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STARGIRL Trailer (2020)
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  • Ernest Wang
    Ernest Wang 9 minutes ago

    Could we at least have Temuera Morrison reprise his role of clone troopers?

  • John Zheng
    John Zheng 10 minutes ago

    Accidentally bought the dub ticket 😅

  • Ernest Wang
    Ernest Wang 12 minutes ago

    Order 66 is the most anticipating part of this season.

  • Ernest Wang
    Ernest Wang 12 minutes ago

    These troopers with orange helmet like 1:52 will betray Ahsoka and Rex.

  • ron ron
    ron ron 17 minutes ago

    it looked like a strager things with some advanced...

  • Masked Inferior
    Masked Inferior 17 minutes ago

    They turned light into an utter dumbfuck

  • Kio O
    Kio O 18 minutes ago


  • CJ IrishLez
    CJ IrishLez 18 minutes ago

    I’m not a fan of them remaking the first movie and the redesign.

  • Devious Devil
    Devious Devil 18 minutes ago

    16:47 how did the motorcycle be allowed to pass when there was clearly a traffic cone signifying road is under construction. And the main character just walked passed and fell on the sewage hole.

  • Ger 13 NunYah
    Ger 13 NunYah 19 minutes ago


  • Jacob Manahan
    Jacob Manahan 23 minutes ago

    This is dropping on my birthday and it's almost like starwars is giving me a gift for having to endure the past half dacade of starwars films.

  • Ernest Wang
    Ernest Wang 23 minutes ago

    While we know how Palpatine was captured in legends, let's see how Palpatine was captured in canon.

  • sfighter00
    sfighter00 25 minutes ago

    First off, the animation and visuals look great. However I think we all are thinking and noticing the same thing here. THIS MOVIE IS A REMAKE OF "POKEMON:THE FIRST MOVIE", AKA "MEWTWO STRIKES BACK"! I mean they're not even trying to hide that fact. I'll probably check it on Netflix since its a "Netflix" exclusive, but aside from what I said about the visuals and animation, this is probably gonna be this year's "The Lion King 2019".

  • Zero Relic
    Zero Relic 25 minutes ago

    0:27 is that Caleb Dume? (Kanan Jarrus)

  • Rudy 123456789
    Rudy 123456789 26 minutes ago

    How To Train Your Dragon: Far From Home

  • Tony Nathaniel Taylor J.r.

    WTF is this :/

  • Declan Sherrill
    Declan Sherrill 27 minutes ago


  • bracken Roman
    bracken Roman 27 minutes ago

    1:37-1:48 can we just appreciate it looks like a battlefront trailer!

  • Connor Reid
    Connor Reid 28 minutes ago

    Such much more exciting than Rise of Skywalker.

  • Mike Rotch
    Mike Rotch 28 minutes ago

    The lightsabers still smear too much. Looks like a battle of flag girls.

  • Aden Seay
    Aden Seay 28 minutes ago

    Have y’all noticed Vader and grievous have the same speech things on their mouth??

  • Visual Ray
    Visual Ray 29 minutes ago

    Whose here before the show come out?

  • jordan sanders
    jordan sanders 30 minutes ago

    1:30 so your names reg!!!! Lol

  • Tylander
    Tylander 31 minute ago

    It'd be cool to see Jaro Tapal

  • Patrick W
    Patrick W 33 minutes ago

    The original had to be seen at that time.

  • Atomic Laugh
    Atomic Laugh 34 minutes ago

    a slanderer who brings us to hell Dajjal

  • Justin McIntosh
    Justin McIntosh 34 minutes ago

    I wonder if this will lead into obi wans show

  • babygirl& babyboy
    babygirl& babyboy 34 minutes ago

    Movie looks really good

  • Daniel Machulka
    Daniel Machulka 39 minutes ago

    makes sense... why stop something when it can make you more money... honestly they need this and Mando to recover from the sequel trilogy

  • Muhammad Hafie
    Muhammad Hafie 42 minutes ago

    9:29 lol that face

  • Bobby Boy
    Bobby Boy 42 minutes ago

    Why not let the clone wars team remake the whole prequel trilogy

  • eurosensazion
    eurosensazion 44 minutes ago

    Never been so excited for Star Wars since well the last time Clone Wars was on. Everything new is history to me.

  • John Liotti
    John Liotti 46 minutes ago

    That was the 501st in the beginning of the trailer while Rex was walking by

  • Brendan Vlogs
    Brendan Vlogs 47 minutes ago

    Why was thor's hand blured out most of the time

  • Mary Faith
    Mary Faith 47 minutes ago

    Someone confirm the original voice actors return!!! Who is not the same? Ash for sure. What about Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny, Misty, Brock, etc? They’ve been changing Misty’s voice whenever she has cameos

  • Glenn Thomas III
    Glenn Thomas III 50 minutes ago

    Call it better way better revenge on the sith

  • Maddie Swanson
    Maddie Swanson 52 minutes ago

    I grew up on this

  • Just Relax
    Just Relax 52 minutes ago

    Simply magnificent.

  • C M
    C M 59 minutes ago

    This looks really stupid.

  • Brentay 88
    Brentay 88 Hour ago

    I’m sad that I’m gonna have to pirate it because I can’t afford Disney plus, but I god dam love this show.

  • Jarren Enriquez
    Jarren Enriquez Hour ago

    Suck it Haters, this shit is gonna be awesome!!!

  • Serasia
    Serasia Hour ago

    Colors in the well *UNLIKE ANY SEEN ON EARTH* ! *JUST MOVE AWAY* I watch that Overly Sarcastic Productions Lovecraft video so much, it's hilarious. I would definitely be afraid if any of this Lovecraft stuff happened to me, but it's fun to hear a humorous retelling of it. Speaking of humorous, I wonder what crazy Cage stuff Nick'll do.

  • 唐唐涛
    唐唐涛 Hour ago

    so cool

  • Victor Germano
    Victor Germano Hour ago

    Finally! Excited for this season.

  • Alice Yoong
    Alice Yoong Hour ago

    I wanna see anakin vs obiwan in Clone wars on Mustafa

  • Jem
    Jem Hour ago

    Anybody else notice that in the scene at 0:52, Rex hasn't removed his inhibitor chip yet? He doesn't have the scar we see in Rebels. I wonder if we'll get to see that in s7...

  • Rishi
    Rishi Hour ago

    anyone else really fucking confused by what obi wan was doing with his lightsaber

  • Last jedi
    Last jedi Hour ago

    we all going to see how Kanan jarrus escaped order 66.

  • rus1111ааа
    rus1111ааа Hour ago

    Больше 30 лет прошло, а он все на том же старье летает?

  • ernesto shulterbrandt

    Who else thinks this trailer alone was 1000x better then the sequel trilogy?

  • Plo Koon
    Plo Koon Hour ago

    0:26 could that be Depa Bilaba with her padawan Caleb Dume( Kanan Jarrus) on the hologram? That little Jedi looks too young to be a knight or a master.

  • Pi-Jichuuu
    Pi-Jichuuu Hour ago

    Dude. I'm so watching this. The graphics are a bit different simce its almost like mcdonalds happy meal toys in slight realistic scenery. But its not that big of a bother. Its something new and refreshing and not to mention a remake of the og tear bringer. Yeah, it wont be anything like the classic animated series a lot of us grew up on. And yeah were still running with ash , but thats not an issue either. I'm really glad they're making a movie as a huge pokemon lover myself. I'll gladly enjoy it : )

  • olive oil
    olive oil Hour ago

    I’ve read the novel and I can tell you, the novel is NOWHERE NEAR a family movie.

  • Bully Maguire
    Bully Maguire Hour ago

    I want to see Palpatine face maul one last time

  • Ayoo Nike
    Ayoo Nike Hour ago

    this is gone be so gooood 😭

  • Bully Maguire
    Bully Maguire Hour ago

    Where's Palpatine?

  • Isaka Kyuzikha
    Isaka Kyuzikha Hour ago

    And looks like Russell from Up

  • Cassie Leslie
    Cassie Leslie Hour ago

    Ooo is that Kanan i see

  • General Grievous

    Is this going to have anakin vs obi wan and order 66? If so it's gonna be emotional

  • Jacob Garza
    Jacob Garza Hour ago

    29:54 the expression on the face of the girl in the yellow shirt caught my attention

  • Miami Gaming Hoodie

    Where is Dooku and Grievous?


    Forget Ahsoka I wanna see what they do with Ventress and Maul!

  • BloodDrive999 Trendkiller

    Finally, some good fucking food.

  • Buck Dewey
    Buck Dewey Hour ago

    Someone already dropped the whole movie on RU-clip lmaoo

  • Bryan Perez
    Bryan Perez Hour ago

    Long hair Anakin lookin like he’s about to betray the order 😳

  • oblivious Zega
    oblivious Zega Hour ago

    I saw 6 ad in this vid so I skip to the end and replay the vid poof ad gone thanks reddit very cool

  • stephin siby
    stephin siby Hour ago

    In this movie he is blind , his said he never seen that colour ! But to my the colour looks like pink 😆😆

  • Jevon Howell
    Jevon Howell Hour ago

    If Disney ruins this I will not forgive them...

  • mr shmeegles
    mr shmeegles Hour ago

    Now time to wait untill it releases on dvd

  • Bloomfield Plymouth

    RIP Fives. He was so close to saving his clone brothers from order 66. RIP Satine. Her and Obi Wan were so close to being happy together.

  • Paradoxxxz
    Paradoxxxz Hour ago

    I recall in one episode where Gary wanted the snail bites treats and Gary showed spongebob the day he picked up Gary from the shelter seems like this is a different story huh?🤔🤔

  • Dipendra Karki
    Dipendra Karki Hour ago

    I love you vin diesel u are my favourite hero in the world

  • joe mama
    joe mama Hour ago

    Why anakin look like a chucky doll

  • Jason Morris
    Jason Morris Hour ago

    The ultimate douche bag movie part 2

  • joe mama
    joe mama Hour ago

    Fine Ill buy disney ➕

  • selected ambient works永ゲ

    THIS CAME OUT IN 2014 , WHY ARE WE MAKING MOVIES THAT ARE NEARLY 5 YEARS OLD. Kill everyone in Hollywood, they’ve run out of ideas.

  • Stannis Baratheon

    "Will make you cry oceans" 🙄😒

  • GG
    GG Hour ago

    It will be done my lord

  • Nicholas Lamey
    Nicholas Lamey Hour ago

    They could do an episode where we see Mando training.

  • Dustin Hughes
    Dustin Hughes Hour ago

    So I can only assume when Ahsoka is standing on the bridge in hyper space and has that disturbance in the force face is after Order 66.

  • Joe Is my hero
    Joe Is my hero Hour ago


  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips Hour ago

    Hasn't Ahsoka typically had green sabers? Why are they blue now?

  • smolnekuu
    smolnekuu Hour ago

    The dubbed sounds amazing **sniffs**

  • Miles
    Miles Hour ago


  • Tristan Saja
    Tristan Saja Hour ago

    Why ironman die 😓

  • Iraeus
    Iraeus Hour ago

    Just got back from seeing this. As a long time fan of Lovecraft (and this story in particular) this movie EXCEEDED all my expectations for how good an adaptation of TCOOS could be. Highly recommend

  • Marcelo pizarro diaz

    Y en esta película Sarah Connor tiene sexo nuevamente? Como en Terminator uno , No creo !!! Ya que esta abuelita 👵 😄😄😄

  • Matt Walker
    Matt Walker Hour ago

    And its just an episode not a movie


    Uhh.. Does Anakin really not see that padme is pregnant in that shot? She's litterally holding her stomach? Dont tell me shes going to tell him shes pregnant before the events of episode III...

  • Ash Arkane
    Ash Arkane Hour ago

    Just watched the first, can't wait for the second!

  • You Tube
    You Tube 2 hours ago

    Although I’m looking forward to this, I’m totally FATIGUED by the *“Everything ENDS HERE!!! It’s all been building to THIS!!!”* trope.

  • FloBraMan
    FloBraMan 2 hours ago

    Spoiler alert! Anakin turns to the dark side and leads an attack against the Jedi before Obi-Wan confronts him and leaves him for dead on a volcanic planet.

  • Damian Salomon
    Damian Salomon 2 hours ago

    Baby Dragons=cute kittys

  • FX _A.N.G
    FX _A.N.G 2 hours ago

    Anakins is tue best jedi/sith and the best skywalker

  • captain_baqir
    captain_baqir 2 hours ago

    1:38 That better not be captain Rex dying 😭

  • GeneTheMachine
    GeneTheMachine 2 hours ago

    KK - What are you doing? Fans - This is the way.

  • Evan Eats
    Evan Eats 2 hours ago


  • Bradley Turner
    Bradley Turner 2 hours ago

    0:27 Commander Baraca and Bly! Order 66?!?!

  • UGA Dawg
    UGA Dawg 2 hours ago

    Umm... WTF!