Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED
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  • KSavage
    KSavage 56 seconds ago

    He proved him wrong tonight

  • Chad Draper
    Chad Draper Minute ago

    I honestly see the Cowboys making a big play for Brady. That would be such a Jerry world move.

  • geotechms
    geotechms 6 minutes ago

    “There’s a lot of colorism...”

  • Kenrick Turner
    Kenrick Turner 6 minutes ago

    Skip said Lebron got body bagged by Jaylen Brown 😆

  • Verum Semita
    Verum Semita 8 minutes ago

    lesson: stop comparing legends to hyped players

  • yamamancha
    yamamancha 11 minutes ago

    Nothing against Dak, but Jerry is in the perfect position to buck the trend of overpaying QBs simply because he's a QB. Any QB could go 8-8 with that roster. They're better off using that cap space to invest in the team and take their chances on a rookie QB or journeyman.

  • Noellia Starr
    Noellia Starr 12 minutes ago

    Go Chiefs!

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith 15 minutes ago

    Lol imagine getting called the next LeBron as an insult

  • Elijah Gardner
    Elijah Gardner 16 minutes ago

    Shannon call lebron the goat but compares everyone in the nba to him

  • josh scharf
    josh scharf 19 minutes ago

    My problem is skip compared Lonzo to Magic Johnson he's a transcendent player but comparing Luka to Larry Byrd is disrespectful and not a superstar

  • Steevy Horton
    Steevy Horton 28 minutes ago

    I think it was a moving story but i think his use of it to drive home that T.O shouldve felt the exact same way he felt about getting in the H.O.F is lame , everyman aint the same bruh.

  • Kobe Bryant
    Kobe Bryant 37 minutes ago

    Lebron not the best player in his team rn. He wasn’t the best player in 2011 finals.

  • dru jackson
    dru jackson 40 minutes ago

    Jerry should give that money to Tom Brady...n i’m not even a cowboy fan

  • yarin23v
    yarin23v 42 minutes ago

    He is such a troll!

  • sdagonz67
    sdagonz67 42 minutes ago

    Kawhi gets the calls, days off, no media criticism and Luka doesn't.

  • Anthony covington
    Anthony covington 43 minutes ago

    Cromartie needs that check lol to take care of his 11 kids

  • Danny Bowers
    Danny Bowers 47 minutes ago

    Give dak the franchise tag hes earned it

  • T B
    T B 49 minutes ago

    You were right sharp he splash some 3’s 🤞🏾🤣

  • John B
    John B 51 minute ago

    Why is anybody talking about winning?

  • Hc Collier
    Hc Collier 52 minutes ago

    Would be funny if Dak went to the Patriots and left Jerry hanging.

  • Pablo Alfonso Echaurren
    Pablo Alfonso Echaurren 52 minutes ago

    Shannon is losing this debate, he knows it but wont accept it but he is hilarious, It's hard not to like the guy. These guys are by far the most fun sports commentators Ive ever seen.

  • sixtyton angel
    sixtyton angel 53 minutes ago

    Who's watching this after this clown is being charged with aggravated assault??????

  • MrPrime39773
    MrPrime39773 58 minutes ago

    Get a healthy Cam newton let dak go

  • Court Ben
    Court Ben 58 minutes ago

    There was only one Larry Bird and he did it when the NBA was one step from being a boxing match. Luka will probably be a better version of Dirk in a few years.

  • Kori Jones
    Kori Jones Hour ago

    Coaches know ur strength and weakest

  • Jacob Jones
    Jacob Jones Hour ago

    Glad Shannon Sharpe is consistent with his empty calories assessment. Rodgers' stats had no effect on the outcome of the game.

  • Jeff Miller
    Jeff Miller Hour ago

    “I watch all the Luka games” is one of the biggest lies Skip Bayless has ever told and that’s saying something

  • Matthew Kerber
    Matthew Kerber Hour ago

    If Skip doesn’t see that if the Cowboys pay Dak $35 Million a year, there’s no chance of the Cowboys winning a SB, he hasn’t been paying attention. If Dak gets the $35 Million, the Cowboys have to shred their roster for Dak. It won’t be pretty. That’s why the NFL has a salary cap. You have to lose good players to pay one player a lot. It’s not how normal businesses are run. Skip’s not going to see that part of the equation.

  • TheKing
    TheKing Hour ago

    60 allstar appearances from teammates to Jordan’s 22

  • TheKing
    TheKing Hour ago

    60 allstar appearances from teammates to Jordan’s 22

  • J.R. Kimble
    J.R. Kimble Hour ago

    Sherm gets burned by receivers often, and cries if you call him out on it.

  • Don Sulit
    Don Sulit Hour ago

    Jordan missed dunks and blooper

  • Animelytical
    Animelytical Hour ago

    36 points, but reminds Skip of a guy in the D-League and China

  • RL Greenleaf
    RL Greenleaf Hour ago

    Get him Skip

  • james b
    james b Hour ago

    The cowboys tried to extend prescott's contract. They offered him $30 million. He turned it down cause he wants $40 million.

  • John Ollangg
    John Ollangg Hour ago

    God damn.. everyone gonna ignore how fine joy looks.

  • Anthony Hooper
    Anthony Hooper Hour ago

    To all the people on this post who talk bad about lebron James and his career why lebron James is the only player in NBA history to have to lead both teams in every category to win a championship I tell you why because nobody else had to play like that lebron James teammates can't stay healthy enough to even really help him imagine if pippen got hurt and Paxton got hurt my whole point Jordan couldn't do what lebron did period Jordan will score like he did in Boston but he didn't rebound or assists the ball lebron James had to do all of those things plus more

  • Rip City
    Rip City Hour ago

    Aight guys I get we like to make fun of Skip but let’s be real, it was uncalled for for Sherman to go at Skip personally like that acting like Skip was a failure pretty much. I mean the guy graduated from Vandy. That’s a damn good school.

  • Louis Cox
    Louis Cox Hour ago

    LBJ is garbage!! Next

  • David Ho
    David Ho Hour ago

    Waiting for the day they show us the replays that they’re talking about..

  • Solly Parker
    Solly Parker Hour ago

    he is not a franchise QB

  • Javi Soprano
    Javi Soprano Hour ago

    40 mill for dak 💩😩😱😂😂😂

  • martin villegas
    martin villegas Hour ago

    Lebron is a bad role model for youngsters too much estrogen female energy emotional whimsical dude?

  • martin villegas
    martin villegas Hour ago

    Lebron out Doncic in let's go Lakers!

  • Ruben Bon
    Ruben Bon Hour ago

    This is why cowboys suck

  • Mindlink1
    Mindlink1 Hour ago

    Bird was a different animal altogether. Luka has a LONG way to reach his accomplishments not to mention winning 3 rings against a HOF team like Bird did against the 80s Lakers.

  • 1995 GetJiggyWitIt
    1995 GetJiggyWitIt 2 hours ago

    Nah. I want the grizzlies, Suns or Spurs to make it over the pelicans

  • Brandon Larranaga
    Brandon Larranaga 2 hours ago

    Shannon: "Chris Child's hit him with a three piece extra crispy.... And the Man didn't Respond " Apr. 2, 2000 Chris Childs Stats - 10/1/1 Kobe Bryant Stats - 17/8/6 Final Score: Knicks 82 Lakers 106. They're not Boxers, and getting sucker punched doesn't make you a tough guy. Winning the game after the fight, means everything. Kobe is just a winner. Sorry LeBron.

  • preit preit
    preit preit 2 hours ago

    They made a mistake paying zeke they could of made him play another year before woring about his contract and after this year could of paid less

  • Vijay Krishnamoorthi

    Shannon was ahead of the curve on AB fr tho

  • Christopher Roach
    Christopher Roach 2 hours ago

    Skip your an idiot for even saying he forced his way into the game. This man played with a broken leg n got busy. Skip ur corny

  • H B
    H B 2 hours ago

    Yes cowboys yesss, pay that QB 40m a year. Hes the best in the league when it comes to garbage time

  • real chris
    real chris 2 hours ago

    How mean wow

  • Mark Fitzpatrick
    Mark Fitzpatrick 2 hours ago

    Dak is a metrosexual loser

  • Travis Schmidt
    Travis Schmidt 2 hours ago

    Pay the man its time 2 📈

  • Freddy Lopez
    Freddy Lopez 2 hours ago

    You see how shannon gives props when props are due? Maybe skip can learn a little about doing that.

  • Berk
    Berk 2 hours ago

    I am not giving a Billionaire a discount. FOH!

  • Christopher Roach
    Christopher Roach 2 hours ago

    This is why we need to start owning our teams.

  • Christopher Roach
    Christopher Roach 2 hours ago

    T. O . U dont have to argue with a dude that never played anything. .Skip dont care how many articles u have written, u dont know the heart of an athlete.

  • Quick ICE car reviews

    Looking forward all day to hear Shannon say MAHOMEBOY and skip said it

  • Alex Huehdgsh
    Alex Huehdgsh 2 hours ago

    “He can’t guard Lonzo on that fast break”

  • The BizzMoneyB
    The BizzMoneyB 2 hours ago

    Skip.. it's not that Shannon thinks he is a great QB.. it's SUPPLY AND DEMAND. when any team signs a quality QB, he gets top money.. it's just how it works!

  • Pi Jo
    Pi Jo 2 hours ago

    I'm a kawhi fan but bruhhhh, Lakers have been Ballin and after they lose one game to a good team in the east with young players it would be a problem smh dunno why they do this man, you win some and you lose some smh

  • Will Moffett
    Will Moffett 2 hours ago

    Dak to New England = 4 Superbowls in 5 years.

  • vision hendrix
    vision hendrix 2 hours ago

    Nmandi was horrible as a zone guy, damn near an All Pro as a man to man. Same with Asante just opposite. Darrell was the best man to man cover, but whose to say he would not have been exposed as a zone?

  • christianrapper
    christianrapper 2 hours ago

    I hate the cowboys. However, Dak is a good qb.

  • Justin Ivey
    Justin Ivey 2 hours ago

    Randy played in 2 Super Bowls second one he didn’t try on a catch witch led to a Ed reed pick six

  • iNNoCeNttDReAMs
    iNNoCeNttDReAMs 2 hours ago

    Title in 2 weeks: Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs got 'exposed' in loss to the 49ers. 38-24

  • Evan Siegel
    Evan Siegel 2 hours ago

    8 straight AFC Championship games is better than 8 straight finals--skip bayless

  • Orlando Padilla
    Orlando Padilla 2 hours ago

    Skip is old man. Thinking he knows football. But never played football. He just mad .

  • Evan Siegel
    Evan Siegel 2 hours ago

    Anything that makes skip upset is my biggest interest in life

  • Jihad Bess
    Jihad Bess 2 hours ago


  • angel colin
    angel colin 2 hours ago

    Did he really though ? Dak is a average QB facts !

    X DAFACTOR 2 hours ago


  • sleuth 2077
    sleuth 2077 2 hours ago

    Someone needs to get Zion some bionic knees.

    X DAFACTOR 2 hours ago


  • Death
    Death 3 hours ago

    What’s the point of being healthy for a few game then getting injured again? It took a few season for D rose to get injured. It’s the weight & the style of play that’s gonna haunt the kid.

  • Paulay Oliver
    Paulay Oliver 3 hours ago

    That cross on jordan is legend

  • Simon Dewitt
    Simon Dewitt 3 hours ago

    Cromartie can answer any question, unless that question is what all his kids names are.

  • Tyrant60
    Tyrant60 3 hours ago

    It ain't no trickeration! We running the football!!

    REAL TLK 3 hours ago

    Ima patriot fan revis was a better cb

  • isadore alire
    isadore alire 3 hours ago

    Texas Rangers opening day : You know, the Dallas Cowboys are in Texas... Let's talk about them for a quarter to half of the show.

  • Timothy Walker Jr
    Timothy Walker Jr 3 hours ago

    Would Flacco would’ve had a better play off run and beat them with the chiefs defense🤔🤔

  • Dreeco Finesse3tymes

    Dak isn’t staying

  • Michael Greene
    Michael Greene 3 hours ago

    This video aged well... ... ...oh well

  • Dave Chmela
    Dave Chmela 3 hours ago

    Skip, could you follow another team please? Like The Bengals?

  • Spenser Swain
    Spenser Swain 3 hours ago

    I mean they are right you dont have to travel the number 1 i feel like its something that you want. Revis and Sanders wanted to follow the best because they were the best. No a necessity but in my eyes you can't be the best ever if you dont ever follow number 1s like, if Mike Evans starts torching them and he needs to travel but he just never does. Great corner but he isnt and never will be Revis Island in his prime.

  • Andrew Rowzee
    Andrew Rowzee 3 hours ago

    Shannon is right on this one.

  • Michael Trenier
    Michael Trenier 3 hours ago

    LeShannon kills me any chance this man GETS he denigrates the Goat 🐐 smmfh like dude I get it you’re in the Lebron paid media payroll it’s cool 😬

  • Tito Double Up
    Tito Double Up 3 hours ago

    Dakota is just not that dude.

  • P_ Sm00th
    P_ Sm00th 3 hours ago

    Thought it was always funny when these guys that play the same position argue on who’s better. Like both of y’all play defense, are y’all suppose to guard each other? DB vs DB is so stupid, it should be WR vs DB, QB vs DB ETC

  • Matthew Murphy
    Matthew Murphy 3 hours ago

    Something Happened to this dude

  • Lady Dallas
    Lady Dallas 3 hours ago


  • BluSteel64
    BluSteel64 3 hours ago

    Dak is not all that and a bag of chips if you ask me. He makes bad decisions....period. I'm not a Holmes fan but Dak is nowhere near that level. Dak is a ....meh

  • Fan Made Videos
    Fan Made Videos 3 hours ago

    I'm more interested in what the Cardinals plan on doing during the off season to build around Kyler Murray and I'm a Ram's fan.

  • Necessary Evil
    Necessary Evil 3 hours ago

    He funna get hit in his mouf, watch lol, then choke.

  • Tou Yang
    Tou Yang 3 hours ago

    Damn the word SKIP is more than anything else..

  • Ralph Hester
    Ralph Hester 3 hours ago

    Jerry Jones is Trump clone he want no Black QB,then to have to pay him too...he should invest in offeñsive line to help protect him but fault shouldn't lay with Jones alone QB should move on to another team...he has potential to take some other sqad to a super bowl, actually Black QB is frowned on by NFL..

  • Big Tings
    Big Tings 3 hours ago

    Dear Shannon Shawn Kemp had a nose problem not a weight problem 😂

  • andrew schulte
    andrew schulte 3 hours ago

    Luka and Bird don’t even have similar game.