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The Search For Our New Pet
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#AskEthanAndGrayson 4
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Bye For Now
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Types Of Fans
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Bloopers 2017 !
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Spray Tan Challenge
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An Explanation
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    LaughAtMe TV 2 minutes ago

    I never thought I’d subscribe to this channel😐

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  • Sarah Brewer
    Sarah Brewer 3 minutes ago

    Did they get rid of the warehouse?

  • Celia Martín-Consuegra

    22:40 this whole moment EPIC. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Shannon Weingard
    Shannon Weingard 4 minutes ago

    Why does this super work for them!? Lol

  • Fizza Khan
    Fizza Khan 5 minutes ago

    I love how Jeffree keeps fixing their hair throughout the video like... awwwwhhhhh!

  • C
    C 5 minutes ago

    I want Forbes to do something on Jeffree because s/he deserves the recognition

  • Ella Marie
    Ella Marie 6 minutes ago

    11:35 Grayson all proud of his move 😂

  • Audrey Simonnet
    Audrey Simonnet 6 minutes ago

    omg i can't even tell the difference between grayson and ethan

  • Lacy Devore
    Lacy Devore 7 minutes ago

    The screaming in the car cracks me up every fucking time 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Can we get 20,000 subs without any video!

    The camera guy won !!!!

  • Harshita
    Harshita 7 minutes ago

    Damn Face ID is so NOT reliable... it was seriously so easy for Gray to hijack Ethan’s phone

  • itsme zizipoo
    itsme zizipoo 10 minutes ago

    HER WHOLE entire house and items will help africa survive and be healthy like Im not even kidding it prob could have.

  • Sunnyclaw3
    Sunnyclaw3 10 minutes ago

    I literally had to pause this video because my new dog took a sh*t all over my floor. Thanks Billie!!

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  • Mealia F
    Mealia F 14 minutes ago

    Why does the Dolan Twins actully look like Onika Tanya Maraj?

  • Eve Ryan
    Eve Ryan 14 minutes ago

    An airplane passed my house as Grayson ate the Mac-and-cheese and I legit couldn’t tell the difference 😂

  • Jonesy Mayo
    Jonesy Mayo 16 minutes ago

    This is the cutest ever

  • Ayo Kh
    Ayo Kh 18 minutes ago

    My favorite RU-cliprs at the moment protect them at all costs

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    Baby Dupree 20 minutes ago

    I love this trio

  • Jess Riley
    Jess Riley 20 minutes ago

    is no one gonna talk about how ricky dillon is a camera guy

  • Linnea Whisenhunt
    Linnea Whisenhunt 21 minute ago

    They are babies in this

  • hi hellow
    hi hellow 22 minutes ago

    18:10 How siblings in the wild assert dominance

  • theokay lamp
    theokay lamp 22 minutes ago

    "Stupider" lol

  • Natalya Walters
    Natalya Walters 22 minutes ago

    Is it weird that I ship her with Grayson...?

  • Ava Torres
    Ava Torres 23 minutes ago

    If it’s not a cookie everyday what is it? Depression That’s meeeee

  • Natasha
    Natasha 23 minutes ago

    "also he has no eyebrows"

  • shea hudson
    shea hudson 24 minutes ago

    i am once again living for the nontoxic masculinity 🥰 so cute and sweet i’m obsessed

  • yomamma101
    yomamma101 24 minutes ago

    Finally a RU-clipr that likes McDonald’s mostly every youtuber I watch hates McDonald’s

  • Payton Hill
    Payton Hill 24 minutes ago

    i need this

  • Amanda Gilliam
    Amanda Gilliam 26 minutes ago

    Did yall smoke too?? Lol or already do that??!lol

  • Chloe Brock
    Chloe Brock 26 minutes ago

    6:27 Ethan’s little “aw” made me 🥺

  • 짱딕라
    짱딕라 27 minutes ago

    Why they were look so pretty but now they handsome !

  • Autumn Rose17
    Autumn Rose17 31 minute ago

    when they both said there he is 🥺🥺 . my heart 💕 .

  • apryl
    apryl 31 minute ago

    honestly this video gave me a new respect for the twins. they really know who they are. most men would never do this bc they dont wanna be seen as gay. the power wow

  • Ellyn Cardella
    Ellyn Cardella 32 minutes ago

    8:13 lol look at him

  • Charmayne Denetchee
    Charmayne Denetchee 33 minutes ago

    I loved the honey eating

  • Julia Nazaryan
    Julia Nazaryan 33 minutes ago

    9:32 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Lily Stiteler
    Lily Stiteler 34 minutes ago

    Did anyone notice that his “canteen” is a hydro flask🤣🤣🤣

  • Toriscorpio10
    Toriscorpio10 36 minutes ago

    So when are they going to be in a movie? 🧐

  • April Kang
    April Kang 36 minutes ago

    I think there should be a part 2 just because Jeffree also has his makeup line and maybe a collab to make 2 new eyeshadows 😱

  • Olivia Grace
    Olivia Grace 36 minutes ago

    5:47 James is like a white mom

  • Erin Foster
    Erin Foster 36 minutes ago

    Getting little property brothers vibes

  • Los Locos
    Los Locos 38 minutes ago

    The reminded me of white chicks 😂

  • Julia Nazaryan
    Julia Nazaryan 38 minutes ago

    5:20 i think my replay button does'nt work anymore I keep replaying it🤦‍♀️🤣🤷🏽‍♀️💜❤💕

  • Ella Marie
    Ella Marie 39 minutes ago

    I love how patient and nice they are to Elle 😊

  • Lil Megan
    Lil Megan 39 minutes ago

    When drake & josh got stuck in the treehouse

  • Katie Singer
    Katie Singer 39 minutes ago

    Who is Elmers number one customer? Jeffree of course

  • Riiiann W
    Riiiann W 41 minute ago

    21:20 *confirmed?*

  • LenaFAmFictions 12
    LenaFAmFictions 12 43 minutes ago

    Dang y’all look in make up but this kinda make me feel like that I’m watching the movie white chicks lol l😂

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  • CompiLand123
    CompiLand123 45 minutes ago

    Okay but they didn’t link any of the stuff they bought for the rooms 😭 those lights are awesome!!

  • Billie Sean Min
    Billie Sean Min 46 minutes ago

    When BTS in Anaheim trended 🥺

  • Haley Sisco
    Haley Sisco 46 minutes ago

    This is making me laugh so hard omg

  • Summer Bryan
    Summer Bryan 48 minutes ago

    Jeffree would be such a gorgeous female. Like wow

  • Poppy P
    Poppy P 49 minutes ago

    Anyone else want to see all the boxes open? People are crazy and send all types of bizarre stuff 😂

  • Delia Anderson
    Delia Anderson 49 minutes ago

    This video is cuteness overload 🥺😭❤😂

  • Decode Via
    Decode Via 49 minutes ago

    They look like Antonio Garza wtf

  • lex czerwinska
    lex czerwinska 51 minute ago

    Im getting white chicks vibes 😂

  • Ella Gibson
    Ella Gibson 51 minute ago

    is grayson wearing his robe inside out? 😂

  • romaisa swift
    romaisa swift 52 minutes ago

    the most expensive bag i have is probably like 90 dollars, also 50 dollars is freggin expensive. i’m so poor lmfao😭😂.

  • Ella Corrigan
    Ella Corrigan 52 minutes ago

    Kind of jealous of their amazing bond. I have older twin sisters and I was always the odd one out in the family. Must be nice to be born with a bff!

  • Madelindy Jay
    Madelindy Jay 53 minutes ago

    If its not a cookie in the morning, what is it then? Jeffree: Depression. Honestly same haha 😂 😂 😂

  • Katy Fisher
    Katy Fisher 53 minutes ago

    why does gray look so good.......

  • Chelsea Volturi 1612
    Chelsea Volturi 1612 53 minutes ago

    6:08 I wanna find some bones 😂😂😂

  • Sweetfroggie
    Sweetfroggie 53 minutes ago

    Nates reaction made me laugh so loud my other half thinks im insane :p

  • p i p p i n
    p i p p i n 55 minutes ago

    after theyve been transformed and they have a more feminine appearence my bisexual ass is at maximum level lmao

  • Juss Dae.Dae97
    Juss Dae.Dae97 55 minutes ago

    I'm having the same surgery on October 3rd. 🤔🤯

  • Mary Denis
    Mary Denis 56 minutes ago

    Grayson is so cute)))

  • Jacob upton
    Jacob upton 57 minutes ago

    Ethan looks like one of the really sassy girls at school😂😂😂

  • Rylee Jean
    Rylee Jean 57 minutes ago

    did i see ricky dillion filming?

  • I’m too tired for this
    I’m too tired for this 58 minutes ago

    20:55 watch Ethan’s lips I’m soft

  • J A N A E *
    J A N A E * 59 minutes ago

    he looks like miley cyrus father

  • Natix
    Natix Hour ago

    Sometimes Jeffery scares me 🥴

  • Mo Sak
    Mo Sak Hour ago

    Their video just called me poor in like 628 languages

  • Matti Nelson
    Matti Nelson Hour ago

    Jefree: throws 300,000 dollar bag Twins: OMG Jefree: laughs

  • Twiglet
    Twiglet Hour ago

    Gray in shorts 🤤

  • Camryn Colvin
    Camryn Colvin Hour ago

    did he really just ask a 7-year-old if he knew what RU-cliprs are??? smh

  • Mystic Moonshine Tarot

    The one with earings Is so damn handsome. But Yeah growing up sucks lol

  • Patricia Allen
    Patricia Allen Hour ago

    I love you Dolan twins..😭😭😭😭😭🙌🙌🙌😭💖💖💖💖💖

  • Madison Gregory
    Madison Gregory Hour ago

    I ain’t even mad

  • Shay
    Shay Hour ago

    They have the same taste in cars lol

  • Nathaly Kim
    Nathaly Kim Hour ago

    I can't help myself, I have to say I find Jeffrey's lifestyle and attitude ridiculous

  • Joanna Hischke
    Joanna Hischke Hour ago

    If there was a test to tell you guys apart, I’m 100% sure I would be able to get at least 90% correct. I’m really good at telling people apart with the little things.

  • Jeno and Jaemins Ryan doll, Thughao

    “Extra virgin olive oil just like Grayson” -Ethan2k18 I wheezed 🤣😆🤣

  • Mohika Gauani
    Mohika Gauani Hour ago

    xavier looks so much like grayson it’s scary

  • Nathaly Kim
    Nathaly Kim Hour ago

    I keep mistaking them when they are all glammed up

  • 김Daniellè
    김Daniellè Hour ago

    The Star Triplets

  • Carter Nichols
    Carter Nichols Hour ago

    Who thinks that jeffree, Shane, and Trisha payas should do this

  • sανу cнαи
    sανу cнαи Hour ago

    "if its not a cookie in the morning, then what is it?" Jeffrey: Depression I felt that.

  • Bazzar Gaming
    Bazzar Gaming Hour ago

    Holly shit is that ninja?

  • Abigail Rose
    Abigail Rose Hour ago

    They literally look like the dudes off of white chicks...

  • Izzie Joan
    Izzie Joan Hour ago

    Ethan’s face at 0:51

  • Angie Jorge
    Angie Jorge Hour ago

    This is for Grayson keep on reaching your goal in life no matter what happen in life. Seeing a couple of your videos makes me lagh, when i have nothing to do in life i want to make sure you and your bother have a wonderful life a head of you. Also, keep on making funniest yet inspiring videos, and for that you guys earn to be subscribe. Love you guys PEACE!!!!!!

  • Connie the Unicorn 12345678910

    You need to bring these children back 😍

  • Elaiza
    Elaiza Hour ago

    White chicks 2 with the Dolan twins! 😂

  • Nadia Zuhairi
    Nadia Zuhairi Hour ago

    2:59 and 1:17 is hilarious