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  • Karen Alison
    Karen Alison 3 hours ago

    Would a case even work on this?

  • Martin Manchev
    Martin Manchev 3 hours ago

    I ordered the White. I currently have the red and no case fits or looks good on my red XR. White is a classical color and red/blue/yellow, etc can get tiresome easily.

  • Debarghya Mitra
    Debarghya Mitra 3 hours ago

    Really quality videos I like you from India. My good wishes are always with you. Keep working bro . Thanks for the superb videos . Super quality supersaf

  • homeageify
    homeageify 3 hours ago

    I don't need induction🤣🤣🤣

  • Henry Ngo
    Henry Ngo 3 hours ago

    Every new iPhone that comes out will be “better” than the previous iPhones. But can that camera be used for X-Rays? 🤨😂

  • Evelyn Reizl
    Evelyn Reizl 3 hours ago


  • Yousuf Zafar
    Yousuf Zafar 3 hours ago

    Floozy phone

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy 3 hours ago

    Camera test plz note 10+ vs apple 11 pro max

  • Isah Kmro
    Isah Kmro 3 hours ago

    So my friends wanna sell their kidney for this🤣


  • Sachin Rasal
    Sachin Rasal 3 hours ago

    very nice 🍎

  • Ram
    Ram 3 hours ago

    Many colour will come and go but no one cannot change the charmness of black or space grey🖤🔥

  • Ny OY
    Ny OY 3 hours ago

    Thank you

  • Mashru Piyush
    Mashru Piyush 4 hours ago

    Supersaf style camera comparison note 10 plus with iPhone 11 Pro

  • Aryaraj Banerjee
    Aryaraj Banerjee 4 hours ago

    P30 Pro VS 11 Pro Max Note 10 Plus VS 11 Pro Max (Camera comparisons!)

    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy 3 hours ago

      Oh wow new iPhone has a built in fidget spinner!! 🤔😂

  • Fahad Mostafa
    Fahad Mostafa 4 hours ago

    Fast chargers should be a standard by now.

  • keyur gala
    keyur gala 4 hours ago

    Green 😍🥰

  • István Mező
    István Mező 4 hours ago

    both 3 phones are super ugly with those back camera bumps, no innovation at all same look as last year 64 GB, LCD screen.... and overpriced... shame, but you my friend hot AF :)

  • russell matienzo
    russell matienzo 4 hours ago

    can you give me one?? please im from the Philippines

  • Bunny Chatterjee
    Bunny Chatterjee 4 hours ago

    its really impressive

  • Payroll
    Payroll 4 hours ago

    11 Pro Max Vs Oppo Reno 10x Zoom

  • Junaid
    Junaid 4 hours ago

    24 on trending

  • Diwakar S.A
    Diwakar S.A 5 hours ago

    Waiting for Your Samsung Note 10 Plus VS Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Comparison.

  • Dp1ay
    Dp1ay 5 hours ago

    5g is nonsense to have right now. So many bugs and chip will be old in a few years.

  • Dp1ay
    Dp1ay 5 hours ago

    I see curved edges and Im gone

  • Dp1ay
    Dp1ay 5 hours ago

    Pfffffffffffffffff curved edges again. No thank you 😩

  • aref yazdkhasti
    aref yazdkhasti 5 hours ago

    please test the iphone 11 pro max camera vs galaxy note 10 plus

  • skill guy
    skill guy 5 hours ago

    I don't want a ok screen for 700 dollars

  • Mamo
    Mamo 5 hours ago

    Please stop saying 'zoom' as if it's the same as telephoto. It's NOT! It is possible to have a wide-angle zoom lens.

  • Tim Possible
    Tim Possible 5 hours ago

    That's seafoam green

  • joan morales
    joan morales 5 hours ago

    please test the note 10 plus vs 11 pro max

  • Dneko
    Dneko 5 hours ago


  • Eddie Jack
    Eddie Jack 5 hours ago

    SO LOUD!

  • Gabriel Evan
    Gabriel Evan 6 hours ago

    Compared to last year's Super AMOLED, this is definitely better as it is the new Dynamic AMOLED

  • Khutso Lekhula
    Khutso Lekhula 6 hours ago

    The more I look at it, the more I realise how uglier the iPhone gets with every passing year.

  • hassan hassan
    hassan hassan 6 hours ago

    I wish one 😔

  • rizwan Khatoon
    rizwan Khatoon 6 hours ago

    Apple Iphone 11 very tum is good is OK your Is Ouron is work very Saaaa your Is go OK, Your Is go very tum is very work is Ho Kay A One 1 is Ho OK

  • Tanveer Hossain
    Tanveer Hossain 6 hours ago

    One thing i noticed every reviewer is unboxing the green IPhones . I guess apple gave it free to everyone for reviewing. Basically they are feeling the need of marketing 😀

  • Aliat Lusen
    Aliat Lusen 6 hours ago

    i like huawei p30pro👍

  • Bryan G
    Bryan G 6 hours ago

    Everyone is reviewing the green. This guy did red, and now I want to see a white What color should I get guys ? Help me out

  • Y D
    Y D 6 hours ago

    It’s weird how phones are now catering towards photographers! Why are they not catering towards plumbers or astrophysicist? Photography is just one aspect of life. They should be catering towards operators maybe LOL thank about it they do use phones.

  • Richard A
    Richard A 6 hours ago

    Big notch...I'm out.

  • Eder Valencia
    Eder Valencia 6 hours ago


  • teachmehowtodoge
    teachmehowtodoge 7 hours ago

    18W charger..... lol.

  • teachmehowtodoge
    teachmehowtodoge 7 hours ago

    I see an ugly new iPhone, I press dislike.

  • Pramod Behera
    Pramod Behera 7 hours ago

    Super bro ....

  • HelloBlakeAlan
    HelloBlakeAlan 7 hours ago

    would like to see a segment on the difference between filmic pro on the iPhone 11 vs iPhone 11 pro

  • Minmin Li
    Minmin Li 7 hours ago

    Apple: We have the toughest glass ever on the iPhone 11. Jerry: Hold my tools.

  • Freddi M.Lopez
    Freddi M.Lopez 7 hours ago

    Oh wow new iPhone has a built in fidget spinner!! 🤔😂

  • Ki E-Skate Mods
    Ki E-Skate Mods 7 hours ago

    Dude is your hair turning gray?

  • Reece 20
    Reece 20 7 hours ago

    Both greens are ugly

  • LaKaine Boss Fly Williams

    Note Edge did the curve display

  • General COCO
    General COCO 7 hours ago

    So apple made ZHC his own iphone color? Wonder if it cost him $10k LOL. :)

  • THEFIRE360
    THEFIRE360 7 hours ago

    Red 100% the other colors are too "pastelly"

  • Shariar Tamin
    Shariar Tamin 7 hours ago

    I want those camera's on your head on tumbnail❤️

  • jay
    jay 7 hours ago

    Does the 11 pros screen come closer to the edge of the phone ?

  • majed kaeen
    majed kaeen 7 hours ago

    Dslr vs iphone 11 pro 😀

  • Mayra Valle
    Mayra Valle 7 hours ago

    I’m thinking of switching my xr to the note 10 plus iPhone just sucks now it always the same thing just the style changes and camera I don’t know why I switched to iPhone

  • Segarinna Johnson
    Segarinna Johnson 8 hours ago

    This phone is huge and I love it

  • Andy Martinez
    Andy Martinez 8 hours ago

    am i the only one who thinks that the notch looks good

  • satinsangel1688
    satinsangel1688 8 hours ago

    Matte most definitely; finger prints are a nightmare on gloss. I literally laughed out loud at the fail fling! 🥰😆😂

  • Panthera Metal
    Panthera Metal 8 hours ago

    This is a copy of the triple camera guy. Triple camera angles. Triple camera guy.

    MBTCG MBT 8 hours ago

    Early Review Unit = Views = Money => Payed Actor generally! not anyone in particular!

  • Isabella Minnette
    Isabella Minnette 8 hours ago

    The green should be called mint

  • asaph nguewa
    asaph nguewa 8 hours ago


  • Sandeep Gupta
    Sandeep Gupta 8 hours ago

    Shall I upgrade from 6s to 11..??

  • Rygun 124
    Rygun 124 8 hours ago

    isn't it released at sept 20? How ya'll get it earlier

  • Aaron the GOAT at Fortnite

    Red is better

  • Karthik Ram
    Karthik Ram 9 hours ago

    Obviously Pro max vs Note 10

  • DorkDadProductions
    DorkDadProductions 9 hours ago

    LOW LIGHT, LOW LIGHT LOW LIGHT! That is MOST important with any sensor in a camera!

  • Isaac Dayan
    Isaac Dayan 9 hours ago

    Just switched from xs max to note10 finally some freedom!full customization base on what YOU like not what apple thinks

  • XxxdlmbxxX 123
    XxxdlmbxxX 123 9 hours ago

    Jesus the camera area is an abomination 😂

  • Extraordinary Banerjee

    Indian price and lunch date please

  • Stacy Andrews
    Stacy Andrews 9 hours ago

    This phone is the same damn phone as the XS Max . Just different camera, lil better battery life and colors. Smdh y’all stupid af if you waste your money upgrading from XS to this

  • Gopaul Salick
    Gopaul Salick 9 hours ago

    Same exact phone as the 10 smh

  • Bryan N
    Bryan N 9 hours ago

    Only RU-cliprs care about that fast charging

  • Isabella Greaney
    Isabella Greaney 9 hours ago

    wow that red is stunning and the green is TEAL! i prefer the purple now

  • MrBusta
    MrBusta 9 hours ago

    I pre ordered it I had a iPhone 6 and shattered

  • Eduardo Cerna
    Eduardo Cerna 9 hours ago

    Guys can rock the purple color it's ok

  • thedreadedzero
    thedreadedzero 9 hours ago

    In what world is that green?

  • Ktoxic 1
    Ktoxic 1 9 hours ago

    Bruh I’m still stuck on the iPhone 6 Plus

  • Rommel Jesus Rodriguez Rivas

    note 8

  • Matt Harvey
    Matt Harvey 10 hours ago

    Will the UK one have the CE logos on the back?

  • Lazar
    Lazar 10 hours ago

    Man, purple one to me is the best looking one

  • tanzy D
    tanzy D 10 hours ago

    Realme xt is thd worlds first 64 mega Pixel camera, i think youre not updated with tech news, just doing stuffs 😓 unsubscribed

  • LoseMyFocus
    LoseMyFocus 10 hours ago

    iPhone 11 pro vs note

  • Rahman R
    Rahman R 10 hours ago

    Keeping my XS Max...

  • Airol Ramos
    Airol Ramos 10 hours ago


  • Giratina 989
    Giratina 989 10 hours ago

    Where is linus?