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  • Buttahh Reuben
    Buttahh Reuben Hour ago

    He said a tech is a bad fit 😑 you never been to a new york party

  • isaac Smith
    isaac Smith 2 hours ago

    Dang putting a guy on a poster for the win💀

  • Marcus Calvert
    Marcus Calvert 4 hours ago

    whats the song by Pop Smoke??

  • gaming with dan BEAST

    Melo got my old jumshot 2 hander baby 3:12

  • Prod. Mxnace
    Prod. Mxnace 15 hours ago

    He look like blueface lmao

  • Adam Berg
    Adam Berg 16 hours ago

    How Tall is She🥇

  • Natasha Stelzer
    Natasha Stelzer 16 hours ago

    Slam need to know if josh christopher gonna be in the next slam issue by the way slam kicks is fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Koi Matai
    Koi Matai 16 hours ago

    So sad Tina had the stroke I pray to God she returns to full health 🙏🏾

  • Koi Matai
    Koi Matai 16 hours ago

    This was the humble lavar

  • NikeAssassinxX
    NikeAssassinxX 17 hours ago

    17:05 so we just got ignore how they threw Dior shoe back. LMFAO

  • Kid1b
    Kid1b 17 hours ago

    Someone show him the anime Death Note.

  • JQ Bell
    JQ Bell 18 hours ago

    This kids head is all the way screwed on tight 🛠️🔧🏀🏀

  • Elitefrm 3
    Elitefrm 3 20 hours ago

    Imagine he grows to 6'7 😬

  • Drew Lee
    Drew Lee 22 hours ago

    Its scary that Mikey got so much better from his blue chip days

  • 7 2
    7 2 Day ago


  • Dimitris Sgouridis

    They got the 2 best players together unfair

  • Samuel Boekholt

    Chet dont know what to do whith his legs

  • theLearner
    theLearner Day ago

    His sister is gorgeous

  • Josh Cabz
    Josh Cabz Day ago


  • Tyriq Williams

    Imma be real other than Zion this the weakest dunk contest I’ve ever seen

  • Sidney Pratt
    Sidney Pratt Day ago

    Lol never knew Kuminga had an accent REAL AFRICAN BOY😤😤💪🏿

  • Alex Llach
    Alex Llach Day ago

    “We’ll go make the money” Average WNBA salary 40k a year

  • Darion Hale
    Darion Hale Day ago

    Dior finally got his cocky ass showed up 😂

  • Godly_ J
    Godly_ J Day ago

    Juju gave dior the business 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Caleb Miller
    Caleb Miller Day ago

    That intro was 🔥

  • Rian Daci
    Rian Daci Day ago


  • SawceNextDoor
    SawceNextDoor Day ago

    They don't know about me yet but don't worry they will

  • Derrick Cheatham

    Yo josh always look and talk high

  • Matt Hawkins
    Matt Hawkins Day ago

    Active duty Marine armed with a combat knife vs infant baby born a 3 weeks too soon.

  • jaylon terry
    jaylon terry Day ago

    I swea they gotta be geeked

  • Dominic Depiero
    Dominic Depiero 2 days ago

    he’s gonna be one of the best players in his class because he’s pure skill. sure he’s athletic but he doesn’t rely on his athleticism. he can score in the paint no problem and he’s only 6’0. he can shoot the hell outta that mf. he’s got some tight ass handles. and he got the playmaking skills on lock

  • OrangeRaid 1
    OrangeRaid 1 2 days ago

    why was mikey williams not there.

  • Lebrick James
    Lebrick James 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought Jalen leaque was still in hs

  • Lebrick James
    Lebrick James 2 days ago

    Did y’all copy overtime

  • CTlynx
    CTlynx 2 days ago

    sharife look high ash😭🤣

  • Charles James
    Charles James 2 days ago

    She swirls her arms while on the ground and then dunks normally...

  • Earl Don Padilla
    Earl Don Padilla 2 days ago

    Title of the song 17:36? Thanks y'all

  • Azian Cruz
    Azian Cruz 2 days ago

    His neck tho

  • SokuSenpai
    SokuSenpai 2 days ago

    daeshun Ruffin is soo underrated on god 😤

  • Gaming Griz
    Gaming Griz 2 days ago

    Snake Kevin Durant

  • John Galimba
    John Galimba 2 days ago

    Rodman sr is a genius in that game

  • Pounce Boi
    Pounce Boi 2 days ago

    Zion and who?

  • Jonathan Ferrer
    Jonathan Ferrer 2 days ago

    Nobody giving my boy rj Davis love lol. He go to my school

  • Joshua Jude
    Joshua Jude 2 days ago

    Lavar walking around like his son didnt buy him that house and everything in it.1

  • Lil Capalotz
    Lil Capalotz 2 days ago

    She’s A great player, Can someone tell her to stop saying saucy😂

  • Ron Haas
    Ron Haas 2 days ago

    Who else here after Jordan won MVP

  • Ron Haas
    Ron Haas 2 days ago

    Who else here after taking a shit

  • Flashy Keavuan
    Flashy Keavuan 3 days ago

    I’m from Mississippi and to me and daeshun Ruffin come from the same place is crazy make me want to go there one day

    • SLAM
      SLAM 2 days ago

      Yo that's tuff

  • sadboy
    sadboy 3 days ago

    he is popular in thailand lmao

  • Angel Malvado
    Angel Malvado 3 days ago

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who plays basketball with nails

  • Xonorated
    Xonorated 3 days ago

    How the hell Kyree only one graduating class ahead of me😂 this man was in hs when I was just entering middle school

  • Kyrie Irving
    Kyrie Irving 3 days ago

    They all got the same hairstyle 😂

  • Blood Work
    Blood Work 3 days ago

    Whats the intro song/beat

  • Lucas Michael
    Lucas Michael 3 days ago

    The people outside of the bus was not filling lil tjay like man bring youngboy out there or something

  • Diogo da silva
    Diogo da silva 3 days ago

    I've seen 5'9 10th graders dunking better than the she did

  • melvin delarosa
    melvin delarosa 3 days ago

    kyree is an ugly ass dude

  • oxibiel
    oxibiel 3 days ago

    Eua king basket- brasileiro rei do futebol e do vôlei e das olimpíadas das copas aqui e Brasil

  • KevSoWavyy
    KevSoWavyy 3 days ago

    Imma be on here one day just watch...

  • Lexander Rosa
    Lexander Rosa 3 days ago

    What’s the song in 20:42

  • SportsHiphop
    SportsHiphop 3 days ago

    This looked dumb lit! 🔥🔥

  • phillip goodlow
    phillip goodlow 3 days ago

    Hoodie Rio should of came

  • Yousseff Zulficar
    Yousseff Zulficar 3 days ago

    The team manager fine as hell

  • Mohammed Jafri
    Mohammed Jafri 3 days ago

    Can anyone tell me what song noah was playing on the speaker at 4:08

  • BP-_-GOAT !!!
    BP-_-GOAT !!! 3 days ago

    His dad is Cold frrrrrrOMG🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶🥶💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • Taylor Trowers
    Taylor Trowers 3 days ago

    Who else hit the woah when they did

  • konquer
    konquer 3 days ago

    It woulda been nasty if y’all got Cade Cunningham on here

    • Yung_Baller
      Yung_Baller 3 days ago

      @SLAM did he get invited?

    • SLAM
      SLAM 3 days ago

      no doubt, Cade's tuff

  • Abram Woolfolk
    Abram Woolfolk 3 days ago

    There any Of y’all saw Carmelo

  • Clout Chasers
    Clout Chasers 3 days ago

    That jelly do

  • Mike Dziak
    Mike Dziak 3 days ago

    What a great kid. My mom is 100% Ukrainion and loved the process of cooking and feeding other ppl. That's a good / healthy family. Good for this kid. Regardless of what happens, happiness comes down to family.

  • Aj Walker
    Aj Walker 3 days ago

    I knew it was lit when they was listening to welcome to the party

  • Ein BigMac bitte
    Ein BigMac bitte 4 days ago

    0:45 did anybody see this😂

  • AkoSiLouis
    AkoSiLouis 4 days ago

    What's the song title?

  • Marlo Newkirk
    Marlo Newkirk 4 days ago

    1:32 to 1:38 When people say you get bitches vs. when people say you don’t get bitches 😂😂😂

  • Benson Wamburi
    Benson Wamburi 4 days ago

    Jimma really be floatin 😭😭😭

  • Bryan Ferreira dos Santos

    Mlk tá jogando d+.

  • Ohyeah yeah
    Ohyeah yeah 4 days ago

    The outro was so clean🔥🔥

  • DarroProject
    DarroProject 4 days ago

    That was lit. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Prev
    Prev 4 days ago

    we kno where rife got the skill from

  • TrollinYouNIGGAss Tv

    Where the bitches at 😂😂

  • TheFlY ENT
    TheFlY ENT 4 days ago

    Niggas can't and ain't paying for no sneakers they athletic talent affords them the apparel n tbey parents... They supreme bro is funny young ass kids can't dress please stop it but they good kids goid grades n much success to you all and the kids that's just morr focused on academics, we love you too💯💯💯💯💯

  • Meri Bior
    Meri Bior 4 days ago

    That Jimma entrance tho......... Gave me serious chills 💯

  • Alon Herscovici-Simmons

    Since when jaylen suggs a forward?

  • Tim gillispie
    Tim gillispie 4 days ago

    Ya every nigga on here is pussy future white bith lovers on hood

  • FHF-Mike !!
    FHF-Mike !! 4 days ago

    So nobody noticed how sum them changed up they voice to sound like they from New York or I’m trippin🤔😭😂

  • ZacMadeThisOne
    ZacMadeThisOne 4 days ago

    this nigga kyree a grown ass man telling teenagers they can’t woah 💀

  • Bradley Javier
    Bradley Javier 4 days ago

    17:45 title of the song?

  • Amazing Sports Clips

    Why he remind me of ASAP Rocky 😂

  • Krister Losaria
    Krister Losaria 4 days ago

    Overtime wishes they could do this 🤧

  • Weak Edits
    Weak Edits 4 days ago

    reef gettin all touchy wit josh 💀

  • Tracy Smith
    Tracy Smith 4 days ago

    My son tj porter funny he said lick the bottom of shoe if Noah loss he buggin

  • Sol Christian Sayre

    Hahah.. poor

  • Yocjaikens
    Yocjaikens 4 days ago

    When he missed damn 😂😂

  • Tyzel 2x
    Tyzel 2x 4 days ago

    dem niggas some fanboys no cap

  • eugene lozano
    eugene lozano 4 days ago

    Title of the song 17:58??

  • Joshua Rhodes
    Joshua Rhodes 4 days ago

    That’s crazy I literally made that 2k lineup

  • Joshua Rhodes
    Joshua Rhodes 4 days ago

    That one high school roster could beat a nba team fax

  • figs
    figs 4 days ago

    one long ass pop smoke music video 😂

  • Slim  Montana
    Slim Montana 4 days ago


  • Cyeeezy.
    Cyeeezy. 4 days ago

    The best is either Zion or Jalen...

  • Obinna Akosa
    Obinna Akosa 4 days ago

    Haha shit was funny asl