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  • Music Fun
    Music Fun 6 minutes ago

    Camera man makes this video "how many jards?" LOL AWESOME

  • Hassan Mohamed
    Hassan Mohamed 7 minutes ago

    that's what happens if you join army you're going to come with a hole in your head.

  • Alan Shaw
    Alan Shaw 16 minutes ago

    Yes it wasn’t 45 degrees but a pretty consistent what ever degree it was degree

  • Donald Hausmann
    Donald Hausmann 27 minutes ago

    You are not firing at 45 degrees.

  • william melek
    william melek 32 minutes ago

    very dangerous.

  • Mr. Allmighty Cornholio
    Mr. Allmighty Cornholio 33 minutes ago

    7:26 Edwin: Oh wait you hit it low. Camera: Yeah, cabron!

  • donkrider1973
    donkrider1973 37 minutes ago

    Next time try shaving cream lol

  • Solm
    Solm 39 minutes ago


  • LaDonald Trampus
    LaDonald Trampus 46 minutes ago

    Why would you not call him by his real name? A mans name is all that he is. Respect him as he does you. Shame

  • Veldtian1
    Veldtian1 47 minutes ago

    Noticed how the rangemaster has a last ditch sidearm just in case any wacko's go postal during their machine gun experience, I know I'd be strapped up..

  • بلو سان_ Blue san
    بلو سان_ Blue san 54 minutes ago

    Normal guys : wow it's Armored Pubg players: Wow he got Scar-L😂 ... Any one got Scope 6x?

  • Andrew T
    Andrew T 55 minutes ago

    bullet came out through the top of the water jug.

  • airdog99
    airdog99 Hour ago

    Yeah, really poor release on that first shot... (Hand moves forward) and like others said... No where close to 45° on releases...

  • Ed I
    Ed I Hour ago

    Short fuse...

  • طيف المشاعر

    ادري عليمن يضحكون ههههههه

  • Robert Thompson
    Robert Thompson Hour ago

    Angle challenged test.....

  • Nick Rumschlag
    Nick Rumschlag Hour ago

    Best camera-man ever!!! I like this guy!!!

  • elusive762
    elusive762 Hour ago

    three rocks ha ha ha ha ha sooo funny......NOT....what are you high?

  • sedat çoban
    sedat çoban Hour ago

    Şu silahın mayon beslemesini bana izah edebilecek biri var mı yoksa çıldıracam lan? Hayır mayon hareket te etmiyor atış sırasında. Bilen buraya yazsın lütfen.

  • Julian vallejos
    Julian vallejos Hour ago


  • Mustafa Orhan Selçuk

    You were far lower than a 45 degree angle.

  • Ian Barry
    Ian Barry Hour ago

    $200 dollar tax stamp plus the cost of the grenade

    • Ian Barry
      Ian Barry Hour ago

      so never mind its on tax payers expense thanks asshole

  • Zoltan Pataki
    Zoltan Pataki Hour ago

    Dud you never shoot hunting bow before...!? 😂

  • Jo. Geiger
    Jo. Geiger Hour ago

    Hi Unglaublich Klasse gemacht LG Jo

  • gun maker
    gun maker Hour ago

    8:16 SUPERMAN!

  • Arun Mahider
    Arun Mahider 2 hours ago

    Is it even legal to use grenades?????

  • Satyeash Pai
    Satyeash Pai 2 hours ago

    Whenever Cameron speaks I nearly die laughing.

  • 30bil Pelángi
    30bil Pelángi 2 hours ago

    Can you make a vid using Magnum, muskot and desert shooting?

  • Free Speech
    Free Speech 2 hours ago

    i dont see oxygen in that cylinder.

  • Free Speech
    Free Speech 2 hours ago

    Two happy guys with guns and bombs explode stuff in desert . Sad guys in a market full of peoples.

  • Muhammad Umais
    Muhammad Umais 2 hours ago

    0:45 scar of fortnite

  • WaddlingProductions
    WaddlingProductions 2 hours ago

    I like how this video got recommended to me after I saw a news article about Hong Kong protestors using Bows

  • Matt Moreland
    Matt Moreland 2 hours ago

    An M14 from ww1,was your grandfather a time traveler?

  • Aj Jimenez
    Aj Jimenez 2 hours ago

    LMMFAO yall are damn funny. I love the commentary.

  • NealCassady
    NealCassady 2 hours ago

    Darwin Award 2019

  • XIIIphobos
    XIIIphobos 3 hours ago

    what on earth is that 20mm gun

  • Robert Bussey
    Robert Bussey 3 hours ago

    I think you should learn math carom

  • sim sim
    sim sim 3 hours ago


  • A Brave New World
    A Brave New World 3 hours ago

    Who eles came here hoping the arrow bounced right back at him?

  • Ray Mathews
    Ray Mathews 3 hours ago

    Ya'll are crazy but that was pretty cool.

  • Hal
    Hal 3 hours ago

    that was tight

  • ed oui
    ed oui 3 hours ago

    You guys got me laughing. Sounds like you had a lot of fun making video.

  • Joseph Abbott
    Joseph Abbott 3 hours ago

    Cheech and Chong will be proud of you guys. How many doozies did you guys smoke while getting set up and sitting in the truck.... .because it's cold out!

  • Christophe Lopes
    Christophe Lopes 3 hours ago

    Things were funny while you wasn't lying because we all knew that was FAKE, but now you're starting to lying "(NOT ClickBait )" , What you win ? -> Unsubscribe !! I HOPE MANY PEOPLE WILL UNSUBSCRIBE too because you're not honest anymore! Sad, 0 F given here

  • Abram Porras
    Abram Porras 3 hours ago

    Damn trolls it was clickbait

  • Jason Nester
    Jason Nester 3 hours ago

    Where did u get solid yellow arrows

  • Feri Joentax
    Feri Joentax 3 hours ago

    Grenate 1= <5 second Grenate 2= >5 second Me = 🙄🤔🤔🤔

  • Federico Rocchi
    Federico Rocchi 3 hours ago


  • North Indian
    North Indian 3 hours ago

    Two drunk member trying to do a scientific experiment 🤣😂

  • oskar115
    oskar115 3 hours ago

    We need to see porn with her.


    total incompetence. de truke she look so far away cause the earth she is so big carbron, there is big carbon snake in freezing weather in de booshis carbron

  • pfnarration
    pfnarration 4 hours ago

    You gents make me smile.

  • Laforce Dave
    Laforce Dave 4 hours ago

    your amigo sounds like he escaped out a spaghetti western movie xD sow funny


    that's fake

  • Charles Hultquist
    Charles Hultquist 4 hours ago

    you need an inclinometer

  • jekyll harries lucila

    it makes me laught after you said the 50cal.. hahaha

  • Loco Hugo
    Loco Hugo 4 hours ago

    wow wow wow!!

  • Xxx Xxx
    Xxx Xxx 4 hours ago

    *Turn it on slow mo, and you will notice that it actually looks like the pumpkin detonate first, mili.seconds before the grenade. P.S. That grenade makes more smoke than any dmg( the ground under the detonation is flat as before)*

  • aaronspaulding205
    aaronspaulding205 5 hours ago

    Dumbest thing i’ve ever seen you do. Not funny at all.

  • T OB
    T OB 5 hours ago

    It's only you and Pedro in the middle of the desert. Stop screaming fire in the hole!

  • Bill baggins
    Bill baggins 5 hours ago

    Probably another faked video. These idiots lost all credibility after that fake grenade shit 😂

    OBSERVADOR IQ 5 hours ago

    Tu mascota mexicana lo unico que sabe decir,es cabron,cabron,cabron y mas cabron ?tu mexicano no le hace honor a nuestro hermoso idioma castellano !!

  • WinchesterSuperX1
    WinchesterSuperX1 5 hours ago

    “45 degree angle” Translation: actually 20 degree angle.

  •  5 hours ago

    Russian better than american that you OFF THE COVER!

  • Howard S
    Howard S 5 hours ago

    You forgot the 20mm. And you need a 50mm and a 106 recoiless!!!

  • Christopher Steinhauer

    I love these two guys best shooting videos on RU-clip

  • Joey N
    Joey N 6 hours ago

    All of the older guns you shot today test them aginst bulletproof glass

  • breakfastbuddy5
    breakfastbuddy5 6 hours ago

    you have to measure the angle , this is noncence

  • Slappy Dee 80808
    Slappy Dee 80808 6 hours ago

    Which titanium? Grade 2? An alloy? There are many kinds of titanium that have differing hardness strengths. Please specify what you're shooting at.

  • Gregory Bunker
    Gregory Bunker 6 hours ago

    Dude he really hid under the table while Mexican guy is under the car who is smarter

  • innersoul explosion
    innersoul explosion 6 hours ago

    Ole ole ole 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Glenn Rivers
    Glenn Rivers 6 hours ago

    You puling the pin yourself was NUTS!!!

  • Modern Savage25
    Modern Savage25 6 hours ago

    If that bow string was as loose and crazy as Owen Benjamin's connection to reality it would probably tear a whole in the space time continuum, and kill a random dinosaur.

  • J.R. Templeton
    J.R. Templeton 6 hours ago

    "No, we don't find that one" 😆

  • the migthy WOLF
    the migthy WOLF 6 hours ago

    Use mosin nagant one of my favorate gun from ww2

  • Bubba Holtzclaw
    Bubba Holtzclaw 6 hours ago

    well Ed.... back in Vietnam the Viet Cong would take a grenade bind the arming handle down with a simple rubber band then drop it into the fuel tank of a South Vietnamese Army or US Army quarter ton truck (Jeep) or 2.5 ton truck (deuce n half)... both because of Army requirement had a large fueling cap. I know you can't get a truck but you can get about a 5 gallon metal gas can full of diesel fuel or gasoline and pull the pin at a distance of 100 meters using a long fuel proof string around the pin ring... should be quite exciting for you... and even more flaming and explosive especially with diesel fuel... Hope you survive Ed!!! Maybe do both and compare the huge explosion difference between volatile gasoline as compared to very explosive diesel fuel... up to you.

  • Larry Vang
    Larry Vang 7 hours ago

    So many experts in here. Just enjoy and watch.

  • carlos andres mariño martinez

    The focus sucks!

  • Random Music
    Random Music 7 hours ago

    You pissed off gordom Ramsay for misuse of skillet frying pans.

  • Tala Tala
    Tala Tala 7 hours ago

    i wish there was a channel that you can shot live rapists and murderers just to check penetration...

  • AustrianJager
    AustrianJager 7 hours ago

    This is not funny!

  • Mobile Gaming
    Mobile Gaming 7 hours ago

    and I m not sure

  • Magog
    Magog 7 hours ago

    You missed the car moron. No fun here.

  • Dan Van Hoose
    Dan Van Hoose 8 hours ago

    Real bunch of tools.not a clue.

  • Nick G
    Nick G 8 hours ago

    I love these two they're funny as! Also it sounded sick when he missed and you could hear the eco through the air.

  • LA Ferreira
    LA Ferreira 9 hours ago

    The next time you'll do this again, for an easier Arrow recovering, just put some people ahead, cabron...lol

  • Arianne Matty
    Arianne Matty 9 hours ago

    A very dangerous attempt. Hahaha. But great!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bazzy Bazon
    Bazzy Bazon 9 hours ago

    You were incompetent. You are not firing at a 45-degree angle - not even close. You might be doing yourself a disservice. Your release angle loses maybe 25% of the distance.

  • fotlitbow fotlitbow
    fotlitbow fotlitbow 10 hours ago

    All the comments are spot on straight up verses parallel to earth is 90 degrees 45 degree is halfway to straight up come on guys

  • Paujikeshra
    Paujikeshra 10 hours ago

    Indeed Steel ball. Now u can recommend this deadly invention to DoD, crazy.

  • Михаил Осипенков

    Shoot through the doors :D

  • Neil Dekker
    Neil Dekker 10 hours ago

    It's a pity that a person this ignorant of even knowledge in this sport cannot shoot at the angle he announces, which should be 37 degrees, doesn't note the bow poundage and doesn't appear to be aware of the fact that 'Flight Archery' is practiced internationally and Harry Drake (USA) shot a world record in 1979 of 1410.87 metres.Neil DekkerArchery Coach Level 2 -Australia

  • Alseyyah
    Alseyyah 11 hours ago

    Ottomans - Watch and learn

  • Dave Schleifer
    Dave Schleifer 11 hours ago

    Spine weight on the arrow don't match..Fun Love it,meaning breaking at the bow on release..you cabrone's are crazy.

  • Andre Gomes
    Andre Gomes 11 hours ago

    É muito dinheiro para gastar

  • Andre Gomes
    Andre Gomes 11 hours ago

    Dá um tiro num carro desse locura

  • Der Macher Channel
    Der Macher Channel 12 hours ago

    I want this for my birthday 🤣🤣🤣 he's the best

  • A J
    A J 12 hours ago

    Buying link please..?

  • Reto Bucher
    Reto Bucher 12 hours ago

    You Guys are having Fun - that's great ;n)