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  • DonutsRYummy
    DonutsRYummy 44 minutes ago


  • Matin Karim
    Matin Karim Hour ago

    1.07 ...... not cool.... 😞

  • bush nanola
    bush nanola Hour ago

    I don’t find them funny. I actually don’t like cats. They’re full of mischief

  • Fer stocco
    Fer stocco Hour ago

    and pok motherlode

  • MY - 05ZZ - Fernforest PS (1414)

    I aint fear anything boy i don't need to pay money 3:07

  • Lance Manion
    Lance Manion Hour ago

    We love our animals.

  • Michelle Lyman
    Michelle Lyman Hour ago

    the jaws one was upsetting, I think he is hurting the cat and the one after that is having some kind of seizure or something; some of these are not that funny, i don't see a damn thing funny about the guy scaring the cat in the window

  • idoj654123
    idoj654123 2 hours ago

    The pot bellied pig must love that ferret, scratching his skin for him.

  • Dan Myself
    Dan Myself 2 hours ago

    when dogs are so bright, that you have to put a lamp shade on their head, lol

    ANGELA BARTON 3 hours ago

    I slightly smiled at the cat and dog on the couch hitting each other, could be a bit more funny though!!

  • Parallel wil ツ
    Parallel wil ツ 3 hours ago

    I have like 35 ferrets or at least my mum has like 35-40 ferrets

  • Lucy G
    Lucy G 4 hours ago

    mean cats are way cuter

  • Miss FiFi
    Miss FiFi 5 hours ago


  • Tay Silva
    Tay Silva 5 hours ago

    Engraçado que ninguém aguenta🥰👏🧜‍♀️😍

  • cultfan 52
    cultfan 52 5 hours ago

    We had a great white egret stroll into our AA meeting once. He perched on the back of a chair for a few minutes then walked out.

  • sanie insanity
    sanie insanity 6 hours ago

    cruel :/ animals belong to liberty... zoo etc is disgusting... people have no roght to steal liberty of animals.

  • Tleen Pinky
    Tleen Pinky 7 hours ago


  • Hamedo Waysa
    Hamedo Waysa 7 hours ago

    Tomorrow I will get a cat

  • Indecisive Bluff
    Indecisive Bluff 7 hours ago

    1:34 😍

  • hans & trixie
    hans & trixie 8 hours ago


  • Sokeresa
    Sokeresa 8 hours ago

    Imagine coming home and finding out a bear playing the piano

  • dark man
    dark man 8 hours ago

    روعه تسلم

  • Johnathan D. Hill
    Johnathan D. Hill 8 hours ago

    Never drinking coffee from @3:42 house fuck and that

  • VJ Rei
    VJ Rei 9 hours ago

    What would you do if you are taken to a place where they cut your balls the last time?

  • dan manion
    dan manion 9 hours ago

    Cat at 6:25 is not a happy camper

  • 11090 Fang
    11090 Fang 10 hours ago

    It's not their fault They got their balls removed last time they visited the VET🤔🤔

  • Hayden Tenno
    Hayden Tenno 10 hours ago

    Best chonk is the orange chonk Cause ginger cats a normally really fat and/or lazy

  • Get to da Chopper!
    Get to da Chopper! 10 hours ago

    Sorry but the music is annoying

  • DivineMissMelMel
    DivineMissMelMel 11 hours ago

    It's good to see I'm not the only one with a cluttered, messy house...lol

  • Alaa Slaimen
    Alaa Slaimen 11 hours ago


  • ladydi loftin
    ladydi loftin 11 hours ago


  • Wesley King
    Wesley King 12 hours ago

    Will officially house anything...

  • Fw_muneer FN
    Fw_muneer FN 12 hours ago

    Cute omg

  • Sasha Gan
    Sasha Gan 12 hours ago

    so sweet

  • Pup Star
    Pup Star 13 hours ago

    Hoy Ma sister is on dat vid Lol

  • •hAnnY dEh cwAzy gwApe•

    There was this pig I saw on the television, and the owners also had a pet dog, So when the owners put dog food in the bowls, The pig started eating it too!! 😂😂😂❤❤❤❤

  • Daniel Schnee
    Daniel Schnee 14 hours ago

    These are the weirdest looking badgers I have ever seen....

  • Lol Smarks
    Lol Smarks 14 hours ago

    Kramer would have gotten his ass whipped with a rolled up newspaper and then put outside

  • Jason Matthew
    Jason Matthew 14 hours ago

    To late I failed 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • Megan Baker
    Megan Baker 14 hours ago

    I did not laugh cause I'm not stupid

  • Ewelina Hansson
    Ewelina Hansson 14 hours ago

    I feel so sad for the animals

  • derpy shiba
    derpy shiba 15 hours ago

    Fav part was the chickens with the sock 🤣

  • Sarthak Suman
    Sarthak Suman 16 hours ago

    Power Rangers SPD Vs Power Rangers Dino Thunder! 7:47

  • Frederik Mou
    Frederik Mou 16 hours ago

    online for 5 timer siden

  • Fisken Fisker
    Fisken Fisker 16 hours ago

    {\__/} ( • - •) / =🎂

  • Fisken Fisker
    Fisken Fisker 16 hours ago

    {\__/} ( • - •) / =🎂

  • Fisken Fisker
    Fisken Fisker 16 hours ago

    {\__/} ( • - •) / =🎂

  • Fisken Fisker
    Fisken Fisker 16 hours ago

    {\__/} ( • - •) / =🎂

  • Fisken Fisker
    Fisken Fisker 16 hours ago

    {\__/} ( • - •) / =🎂

  • Frederik Mou
    Frederik Mou 16 hours ago

    why are you running

  • Frederik Mou
    Frederik Mou 16 hours ago

    why are you running

  • Frederik Mou
    Frederik Mou 16 hours ago

    why are you running

  • Frederik Mou
    Frederik Mou 16 hours ago

    why are you running

  • Fisken Fisker
    Fisken Fisker 16 hours ago


  • X O
    X O 17 hours ago

    Head butts the mirror. Classic.

  • QTV
    QTV 18 hours ago

    Funny horse on the thumbnail

  • shira perets
    shira perets 18 hours ago

    לא יודע

  • Super Blaze99
    Super Blaze99 18 hours ago

    Raccons appeared like the Vietnamese in Vietnamese war

  • famaz Go Ias
    famaz Go Ias 18 hours ago

    видео приколюа

  • mattin
    mattin 19 hours ago

    I bet they wouldn't be laughing if they weren't caged 🤨

  • FBI
    FBI 19 hours ago

    0:26 meaoww HeHuHeHa!!!!!!!

  • Autistic Hope
    Autistic Hope 19 hours ago

    Aww, felt sorry for that last one.

  • Captain Cambodia
    Captain Cambodia 20 hours ago

    It's so cute watching these animals try and murder these kids.

  • ShinKyuubi
    ShinKyuubi 20 hours ago

    That next to last one with the cat in the costume..one cat is VERY unhappy with the costume and has the look of "get this off me..NOW." and the other is "What the heck is this..I dunno but I'm just gonna back up...very..slowly"..like a horror movie.

  • Daniel Stevenson
    Daniel Stevenson 20 hours ago

    Oh my... Oh my... That cat likes musice?!! Ok the can we pls start a cat band the would be the best thing ever,😺😺🎶🎶🎸🎷🥁🎻🎺🎹 2:55

  • Zachary Anderson
    Zachary Anderson 21 hour ago

    4:25 that pig ain't no bitch nigga....

  • darko nikolic
    darko nikolic 21 hour ago

    Great video, a lot of editing, big like

  • ShortDogVlogz
    ShortDogVlogz 21 hour ago

    Watch my 1 minute video

  • Kent Farnsworth
    Kent Farnsworth 22 hours ago

    On the happy birthday they didn’t care about dog 🥺

  • OffRoad
    OffRoad 22 hours ago

    If your dogs show teeth in anger you had best start training the dog big time!

  • Laura Shales
    Laura Shales 22 hours ago

    the first one is sooooooo funny

  • سامح محمد

    This channel destroyed all the fun by playing loud music !

  • Gail S. Newberg
    Gail S. Newberg 22 hours ago


  • S L E E P Y P A S T E L S

    3:45 we find it cute and funny that the cat got stuck wrapped around garbage but animals all over the world are being choked by other wasteful products Not trying to delighten the mood, just reminding people of that’s happening

  • Krissy's Spice 4 life & M.O.L Skin Deco

    It's sooooooo cute till ur clothes come out of the dryer smelling like cat piss

  • Christopher Mods
    Christopher Mods 23 hours ago

    Google assistant jajajajaja, one second WTF....

  • Boofoonians
    Boofoonians 23 hours ago

    My dog used to chase people on a bike a lot. It got so bad, finally I had to take his bike away.

  • 佐藤和弘

    1:11 thats how a pure being stays harmless against a stupid predator

  • Iridien
    Iridien 23 hours ago

    V. Crcccsa

  • Daddy Cool
    Daddy Cool 23 hours ago

    thanks God. Thanks to the people who created the glasses

  • Angela Contreras
    Angela Contreras 23 hours ago


  • M Sagri
    M Sagri 23 hours ago

    For those of you who feel happy, remember that chances are only half of those people stayed married...

  • M Sagri
    M Sagri Day ago

    I thought proposals were supposed to be intimate and private. Hey, maybe I was wrong.

  • Twisted Wayne
    Twisted Wayne Day ago

    So cute little rascals

  • Jov Santural
    Jov Santural Day ago

    where's the video for the thumbnail tho 😭

  • LordOfThe Flightless

    How tf did we survive before civilisation. And that cheetahs hiss somes up my opinion on this, teasing us other animals is just being a dick. Also the eagret is like 'yeet'

  • Dan
    Dan Day ago

    7:04: "Nem nem nem nem nem nem nem nem nem nem nem nem".

  • BridgmonLife
    BridgmonLife Day ago

    404 meme not found...me: dejavu for meh

  • Hrvoje Horvat
    Hrvoje Horvat Day ago

    8:19 garfield?

  • BridgmonLife
    BridgmonLife Day ago

    How dare u Tommy u stole it!!!

  • BridgmonLife
    BridgmonLife Day ago

    I like trains I'm so tired

  • BridgmonLife
    BridgmonLife Day ago

    We need pot

  • Super Blaze99
    Super Blaze99 Day ago

    How can a cat not do anything to a rodent. If this is possible then Lions too can eat veggies.

  • Caldo De pollo

    0:52 😂😂 I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants

  • BridgmonLife
    BridgmonLife Day ago

    I need drains

  • BridgmonLife
    BridgmonLife Day ago

    Im raiding the comment section

  • BridgmonLife
    BridgmonLife Day ago

    I meant dantdm

  • BridgmonLife
    BridgmonLife Day ago

    Lets go watch dantdm

  • BridgmonLife
    BridgmonLife Day ago

    Lets go watch danger

  • BridgmonLife
    BridgmonLife Day ago

    We need doge 🐕