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Winter Bear by V
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  • My Jams Have No Suga got no jams

  • I'm an awkward killjoy

    Roses are red Violets are blue The title is English Why not the captions too?

  • Regret Cookies
    Regret Cookies 3 hours ago

    It’s annoying me that not one of them cares to answer the damn phone and they just keep on dancing

  • Jeon Junsoo
    Jeon Junsoo 3 hours ago

    No mames estan cantando despacito y esta de cancion de fondo en la seccion

  • Mineko
    Mineko 3 hours ago

    Poquito a poquito ♡

  • I love Taekookie
    I love Taekookie 3 hours ago

    Me: I hate bread Bts : eating bread and loving it Me : buying all the bread in the store

  • tomaco tomatico
    tomaco tomatico 3 hours ago

    Te amo solsito ☀️♥️

  • Alejandra Tec
    Alejandra Tec 3 hours ago

    i love fucking this, i’m in love of them

  • inanda laselly
    inanda laselly 3 hours ago

    Need subtitle pleaseeeeee huhu

  • Kitty Jones
    Kitty Jones 3 hours ago

    Suga is way too cute. The slow motion replay made me laugh so hard. And I can tell that the laugh belonged to j-hope!!

  • Heartbeat Army with BTS forever

    Soy yo o escuche de fondo despacitoooo se ve tiernoooo

  • 이단비
    이단비 3 hours ago

    나두 제이홉

  • XxPerlaxX xd
    XxPerlaxX xd 3 hours ago

    ROSEKOOK 😇😊😀😁

  • H윤
    H윤 3 hours ago

    지민씨는 다리를 절뚝거리고 쪼그려 앉지도 못하네요ㅠ

  • la yizo xd
    la yizo xd 3 hours ago

    JAJAJJA mori con la parte final con jimin en la bicicleta 😂😂😂😂❤

  • Ale Min
    Ale Min 3 hours ago

    Poquito poquito?

  • Heartbeat Army with BTS forever

    Estan haciendo fuerzitas jejeje que lindos

  • XxPerlaxX xd
    XxPerlaxX xd 3 hours ago

    Las mejores parejas son: rosekook,jimin y lisa,jinsoo,taennie😇

  • Tae Kookie
    Tae Kookie 3 hours ago

    Who else though taehyung was crying when he was laughing 1 like = 1 Army💜

  • Kim Taehyung
    Kim Taehyung 3 hours ago

    This song is so peaceful. It makes me happy. 😄💜

  • Monica Lucero
    Monica Lucero 3 hours ago

    Poquito poquito hay que lindos se oyen hablando español los amo 💜💜

  • Luna BTS
    Luna BTS 3 hours ago

    Me encanta que hobi hable español ❤ Like si te diste cuenta que se escucha una canción de justin bieber 😂😂

  • yessi Rios
    yessi Rios 3 hours ago

    Son tan lindos y me encanto mover la pantalla

  • Tata Bedoya
    Tata Bedoya 3 hours ago

    Nadie: Absolutamente nadie: J-Hope diciendo "Poquito - Poquito" 💜😍💜

  • Silvia Alvarado
    Silvia Alvarado 3 hours ago

    Porque hacen dieta si están bien hermosos 😢

  • Worldwildhandsome :v

    It may take years, but this gem will never die.

  • علوش بازوكه ALOSH.BAZOKA

    ذا انت عربي ارمي حط لايك

  • Ria Afnita
    Ria Afnita 3 hours ago

    Oh god i miss this era, they are so adorable, hamble and of course handsome boys...but Jin he is trully definition of worldwide handsome #car door guy

  • Guimaraes Sena
    Guimaraes Sena 3 hours ago

    A comida era de verdade 😲

  • Daren Park
    Daren Park 3 hours ago


  • S YG
    S YG 3 hours ago

    Jimin Have a happy day♥

  • Priscilla M
    Priscilla M 3 hours ago

    j-hope trying to feed Junkookie 'poquito, poquito' (a little, a little) bread XD actually those slices of bread look delicious to me too ^0^

  • Rosa Vasquez
    Rosa Vasquez 3 hours ago

    Jhope trying to feed Kookie and treating him like a baby💜

  • Novaly Miranda
    Novaly Miranda 3 hours ago

    HoSeok diciendo "poquito poquito" ha sido lo mejor del año, HoSeok hablando español mi concepto favorito 💜💜

  • Jessica Rezende
    Jessica Rezende 3 hours ago


  • Vope Nation
    Vope Nation 3 hours ago

    oh, his angelic voice

  • Dominga Daclag
    Dominga Daclag 3 hours ago

    Cutie v..

  • BTS Shriya
    BTS Shriya 3 hours ago

    I feel happy even by watching them eat bread

  • la yizo xd
    la yizo xd 3 hours ago

    Nadie: Absolutamente nadie: Yo: quiero el buzo de kookie, la campera de Jin, el buzo de nam y la camisa de jimin v: 😆❤

  • Anik Kotus
    Anik Kotus 3 hours ago

    4:55 INDONESIA I'm indonesia ARMY

  • Chelsea-Nicole B
    Chelsea-Nicole B 3 hours ago

    i didn’t even notice jk mess up at 1:17 bc it was so coordinated😭

  • Asia's Animations
    Asia's Animations 3 hours ago


  • Lunucita
    Lunucita 3 hours ago

    hahaha, not everyone ... and I don't like bread, it's one of the things I don't crave. but I can accept you a toast of butter and jelly ♥ Hoseok saying poquito a poquito was cute..

  • Risa May Valderama Pelagio

    Saranghaeyo BTS!

  • Jinpaca
    Jinpaca 3 hours ago

    Oh there’s Jimin’s jams

  • May Maple
    May Maple 3 hours ago

    WTF is this?homealone4??

  • 김희영
    김희영 3 hours ago



    Olha a música q toca kkkkkk J-HOPEEEEEEEEEEEEE eu o AMO muito ele é fofo e engraçado ETC ELE É TÃO PERFEITO ♥♥♥ Quem ai é BR (LIKE):-)

  • Minerva Chin
    Minerva Chin 3 hours ago

    "poquito poquito" JHope 2019💜🥺

  • Gigi Kim
    Gigi Kim 3 hours ago

    Justin bieber song 💜

  • Dayana Nazmi
    Dayana Nazmi 3 hours ago

    Who else realised about the board behind namjoon . Its writen persona shadow ego . I think thats the hints about their next album .

    PAKI NORTH 3 hours ago

    Who else heard heard bad guy by billie eilish in the background?

  • Jatziry Veliz
    Jatziry Veliz 3 hours ago

    . Que ermoso

  • TaeTae
    TaeTae 3 hours ago


  • Jatziry Veliz
    Jatziry Veliz 3 hours ago

    . Que ermoso

  • Tatiana Gómez
    Tatiana Gómez 3 hours ago

    J Hope siempre tan lindo💜💜💜💜

    LIA KIM 3 hours ago

    Es tan tierno como corre como baila de tan solo verlo me alegra el día Ai loviu TAE

  • Yari Leydi Duran Calderon

    Ay denme un poquito poquito de likes porfa

  • Baby Bear TaeTae
    Baby Bear TaeTae 3 hours ago

    cool and cute dance by the baby faced baby Taehyung Oppa.😍😍😍😙😙😙💜💜💜My heartuuuuu🙈🙈🙈

  • Son Jisoo
    Son Jisoo 3 hours ago

    what is this dance style?

  • Minimonie
    Minimonie 3 hours ago

    Taes runway walk was my favorite 👌

  • gaming with cristea
    gaming with cristea 3 hours ago

    Mah Bias is jimen

  • keylla Fernandes
    keylla Fernandes 3 hours ago

    Vi fofo 😇

  • gaming with cristea
    gaming with cristea 3 hours ago

    Aww soo cute same as dog i, gonna die

  • 김현수
    김현수 3 hours ago

    하.. 돌게쓰🤦🏻‍♀️사랑햐 지민아 보통 저렇게 누워있구 눈 저렇게 뜨면 존못인데 우리 지미니는 뭔들.. 💜

  • Maryse
    Maryse 3 hours ago

    when j-hope was saying jam jam i fo real thought he was going to say jamjamj because we know they secretly watch our content

  • Natalia Cano
    Natalia Cano 3 hours ago

    Jajajaja poquito, poquito!!! Omg muero!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chloe jane Rosia
    Chloe jane Rosia 3 hours ago


  • Chloe jane Rosia
    Chloe jane Rosia 3 hours ago

    hi i love bangtan i from manila im 10 years old

  • Emily kauany
    Emily kauany 3 hours ago


  • sñøwy fôx
    sñøwy fôx 3 hours ago

    Namjoon:jimin you got no jams Also namjoon:I got no jams

  • kookmina shipper
    kookmina shipper 3 hours ago

    What Song?

  • وفاء محمد
    وفاء محمد 3 hours ago

    واو المشاهدات ٢ مليون انشاءالله توصل ١٠ مليون (:

  • andres martinez
    andres martinez 3 hours ago

    😋👌 Poquito poquito Arriba México 🇲🇽

  • sñøwy fôx
    sñøwy fôx 3 hours ago

    Poquito poquito nice going 😂😂😂

  • Claudia Wierna
    Claudia Wierna 3 hours ago

    Que pasa que tienen pocas vistas los vídeos de bantang TV

  • Khulene Gallo
    Khulene Gallo 3 hours ago

    Probably one of my fave dance practices of Bangtan ever.

  • RV Cabual
    RV Cabual 3 hours ago


  • Pamela Santos
    Pamela Santos 3 hours ago

    Jungkook 😍💓 Kim taehyung 😍💓

  • katie mamie
    katie mamie 3 hours ago

    My Bff: Who is your bias in BTS? Me: The Korean one with hair My Bff: Me: Also Me: How did we become bff?...

  • Hanna Kim
    Hanna Kim 3 hours ago

    "poquito poquito" LPM Agsvdwhiwhwiehwkqbdkw Cómo se respira?! Es un bebé 😭💜💜💜

  • Diana serrano
    Diana serrano 3 hours ago

    Tipico de hobi molestar a kookie xd like si tu bias es kookie :)💜💛💚💙❤

  • Julia Paredes
    Julia Paredes 3 hours ago

    Pobre lo aplastaron arriba de la cama

  • Dariana Marquez
    Dariana Marquez 3 hours ago

    J hope "poquito poquito " y yo awwwww casi se me sale el corazon

  • Advil Is Amazing
    Advil Is Amazing 3 hours ago

    I wish I was the bread ;-;

  • Conan Edogawa
    Conan Edogawa 3 hours ago

    what the title of this song ?

  • Jackelinne Jimenez
    Jackelinne Jimenez 3 hours ago


  • Jackelinne Jimenez
    Jackelinne Jimenez 3 hours ago

    Poquito poquito ❤❤

  • حور
    حور 3 hours ago

    ارمي قنو مقنا ، بموت حلوين بزياده 😭🇸🇦💜💜💜💜

  • Dariana Marquez
    Dariana Marquez 3 hours ago

    J hope cantado despacito cosita lo amo

  • tlitle here
    tlitle here 3 hours ago


  • BTS vkook
    BTS vkook 3 hours ago

    Hoseok : poquito poquito Me morí :'v

  • Alicia Cruz
    Alicia Cruz 3 hours ago

    Hoseok: poquito a poquito

  • Kpop_다리아나
    Kpop_다리아나 3 hours ago

    :0 aki sorprendiendome toda por el pokito pokito de Hoseok y x los comentarios en español 😂💜

  • Catarina Ferreira
    Catarina Ferreira 3 hours ago

    daqui a pouco chega 30M

  • ArlethMishel BM
    ArlethMishel BM 3 hours ago

    Me volví loca hobi dijo "POQUITO POQUITO" aaaaaaaa!!!!! Voy a morir *ARLETH MURIÓ LE DIO UN ATAQUE CARDÍACO"Ok no 😂 pero si mori de emoción ee!! De eso jamás me olvidaré ay que ser sinceras ♥️😂

  • María Salomé Páramo Márquez

    Un momento.... J-Hope sabe lo que significa poquito?!?! Osea que sabe un poco de español?!?! Y puede leer los comentarios de L army?!?! 🤣

  • Ангела Лапоска

    So cute 😍❤️

  • Julia Paredes
    Julia Paredes 3 hours ago

    And JK

  • Dayanara Linares
    Dayanara Linares 3 hours ago