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It's Time To Move On...
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The Search For Our New Pet
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Bye For Now
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Types Of Fans
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Figure Skating Challenge...
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Bloopers 2017 !
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Twins Vs. iPhone X Face ID
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  • Carry Minati
    Carry Minati 6 hours ago

    you can check his Google histry any time 😂

  • Havila Sun
    Havila Sun 6 hours ago

    The way Gray said *bull sh*t* 0:52😂😂❤️❤️❤️

  • Ed Fitzgerald
    Ed Fitzgerald 6 hours ago

    3:46 may I ask why you have that outfit in the first place?

  • Beth Treasure
    Beth Treasure 7 hours ago

    i have no effing clue which voice was whos

  • Mari Akhvlediani
    Mari Akhvlediani 7 hours ago

    3:53 I feel so bad for Grayson he really wanted one pizza slice 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️

  • Beth Treasure
    Beth Treasure 7 hours ago


  • Beth Treasure
    Beth Treasure 7 hours ago


  • Kody King
    Kody King 7 hours ago

    I love how Grayson is giving him fake tools, we used to have real ones at my kindergarten and my dad taught me how to use a drop saw when I was that kids age omg

  • Jenny may Robertson
    Jenny may Robertson 7 hours ago

    I felt the love men hahaha

  • Kyle Harrison
    Kyle Harrison 7 hours ago

    “Haven’t eaten in 17 hrs” sees chicken flavour shapes

  • Malak Musleh
    Malak Musleh 8 hours ago

    😂😂😂😂😂😂I love this video

  • Saascha Young
    Saascha Young 8 hours ago

    I loved Eathans speech

  • Reenad Alsubaie
    Reenad Alsubaie 8 hours ago

    I love seeing them happy with their life ♥️

  • Beth Treasure
    Beth Treasure 8 hours ago

    the whole video: well, i could pull this off but idk if he could

  • Farzana Shampa
    Farzana Shampa 8 hours ago

    I have trypophobia (not that intense like ethan)....and to this day i still cant watch the whole video

  • Oof Hi
    Oof Hi 8 hours ago

    7:04 7:14 7:25 IM DYING 😂🤣

  • Myranda Hicks
    Myranda Hicks 8 hours ago

    This is all I came for 5 years later 5:20 to 5:34😂😂

  • Tony Starks
    Tony Starks 8 hours ago

    Lol ethan just openly cursing in front mom lol i do the same sometimes

  • Trevor Wall
    Trevor Wall 9 hours ago

    Nobody shocked that sunrise was at 4 am there?

  • Jessika Jay
    Jessika Jay 9 hours ago

    Grayson's hair: 😍👍🏼

  • Ruby . Shayne
    Ruby . Shayne 9 hours ago

    I wanna see the cameraman!

  • Nurul Izzati
    Nurul Izzati 9 hours ago

    they make me feel wanna eat a burger right now...

  • Iris Miller
    Iris Miller 9 hours ago

    I feel like Ethan is mean to Greyson

  • Alexis Rodrigues
    Alexis Rodrigues 9 hours ago


  • deshae Chase
    deshae Chase 9 hours ago

    They both threw there mouth things at each other haha if you watch ethans too

  • caz gamez915
    caz gamez915 9 hours ago

    You think thise spiders are big come to queensland thats small

  • deshae Chase
    deshae Chase 9 hours ago

    2020 anyone?

  • Alexa K
    Alexa K 9 hours ago

    Was anyone else hearing something that sounded like a siren or something

  • Havila Sun
    Havila Sun 10 hours ago

    I'll always be in Grayson's lane❤️❤️❤️ Ily Gray💕

  • Logan Patton
    Logan Patton 10 hours ago

    I lost literally all my Brian cells watching this like honestly

  • levi corral
    levi corral 10 hours ago

    Nobody talking abt 22:30 😂 (Thanks for the likes bruv) 😂👏🥳

  • Holly Horvat
    Holly Horvat 10 hours ago

    All the dislikes were people under that loopy stuff

  • Juan Herrera
    Juan Herrera 10 hours ago

    7:15 orange pants😳

  • Leah Cornelius
    Leah Cornelius 10 hours ago

    I have ashmh to

  • unicorn _ cups
    unicorn _ cups 10 hours ago

    The berries are rasberrys

  • Ratty ArTy Chinta
    Ratty ArTy Chinta 10 hours ago

    Omg did they just make that knocking things , to cancel bad things to happen ?.thought only in my country do that lol 😂😲😲

  • deshae Chase
    deshae Chase 10 hours ago

    Ceo of being quite

  • Ari Winter
    Ari Winter 11 hours ago

    we all know where Grayson got inspiration for his earring from now

  • Abbey with an E !
    Abbey with an E ! 11 hours ago

    “Going through our old phones” Last Christmas I got an iPhone 5 ://

  • N I X X
    N I X X 11 hours ago

    Grayson: stop smacking mom! 😂😂😂cute

  • Vanessa Montiel
    Vanessa Montiel 11 hours ago

    I couldn’t stand Grayson chewing the Mac n cheese and the honeycomb

  • ReflexTommy
    ReflexTommy 11 hours ago

    Is anyone watching after they haven’t uploaded for ages S

  • N I X X
    N I X X 11 hours ago

    Hahaha i really love Greyson's bitch face hahah

  • Nafisa Najmi
    Nafisa Najmi 11 hours ago

    Who is watching when E has his own Tesla now!! all their new achievements!! AGH!!!

  • Jackson Holloway
    Jackson Holloway 11 hours ago

    Yoooo my boy nicks in the video

  • Bob Duncan
    Bob Duncan 11 hours ago

    This video is Jeffree Star making the Dolan Twins feel poor hahah

  • boyfauna19
    boyfauna19 11 hours ago

    Ethan says his face it more narrow than Grays, now his face is wider than Grays and Grays is now more narrow, haha.

  • Brooke richard
    Brooke richard 11 hours ago

    You guys are so strong for making this video and we appreciate you guys! We love and am so happy you guys are doing whats best for you

  • Sarai Spruille
    Sarai Spruille 11 hours ago

    At 6:24 the prank starts Your welcome😉

  • Ava Gonsalves
    Ava Gonsalves 11 hours ago

    them: “don’t feel sorry for us” also them: “were going to be able to breathe for the first time.”

  • Branson Nielsen
    Branson Nielsen 12 hours ago

    0:54 I wrote down some directions haha

  • Faeri B. Della Fonte
    Faeri B. Della Fonte 12 hours ago

    Porque me recomienda este video si nisiquiera hablo ingls xd

  • Jimmy Olen
    Jimmy Olen 12 hours ago

    U know damn well they just cut the camera and fillies it with bottle water

  • Roni Bardugo
    Roni Bardugo 12 hours ago

    Grayson or Ethan one of you guys would look hot without the mustache

  • Justin Johnson
    Justin Johnson 12 hours ago

    If it’s not a cookie everyday what is it? Ummm...depression 😂 Edit: in the morning*

  • Kayleigh Claborn
    Kayleigh Claborn 12 hours ago

    4 years later and it’s still my favorite video

  • Lily Hills
    Lily Hills 12 hours ago

    i love pelon pelo rico

  • Shyan nn
    Shyan nn 12 hours ago

    I stopped watching them for a while and to come back and see how they look? Wtffff happened 😭

  • Steve Freedman
    Steve Freedman 12 hours ago

    Too much adorableness boys❤😊🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻

  • Marcosthegamer
    Marcosthegamer 12 hours ago

    Im gonna go upstairs and put my nutsack on your drumset

  • Paige Mann
    Paige Mann 12 hours ago

    I laughed so hard at ethans gummy “snake”

  • Tristan Visoso
    Tristan Visoso 12 hours ago

    Gray, Ethan, its ok. Just take a break! we will be ok!

  • Hey, Its Cody!
    Hey, Its Cody! 12 hours ago

    Lol Ethan’s painting of Grayson reminds me of leather face from Texas Chainsaw Massacre! 😂

  • L 3 H 4
    L 3 H 4 12 hours ago

    I live in Austrailia and yeah there is rlly big spider one time there was a brown snake in my backyard

  • Brooke richard
    Brooke richard 12 hours ago

    Ethan: nick do you know what this is? Is this editable? Nick:*takes a bite*yeah taste like little breadsticks

  • HellHound Killer
    HellHound Killer 12 hours ago

    Haha that was Hilarious

  • Cliffs
    Cliffs 12 hours ago

    2 set backs for them were No fire And they were vegans

  • just d
    just d 12 hours ago

    The last time i follow this channel was when every cuss word censored.

  • Mika Beck
    Mika Beck 13 hours ago

    If you drive your tiny van house by Fort Hood, TX and wanna see the Pos (Base) get a day visiting pass and hit me up!!! Also, in a pinch, in feild training we'd baby wipe the fuck out of ourselves constantly. Cold or not a shower is amazing after an avg. 2 weeks of baby wipes and shitting in holes and bags. 😂 Also if I meet y'all this sounds dumb but please sign my p.c. (patrol cap - camo uniform hat). Oh and snow chains are a lifesaver if you don't have 4wd. In deep snow, always punch straight through or you'll get stuck. In black ice you gotta pump the brakes, not slam, or you'll jack knife. Good job on safe following distance. I went on my own (fun, harrowing and partially depressing as the whole point was to see my bro, but unfortunately not everyone is kind enough to make your wish come true 😅) road trip for x-mas leave myself, and SoCal so doesn't prepare you for snowy slip 'n slides 😄😄😄😅 Anywho insta:_nitzah_

  • Its Kenzie
    Its Kenzie 13 hours ago

    Gray: it says daddy bro! Whoever did this definitely knows us!!! Also gray: forgetting they have 10 million people that know who they are 😂

  • Bernadette Ortega
    Bernadette Ortega 13 hours ago

    That was gross and funny at the same time.

  • Its Kenzie
    Its Kenzie 13 hours ago

    E: is not washable paint G: NO SHIT...DUDE YOU F*CK A$$ 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jadelynn
    Jadelynn 13 hours ago

    3:08 LOL I thought Gray was touching his own beard

  • Victor Martinez
    Victor Martinez 13 hours ago

    19:41 bust down TATIANA BLUEFACE BABY

  • Sara Rodríguez
    Sara Rodríguez 13 hours ago

    1:21 over and over again 😂😂

  • Israel Davison
    Israel Davison 13 hours ago

    Shout me out, doesn’t he look like rocky

  • kcaudrey4
    kcaudrey4 13 hours ago

    "HI, wAkE uP BITCH" --Juanpa 2018

  • alexis thomas
    alexis thomas 13 hours ago

    ethan: id like to see grayson bulid something better the that grayson: bulids a house

  • Caydence Robinson
    Caydence Robinson 13 hours ago

    It get day light at 3 am the freak day light here is 7:15 am

  • Charlottay Leung
    Charlottay Leung 13 hours ago

    Jeffree: Hair flicks in fabulous The Twins: struggles with weaves.

  • S Clark
    S Clark 13 hours ago


  • Lizzy Wilson
    Lizzy Wilson 13 hours ago

    homely means ugly lol

  • Kirsten Carratelli
    Kirsten Carratelli 13 hours ago

    why is nobody talking abt how good they are with kids? like it’s so cute omg 😍😍

  • Maggie Bui
    Maggie Bui 13 hours ago

    He could’ve used the blanket for protection

  • S Clark
    S Clark 14 hours ago

    What we’ve learned- the dolans can not drive backwards 🤣🤣

  • MrGatito gil
    MrGatito gil 14 hours ago

    Apple sucks xd

    • pain_lord rinnagan
      pain_lord rinnagan 13 hours ago

      if apple sucks then why are you watching this video? android sucks ass and iphone speeds are way better. much better camera options and you can track the phone the right way.

  • Isabelle Conklin
    Isabelle Conklin 14 hours ago

    Grayson is daddy

  • Zoe Rose
    Zoe Rose 14 hours ago

    Did anyone else feel uncomfortable at Ethan’s montage

  • b u t t e r c u p
    b u t t e r c u p 14 hours ago

    no one: grayson: so where did you get the idea? ethan: from mom.... *10 seconds later* grayson: *laughs* i asked mom too😂😂

  • b u t t e r c u p
    b u t t e r c u p 14 hours ago

    no one: absolutely no one: ethan: *mesaures* *1 sec later* ethan: these things are scary......😂😂

    MADDIE'S LIFE 14 hours ago

    Oh boy i can’t just wait for round 🤮🤮 why is that so funny🤣

  • spicy_tiger_roll
    spicy_tiger_roll 14 hours ago

    Ethan, on anesthesia, is EVERYTHING 😂😂😂 he is LIVINGGGGG

  • Kayseve .J
    Kayseve .J 14 hours ago

    5:10He discovered he could take stuff with his balls before TikTok in 2020

  • I eat grass Alysss
    I eat grass Alysss 14 hours ago

    When are you going to post?

  • badd hair country boy
    badd hair country boy 14 hours ago

    you should do a video on the camera man

  • iixsunnyxi i
    iixsunnyxi i 14 hours ago

    Them: showing bugs and s**t Me: getting itchy all over

  • Kelly Archer
    Kelly Archer 14 hours ago


  • Katherine Cordova
    Katherine Cordova 14 hours ago


  • Ayanna Johnson
    Ayanna Johnson 14 hours ago

    Does anyone else noticed how crooked at 3: 28

  • Princess Bee
    Princess Bee 14 hours ago

    Me: nothing Me when I hear the end: OWWW I HAVE HEAD PHONES ON