The Masked Singer
The Masked Singer
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  • dre blvck
    dre blvck 2 minutes ago

    “i just pray i don’t fall over” 😂😂😂😂💀 okay michelle please don’t.

  • Ben Weiss
    Ben Weiss 6 minutes ago

    Barack Obama

  • Missiehillie
    Missiehillie 6 minutes ago

    He has the build, body type, and dramatic arm movements of Rippon....

  • snowflakelove1616
    snowflakelove1616 6 minutes ago

    Michelle Williams

  • CeCe CeCe
    CeCe CeCe 7 minutes ago

    Shawn Mendes

  • May Flower
    May Flower 8 minutes ago

    The butterfly has to Alley Brooke ?

  • Amber McCoy-Current
    Amber McCoy-Current 10 minutes ago

    Demi or Raven

  • Alberto Texidor
    Alberto Texidor 13 minutes ago

    Those are my guesses: 1. Skeleton--Christopher Meloni 2. Fox--Ray Fisher 3. Ice Cream--Freddie Highmore 4. Eagle--Alice Cooper 5. Christmas Tree--Teresa Guidice 6. Flamingo--Adrienne Bailon (Adrienne Houghton) 7. Butterfly-Michelle Williams 8. Penguin-Cindy Lauper 9. Egg-Johnny Weir or Greg Louganis 10. Rottweiler-Lil Bow Wow or Benny Blanco 11. The Leopard-Omarosa Manigault 12. Panda-Niki Nakayama or Christine Ha 13. Rose-Solána Imani Rowe (SZA) or Mayim Bialik 14. Black Widow-Kim Wilde, Lana Del Rey or Jillian Rose Banks (BANKS) 15. Thingamajig-Victor Oladipo or Wayne Brady

  • Penguin Entertainment
    Penguin Entertainment 14 minutes ago

    BRO 😂 We know a Cheetah sister when we hear one ❤❤❤❤

  • Amber McCoy-Current
    Amber McCoy-Current 15 minutes ago

    John Legend or Wayne Brady!

  • Amber McCoy-Current
    Amber McCoy-Current 20 minutes ago

    Brendon Urie?!

  • Anarchy Dragon Channel
    Anarchy Dragon Channel 24 minutes ago

    Ryan o Neal maybe

  • Penguin Entertainment
    Penguin Entertainment 25 minutes ago

    This BETTER be Raven Symone

  • Bitch you don’t gotta like me

    Definitely Michelle 😂

  • Zachary Busch
    Zachary Busch 32 minutes ago

    That dog is Chris daughtry

    • Zachary Busch
      Zachary Busch 32 minutes ago

      On American idol Chris daughtry was in randy dog pound

  • Bitch you don’t gotta like me

    I know this Adrienne plus her husband Israel liked this video on instagram

  • Savion P
    Savion P 38 minutes ago

    Ok ok the fox is not an marvel superhero he is an dc superhero he has one robot eye like cyborg which is jay fisher aka cyborg

  • Chaos Theorem
    Chaos Theorem 40 minutes ago

    Definitely Wayne Brady or Aloe Blacc

  • Savion P
    Savion P 40 minutes ago

    Next video who is the fox

  • Savion P
    Savion P 41 minute ago

    Alice coopee

  • Savion P
    Savion P 41 minute ago

    Bret micheals

  • Molina Long
    Molina Long 41 minute ago

    The celebrities on season two in the masked singer Are Adrienne bailon - the flamingo Wayne Brady Fantasia - the butterfly Cyndi Lauper - the Penguin Brendon Urie - the leopard Rachel Ray - the panda Martha Stewart - the tree

  • Savion P
    Savion P 41 minute ago

    Steve miller or

  • Savion P
    Savion P 42 minutes ago

    Raven saymone or scarlet johanson

  • Savion P
    Savion P 43 minutes ago

    I cant get it but i think hes an olyimpian

  • Leeser Durjava
    Leeser Durjava 45 minutes ago

    This is Weird Al Yankovick The first vowel of alphabet is A and the last vowel of alphabet is Y!

  • Chaos Theorem
    Chaos Theorem 45 minutes ago

    Terry Crews? He's basically protein and on Brooklyn 99 he's always eating eggs

  • Juju B
    Juju B 50 minutes ago

    This is definitely a moth. Michelle Williams for sure

  • Axel Cruz
    Axel Cruz 50 minutes ago

    this is my girl adrienne bailon

  • Galaxy -samaシ
    Galaxy -samaシ 57 minutes ago

    Omg I just love all the puns 😂

  • Pinkispuff Cavy
    Pinkispuff Cavy 58 minutes ago

    Wayne fucking Brady!

  • sydney
    sydney Hour ago

    Ally brooke from fifth harmony. The way she sounds and especially the high notes sound just like her

  • John F. Kennedy
    John F. Kennedy Hour ago

    Bro. What if it was actually OJ Simpson.

  • Juju B
    Juju B Hour ago

    I’m guessing Johnny Weir or Adam Rippon

  • Jane Cosmo
    Jane Cosmo Hour ago

    ADRIENNE !! & she sounds so good 😫😫💗💗💗 so happy she has the confidence to perform again. It’s absolutely mind blowing that she didn’t think she was a good singer

    • Jane Cosmo
      Jane Cosmo Hour ago

      This is a voice of our CHILDHOOD. How did they think people wouldn’t instantly recognize that voice. And her dads name is joe

  • A M
    A M Hour ago

    Who do you all think the tree is?

  • Sammy Golden
    Sammy Golden Hour ago

    Thats miss Adrienne Bailon 😍😍😍 so happy shes got confidence enough to start singing again

  • Islanders Fan
    Islanders Fan Hour ago

    It’s obvious it’s billy Ray Cyrus. “He knows that if he wears a mask he can live out his wildest dreams” that’s a reference to Hannah Montana living her dream while having a secret identity. And he wears stuff like that bandanna.

  • Tiamichelle24
    Tiamichelle24 Hour ago

    Adrienne bailon

  • Chimchimmochi Bangtan_Army

    The way he walk like Jhope from bts😂😂😂😂So why not???

  • Nick Mancha
    Nick Mancha Hour ago

    Is it Monica ?

  • Colleen Nikstenas

    Adam Ant.

  • Norayr Gevorkyan

    Do they have the whole show already filmed or do they film an episode once a week

  • Weisser M.
    Weisser M. Hour ago

    You all know that this is Michelle Williams from Destiny’s child! 😂

  • Jeff23
    Jeff23 Hour ago

    Every Disney Channel Fan and Cheetah Girl Stan knows this voice this is definitely Raven Symone ❤️❤️❤️

  • bts721
    bts721 2 hours ago

    he is not my baby jhope :(((((

  • Lyric Queen
    Lyric Queen 2 hours ago

    Yeah the asparagus is definitely Wayne Brady no doubt about it.

  • Tiffy
    Tiffy 2 hours ago

    AU means gold on the periodic table. Many think it could mean gold medal. But it could mean gold records.

  • camille espy
    camille espy 2 hours ago

    These costumes are so dope what are they gonna do with them after the show?

  • Tiff Z
    Tiff Z 2 hours ago

    Her voice sounds familiar. Like, I’m thinking she’s from a girl group back in the late 90’s or early 2000’s. 🤔

  • X Orange pOp x
    X Orange pOp x 2 hours ago

    hEE hEe HeE HEEEEE

  • Danielle Baldwin
    Danielle Baldwin 2 hours ago

    I thought this was supposed to be hard I damn near know half the cast already

  • Tyler Flear
    Tyler Flear 2 hours ago

    Definitely Michelle Williams!

  • Thatwa Atikah
    Thatwa Atikah 2 hours ago

    JHOPE? RM? 🤔

  • Jackson Wang’s Fan

    Did they copy the korean version ?

  • Anna Smith
    Anna Smith 2 hours ago

    Besides her voice, the way she’s moving her hips and hands-it’s definitely Adrienne Bailon. Her movements were the same when she performed on The Real

  • Rudy Mastrocinque
    Rudy Mastrocinque 2 hours ago

    Feeling an RnB singer here...Brandy?

  • Myles Wilkinson
    Myles Wilkinson 2 hours ago

    Elizabeth Warren

  • MJTheEnigma
    MJTheEnigma 2 hours ago

    Why is nobody talking about the tarot cards-fortune telling->predicting the future ->that’s so raven! There’s no way it isn’t raven symone

  • Savion P
    Savion P 2 hours ago

    Michelle willams

  • Strict Curl Boogie
    Strict Curl Boogie 2 hours ago

    The costumes rarely have to do with their personality or things they’ve done, the costumes aren’t part of the clues... tards

  • ARMY Thailand
    ARMY Thailand 3 hours ago


  • The Turtleclan
    The Turtleclan 3 hours ago


  • The Turtleclan
    The Turtleclan 3 hours ago


  • Li Kevin
    Li Kevin 3 hours ago

    obviously, he's not Jhope because he didn't mention that he loves the sprite

  • New York City Lights

    I know when I hear a Cheetah girl. They thought they was slick.

  • RockaGamer
    RockaGamer 3 hours ago

    Guys, they're saying Thingamajig is 7 Feet tall... Wayne Brady is a whole foot shorter than that bruh.

  • Sarcastic Klutz
    Sarcastic Klutz 3 hours ago

    the nails make me think of cardi b

  • • Kīt Kät •
    • Kīt Kät • 3 hours ago

    wHo Is ThE eAgLe?!

  • Kuhnigit
    Kuhnigit 3 hours ago

    Longshot I know, but what about Sam Smith? "Don't call me Chewbacca, though we do celebrate together." Sam has the same birthday as Peter Mayhew, and the costume's height is probably misleading.

  • Sarcastic Klutz
    Sarcastic Klutz 3 hours ago

    looks more like a moth

  • Jo D.
    Jo D. 3 hours ago

    ellen degeneres

  • Alexx ;;
    Alexx ;; 3 hours ago

    No se inglish para ver las pistas. pero.... se que es Hoseok Ya q V q el egg es muy optimista xd y que es muy buen bailarín Y por que el escenario decía "JUST DANCE" Hasta aquí mi reporte joaquin

  • Arianna Ward
    Arianna Ward 3 hours ago

    I would laugh if it was gordon ramsay

  • Meet the Bubus
    Meet the Bubus 3 hours ago


  • Sarcastic Klutz
    Sarcastic Klutz 3 hours ago

    pro its sports related 🤔

  • Katie elliott
    Katie elliott 3 hours ago

    the monster is a good singer

  • maxine chan
    maxine chan 3 hours ago

    Scarlett Johansson , is that you ? Rita Ora ?

  • Azmi A
    Azmi A 3 hours ago

    Everyone before saying it was Raven Simone like they would let someone get into such an obvious costume!

  • maxine chan
    maxine chan 4 hours ago

    So a rock and roll singer who wears a headband ? I could only think of willie Nelson but he’s a country singer

  • maxine chan
    maxine chan 4 hours ago

    He’s a teen ? I get it now because he said protein and he could be a professional teen singer

  • myliai Koffi
    myliai Koffi 4 hours ago

    its michelle williams

  • Ellen Williams
    Ellen Williams 4 hours ago

    It's Bill Nye the science guy

  • CatKatKit XD
    CatKatKit XD 4 hours ago

    For some reason I feel like it’s a boy (I never seen this I just am watching)

  • Fat Nait
    Fat Nait 4 hours ago

    Bruce Springsteen for the eagle because he wore a red bandana for born in the USA

    • A M
      A M Hour ago

      Fat Nait Bret Michaels or Kid Rock

  • Pedro Henrique Vila Nova Figueredo

    Fantasia or Michelle Willames

  • Ben Weiss
    Ben Weiss 4 hours ago

    It’s Barack Obama.

  • Ben Weiss
    Ben Weiss 4 hours ago

    It’s Barack Obama.

  • Ben Weiss
    Ben Weiss 4 hours ago

    It’s clearly Barack Obama.

  • Danny Donehoo
    Danny Donehoo 4 hours ago

    I think the Leopard is Simon Cowell. He was a judge on AGT when Donald Trump was on the show.

    NATHAN DUFFY 4 hours ago

    Zendaya. She had a song called butterflies and wore a butterfly dress at one premiere. She can “shake up” the competition because she was on Shake it Up. The butterfly effect is her superhero catchphrase much like her costar in Spider-Man. And the pray is because she has fallen over on stage and has the hashtag #prayforTomHolland

  • Carmen86
    Carmen86 4 hours ago

    Adrienne for sure haha

  • Ariadna Higuera
    Ariadna Higuera 4 hours ago


    NATHAN DUFFY 4 hours ago

    First and Last vowels are either AU (gold record/ gold medal) or AY (Weird Al Yankovic)

    • spongebobbette23
      spongebobbette23 Hour ago

      I dont think it would be Weird Al. He's just finished a 64 show tour like two weeks ago.

  • Danny Donehoo
    Danny Donehoo 4 hours ago

    The Egg could be Dimitrios Loundras A and U is the symbol for gold and the egg is "Pro teen" Dimitrios Loundras is the youngest olympian.

  • inkvilares x
    inkvilares x 4 hours ago

    I don't believe it's Axl Rose, he's funnier now than in the past but I don't picture him doing this. Plus the singer is slim and Axl is a bit fat now...

  • Joshmc26 26
    Joshmc26 26 4 hours ago

    Thats so Raven

  • Moria Mcclain
    Moria Mcclain 4 hours ago

    Lol! That is DEFINITELY Raven Symone 🙌🏾 her voice is unmistakable when you grow up listening to her! She tends to slur certain words while singing (I’m going to be VERY confused if I’m wrong lol) I’m almost 100% positive