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  • Страшна Вырубай

    Блять, это была не аскорбинка...

  • DevilTrigger
    DevilTrigger 51 minute ago

    How's it possible that Terminator model looks identical to Arnold but Joker model looks weird as fuck, like some Angsty teenager?

  • The King
    The King 55 minutes ago

    Far better than mk11 trailer + song 🙆‍♀️

  • Ryan Washington
    Ryan Washington Hour ago

    White people be bitching about this trailer because of the 21 savage song but how you think black people felt for all the other trailers?

  • Dekkin Ortega
    Dekkin Ortega 2 hours ago

    Anyone 2019

  • askela superior
    askela superior 2 hours ago

    Scorpions air teleport should be nerfed to oblivion. It brakes whole game concept. It just free BS.

  • Lee Jun
    Lee Jun 3 hours ago

    Jared Leto joker should be on this game, not the classic joker. Joaquin joker would be nice too

  • Obvious Signss
    Obvious Signss 4 hours ago

    Best trailer ever

  • Lakisha Heath
    Lakisha Heath 4 hours ago

    When I first saw this trailer I was maining jade now it's Shang Tsung

  • Ellie
    Ellie 5 hours ago

    Estou animado pelo Terminator , os demais achei irrelevante

  • honk
    honk 6 hours ago

    So far, only Shang Tsung and Nightwolf have been released. Terminator's voice better be good

  • Dentdesabre
    Dentdesabre 7 hours ago

    Joker could have been great. If mark hamil was doing the voice

  • christtian jimenez
    christtian jimenez 7 hours ago

    Arnold Schwarzenegger AKA "THE TERMINATOR" is so COOOOOOOOL.

  • Tiago83PT
    Tiago83PT 10 hours ago

    Please I want this players on MK. Michael Myers, Matthew Cordell, Hellraiser and Pumpkinhead. Only bad guys.

  • intheshitter
    intheshitter 12 hours ago

    Is it too late to swap Joker for Pinhead? :(

  • Endlessapple 936
    Endlessapple 936 13 hours ago

    I love scorpion my dad played mk when they made them in the arcade he is a fan of scorpion now I am too

  • Jorge Sepúlveda Hernández

    Kombat Pack #2 would Be like: Fujin Sheeva Sareena Ash Williams Batman Rugal Bernstein

  • Evilgoat56
    Evilgoat56 15 hours ago

    the Joker looks weird but the laugh is perfect, Spawn looking good and the Terminator does too.

  • Daniel J Maximoff
    Daniel J Maximoff 15 hours ago

    Noob-Smoke's grandmother is in it.

  • Flake NaZi
    Flake NaZi 15 hours ago

    Pack 2 DLC for MK!!: Rugal Bernstein (KoF) Fulgore and Jago (Killer Instinct) Wolverine (Marvel) Prototype (Ultraforce)

  • pythonagm
    pythonagm 15 hours ago

    now we just need robocop.

  • crash2912
    crash2912 15 hours ago

    Joker looks like shit

  • Unknown Josh
    Unknown Josh 16 hours ago

    Jhonny you should of been blind son of a motherf

    WARSLET 16 hours ago

    It never gets old :)

  • AlejoConejo2209
    AlejoConejo2209 17 hours ago

    Anyone else find it lame asf that they didn't fight in this trailer like they did on the Injustice 2 trailers???

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez 17 hours ago

    Add steven

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez 17 hours ago

    Add Steven universe

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez 17 hours ago

    Add steven

  • Fortnite GAMER
    Fortnite GAMER 17 hours ago

    I remember when this trailer was Hype

  • Jorge Quinones
    Jorge Quinones 17 hours ago

    For me Nightwolf, t 800,and sindel look badass spawn and Shang tsung are ok joker not so much

  • Lu Coca Mclean
    Lu Coca Mclean 18 hours ago

    MK is dead.

  • J 22544
    J 22544 18 hours ago

    Petition to have Robocop in the second Kombat Pack for the old time rivalry between The Terminator!

  • Marc Kra
    Marc Kra 20 hours ago

    Guys, please buff Raiden! He is a freaking GOD! :) He shouldn't have those base level issues.

  • Lucas de Arruda Lara
    Lucas de Arruda Lara 20 hours ago


  • Artistic_Miguel Draws

    Just one thing i want to say is that, maybe next time try not to move the camera too much because you can see the game looking like it is moving to much the background also know that MKX moves standard because the camera facing in the game does not move that much like in the MK11. Next mk game try to make it better ;). I'm a fan of this game.


    Like👍: Sub Zero Comentario 💬: Baraka

  • MarkZillaX
    MarkZillaX 21 hour ago

    1:2:10 why is a Gojira ad playing

  • Joshua Schneider
    Joshua Schneider 21 hour ago

    The way they make these guys look a bit animated but still so life like is outstanding. And still... “Savagery is no match for skill.” I mean, that’s got to be one of the best sub-zero lines possible.

  • YoungXBardock -
    YoungXBardock - 21 hour ago

    I'm still waiting for Darth Vader or someone from Star wars to make a entrance

  • C gamer
    C gamer 23 hours ago

    Can we get a new mode that is a R.P.G and us the cac and give him different items from the game like scorpeon's seat and subzero's ice ball like this comment if it should be a new mode

  • Jordan Boyd
    Jordan Boyd 23 hours ago

    Missed opportunity not to put Pennywise in Mortal Kombat 11. Still, very excited to play as Spawn ripping Joker to shreds!

  • Diesel
    Diesel 23 hours ago

    Loving sindel and joker dont know y jokers getting hate so much ull be able to change his outfits etc

  • Felicia Tabureanu


  • Shadow God
    Shadow God Day ago

    1:17 When you get done destroying everybody, but then sombody named 驅逐艦 shows up

  • Loghan Thompson-Verquin

    this song OMFG

  • An Tran
    An Tran Day ago


  • Gabe R.
    Gabe R. Day ago

    Cetrion is voiced by Mary Elizabeth Mcglynn. She’s voiced in a few animes, plays Dr. Maheswaren in Steven Universe, and has sang in a lot of games in the Silent Hill franchise, even voice acting in the 2012 HD Collection of Silent Hill 2. This woman can’t get enough credit.

  • One Kebab
    One Kebab Day ago

    still one of the best game trailers of all time

  • AaliyahV
    AaliyahV Day ago

    They should have hired me for this I’d be a better mileena than her 😂

  • Jeuz Llorenz Colendra Apita

    Include pennywise 😂😂

  • hayder Dragovic

    The problem with Mk11 is disgusting heavy spamming game as mkx No chance for close combat charcter to win Cetrion bitch skarlet bitch jade bitch dominate the kombat league And sonya bitch very strong in close combat like cassie bitch Mk11 bitch addition buff Scorpion twat and Scum SZ should be removed And you bring a Chinese shit shung tsung to make it more spamming Really disgusting game

  • A_ 7 _F
    A_ 7 _F Day ago

    when the fuck will release terminator trailer?

  • Andrzej Kucharski

    Fighter pack 2: Mileena Ferra/torr Triborg Pennywise Robocop Chucky

  • IQ ninja
    IQ ninja Day ago

    1:39:40 y y y y you yo yoy .. fuuuck lag !

  • Acala
    Acala Day ago

    the joker looks like he was made in WWE 2K19

  • agustin
    agustin Day ago

    Mortal Kombat 11: The Redemption of Lord Raiden! ♡

  • Grade A Wanker


  • Doug Gilmour
    Doug Gilmour Day ago

    Kombat Pack II revealed! - Reptile - Smoke - Cyrax - Fulgore - Spinal - Kratos

  • im nobody
    im nobody Day ago

    i would love hear johnny say to terminator, american robot

  • Benjamin Orozco

    Spawns gonna clap some cheeks😂

  • George Morgan Webb

    I am definitely wanting to see gameplay trailers for the Terminator and Sindel please?

      INFECTED 20 hours ago

      George Morgan Webb terminators will be between the 20th and the 26th

  • George Morgan Webb

    Unlike Predator, Alien, Jason Voorhees, Leatherface and Freddy Krueger from Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat (2011), the Terminator is going to be the first non-horror character in MK11.

  • George Morgan Webb

    Keith David will be reprising his role as Spawn in MK11 as he previously voiced him in the animated series.

  • George Morgan Webb

    Joker was previously in MKvs.DCU. But I think this might be a different Joker unlike his original counterpart from DC Comics.

    • Cheap Coffee
      Cheap Coffee 9 hours ago

      No.. No, it's the same joker, just with less detail and charisma. Dude looks like a teenager cosplaying in a cheap costume.

  • George Morgan Webb

    I can't believe that MK11 is putting a comic book superhero and supervillain (Spawn from Image Comics and Joker from DC Comics) in the game.

  • Eddie Ortiz
    Eddie Ortiz Day ago

    They made Joker look like a pervert.

  • Гер Эйн
    Гер Эйн Day ago

    Yeaah, Spawn is a live.

  • Toaletni Papirko

    Dont mind me... Just a Jade main coming through

  • Bat Ranger117
    Bat Ranger117 Day ago

    What’s that music

  • XanMan the second
    XanMan the second 2 days ago

    Terminator trailer when?

  • strictlyRnB717soul
    strictlyRnB717soul 2 days ago

    I know I'm out on a limb with this one, but I really REALLY would like to see Blade be a DLC!!

  • Денис Вопонецкий


  • Girlslovechocolate
    Girlslovechocolate 2 days ago

    10:48 she said it looks like no one is controlling jade ☠️😂

  • hugo ruda
    hugo ruda 2 days ago

    Cetrion and kronika are so wack Worst mk villians

  • Michał Jaśpiński

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  • Jon the Wolf
    Jon the Wolf 2 days ago


  • Astyn
    Astyn 2 days ago

    This is worst joker that i ever seen in my entire life

    • Cheap Coffee
      Cheap Coffee 9 hours ago

      Damn true. It's such a shame that all the other characters look SO amazing, but the Joker looks god-awful, like they ran out of money when they got to him.

  • Zim
    Zim 2 days ago

    i screamed at termonator

  • Shandong Daxue
    Shandong Daxue 2 days ago

    Scorpion for ssbu

  • The Neutral ZONE
    The Neutral ZONE 2 days ago

    Not sure why they added Joker and Terminator should have used those slots for other MK characters. just my opinion.

  • Jjlred
    Jjlred 2 days ago

    Spawn?! I thought everyone forgot about him, can't wait to start maining him.

  • camaxtle
    camaxtle 2 days ago

    Like when fans are heard 😎😎😎😎

  • Luis Oliva
    Luis Oliva 2 days ago

    Bro Scar's Lao is crazy, he's probably the best with lotus fist.

  • Nicolas S.
    Nicolas S. 2 days ago

    Hey, there NRS... When we will get that Klassic Scorpion skin? This one from the trailer (1:34 to take a look at it) is still the best Scorpion costume design and its a shame that you didnt include it in the game yet. The one from the Story Mode is nice but isnt that great and the one from the Kombat Pack wasnt so special after all. I mean, both are cool but this one is... *¡Hellfire!*

  • 10takechi
    10takechi 2 days ago

    I hate Cetrion players, bunch of cowards

  • Armando Ledesma
    Armando Ledesma 2 days ago

    Should’ve chose John wick

  • Draven Mowers
    Draven Mowers 2 days ago

    Is there any way I could get the intro sequence by itself on a 10 hour loop?

  • Danny ROSAS and friends gaming

    Can you please put ghostface

  • Daniel kephart
    Daniel kephart 2 days ago

    0:16 Why when say define his land yall can not lie yall get goosebumps or get hype the hell up when says that sentence woah shit about to go down

  • Easton Rise up
    Easton Rise up 2 days ago

    Joker lookin like an SNL reboot

  • Solo Sergio HD
    Solo Sergio HD 2 days ago

    I Want The Most DLC Character is Kobra Drahmin Pumpkin Head Pennywise Hellboy

  • Rosbin Palencia
    Rosbin Palencia 2 days ago

    The game play is alot slower then mkx

  • transam2002ws6
    transam2002ws6 2 days ago

    Shang Tsung is a monster.

  • 300game
    300game 2 days ago


  • Mario Prendi
    Mario Prendi 2 days ago

    If Terminator doesn't say "Hasta la vista" during supers and "I'll be back" when he wins, I'm not even buying it.

  • Man in Tidy Whities

    Dimitri Vegas as Sub Zero? I wouldn't be surprised if Shaq is Geras


    Kombat pack 2: Peppa Pig Ben 10 iCarly Donald Trump Rick and Morty Phineas and Ferb

  • Mateo Rocha Gomez
    Mateo Rocha Gomez 3 days ago


  • S6N 6F G6D
    S6N 6F G6D 3 days ago

    1:50, when you realise tomorrow is monday.

  • Djinn871
    Djinn871 3 days ago

    Why did they make Joker look so stupid?

    • Falloutbo1
      Falloutbo1 2 days ago

      It's looks better than Dimitri vegas as sub zero 🙄