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  • angel0pez12
    angel0pez12 3 hours ago

    That's a pass for me

  • Lightningfang46
    Lightningfang46 3 hours ago


  • The_ Daddythema_
    The_ Daddythema_ 3 hours ago

    Bro idk if it’s normal but when I got my charmander he’s Gigantamax. So idk if I got lucky or if I just didn’t pay attention

  • Dayvon Louis
    Dayvon Louis 3 hours ago

    “Inspired” right lets call it that.

  • Aiden Britton
    Aiden Britton 3 hours ago

    You don’t need 2 blocks for the chest in the last shrine just get one block put it in the middle get the chest then shield jump back

  • Noodles355
    Noodles355 3 hours ago

    And yet no one gave a damn about Digimon Online (DMO)

  • Zenas Williams
    Zenas Williams 3 hours ago

    you called em pokemon

  • Aiden Britton
    Aiden Britton 3 hours ago

    The boss took like 3-8 minutes

  • Paul Romero
    Paul Romero 3 hours ago

    You have been stuck on this Pokémon for so long I almost think to myself will you ever do a video on how to pass Dantes shack in links awakening I don’t know how to do it

  • Tim Domeier
    Tim Domeier 3 hours ago

    You can’t use your most powerful moves over and over that’s why there is pp and why those moves usually only have 5

  • Harry R
    Harry R 3 hours ago

    I like Pokemon and not a rip-off

  • Harry R
    Harry R 3 hours ago


  • PandaAnimated
    PandaAnimated 3 hours ago

    Funny story I thought the golden leaves were bananas since after getting the quest i talked at the phone place and was told I needed to collect bananas so I pieced bananas and golden leaves together and thought I had to get five bananas

  • Humberto Franco Jr
    Humberto Franco Jr 3 hours ago

    SW-3588-4326-0502 Sword

  • mochoman312 games
    mochoman312 games 3 hours ago

    I wish there was single battles yes double battles are cool but single battles make it more personal with the monster

  • Kawaii Spiritwolf
    Kawaii Spiritwolf 3 hours ago

    I just caught a shiny pokemon! I hoped onto my switch and I was playing pokemon Sword and I was trying to complete my pokedex and I found a golden and I needed one so I went up to it and it was a shiny! I was so shocked

  • Dennis Salas Jr
    Dennis Salas Jr 3 hours ago

    This is what Nintendo should of did. Sword and shield is straight up lazy.

    • Beldr
      Beldr 3 hours ago

      Release a game that will close down in a few years with microtransactions?

  • matt t
    matt t 3 hours ago

    Um I caught lunatone in Pokémon shield ?

  • Bass Player Taylor
    Bass Player Taylor 3 hours ago

    I think the Professor said he got the pokemon in a bar BRAWL not a bar crawl, which is even worse lol

  • Gloryrush Gaming
    Gloryrush Gaming 3 hours ago

    Servers are fixed now, pretty much

  • Osvaldo Andrade
    Osvaldo Andrade 3 hours ago

    What is this game Austin are you going to quit pok Mon for them tem

  • Scubysnax2012
    Scubysnax2012 3 hours ago

    It was “pub brawl” not “pub crawl” very different things!

  • Ken Alf
    Ken Alf 3 hours ago

    try Coromon next

  • Joebini Roblete
    Joebini Roblete 3 hours ago

    So it is a Digimon/Pokemon blend,

  • Brandon Pacheco
    Brandon Pacheco 3 hours ago

    Save you guys time every comment here is : “I like how this game plays but the graphics aren’t for me “

  • Ken Alf
    Ken Alf 3 hours ago

    sucks that this gets a bunch of attention when the problems are more apparent. the alpha didnt havr to deal with this because of the small number of people

  • Autogamer 12
    Autogamer 12 3 hours ago

    This feels like I'm watching a first impressions for lomain Legacy the Roblox game which was also based off of a Pokemon game

  • Will M
    Will M 3 hours ago

    This is going to be a fun game to play in between the major Pokemon releases.

  • Izza Azzurri
    Izza Azzurri 3 hours ago

    Some people really refund the game just 3 hours after release :)

  • Juan Medina
    Juan Medina 3 hours ago

    That’s totally, awesome! Yay thank you

  • Joeadelphia
    Joeadelphia 3 hours ago

    Looks cool, but I'll wait for the switch or Xbox version.

  • PlatinumCookie
    PlatinumCookie 3 hours ago

    What is it avalanche on

  • Epic Dexter
    Epic Dexter 3 hours ago

    I like how every game where you collect and battle animals we’re like: “Sooooo yeah, it’s basically Pokémon”

  • Samuel Armstrong
    Samuel Armstrong 3 hours ago

    I feel like the niche this game is entering is already occupied by Digimon.

  • vjm3
    vjm3 3 hours ago

    I actually wanted to make a "risque" Pokemon Inspired game. Nothing serious, just an old school pixel Poke clone. This is a good option, though.

  • 2-Cousins
    2-Cousins 3 hours ago

    MMO. Temtem following you. Gamefreak, take notes. I do wish they had a different challenge then Dojo's/Gyms.They're fun but I do think it wouldve been perfect for something fresh. I have yet to play it though, I'm just assuming it's about the same, as I read there are 8 Dojo's, just like 8 Gyms. If your party is 6, you do 8 gym-like challenges, then it will a bit too samey? I am really curious though and while I prefer the design of pokemon (as in the creatures themselves) for as far as Ive seen so far, I do think Temtem could offer some things We've all really wanted in Pokémon games and I REALLY hope that Gamefreak will really improve their games. The lag, server instability, cut QoL/loved-by-fans features, cut postgame etc really does the series way more harm then good.

  • Czhekh Meytt
    Czhekh Meytt 3 hours ago

    It looks weird but it seems somewhat fun

  • Ian Stanford
    Ian Stanford 3 hours ago


  • youri jevriend
    youri jevriend 3 hours ago

    temtem needs a new name

  • Shump Daddy
    Shump Daddy 3 hours ago

    Tokitic evolves with a shiny stone unless Gamefreak changed it

  • Music Man
    Music Man 3 hours ago

    1455-9184-3420 Super active

  • João guilherme Valcarenghi lippert


  • MoshuaDeath
    MoshuaDeath 3 hours ago

    Planned for 2021? Ehhh nvm

  • Max Tee
    Max Tee 3 hours ago

    I hope it doesn't turn into a Games As a Service game. But I really hope this game goes somewhere, it seems really promising. Not sure if it's for me but if it goes on sale I'll probably pick it up

  • Tom Foolery
    Tom Foolery 3 hours ago

    Some streamer named Alexogloza beat this game in under 24 hours. As of this comment, there was no endgame whatsoever and was really surprised to find that the chatbox was disabled for an MMORPG and the steep price tag of $35 for an MMORPG. My final thoughts are the Temtem community harsh retaliation to criticism to anyone who isn't anti-Pokemon. This sort of reminds me of the anti-World of Warcraft culture when WoW refugees were rampant going into Final Fantasy XIV and The Elder Scrolls Online, praising every little detail of those MMORPGs like hivemind and paid marketers. I've tried this game and thought it was decent. I honestly would prefer a direct competitor with a new Digimon Story game. That would've been perfect for Digimon fans, Pokemon "refugees", and maybe Pokemon fans alike.

  • Michael Pordash
    Michael Pordash 3 hours ago

    Still waiting on that shiny gmax invite Austin

  • Ewo Melkic
    Ewo Melkic 3 hours ago

    i played the game now for 6 hours, and i love it, great mechanics, awesome artstyle and its difficult

  • mysole
    mysole 4 hours ago


  • Juan Perez
    Juan Perez 4 hours ago

    SW-2788-4914-3195 on sword everyday.

  • Vincent Mourenas
    Vincent Mourenas 4 hours ago

    SW-5995-4808-7861 :)

  • Fox Girl
    Fox Girl 4 hours ago

    I've been working on my pokedex and I have 52 pokemon left including game exclusive that still need to trade for (I know that isn't a big accomplishment and hundreds of others have completed it already) but your guides have really helped I mean it there really explainitory and simple you show where things are and what they do. Thanks😁

  • Edmund Pittman
    Edmund Pittman 4 hours ago

    Has Nintendo filed a lawsuit?

    • Beldr
      Beldr 3 hours ago

      No, but the shin megami tensei series, the first creature collector has /s

  • David Juliano
    David Juliano 4 hours ago


  • TheRagingGromer
    TheRagingGromer 4 hours ago

    Is it just me or is it that it will come out on ps and xbox cool/a huge plus?

  • Rylan Paris
    Rylan Paris 4 hours ago

    Fomu just vibing

  • CuteFaceJay
    CuteFaceJay 4 hours ago

    Smokes the new Pokémon games

  • Popsicle
    Popsicle 4 hours ago

    The savage lunes shield does damage if you just spam parry but you don’t even need an attack coming at you

  • Aisha Boutte
    Aisha Boutte 4 hours ago

    Try getting the lynol out of the collesium and off the great platu

  • cesar gamboa
    cesar gamboa 4 hours ago

    Better then pokemon cuz pokemon it's the same game over and over

  • Joaco Jabase
    Joaco Jabase 4 hours ago

    3:27 "as opposed to Pokemon" But Austin, Pokemon have PP for that exact reason... I understand his point but the way of saying it is a little weird I think

    • Linda M. R.
      Linda M. R. 3 hours ago

      The PP equivalent is a lot higher though. You almost never run out unless it’s only 5/5, which isn’t super common. In Temtem you can start struggling with stamina in round 3-4. (Though I’m not sure how stamina scales with the more powerful moves when the temtem levels up yet.)

  • Itz A Rubix
    Itz A Rubix 4 hours ago

    Stream was fun!

  • Brandon Pierce
    Brandon Pierce 4 hours ago

    TemTem sounds and looks neat, but this first impression didn't really leave much of an impression. I appreciate you keeping the lag in for an idea of what the servers are like, but maybe splice in some footage of you actually doing something in the meantime.

  • Tre’ Blaze
    Tre’ Blaze 4 hours ago

    F and your Pikachu was a girl 😂

  • Aster Leacro
    Aster Leacro 4 hours ago

    I mean if you are honest pokemon games are not really that good. The replay factor is pretty much 0 when you are done with the main story. When a new game comes out i play through the story and boom go back to smogon cause its just too annoying to find people for battle. So a pokemon typ game that actually makes me play it even after completing the story would already be an improvment.

  • GalacticBlader
    GalacticBlader 4 hours ago

    seems fun if the ui gets a bit more polished id be down for it. too bad its not free lol

  • Laudy Dorado
    Laudy Dorado 4 hours ago

    It looks nice but not my cup of tea somehow. I still prefer Pokemon.

  • wmbtech
    wmbtech 4 hours ago

    What happened to the video you posted before that was called something less Nintendo-friendly like "Is TemTem the NEW Pokemon...?". I saw the video go up but it was removed before I could watch it. Did Nintendo slap you for badmouthing their baby or what?

  • superbaat
    superbaat 4 hours ago

    Think you in consol is it reallyd need internet?

  • R douth
    R douth 4 hours ago

    Do they have anything like shinies or hunting for stuff like that?

  • ghost
    ghost 4 hours ago

    Finally a review that I can give a chance. I haven't even started the vid yet, but I trust your opinion.

    • ghost
      ghost 4 hours ago

      Eeeeeee- I wasn't expecting it to be $35... I hope it lives up to that. But hearing how rough of a startup you had... it'd suck to spend that and then not even be able to play! Still considering buying it today, though. Edit: Just got to the 7 minute mark... maybe... I'll wait to buy... lol...

    • ghost
      ghost 4 hours ago

      One of the things I really can't get behind are the faces. It feels like I'm playing Wizard101 again (a game released in 2008...) I even hated the faces in SWSH, though, so maybe I'm just too particular about them. The faces in both games (Temtem and Pokemon) seem to lack life. They look soulless. The Temtem faces just give me BIG Wizard101 vibes, which is kinda cool in a nostalgic way... but... should've left it in 2008. TBF I have not watched a full character customization vid yet, I've only seen one eye style, so maybe there are others that are better?

  • ikweetgeennaam nog steeds geen naam

    I like the design,would love to play it

  • TJ Cannistraro
    TJ Cannistraro 4 hours ago

    When the servers become more stable, I'd love to see you stream this game

  • AfroLIFE001
    AfroLIFE001 4 hours ago

    I can’t believe it’s not Pokémon

  • sobekviasoul
    sobekviasoul 4 hours ago

    In the matter of a day I went from thinking this game was just a meme to being genuinely excited to play on the Switch, kinda sad I have to wait so long. It is sad to see people rooting for the game to spite Pokémon though. I’d rather a world where both exist but Pokémon evolves to remain magical and the top of the genre.

  • eluz_tremz
    eluz_tremz 4 hours ago

    Sw 0285-4179-0806

  • Christina Smith
    Christina Smith 4 hours ago

    It's nothing but a rip-off I already reported them to Congress and the Pokemon company

    • Beldr
      Beldr 3 hours ago

      You sir are an idiot. First of all Pomemon can't own a genere or style of game. Second pokemon didn't even came up with this style of game, the megami tensei series did

  • chad scofield
    chad scofield 4 hours ago

    steam isn't the only place to buy it has it for $28.69 with code "upcoming18"

  • Ziku Productions
    Ziku Productions 4 hours ago

    Just got back from disliking Verlisify's 3 TemTem videos. They were all garbage, glad to see you enjoyed it man.

  • SneakyGliscor21
    SneakyGliscor21 4 hours ago

    Hey guys just wanna remind you that this will be NO WHERE near as big as Pokemon

  • Hayaotaku
    Hayaotaku 4 hours ago

    Playing Pokémon: Shut off your brain, fill the Dex, hunt shinies. Playing TemTem: Learn, adapt, strategize, double check for hidden content.

    MCL GAMING 4 hours ago

    I recommend ancient arrows for the yiga hideout btw

  • CaptainClark23
    CaptainClark23 4 hours ago

    Did it have to copy things like gyms, the professor, Pokédex etc so directly tho?

  • Brandon Tinsley
    Brandon Tinsley 4 hours ago

    Add me please! Need some friends to do raids with 0496-5838-0396

  • \[._.]/\[._.]/
    \[._.]/\[._.]/ 4 hours ago

    Pokemon but harder and longer? I'll buy it, I completed sword in 7 or 8 hours.

  • Pau grane gonzalez
    Pau grane gonzalez 4 hours ago

    I could dig into it but being a MMO it's a big nope for me. I don't like this type of game. I hope they have a great release i can see them being the Terraria of the pokemon games. On another note, I dislike the visual design by a mile, it's not pretty at all for me

  • Trevor Heflin
    Trevor Heflin 4 hours ago


  • some dingus
    some dingus 4 hours ago

    You should do a video that's the reverse with the worst shrine quests

  • Ezdeha Unknown
    Ezdeha Unknown 4 hours ago

    2640-0365-4721 Active in raids & breeding. SW /SH both 130 hrs +

  • Joey heijm
    Joey heijm 4 hours ago

    This is a cheap rip off

  • Dr.Cheetah Games
    Dr.Cheetah Games 4 hours ago

    It should be called forming when it evolves

  • Blue_Angel
    Blue_Angel 4 hours ago

    It could do with a better name. Temtem is just bla. Put mon at the end lol. Digimon did it.

  • Powerhelm
    Powerhelm 4 hours ago

    I like the mechanic differences in battles and the evolution during battle is great and frankly, more like the Pokemon anime series than the pokemon games have been. I'm also anxious to see what else arises from the Online aspect and if it's more of an open world vibe. My son and I play Pixelmon a lot together just because he likes catching things and I like not having a world that is on rails. This seems like a nicer looking alternative to that.

  • Thomas O ' Rourke
    Thomas O ' Rourke 4 hours ago

    I was at your stream last night at least it hasn't froze this time 😅 love the vids❤️

  • Conor Mooney
    Conor Mooney 4 hours ago

    Thos game it's not my vibe, but it looks great for what it is. However I cannot stand the sound design. It honestly makes even videos on it unwatchable

  • Cholula Hot Sauce
    Cholula Hot Sauce 4 hours ago

    The concept is fine, the name is what draws me away from it.

  • Dr.Cheetah Games
    Dr.Cheetah Games 4 hours ago

    I was in the stream:)

  • Antonio Obregon
    Antonio Obregon 4 hours ago

    Is he still selling the starter squad sweaters

  • Ethan Campbell
    Ethan Campbell 4 hours ago

    I dont think its possible for them to create a similar game anywhere near as successful as pokemon has been

  • TheDarkHorsex
    TheDarkHorsex 4 hours ago

    I know it’s a year away, but bringing it to other consoles will play a massive impact on everything pokemon fans have wanted for many many years. (Like Pokemon on xbox/ps4) but will never happen. I know it’s not the same but feature wise it is very appealing especially with friends, I’ll be excited to play it.

  • Momo Sadraw
    Momo Sadraw 4 hours ago

    Pokemon apsolo