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  • Yalitza Salazar
    Yalitza Salazar 58 seconds ago

    I love how matt knows what kind of hot sauces they are hes a true Texan❤

  • Abigail Kronfeld
    Abigail Kronfeld Minute ago

    ugh it’s joe

  • lilant4545
    lilant4545 11 minutes ago

    Matt is the King, that kid should be in everyones videos... very funny guy

  • Swizzles
    Swizzles 38 minutes ago

    I made love to a tree once. Always wear a condom when making love to a tree kiddos.

  • melly t
    melly t Hour ago

    josh needs to bring back losing your v card w so and so

  • Travis Whitman
    Travis Whitman Hour ago

    Try Poutine !!!!

  • gabriella nelson

    "Fat people don't like to drink their calories. They don't see the use in it." The former fatty I used to be has never felt more warm and understood.

  • Rebekah Hensley
    Rebekah Hensley Hour ago

    I love these video so much ❤ Joe is the best

  • Max Macindoe
    Max Macindoe Hour ago

    jeff wants to kill this annoying cunt

  • Meghan Flournoy
    Meghan Flournoy Hour ago

    Is there one in Alabama?😂😂

  • temaia julianx
    temaia julianx 2 hours ago

    Omg you guys + Mariah & Heath!!! Yesssss

  • Bri
    Bri 2 hours ago


  • reverse 95
    reverse 95 2 hours ago

    Your not Dr evil laser

  • lil cum stane
    lil cum stane 2 hours ago

    1:33 when girls are drunk at frat house

  • Maria Z
    Maria Z 2 hours ago

    Matt and Joe geeking out about coming of age movies.

  • Kirstin lembcke
    Kirstin lembcke 2 hours ago


  • SirPuddles
    SirPuddles 3 hours ago

    Fat people don't like to drink their calories... Me: Takes another sip of chocolate shake 🙃

  • Cinthia Gutierrez
    Cinthia Gutierrez 3 hours ago

    Ughhh I love brick and flour 😩😩🔥

  • Mia Read
    Mia Read 3 hours ago

    I was so busy listening to Jeff’s story that I got to about five minutes before I realized Joe had already tried the shot so then I had to go back and rewatch it.

  • Marilyn Montañez
    Marilyn Montañez 3 hours ago


  • Jordan Dodds
    Jordan Dodds 3 hours ago

    9:38 all of our hopes got crushed😂😂

  • Ace Williams
    Ace Williams 4 hours ago

    Sound like I'm moving to Hollywood to live the dream with Joe

  • Veronica Becerra
    Veronica Becerra 4 hours ago

    HOW DID I MISS THIS!!!!!!!

  • Veronica Becerra
    Veronica Becerra 4 hours ago


  • Milly Lynn
    Milly Lynn 4 hours ago

    I go where Matt King takes me so 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Javeria Khalil
    Javeria Khalil 4 hours ago

    Jason looking like he wants a bite the whole time

  • Cesar Piri
    Cesar Piri 4 hours ago

    Natalie’s “Hi, everybody” made me melt 😍😩

  • Nia Gibbs
    Nia Gibbs 4 hours ago

    Keep bringing back the King 🤴

  • _ Abstrats _
    _ Abstrats _ 5 hours ago

    I’m glad to know that Brandon’s desk chair is the same as mine and that he’s an Ikea freak just like me. :)

  • Beauty By Lyndsay
    Beauty By Lyndsay 5 hours ago

    Joe: I know everyone thinks I’m gay. Annelise thinks I’m gay, too. But I’m not!

  • Geselle Reyes
    Geselle Reyes 5 hours ago

    he said, ¨WHORE-chata¨ LMFaoOOOOOOOO

  • Jaime Du plessis
    Jaime Du plessis 6 hours ago

    Do one with just Wyatt

  • ssexoduss
    ssexoduss 6 hours ago

    Bruh that’s not bread, it’s a tortilla lol

  • Maria Ramirez
    Maria Ramirez 6 hours ago

    I AGREE ABOUT THE TOOTHPASTE THING especially mint ice crean 🤮

  • Apple Knuckles
    Apple Knuckles 6 hours ago

    its time to have a Stephanie & Joe podcast !

  • killer bruh
    killer bruh 6 hours ago


  • MR.SCOP3
    MR.SCOP3 7 hours ago

    Hey joetato i live up the hill from la/San Bernardino and there's this really good hamburger place in Victorville on 7th street of Old Route 66 it's called Apollo Burgers

  • hayley yelyah
    hayley yelyah 7 hours ago

    Joe reminds me of blippi, he would kill it!! Love the energy joe!!

  • zneb zz
    zneb zz 7 hours ago

    "we must've been nuns in our past lives" 😂😂

  • rueexxi
    rueexxi 7 hours ago

    the whole time i was waiting for zane to come down 😩😩😩

  • flyingbooger
    flyingbooger 7 hours ago

    I didn't realize that joe had quite a psycho killer aura until now

    TAKYA 7 hours ago

    no jonah. Just josh and joe 🙌🏽👍🏽

  • Leah Brushett
    Leah Brushett 7 hours ago

    I physically screamed “What?!” When joe said he’s never seen ND

  • Leah Brushett
    Leah Brushett 8 hours ago

    HAHAHAHAHAHAA I say “ja-lap-in-oh” I know it’s wrong but I won’t stop

  • Yazmin Soto
    Yazmin Soto 8 hours ago

    You guys needed try the real Mexican food like from a Mexican mom, you guys will fall In loveeeeeee!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻😍

  • Elise rubio
    Elise rubio 8 hours ago

    I would pay real money to see Josh in a mosh pit

  • Nope-_-Sorry
    Nope-_-Sorry 8 hours ago

    Mat tato’s

  • Emily Jones15
    Emily Jones15 8 hours ago

    i think the dream mukbang would be matt and tana paul the would be iconic

  • anawonka
    anawonka 8 hours ago

    i watched this while i ate Persian food , Chelo Kabab Barg , it was awesome i enjoyed also

  • big chunguss
    big chunguss 8 hours ago

    This Brandon Roger guy is funny he should have a RU-clip channel I would love to see more

  • Logan McKenna
    Logan McKenna 8 hours ago

    Lol the way Matt made it look when he ate the quesadilla from joe was so sexual 😂😂

  • hellolamby
    hellolamby 8 hours ago

    Jeff is way too hot.

  • Shayla Johnson
    Shayla Johnson 9 hours ago

    Jason to Wyatt “eat it on camera” 🤣

    SHMUCKED 9 hours ago

    Happy birthday Josh

  • Jasmine Parker
    Jasmine Parker 10 hours ago

    Omg joe the old McDonald’s selects are the freaking best!!

  • spill the kTEA
    spill the kTEA 10 hours ago


  • Sarah Costa
    Sarah Costa 10 hours ago


  • Matt Weezy
    Matt Weezy 10 hours ago

    Come on Joe. You know better. You know you need to start with the egg dishes first.

  • jess matatall
    jess matatall 10 hours ago

    how do you not gain so much weight.. you do these like every other day. i wish bro

  • Paulie G 610
    Paulie G 610 11 hours ago

    Ahhh, Old Memories!

  • Jake Iceton
    Jake Iceton 11 hours ago

    Joe is just mad creepy

  • Kay Locs408
    Kay Locs408 11 hours ago

    The sandwich is called a torta

  • Skyler Ricks
    Skyler Ricks 11 hours ago

    Last year in high school my school served those fries 😂

  • Polk
    Polk 11 hours ago

    I watch joe for the emo references

  • KJNH
    KJNH 12 hours ago

    As a Belgian its so weird seein Americans eat chicken with waffles and even a burger made with waffles?! Dafuq XD

  • Stephen Kohonen
    Stephen Kohonen 13 hours ago

    Why the hell hasn't Matt been In more Vlog Squad stuff?

  • ArtAndBeautyFreak
    ArtAndBeautyFreak 14 hours ago

    I love hearing Matt talk. He has so many good topics

  • 666flags
    666flags 14 hours ago

    R they fuckin

  • Lexi T
    Lexi T 15 hours ago

    Hahaha am I the only one that noticed that Josh pulled away a little when Joe was gonna dip his chicken in the sauce hahaha 😂🤣

  • Idk Idk
    Idk Idk 15 hours ago

    Joe I love u so much ur so nice to him but everyone else treats him like sh*t but u treat everyone the same there’s no person that gets more or less attention/respect and I love that about u Fu*k everyone else in the vlog squad that doesn’t respect Jonah I love that kid

  • anawonka
    anawonka 15 hours ago

    How dare u remove tomato and pickles from food wtf

  • Carol Tassin
    Carol Tassin 16 hours ago

    A friend of mine (rip) knew ICP & I talked to them on the phone, quite normal actually!!!!!

  • whois bigsal
    whois bigsal 16 hours ago

    “Was she a greaser!” 😂😂😂😂 omg

  • erthd
    erthd 17 hours ago

    Yo I finally know that in-and-out fries will taste like hickory sticks

  • Anna Lylia
    Anna Lylia 17 hours ago

    nobody: joe: i’m not really a sauce guy

  • Honeymoon Avenue
    Honeymoon Avenue 17 hours ago

    Omg they’re BOTH Hollywood Undead fans no way i lol im so shook i loved their music growing up!

  • Stinky Hernandez
    Stinky Hernandez 17 hours ago

    Joe is so smart he found a way to get free hookups of dope food

  • Shelsea Reynoso
    Shelsea Reynoso 17 hours ago

    Matt said guacamole, ranch AND pickles. I’m definitely love😍

    GIZMO JIZZ 17 hours ago

    Does anyone know the brand of matts hoodie??

  • RoseThe Great
    RoseThe Great 18 hours ago

    Can I have a sandwich on pancakes Lolololol josh you’re so funny

  • Berenice Sarabia
    Berenice Sarabia 18 hours ago

    "It's what we/they want" 😂

  • danielle vasquez
    danielle vasquez 18 hours ago

    Happy Birthday Josh!! Go see Slipknot! 🤘

  • K B
    K B 18 hours ago

    When Joe said he’s not a sauce guy I got triggered because it made me think of Trisha 😂

    • Whitney Morris
      Whitney Morris 17 hours ago

      and sauces are the best part, especially with a chicken tender 😭

  • Adriah's Vids
    Adriah's Vids 18 hours ago

    Only 253 comments slight chance joe and josh might see this one “ hi guys!!”

  • Hunter Harris
    Hunter Harris 18 hours ago

    8:23. I sub because of Brandon he’s hilarious 😂

  • Jordyn Obryant
    Jordyn Obryant 18 hours ago

    Calling a torta a sandwich kills me

  • King Garcia
    King Garcia 18 hours ago

    Make a video with nick

  • Miguel Angel
    Miguel Angel 18 hours ago

    When he said “Do you remember The Hardy Boyz” I felt that 😞

  • Angela Tannous
    Angela Tannous 19 hours ago

    Joe at 2:02: I’m not really a sauce guy Joe at 2:15: wHaT iS THaT BaRbeQuE sAUcE? Joe at 2:19: devours a tender with BBQ sauce

  • valanaba13
    valanaba13 19 hours ago

    do one with NATALIE

  • ThatGirlLib
    ThatGirlLib 19 hours ago

    How long did he wait? The waffles looked soggy. 😔

  • Demetra Dohner
    Demetra Dohner 20 hours ago

    I’m on a diet and I feel like Jason, just staring at you guys eat all this delicious food while I drool with envy

  • mihoyminoy ]
    mihoyminoy ] 20 hours ago

    yo Bruxie is the best thing ever

  • Carolina S
    Carolina S 20 hours ago

    Jeff isn’t even italian his last name is wittek for gods sake lol

  • Lukhan Hansen
    Lukhan Hansen 20 hours ago

    Filthy Frank reborn

  • Sole2k
    Sole2k 20 hours ago


  • Cierra Resendez
    Cierra Resendez 21 hour ago

    Matt is the matured version of Joe... after he learns social queues and stops thinking dick jokes are funny.

  • FitAngie
    FitAngie 21 hour ago

    Omg the food you guys eat is outstanding 😱🤭😍😍😍

  • Lacey Medina
    Lacey Medina 21 hour ago

    Yassss !!! Sing those lyrics babyyy!!! I feel like I’m old because I know what song you were singing!

  • Woost
    Woost 21 hour ago

    Canadians don’t speak like that 😂