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Joker - Movie Review
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  • Victor Abaekobe
    Victor Abaekobe 3 hours ago

    She had Sleep paralysis that she killed herself

  • Peggasi
    Peggasi 3 hours ago

    Glass shards, he did listen to that type of music, alone part 2 was simlar, same with his song “chapter 1” all similar dark themes, and as you know he made some screamo songs, and he just combined it all

  • Izzy Shep
    Izzy Shep 3 hours ago

    'we aint makin it past 21' he just turned 21 and passed away

  • Ivana Polanco
    Ivana Polanco 3 hours ago

    harry finally getting what he deserves!!! #FINELINE this Friday ya’ll!

  • Nawodya Fernando
    Nawodya Fernando 3 hours ago

    miss everyone so much😔😔

  • stfustyles x
    stfustyles x 3 hours ago

    y’all make some real good ass genuine reactions, keep it up :)

  • Mario Higareda
    Mario Higareda 3 hours ago


  • Naim Forex
    Naim Forex 3 hours ago

    Last time I seen these guys, they were crying listening to mumble rap (xxxtentacion). So im not surprised they didn’t understand any bars. The dude on the right look like a bootleg Stan tho lmao

  • Pour me some syrup
    Pour me some syrup 3 hours ago

    RIP JUICE ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Omar_Davila 93
    Omar_Davila 93 3 hours ago

    Bruh I need to go back to school after watching this damn! I dumbed the fuck down after this

  • Naswidah Nalunjogi
    Naswidah Nalunjogi 3 hours ago

    Yes we stan Harry😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍😍 he is the best thanks for ur reaction

  • Imosh Dewapura
    Imosh Dewapura 4 hours ago

    How do i block a channel?

  • Master Of The Craft
    Master Of The Craft 4 hours ago

    725 dislikes 😂 keep em coming guys

  • Imosh Dewapura
    Imosh Dewapura 4 hours ago

    I thought, ill check them out again. But think its the drugs. Bye

  • Alexander Soto
    Alexander Soto 4 hours ago

    You guys are trash at breaking down lyrics

  • Mr Amazing x3
    Mr Amazing x3 4 hours ago

    These are mumble rap fans forreal this is actually embarrassing

  • Derek Miles
    Derek Miles 4 hours ago

    But when I go roof like the Doberman said, I still think the roof would go over your head.

  • Matea Milas
    Matea Milas 5 hours ago

    Rip Juice WRLD💔

  • Yung Spite
    Yung Spite 5 hours ago

    Ecstasy was an old song, pretty much the same lyrics if I'm not mistaking, but it's not voice memos they threw together. If anyone threw any voice memos together it was X when he was alive ❤️

  • Dave
    Dave 5 hours ago

    2 L's like my favorite rappers favorite rapper

  • Old Friend
    Old Friend 5 hours ago

    R.I.P JUICE WRLD !😔🙏

  • Riley Naehu
    Riley Naehu 6 hours ago

    6:30 I thought it was paused for a sec wtf lol

  • Riley Naehu
    Riley Naehu 6 hours ago

    Extremely disrespectful!instant unsub

  • Riley Naehu
    Riley Naehu 6 hours ago

    Ya'll saying Em fell off 2yrs ago?lmao na bruh

  • Marshall Ruffing
    Marshall Ruffing 6 hours ago

    Not x’s fault but a brutal album to listen to, bottom of the barrel

  • Lacey Cooper
    Lacey Cooper 6 hours ago

    I’ve watch this video so many times. I know it’s old but if y’all haven’t ever seen the video can you react to it

  • Angel Rios
    Angel Rios 7 hours ago

    Bro could you listen too Bonnie and clyde by shordie

  • Angelin Landicho
    Angelin Landicho 7 hours ago

    you should've listened to the transitions yoo!!

  • WSG Zxsis
    WSG Zxsis 7 hours ago

    Our legend has passed away at after suffering a seizure at Chicago’s Midway airport ,R.I.P Juice World 😭😔

  • Izell 94
    Izell 94 8 hours ago

    Wtf y’all dude fucking idiot he produce unreleased song for pac mom she ask him n nick started the the shit with ti podcast

  • Perky x
    Perky x 9 hours ago

    Timelist anyone?

  • yyy y
    yyy y 10 hours ago

    Love your Harry styles reactions!! ❤️

    ♎MEGA BEATS 10 hours ago

    7:38 what's the song please ?

  • Homework Assignments
    Homework Assignments 10 hours ago

    Nicki: Sadly I'm retiring 😢😢😢😢. People: We don't believe you. *Song opportunity comes up* Nicki: "Hice toro ese llanto por nara"

  • Jazmyne Moszée
    Jazmyne Moszée 10 hours ago

    They felt roll dice 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Nick J
    Nick J 10 hours ago

    Praise the lord

  • Mira Moon
    Mira Moon 11 hours ago

    It makes me smile each time I watch you all be your authentic selves. Honest, silly, REAL!! Tranquility is a VERY GOOD state of being to be in. Wishing you Peace, Love and Tranquility always! Shine on, the world NEEDS your light! ;0)

  • E in Miami
    E in Miami 11 hours ago

    This fool latin af with blonde hair? BRUH.

  • The dad Drinks too much


  • Almighty Kay
    Almighty Kay 12 hours ago

    Delete this 😂

  • Avi Gossai
    Avi Gossai 12 hours ago

    I just have one thing to point out to "Complex Ambitions" look at your likes to dislikes ratio. Clearly y'all have a disconnect with some of your fans. Stick to reacting to mumble rap and leave lyrical, conscious rap to the professionals. My lord, the stupidity and lack of knowledge in that fucking car is amazing.

  • Dorly Baptiste
    Dorly Baptiste 13 hours ago

    Horrible indeed :(

  • Nes_tolgic
    Nes_tolgic 13 hours ago

    This album hurt his legacy imo I fucking love X till I die but this was horrible shit ain’t fair to him...only reaction that speak the truth everyone else trippin, respect dudes 🙏🏻 #LLJ🕊

  • ZayNoLimit
    ZayNoLimit 13 hours ago

    rip juice wrld

  • Maninform
    Maninform 13 hours ago

    Just keep listening to your post Malone morons

  • Maninform
    Maninform 13 hours ago

    Just keep listening to your post Malone morons

  • Female Doggy
    Female Doggy 13 hours ago

    I get it. He signed a fat deal, and his mom gotta make that money, so she’s putting whatever little hum or moan he made on a beat... a sad slow beat... just to keep the fans a bit sad to create that emotion

  • bryan marcano
    bryan marcano 13 hours ago

    Eminem called himself a god and no one in the video caught it. “You ain’t seen God til you staring down a barrel” while they were laughing at the “jack in the box” line right after that line he said he’s the “cracker with the “barrel”” so when you stare down the barrel it’s his, he’s “god” holding the barrel. I may be reaching but that’s why I got out of it

  • Døňň ııy
    Døňň ııy 13 hours ago

    Hi complex ambition, I feel like you should do a reaction to school globes, I really feel like you guys would enjoy the song it was very nice and better than half the songs on this album tbvh.

  • bryan marcano
    bryan marcano 13 hours ago

    “Armed to the teeth, Anderson paak” is literally em shouting out paak’s teeth lol as crazy as that sounds. Paak’s is sometimes referred to as the “best teeth in hip hop” a simple genius lyric search could’ve told them that lol. I love their other reactions but this was to hard to watch🤦🏽‍♂️ literally the first time I heard it you can hear at least half the references without searching anything lol.

    • bryan marcano
      bryan marcano 13 hours ago

      They didn’t even catch the word play with anderson paak, (And)(er)(son) (paak) (And)(her) (son) (pac) Armed to the (teeth) Rest In (Peace) With his rhyme (sheet) Was pretty bored so I thought I’d dumb it down lol. Don’t know how these are “kindergarten” rhymes, he literally used simple words and it still went over their heads. And the “jack in the box” line has a triple entendre, which I may get into tomorrow lol goodnight

    PSYCHO 14 hours ago

    This channel did a complete 180 after REVIVAL or KAMIKAZE and now you clowns are hating on Eminem like out of desperation or something. Are your brains fried from smoking too much weed??? I hope the 3rd guy who sat in the back seat makes his own SOLO channel.

    PSYCHO 14 hours ago

    Came here to see how many DISLIKES this video has received due to these guys missing bars and/or hating on Eminem's verse.

  • Anakaren Trevino
    Anakaren Trevino 14 hours ago

    I just wanna know if they smoked a blunt or not

  • Eric Ortitties
    Eric Ortitties 14 hours ago

    rip jworld ❤️

  • Anthony
    Anthony 14 hours ago

    i know both y’all necks tight right now

  • bbxyshxrk __
    bbxyshxrk __ 14 hours ago

    Listen to Everything I wanted by Billie Eilish

  • Eat Dis cake
    Eat Dis cake 15 hours ago

    I was watttinnnn for there reaction

  • Naim Salam
    Naim Salam 15 hours ago

    Ya missed the transitions

  • Somnath Mandal
    Somnath Mandal 15 hours ago

    U noobs

  • Oscar
    Oscar 15 hours ago

    Why in the car? 🤔🤔

  • Lisa Ann
    Lisa Ann 15 hours ago

    I swear I come back and rewatch this video once a month, u guys made this a very powerful video

  • Alexis Montes
    Alexis Montes 15 hours ago

    React to WWCD album

  • Kalyn Bailey
    Kalyn Bailey 15 hours ago

    Y’all should look more into the campaign for this songs release like ya boi created a whole ass fake island

  • Daniel Zavala
    Daniel Zavala 15 hours ago


  • Tom Wood
    Tom Wood 15 hours ago

    You guys have the iq of a potato 🥔

  • Tom Wood
    Tom Wood 15 hours ago

    If you want to watch someone who knows what they're talking about watch this instead of these 2 clowns..

  • arkario arkario
    arkario arkario 15 hours ago


  • Lisa Ann
    Lisa Ann 15 hours ago

    Just rewatching this video, and Y.I you completely dissected his music on this album perfectly! Well said my man, very open minded!

  • Ayla Zizovski
    Ayla Zizovski 16 hours ago


  • S(am)unshine
    S(am)unshine 16 hours ago

    Yooooo a harry reaction?? I’m so happy 😭

  • The Realist
    The Realist 16 hours ago

    That queer on the left wearing the grey sweat is overreacting like hell but then again that's what queer do

  • Chronic Wizdom
    Chronic Wizdom 16 hours ago

    36:06 Damn now someone gonna be doing a tribute for Juice :(

  • Chronic Wizdom
    Chronic Wizdom 16 hours ago

    I was really waiting for 'The interlude that never ends' and 'Ugly' but I kinda like the way the snippet sounded of 'The interlude that never ends' better then the final version but the quality was definitely better

  • Senex
    Senex 16 hours ago

    And now, Rip to Juice..💔

  • nathalie floreal
    nathalie floreal 16 hours ago

    Idk how yall don't understand this album.

  • Jackzila101
    Jackzila101 16 hours ago

    I completely disagree, this album is absolutely fulfilling (even though yes it’s empty cause it’s not finished/not a lot of x) it was a beautiful album and honestly a fine way to end it all

  • arkario arkario
    arkario arkario 16 hours ago

    Lil pump es colombiano

  • 1800
    1800 17 hours ago

    Ever since Kamikaze, these guys are trash

  • cyberfood
    cyberfood 17 hours ago

    if "?" dropped now in its current form yall would call it terrible and unfinished

  • lucas paz
    lucas paz 17 hours ago

    Where’s Marloon

  • cyberfood
    cyberfood 17 hours ago

    jesus man this felt like a good finished diverse project from him, yall really dont think so? did yall even listen to "?"

  • Khalid
    Khalid 17 hours ago

    Your description is quite ironic because... RIP JUICE WRLD

  • LION S
    LION S 17 hours ago

    Ur way too high

  • Fabricio Texeira
    Fabricio Texeira 17 hours ago

    Karolg 💥💥💥

  • Ibrahim khan
    Ibrahim khan 17 hours ago

    Only guy in this group who understand lyrics is not in the video

  • Matt Neuenschwander
    Matt Neuenschwander 17 hours ago

    I'm thinking they gonna wake up to 2 subscribers in the morning.

  • Untamed The lable
    Untamed The lable 17 hours ago

    Y’all gotta react to Teejayx6

  • danny e
    danny e 18 hours ago

    If "Eat It Up" was realeased as a single it wouldve been a hit

  • Javier De Haro
    Javier De Haro 18 hours ago

    had to come back to this... R.I.P X R.I.P Peep, R.I.P Juice

  • XzRTAmps
    XzRTAmps 18 hours ago

    Hold this dislike

  • RickyRichReacts
    RickyRichReacts 18 hours ago

    Album was great but it has NOTHING ON X's debut album "17". To me that's a classic.

  • brian hambrough
    brian hambrough 18 hours ago

    You should try listening to the words.

  • TheRealGO _
    TheRealGO _ 18 hours ago

    Juice wirl just died Like he said life is not promised

  • Andrew Edwards
    Andrew Edwards 18 hours ago

    React to NF

  • Sydney Norris
    Sydney Norris 18 hours ago

    so happy you said harry’s your favorite artist atm!!amazing how more people are recognizing his talent! can’t wait for the album reaction. i know it’s gonna be awesome!

  • Bryan Assaf
    Bryan Assaf 18 hours ago

    Another legend gone tdy Rip juice🖤 Rip jah🖤 Rip peep🖤 Love yall😞

  • PFilmsStuff
    PFilmsStuff 18 hours ago


  • Daniel Storey
    Daniel Storey 19 hours ago

    Didn’t hear x memo😭😱

  • EquinoxR6Siege
    EquinoxR6Siege 19 hours ago

    Juice WRLD tribute??