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  • Livia Putri
    Livia Putri 14 minutes ago

    im excited!!!!

  • Roy Williams
    Roy Williams 31 minute ago

    Has Nicole Kidman borrowed Famke Janssen's face?

  • MarkraM
    MarkraM 40 minutes ago

    this is how you make a trailer netflix

  • ______ guess my name
    ______ guess my name 48 minutes ago

    Is it a horror movie

  • urieternal
    urieternal 55 minutes ago

    I’ll only watch this shit for Darren Criss lmao

  • S :
    S : Hour ago

    Another c(_)nty movie about whining bit@hes ,get mad over period ,bravo feminism what a joke.

  • GoodGuy Dwayne
    GoodGuy Dwayne Hour ago

    the Editing is like a game

  • 처 수 있습니다놔 서울

    In this movie why japanese looks so weak

  • Mind It
    Mind It Hour ago

    Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron have very much similar personality. They both should have been in movies together.

  • Scott Barnett
    Scott Barnett Hour ago

    I'll be disappointed if they gloss over the fact that the protagonists of this film are fascist propagandists that sold their souls so they could tell lies on TV. Gretta and Megyn are the least and worst of humanity. They are complete garbage. They worked, hard, to turn the USA into Nazi Germany, but they still shouldn't be harassed in the work place. God Bless America.

  • Lachlan Morris
    Lachlan Morris Hour ago

    "Director of Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow" That should tell you everything you need to know.

  • RedZeshinX
    RedZeshinX Hour ago

    What's sad is that, for all their sanctimony the loyal viewers of Fox News don't care one whit that this stuff was happening on a news outlet that pretends to moral authority.

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones Hour ago

    FEMINISM KILLS! Of the 32 actresses in this movie, ONLY 4 bothered to have children. Choosing career over family is dumb.

  • Lachlan Morris
    Lachlan Morris Hour ago

    The constant cuts to Ana de Armas looking frightened started to annoy me but the movie looks good.

  • Sheep
    Sheep Hour ago

    Two of the three reviews they showed were from the same person... They legitimately couldn't find any other spectacular reviews lmao

  • alsunpilsut
    alsunpilsut 2 hours ago

    Theron, Kidman and Robbie all in the same film? I have died and gone to heaven 😍.

  • Countrycowboy08
    Countrycowboy08 2 hours ago

    This and Judy will surely go head to head for Best in Make Up in next year's Oscars.

  • Blue Marshall
    Blue Marshall 2 hours ago

    CGI..... should be realistic..... well, even for 70% of it. CGI is boring. Good luck for this movie.

  • emmanuel mbuyazi
    emmanuel mbuyazi 2 hours ago

    Help good people how to download this movie?

  • The Sad One
    The Sad One 2 hours ago

    Why 'Bad Guy' seems a little offbeat here?

  • Pratyush Raizada
    Pratyush Raizada 3 hours ago

    Who else came here googlig the GRE word 'acrimony' ?

  • Harim
    Harim 3 hours ago

    *_will other women come forward.._*

  • Harim
    Harim 3 hours ago

    I can't wait and when you ready the real story right after watching this trailer.. Chills.

  • Wolf
    Wolf 3 hours ago

    I can't recognize Charlize theron...

  • Clear Water (official band channel)

    Great film, loved it

  • Lu
    Lu 3 hours ago

    Wha the fuck did it happen to Charlize Theron and Nicole Kidman? They look like their caricatures...

  • Bill Bright
    Bill Bright 3 hours ago

    Dive bomber pulls out at deck level yet pulls away safely. That cgi stuff is almost always terrible in accuracy.

  • iamchillydogg
    iamchillydogg 3 hours ago

    Glad I'm not the only one who found the CGI to be corny. The guy at the end pulling out? No that would not happen. Just no.

  • D Shekhar
    D Shekhar 3 hours ago

    Margot robbie 💙

  • Ben Franklin
    Ben Franklin 3 hours ago

    Theater seats will be FILLED with all of the bleeding........hearts

  • Ceará Yuè
    Ceará Yuè 3 hours ago

    This is already an Oscar contender-- if not winner-- for hair & make-up!

  • arju scarlet
    arju scarlet 3 hours ago

    Damn this is going to be soooooooo freaking good.🖤🖤🖤

  • Dark_Spider
    Dark_Spider 3 hours ago

    So this is a horror movie. But it turned to be a roblox game.

  • kalpesh Pawar
    kalpesh Pawar 3 hours ago

    Ohh my my my.....All 3s are bombshells🔫🔫🔫

  • NESconstable
    NESconstable 4 hours ago

    The warden is meant to have a fancy suit. It’s better than part 2 but that’s like the most important thing about the Escape Plan trilogy lol

  • NESconstable
    NESconstable 4 hours ago

    Admit, when you saw the movie you knew was gonna be bad, but you jumped at the end with hype for something much cheesier.

  • Kevin Rose
    Kevin Rose 4 hours ago

    This movie is a big F^ck You to me. Getting sick and tired of Hollywood promoting their politics in their creatively bankrupt movies. #Metoo FUCK OFF!

    BAHADIR ERCAN 4 hours ago

    Just the pawns have tattoos other than that Halle Berry (looks all tattoos on her traditional)

  • Eric Leiderman
    Eric Leiderman 4 hours ago


  • Allyson Clark
    Allyson Clark 5 hours ago

    Just imagine if we hadn’t won and Seattle down to San Francisco was destroyed and taken by Japan

  • Tree Climbing
    Tree Climbing 5 hours ago

    The Trick is Top actresses getting viewers .. to believe they are someone else❕ 👍🏼

  • sean fireoved
    sean fireoved 5 hours ago

    LOL, Megyn Kelly just did her first on-air interview in a long time with guess who Fox News. They were talking about how NBC covered up for Harvey Weinstein and Matt Lauer. Also how they "investigated" the allegations against by conducting an internal "investigation". With charges that big you should bring in outside investigators. I swear Hollywood is full of scumbag hypocrites. They make a movie that they are acting about Roger Ailes sexually harassing Gretchen Carlson there was no physical contact no I am not saying what he did was right it was absolutely bad whatever but NBC covered up for a convicted rapist. Hollywood are the ones with the " casting couch". Also, it's so very accurate they had to make up a character.

  • naveen kumar
    naveen kumar 5 hours ago

    Margot Robbie ❤️❤️

  • Wayne Jamel
    Wayne Jamel 5 hours ago

    I literally thought that Meg Ryan was cast in the movie

  • William Dye
    William Dye 6 hours ago

    I'm glad that the actors care about the actual battle. Concessions must be made for the medium, but IMO historical fiction greatly benefits from historical accuracy.

  • Bill Belichick
    Bill Belichick 6 hours ago

    Megan Kelly must have swallowed for the micro-dck sodomite producer to have a movie made about her

  • Christian Villareal
    Christian Villareal 6 hours ago

    Too bad, Jexi was the very last movie for CBS Films on October 11 because they're now absorbed into CBS Entertainment Group and focus on producing original films for CBS All Access. RIP CBS Films (2007-2019)

  • Nic Oleann
    Nic Oleann 6 hours ago

    Bad guy as the background music is everything for me!

  • Greg Trainer
    Greg Trainer 6 hours ago

    We can totally trust hollywood for a fair and accurate portrayal, right? And where is the diversity? Why are they not doing their usual race swapping?

  • WankersCramp69
    WankersCramp69 6 hours ago

    I imagine this will be told totally from the American perspective?

  • Scott Eno
    Scott Eno 7 hours ago

    Now if want the real movie get the 1976 Henry Fonda classic with same name.

  • randy myers
    randy myers 7 hours ago

    I saw the first couple of minutes of Pearl Harbor I knew I was in trouble when it showed the Japanese planes flying around the decommissioned frigates in West Loch at Pearl. Then the bomb that blew up the Arizona was bouncing around when in reality it was a 2000lb 15 inch battleship projectile I knew I was in trouble. Other WW2 movies that were pretty good. In no particular order. 1. Sailor of the King 2. The Enemy Below 3. 12 O'clock High 3. The Gallant Hours plus all of the( "Duke's ) movies. And if anyone is so inclined and wants to, heaven forbid, read try Walter Lords "Day of Infamy" .

  • Dennis Honor
    Dennis Honor 7 hours ago

    Don't waste your money or the time. Game rooms small and extremely overcrowded with players. We had very aggressive people pushing and trying to solve it without a team imput. 10 players at one time to play is redicules. PA system is of such poor quality you can't understand hints and goal. The props are so confusing and with bad instructions the guide have to explain each rooms concept and point out hints. We walked out 1/2 way.

  • Tecumseh
    Tecumseh 7 hours ago

    This can never happen again, umm 😐. The Philippines was also a major intel failure 😬.

  • Lucinda Garcia
    Lucinda Garcia 7 hours ago

    catch basically the only person of color in this whole trailer at 2:09.... and he's an extra.... yikes.

    THRIQUILLED 7 hours ago

    Ha! Fuck Fox "News"

  • Dana Scully
    Dana Scully 7 hours ago Oscar nomination surely is gonna be Renee in Judy...interesting.. if Charlize got nominated then both will fight for their 2nd Oscar! Mindblowin'!

  • Takoma ghost
    Takoma ghost 7 hours ago

    This is the speaker.

  • Takoma ghost
    Takoma ghost 7 hours ago

    Something that surprised in the film, for example, did not notice people did not move from their places when they fight, though nothing happened

  • abner tabornal
    abner tabornal 7 hours ago

    nice movie....

  • Some Woke Bloke
    Some Woke Bloke 8 hours ago

    Was this really necessary, we literally just got this in "The Loudest Voice"

  • Angelina Mendoza
    Angelina Mendoza 8 hours ago

    Donde puedo ver está peli plis ayudaaaa

  • lov the cronch
    lov the cronch 8 hours ago

    blatant fucking propaganda

  • Stephen Kirby
    Stephen Kirby 8 hours ago

    For the love of everything holy, I hope they don't make this into another "Pearl Harbor" or "Red Tails." Just tell the story as it happened, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  • Edward Dergosits
    Edward Dergosits 8 hours ago

    Like hissing cats.

  • Pre114
    Pre114 8 hours ago

    Wow, the make-up in this movie is amazing. I wonder if they got the guy who did Churchill.

  • Alex Krick
    Alex Krick 8 hours ago

    Trump 2020

  • Erin Bailey
    Erin Bailey 8 hours ago

    The tone of this movie is utterly incomprehensible. Opens with a joke? Has a Billie Eilish song in it? But it’s about sexual harassment and bitter sexism feuds? It’s like they can’t decide what this is supposed to be, serious or lighthearted. Kinda disappointing when I was expecting a groundbreaking drama and got Kate McKinnon joking about her grandparents.

  • TheFluffyUnis !
    TheFluffyUnis ! 8 hours ago

    I love this movie soooo much! And the sound track is wonderful

  • Neirin Gonmei
    Neirin Gonmei 8 hours ago

    Did anyone else see Janet from The Good place?

  • itsyaboi BIGD
    itsyaboi BIGD 9 hours ago


  • danaVampGirl
    danaVampGirl 9 hours ago

    Did Charles Theron get plastic surgery for this role because there’s no way it’s make up 😱

  • greennumberthree
    greennumberthree 9 hours ago

    blond one, blond two, blond three, blond four, give me all the blonds. i just now realized that fox likes to hire blond women. oh well, who cares. gonna watch this movie for sure. the greatest blond actresses of this decade. apparently also the best makeup artists group. wow.

    • RedZeshinX
      RedZeshinX Hour ago

      Fox News demographic is mostly crusty old sexually frustrated white guys, "sex sells" so they hire lots of white blondes in form-fitting bodycon dresses sitting on couches with their legs crossed to keep their audience glued to the screen. Literally their lunchtime show Outnumbered has the slogan "four female panelists, one lucky guy", it's gross but it works. Says a lot about conservative America.

  • kenneth afable
    kenneth afable 9 hours ago

    im gonna be honest here... but y is the movie looks like WWII In the Philippines?? sorry for bad grammar :p

    NOT YOU 10 hours ago

    This trailer makes me feel like I need a shower.

  • Ann
    Ann 10 hours ago

    The song is so perfect. The gun shots taking over the percussion makes my heart sing.

  • Kevin Nixon
    Kevin Nixon 10 hours ago

    Hooray! More cliché, far-left drivel from the child molesters in Tinseltown!

  • Tim Evans
    Tim Evans 10 hours ago

    Who's the bearded guy at 2:07?

  • David Reidenberg
    David Reidenberg 10 hours ago

    Watch the 1976 movie first. Better yet read the book by Gordon Prang.

  • Trippin4L
    Trippin4L 10 hours ago

    Don’t make it corny and NO LGBTQ in this either keep it raw

  • Gordon Stark
    Gordon Stark 10 hours ago

    Feels like a rip off of shooter. I'll prob still check it out though.

  • Edwin Èlmore
    Edwin Èlmore 10 hours ago

    everything good until i heard that awful song

  • Jesus MOreno
    Jesus MOreno 10 hours ago

    This video doesn’t even have million views and look some other shit like bombshell it has more than 2 million views in less 1 day

  • Jay Brodrick
    Jay Brodrick 11 hours ago

    Kimberly Guilfoyle: what a fucking bitch! I wonder how many times she sat on Roger Ailes’s lap?

  • VoicelessSoldier
    VoicelessSoldier 11 hours ago

    They keep saying in Charlize Theron is in this movie but I like where? Whoever did that needs to get an award.

    • RedZeshinX
      RedZeshinX Hour ago

      She's Megyn Kelly. Really good makeup or prosthetics because it's hard to tell.

  • Aravind Ramaswamy
    Aravind Ramaswamy 11 hours ago

    This is a pretty heavy weight acting ensemble right here

  • mlovecraftr
    mlovecraftr 11 hours ago

    1:43 D'Arcy Carden?

  • pakman54321
    pakman54321 11 hours ago

    Charlize nailed the voice too.

  • Dayna Williams
    Dayna Williams 11 hours ago

    Charlize is gorgeous inside and out. So is Margo Robbie.

  • Dayna Williams
    Dayna Williams 11 hours ago › Secret-Prisoner-War... Web results A Secret Prisoner of War: An American Poet: Dayna Williams - Amazon

  • Buford Montgomery
    Buford Montgomery 11 hours ago

    Someone save Charlize’s adopted black play toy boy-girl for the love of god... she’s fucking horrible for adopting a young boy and cross dressing him. TRUMP 2020 you fags. Get your tampons and Hagen das ready

  • Allyson Lang
    Allyson Lang 11 hours ago

    Y’all the real question is what is the song playing in this trailer. It’s hella catchy lol

  • Danny Boyo
    Danny Boyo 11 hours ago

    First Trump now this? The USA is officially a farce now.

  • Michaël Deleau
    Michaël Deleau 12 hours ago

    Saw it, it's really really good. Go!

  • Mr. Pavlovic Videos
    Mr. Pavlovic Videos 12 hours ago

  • Walaa Nemr
    Walaa Nemr 12 hours ago

    Very nice 😍

  • DuckeH
    DuckeH 12 hours ago

    If i watch this im just gonna be thinking about that is actually charlize the whole time

  • dooner1979
    dooner1979 12 hours ago

    Wait til they do one on cnn.

  • muwx2002
    muwx2002 12 hours ago


  • Ulfric Stormcloak
    Ulfric Stormcloak 12 hours ago

    2022 Harvey Weinstein movie only all the actress in this movie play themselves. 😃