is thinking they look stupid n’ douchie

  • NewYorkCity Mo
    NewYorkCity Mo 21 minute ago


  • Julian -
    Julian - 22 minutes ago

    That cop looks like ghostninja

  • Edi2003
    Edi2003 22 minutes ago

    Interesting how the "cop" handcuffed the kid as soon as he arrived on scene before he even heard the story. But didn't feel the need to cuff the big burly guy standing at the door. He even shook his hand! After hearing the story of him being abusive. They were still blowing him as they took him to jail for his misdemeanor warrant. Shameful...

  • Gil Mojica
    Gil Mojica 22 minutes ago

    If the K9 is part of the police then why doesn't the dog need a search warrant?

  • 90lxFox
    90lxFox 22 minutes ago

    Dude the lug nuts are lose you can see one not bottomed out

  • Logan Newquist
    Logan Newquist 23 minutes ago

    lmao shoe guy took advantage of the dude hard

  • Logistic Tuna
    Logistic Tuna 23 minutes ago

    She is the most Becca looking Becca ever

  • legittherunner
    legittherunner 23 minutes ago

    looks like teejayx6 finally got his act together

  • realniga 301
    realniga 301 23 minutes ago

    She 11 to young to be like dat

  • WoWzA TV
    WoWzA TV 23 minutes ago

    Can we just appreciate how thicc this officer is 1:42

  • Lexi Grimbrooke
    Lexi Grimbrooke 24 minutes ago

    Poor Johnny 😞

  • The Bigshow
    The Bigshow 24 minutes ago

    I bet she beats Todd up every night

  • tortilla1soup
    tortilla1soup 25 minutes ago

    Tweaker.....imaginary ex boyfriends hiding under the floor who incidentally cheated on her in the Dollar Store. What a day!

  • Mr. Nemesis
    Mr. Nemesis 25 minutes ago

    I don’t think Robert is a bad kid. He’s just your average teenager but more rebellious.

  • Jess Connelly
    Jess Connelly 25 minutes ago

    I ain't bothered nobody man just shot up the neighborhood

  • MetaDeth
    MetaDeth 26 minutes ago

    god i'm enamoured by the female officer, the one that was dealing with the guy on the side of the road. she's absolutely beautiful lol. not to mention the compassion she has

  • Luis Carvajal
    Luis Carvajal 27 minutes ago

    sent her to a mental institution someone light a match

  • Jay Stew
    Jay Stew 27 minutes ago

    Wait, did Tamadre say she show no 'timpety'?? Tamadre, you need to do less fighting and more hitting them books.

  • Roc Starr
    Roc Starr 28 minutes ago

    Sounds like Sylvester stallone

  • alex resendiz
    alex resendiz 28 minutes ago

    Is it or maverick is the only one with the most reasonable price for some of his items

  • ldq89
    ldq89 29 minutes ago

    They said it was a Labrador and it was 100% my favorite breed (and my dog) Golden Retriever! Glad to see it made it! Makes my heart happy ❤️

  • Olga Freeman
    Olga Freeman 29 minutes ago

    A 15 second ad about a movieI have no intentions of watching. It’s ok, though... it keeps RU-clip free.

  • tortilla1soup
    tortilla1soup 29 minutes ago

    Love the way little punks talk smack, then when an officer whirls on them they start crying like a baby.

  • Matt Sharp
    Matt Sharp 29 minutes ago

    Those dumb sisters big mad that someone is into stuff they aren't LOL. "How dare you do this to us!"

  • Hunter C
    Hunter C 30 minutes ago

    I like to think I forced y’all to make this mashup. The past two days I liked all the lake county videos. Bring back lake county sheriff’s office!!

  • B T
    B T 30 minutes ago

    That mini dachshund is obese lol

  • Marissa Aguilar
    Marissa Aguilar 30 minutes ago

    Bruh and I get a ticket for no seatbelt

  • isaac ocejo14
    isaac ocejo14 31 minute ago

    Weed is legal tho

  • Iwon
    Iwon 31 minute ago

    In all fairness this was recorded in February

  • Michelle My Belle
    Michelle My Belle 31 minute ago

    I bet they didn't arrest the female though..

  • MIRO532k
    MIRO532k 32 minutes ago

    Tattoo face is the only one that is honest with prices

  • Ryan Kruger
    Ryan Kruger 32 minutes ago

    I was arrested a few times as a kid. Unfortunately, the justice system is flawed in the sense that so many cops take the easy way out of an investigation. My mom was pretty abusive and when it got chippy, she called the cops. As a juvenile, you don’t have rights. You don’t have the ability to plead a credible case. And even so, you’re easier to arrest, because it’s a lot less paperwork. A lot!

  • Tomas Mora
    Tomas Mora 32 minutes ago

    Put the young black men in cuffs. But the old white men who beats on his wife and grandson gets off easy with a warrant.

  • Joseph Wielgus
    Joseph Wielgus 33 minutes ago

    Lake County Live PD? Let's get these FIBs!

  • Zackery Lenton
    Zackery Lenton 33 minutes ago

    I dont believe in playing the racist card but the cops were called for the old man. The cops pull up and put the black kid in handcuffs pat him down and say he can be arrested. While grandpa (white old man) who beats grandma only gets arrested and put in cuffs only because of his warrant

  • Purple Flame Tarot
    Purple Flame Tarot 33 minutes ago

    @21:46. Amanda should be ashamed of herself for intentionally humiliating her father. She just would not let it go! Strangers would have been kinder than either of these family's family! The looking down their noses is not helpful, and both docs were just as bad!

  • Iwon
    Iwon 33 minutes ago