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  • Kurai Tsuki
    Kurai Tsuki Hour ago

    A neverending story

  • Valene Clark
    Valene Clark 2 hours ago

    Its so beautiful im cryinng right now 😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😭😭😭😭

  • Selena Locricchio
    Selena Locricchio 4 hours ago

    Other kids: *plays Mary had a little lamb* Jaiden: *plays Pachabel’s Canon in D* Jaiden: so, who’s going to play the piano?

  • Yolo Swagger 6000
    Yolo Swagger 6000 5 hours ago

    all these people with *Jaiden* are *slightly* annoying since I'm an actual pianist.

  • Sprinklefan fan
    Sprinklefan fan 6 hours ago

    Oof almost everyone is here because of Jaiden

  • Sig
    Sig 9 hours ago

    byy the way, this song already had 25- 30 million views before Jaiden Animations said anything ok, stop thinking that she's a "charitable" person by "giving" this person more views. She's not, stop idolizing people.

  • Sig
    Sig 9 hours ago

    OMG what a beautiful song, i hear this in every wedding and now it is ingrained inside my head for weddings to replay inside my head every tie ihear this song.

  • empty handyman
    empty handyman 13 hours ago

    maroon 5 - memories

  • Mohsin
    Mohsin 18 hours ago

    came here from the leftovers

  • Voltynounet
    Voltynounet Day ago


    • Kishore Singh Rajput
      Kishore Singh Rajput 16 hours ago

      Same here. I have known this song since childhood so I am just listening it and the comments are annoying af

  • CoCo Prower
    CoCo Prower Day ago

    So like, am I the only one who found this without finding it through this jaiden animation guy 😂

  • Rainbow Walrus

    Am I the only one who knew the song BEFORE Jaiden Animations?!😂 I’m just looking for good sheet music.😂

  • Fatima San juan

  • Thuy An
    Thuy An Day ago

    arrrggggggggggg this piece kill my heart

  • The Gaming Center

    Jaiden Animations, wow you really were overqualified because this requires significantly more skill than mary had a little lamb and twinkle twinkle little star.

  • Some one
    Some one Day ago

    0:50 rip replay button

  • colechuckle
    colechuckle Day ago

    Here from piano tiles 2 anyone? Lol

  • Mr. Stark
    Mr. Stark Day ago

    Whos here because of Maroon 5?

  • eug Evangelista


  • Margel Sayaman

    I have no idea who this Jaiden is.

  • jess kirschner

    who yhe hell is jaiden

  • annyeonghaseyo bitches


  • Dragon -AnimeStuff&more

    Everyone is saying Jaiden but where are my Twoset fans at?

  • Aying Longchar
    Aying Longchar 2 days ago

    Take me back to 2007

  • Gaming Whitefang
    Gaming Whitefang 2 days ago

    Tfw you actually searched for the song and didnt come from Jaiden or whoever xd

  • Inderjot Singh
    Inderjot Singh 2 days ago

    Here after reading comments of Memories by Maroon 5

    • Sohai Gary
      Sohai Gary 2 days ago

      Inderjot Singh 🙋🏻‍♂️here i am

  • Min3blox Scholle
    Min3blox Scholle 2 days ago

    No one cares if they listen this in 2019

  • Chris Legaspi
    Chris Legaspi 2 days ago

    Who the fuck is jaiden?

  • Luke S.
    Luke S. 3 days ago

    1.25 is perfect.... normal is just was just way too slow!

  • Carlos Reyes
    Carlos Reyes 3 days ago

    At piano game there is a song like this then... I played in and I saw title "Canon in D Easy" and I tried playing it later on I find out its like familiar. I've heard this song as my ears getting clear and to hear the song sadly I started crying while playing. I got good score! 3crowns

    • Carlos Reyes
      Carlos Reyes 3 days ago

      like guys please! My grandparents passed away also my close relatives😭also my beloved grandpa had a 4 times stroke! please pray for my family and relatives. Thank You!

  • Andres Correa
    Andres Correa 3 days ago

    Thade Correa played this piece,our son.Check him out or Google him.

  • Drive knight
    Drive knight 4 days ago

    This song is more overused than the 1.I woke up 2.I won 290000$ Read 2,1 comments

  • Thatanimeboytwentyseven _

    Am I the only one who came because I actually like the song

  • Alien soy
    Alien soy 4 days ago

    Piano tiles 2??

  • Knox Cameron
    Knox Cameron 4 days ago

    to many Mistakes in it

  • Twenty7 Lavender
    Twenty7 Lavender 4 days ago

    Ganda ng pakinggan,I have a organ but don't know how to play,i love music especially instrumental

  • PotaShiTo
    PotaShiTo 4 days ago

    Damn the memories -Jaiden Animations -Piano tiles - childhood piano music

  • The Smiling Titan Sama

    But I'm here coz of 2setviolin

  • Zelly A
    Zelly A 5 days ago


  • Youtube Com
    Youtube Com 5 days ago

    Them:Jaiden brought me here Uhm..hello piano tiles..

  • Jacob71583
    Jacob71583 5 days ago

    hAhA WhO eLsE cAMe fRoM JaIDeN some of us are actually into piano

  • Emily Richardson
    Emily Richardson 5 days ago

    This is absolutely my favorite peace of classical music. I cant think of any other piece better so I’m just gonna let my little band geek self enjoy this beauty. 🙃

  • Madmax
    Madmax 6 days ago

    Natong/Delong💔 #OALS

  • Just Katie
    Just Katie 6 days ago

    One day I hope to walk down the aisle to this song and I hope my grandparents live to see ♥️

  • a rubber shoe
    a rubber shoe 6 days ago

    *scatman's world*

  • otaku adolf hitler
    otaku adolf hitler 6 days ago

    Thanx piano tailer

  • Michel Bagallon
    Michel Bagallon 6 days ago


  • Shreyas rao
    Shreyas rao 7 days ago

    Here after watching an episode of 'The Wonder Years'

  • benito mussolini
    benito mussolini 7 days ago

    Chi cazzo è jaiden?

  • Las Vegas
    Las Vegas 7 days ago sad piano

  • Uzer 0100
    Uzer 0100 7 days ago

    This song was played on my father s funeral. What a lovely song this is... I listen to it very much whit my father on my mind.

    • Uzzername
      Uzzername 6 days ago

      I'm sorry for your loss. Sending hugs ❤️

  • Tere N.
    Tere N. 7 days ago

    Lol what? I came here from a meme but okay

  • Hatster
    Hatster 7 days ago

    When you're actually here because you realized gold island from My Singing Monsters bares a passing resemblence to this.

  • Duonghuy Hai
    Duonghuy Hai 7 days ago


  • doodwitahood 1
    doodwitahood 1 8 days ago

    Wait you guys only knew the title because of Jaiden? I mean not to brag, but i know this song from the top of my head -_- Also animation squad REPRESENT!

  • AJthingz
    AJthingz 8 days ago

    what i mean is ive heard this song before but never knew the name XD lol

  • AJthingz
    AJthingz 8 days ago

    oh so this is what this song is called XD

  • just rileyjane//ojsan

    *Came here after Piano Tiles 2 game*

  • CrimsonStang
    CrimsonStang 8 days ago

    Who the hell is Jaiden and why are all these people talking about him?

    • Uzzername
      Uzzername 6 days ago

      Same question. Pachelbel sent me here. Lol

  • Eric Lazaro
    Eric Lazaro 8 days ago


  • giấu tên
    giấu tên 9 days ago


  • Gregory Meyer
    Gregory Meyer 9 days ago


  • Gregory Meyer
    Gregory Meyer 9 days ago

    Beautiful jaiden

  • Apos Ath
    Apos Ath 9 days ago

    The power metal chord progression

  • Vicky B.
    Vicky B. 9 days ago

    Wow 😭❤ it's so beautiful

    GOT EEM 9 days ago

    Jaiden, you op when it comes to the piano

  • Adriano Uriel S dos Santos

    Aaaaah que linda

  • I dont care about what you feel and f you

    I still remember this song And why is the comment filled with Jaiden?

  • Mariel Fear
    Mariel Fear 10 days ago

    We have a piano at our house ;)

  • Hi I’m ok
    Hi I’m ok 10 days ago

    I want this to play on my wedding day the song I walk down the isle with

  • Brett Gibbs
    Brett Gibbs 10 days ago

    Im from Don't Talk to Strangers

  • jsjz Jsjs
    jsjz Jsjs 10 days ago

    Tranquilo aquí esta el comentario en español

  • thehitterman
    thehitterman 11 days ago

    It would be easier if Pachelbel wrote it in C

  • un family
    un family 11 days ago

    Piano n harmonium music is different

    STYSLIX SS 11 days ago

    0:49 for best part

  • Takumi Fujiwara
    Takumi Fujiwara 11 days ago

    Takumi Fujiwara likes listen to the music.

  • LinkingHeartZ
    LinkingHeartZ 11 days ago

    FOOLS, i knew this because of Evangelion, not Jaiden

  • Adam Alfaro
    Adam Alfaro 11 days ago

    Makes me feel good

  • Mikikiki Mikikiki
    Mikikiki Mikikiki 12 days ago

    If you came here from piano tiles you are an uncultured swine

    • Ditzy Doo
      Ditzy Doo 3 hours ago

      Nah, we all came here from jaidenanimations, yes sire

  • I like HP and Chungus


  • Ruby Ann Leal
    Ruby Ann Leal 12 days ago

    Napadpad dahil sa Our Asymtotically Love Story. Hays. Ang ganda. 😊

  • Arjun Nameirakpam
    Arjun Nameirakpam 12 days ago

    This song makes me miss someone who dosent exist

  • Lyric Gibson
    Lyric Gibson 13 days ago

    Your weak LaDawn

  • Lyric Gibson
    Lyric Gibson 13 days ago

    I played a young dead lesbian bitch made her try to fall in love with me got what I wanted now we're not together move on

  • Conejete y Perrete Art's

    like si leiste los comentarios y todos ablan de jaiden animations y sabes quien es y sabes de que animacion hablan

  • 腦筋急轉彎
    腦筋急轉彎 13 days ago


  • Elizabeth Boman
    Elizabeth Boman 13 days ago

    I like it👇

  • Athena CA
    Athena CA 13 days ago


  • Gabriela A
    Gabriela A 14 days ago

    I played Piano Tiles xd

  • Inalyaktsu B
    Inalyaktsu B 14 days ago

    Who the fuck is Jaiden?

  • SpaceDoggo
    SpaceDoggo 14 days ago

    This whole comment section: JaiDEn aNiMAtiONs? Me: Pretty song for my roblox horror game uwu

  • Moses Israel
    Moses Israel 14 days ago

    lets see if we can get 1000 dislikes boys and girls

  • Rose Red
    Rose Red 14 days ago

    Ling ling

  • Rose Red
    Rose Red 14 days ago

    Two set violin

  • Israr Khan
    Israr Khan 14 days ago

    I am hear after playing this on Piano Tiles 😧

  • Aileen Quiman
    Aileen Quiman 14 days ago

    Thanks to Sassy Girl I've known this song, though I think the canon piece used in the movie was C. Anyway, C or D as long as it's Canon by Pachelbel, it's still the great!

  • Jessica bebegurl
    Jessica bebegurl 15 days ago

    I came here to think adout cam rip only 20 😪😭 my heart before i found out cam died 💖 my heart when i fould out he died 💔

  • Angi 92
    Angi 92 15 days ago

    This will my wedding song

  • Matchstick75
    Matchstick75 15 days ago

    Who the frick is Jaiden? I'm just here cause i like the song