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  • Captain_Anakin
    Captain_Anakin 25 minutes ago

    I know Simon because we go on Slovakia tournaments together

  • Plastic Beetle
    Plastic Beetle 39 minutes ago

    Sinnoh is the best series for me because dawn was the perfect character. If you remove ash and brock still dawn had her own story making her only independent character in the whole series. (Read my comment properly)

  • Marki Marx
    Marki Marx 47 minutes ago

    It is Area 51

  • Swift4Sweeper
    Swift4Sweeper 52 minutes ago

    The music is God-awful. Seriously is TPCI that cheap that they refuse to use the majority of the original’s soundtrack? They use some of it but not enough to make the dubbed episodes anything more than horribly mediocre.

  • frog lemon
    frog lemon 55 minutes ago

    Finally pokemon sword and shield

  • tommy durning
    tommy durning Hour ago

    Hi love

  • Dewott Gen5fan
    Dewott Gen5fan Hour ago

    (1:12) When someone is in the shower, but you’re taking one and your roomate is female

  • FactSpeaker1993
    FactSpeaker1993 Hour ago

    Here thanks to False Swipe Gaming’s latest video.

  • Lapis Wither
    Lapis Wither Hour ago

    what about the gen 8 anime?

  • Majestic Mismagius

    Children:Leon is the be- Me: *how cute...*

  • Majestic Mismagius

    Rose in anime style just does not belong

  • Potexian ruleS Girls drewl

    I like the music

  • E.B The Pirate
    E.B The Pirate 2 hours ago

    The Kahuna are just bootleg Kage

  • Random name
    Random name 2 hours ago

    1:02 Hold up, a basic pokemon can create a black hole that sucks an entire ultra beast into presumably a different dimension with just their Z-move? Seems kinda OP dont you think, imagine bringing out your strongest pokemon in a battle and the opponent is just like "no, you dont get to play, I remove you from this world"

  • Katze
    Katze 2 hours ago

    They could have showed every deck card shorty, but they choosed not to

  • Katze
    Katze 2 hours ago

    Bingjie thorw the finals, he should have Rockfall Chiazard in round 1 turn 1 and in round 2 he should have follow me with Togekiss for the Rockfall to go through. He choked.

  • Allister Nikui
    Allister Nikui 2 hours ago

    16:33 Is that... *Kukui?!*

  • AlmanReacts
    AlmanReacts 2 hours ago

    Why ubers were allowed?(Groudon?)

  • geriberto salinas
    geriberto salinas 3 hours ago

    Ehhhhhhh, papa frita, soltá el capitulo que sigue, es hora ya

  • eevee master
    eevee master 3 hours ago

    Hey Pokémon I got trade banned in ultra sun when I was trading and my WiFi glitch can you plz unbanned me I’m Brady if you can plz

  • IzzyRose LovesBnha
    IzzyRose LovesBnha 3 hours ago

    Kinda disappointed that they dont have accents, but it's awesome anyway!

  • atharv pande
    atharv pande 4 hours ago

    Nanu is easily my favourite of the kahunas

  • ThePersonaWeeb
    ThePersonaWeeb 4 hours ago

    Is sad that a bunch of kids play way better than me

  • rafael rj
    rafael rj 4 hours ago

    Nanu the 🐐

  • rafael rj
    rafael rj 4 hours ago


  • EyePatch
    EyePatch 4 hours ago

    Statistics about comments peeps 40% about Guzzlord or its screams. 10% about Z-moves 10% random 40% Coppa coming for you.

  • kinguto 11
    kinguto 11 5 hours ago

    You're my best friend in background Me:😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Aniruddha Karkhanis
    Aniruddha Karkhanis 5 hours ago

    All Z moves exactly looked like Sync moves in Pokemon Masters game

  • JustYourAverageDerp
    JustYourAverageDerp 5 hours ago

    Them: takes multiple z moves to defeat it Me and my sillvally:beats it in like 2 normal moves To be fair we were higher level then the guzzlord😂

    • King Kirby
      King Kirby Hour ago

      @Michael Yu yeah but with z moves

    • Michael Yu
      Michael Yu 2 hours ago

      this video is kinda a max raid when you think about it

    • Tum Tum
      Tum Tum 2 hours ago

      In the anime, Pokémon battling and training is much more difficult and legendaries are even stronger The games are baby mode

    • Michael Yu
      Michael Yu 5 hours ago

      any fairy move is instant death for guzzlord

  • Living Awesome
    Living Awesome 5 hours ago


  • Sans
    Sans 5 hours ago

    You can hear the undertale in this

  • Valeri Ivanov
    Valeri Ivanov 6 hours ago

    Pikachu forever!!!

  • William Fraser
    William Fraser 6 hours ago

    Is it possible to mega evolve a Pokémon,dynamax it then use a Z move?

  • matthew styles
    matthew styles 6 hours ago

    Omg was that their attempt of being dark and edgy? That nigga just did cats claws and went " Arrr"

  • Doggieworld3
    Doggieworld3 6 hours ago


    CAMMYCA 6 hours ago

    Just when I thought Hapu couldnt get any smaller

  • Samuel Ocker
    Samuel Ocker 7 hours ago

    Oh Masked Royal, have you looked in the mirror lately?

  • Xidena
    Xidena 7 hours ago

    PMD Twitter fans: Waits five years for any news of a PMD game. Sees this. Loses their marbles. Loved seeing it unfold.

  • KahootMaster69
    KahootMaster69 7 hours ago

    Me testing if friendly fire is on:

  • samuel ultra
    samuel ultra 8 hours ago

    Guys are you ready for gou and ash not. The main character. R. I. P ash 1997 to 2020

  • Daddy Singkit
    Daddy Singkit 9 hours ago

    Isa yann sa paborito kong cartoons ang Pokemon Kaibigan@ Wing tv official bagong kaibigan eto aktibo

  • Wiko Lite
    Wiko Lite 9 hours ago

    Ready for ultimate Pokémon war!!!

  • TheMadChallenger
    TheMadChallenger 9 hours ago

    Now why can’t we get voice work for the main Pokémon games? Full 3D! And Please! Can we finally get the Pokémon to say there name and leave the 8bit sounds in the past! Pokémon player from day one - Blue Version!

  • Greyman
    Greyman 9 hours ago

    My empolion was what pushed me through the elite 4 many times.

  • S C
    S C 10 hours ago

    When does Temtem get its full release?

  • Quisqueya Quisqueya
    Quisqueya Quisqueya 10 hours ago

    This is really beautiful! The fact that people are already bad mouthing this and the main Pokémon anime really shows the real problem with Pokémon and that’s the fandom.

  • dance Killer
    dance Killer 10 hours ago

    ok nobody gonna say how charizard has green wings 2:02

  • YT_Soulyboy69
    YT_Soulyboy69 11 hours ago

    When is the pokemon sw/sh anime coming out😫😩

  • Mohd Azary Ibrahim
    Mohd Azary Ibrahim 11 hours ago

    Just few episodes yet before upcoming new seasons - Pokemon 2019 was coming soon.

  • Dragonlight Animates
    Dragonlight Animates 11 hours ago

    I find this slightly creepy

  • Dragonlight Animates
    Dragonlight Animates 11 hours ago

    We need Pokémon Chips and Pokémon Salsa. I will be extremely disappointed if we don’t get that.

  • AndyGalacticGamerTV
    AndyGalacticGamerTV 12 hours ago

    My friends were like “Snorlax, Gigantamax!” And I’m like “bruh is that a thing? Isn’t it Dynamax?” And now this xD

  • jollypopman
    jollypopman 12 hours ago

    *I'll keep watching this until the song is released.*

  • Luis Alarcon
    Luis Alarcon 12 hours ago

    Give a evolution to dunsparce Bc it’s assss

  • xVxk1r1two xVx
    xVxk1r1two xVx 12 hours ago

    I’m not watching Pokémon again till they have an ep where he brings out every Pokémon he’s ever caught like a badass

  • katarjin
    katarjin 13 hours ago

    Well, this was a welcome surprise....more like this please

  • BMSBC Productions
    BMSBC Productions 13 hours ago

    I don’t cry much, but this made me shed a tear.

  • Ashley’s Attempts
    Ashley’s Attempts 13 hours ago

    John had a kawaii face and it was cute

  • XRobbyX151
    XRobbyX151 14 hours ago

    Idk if it’s only me but I hate the z moves

  • Foxlin777
    Foxlin777 14 hours ago

    Me: Only watching this clip because of Nanu

  • Dyu Note
    Dyu Note 14 hours ago

    I cant wait to crush this childs dreams of just throwing out my Dracovish and murdering Leons team live.

    WUT WOOMYMC 14 hours ago

    Me look,s at this me just take my money and give it to me $

  • 緑 WindowsSu 緑
    緑 WindowsSu 緑 14 hours ago

    bruh where is the pokemon tcg settings i need a screen name

  • BlueStudios Art
    BlueStudios Art 14 hours ago

    Join my Hop Protection Squad where we protect Hop at all costs

  • Rei mago/ LV1
    Rei mago/ LV1 15 hours ago

    Sabe quando vai ter na netflix ou como posso assistir dublado?

  • Callum McPherson
    Callum McPherson 15 hours ago

    I totally love Sword and Shield, in their base form, but I have to admit, I'm not happy at all about this move towards DLC. It's a huge blow for fans like myself who like to revisit Pokemon's back-catalogue. There will come a time, after the Nintendo Switch's servers have shut down, when the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra are inaccessible to everyone except those who bought a pass while the servers were still active. Anyone buying a copy of Sword or Shield second-hand will miss out on that content. Even those who bought a pass may eventually lose that content if their save data corrupts or their Switch breaks. I know the "director's cut" games weren't ideal, but at least the fact they were released physically means they will always be playable, as long as you can find a copy. I always buy physical copies of my Pokemon games, because I intend to cherish them and play them for years to come. As much as the actual content of the Expansion Pass looks amazing, I don't think I can bring myself to buy digital goods. This is coming from someone who has religiously bought one version of each main series game since Black and White, when I became old enough to buy my own games. I'm not usually one to complain about things - not even the National Dex cut fazed me. But this move towards impermanent, digital-only content is a much bigger problem, in my eyes.

    • Foxes
      Foxes 3 hours ago

      That's just the world we're moving to, there are a lot of full games that are exclusive to online stores and should the servers go down or even licenses expire they're gone for good. The only way to play the Scott Pilgrim game now is to know someone that purchased it so they can download it for you. But it's entirely possible, and I feel likely, that they'll still release a "director's cut" version for the holiday season this year.

  • richard wright
    richard wright 15 hours ago

    Commenting here before Coppa removes comments

  • Elu
    Elu 15 hours ago

    Pokemon: Gotta catch only what we let you!

  • JacobTM
    JacobTM 16 hours ago

    I got this video in my recommended exactly 4 years after it was posted

  • Craigy2818
    Craigy2818 16 hours ago

    Their accent is American but they're literally in the UK as a Pokémon region...

  • K1W1 Velune
    K1W1 Velune 16 hours ago

    Round II please, round I was cool. I like what they are going for.

  • Yuya Sakaki
    Yuya Sakaki 16 hours ago

    i know this is supposed to be sad and depressing and all that but that rattata at 1:38 sticking out its tongue strongly disagrees

  • Kyara Da potato queen UwU

    Why do i just find dis now? -w- uwu

  • TakeYourHeart 1
    TakeYourHeart 1 16 hours ago

    And the curtain falls.

  • かっクイ君
    かっクイ君 17 hours ago

    Wow Z-move is basically the lamest idea they ever came off . Glad that they got rid of it

  • pikaace
    pikaace 17 hours ago

    Team Pokepals: *just books it right through the Hidden Land in ten seconds* Me: God, I fucking WISH

  • MegaMattGaming000
    MegaMattGaming000 17 hours ago

    If the Pokemon anime was more like this, I'd probably watch it more often!

  • Jay Almerol
    Jay Almerol 17 hours ago

    As expected the sun and moon series english dub is the worst!

  • Fm 137 Dr.m vol 2
    Fm 137 Dr.m vol 2 17 hours ago

    Big chungus

  • tom kirby
    tom kirby 17 hours ago

    Mountain be like im about to end this mans whole career

  • ปัณณฑัต เรืองสุขศรีวงศ์

    So this basically a max raid battle.

  • shellman1 yt
    shellman1 yt 17 hours ago

    That is awesome

  • Ly Kheng
    Ly Kheng 17 hours ago

    Imagine everyone when they realize that if ash isn’t in this pikachu is also gone

    • KonoKenDa
      KonoKenDa 16 hours ago

      pretty sure everyone's realized but no one really cares tbh, ash is so overdone, I wish we'd get a full series of 30 minutes episodes of this

  • El Jordinio
    El Jordinio 18 hours ago

    Why did they change the format anyway

  • Daily Adventure club
    Daily Adventure club 18 hours ago

    I can’t wait for this series to come out!!!

  • zdragonz10
    zdragonz10 18 hours ago

    Omg nanus voice

  • Homero Trevino
    Homero Trevino 18 hours ago

    Wow,thoses are incredible Z-Moves abilities!😄😉👍👍👍👍

  • NEPTUNE117
    NEPTUNE117 18 hours ago

    Bird trio re made or alt forms?

  • Sith Sithé
    Sith Sithé 19 hours ago

    And where the hell are Pokémons?

  • Piranha Plant
    Piranha Plant 19 hours ago

    When does the full episode release

  • Bryan Lowe
    Bryan Lowe 19 hours ago

    Please make another one I like it

  • Mark van der Wal
    Mark van der Wal 19 hours ago

    Hala's my favorite Kahuna.

  • Euphara
    Euphara 19 hours ago

    I Want to KNOW TCG 101

  • Luke Tracewell
    Luke Tracewell 19 hours ago

    If the Pokémon power inflation keeps going at the rate it’s at, Pretty soon shadow Lugia will be tournament legal

  • TreeckoJedi9
    TreeckoJedi9 19 hours ago

    Oh thank god. I've been pronouncing it as Goozma forever. Now I have real confirmation that that's how you pronounce it!

  • Adisy Terraplus
    Adisy Terraplus 19 hours ago

    Wonder why he's in hospital?

  • Nando Prima
    Nando Prima 19 hours ago

    My nando live is for adult look how i antiflirt more then brock for an harem

  • Anitapokemonfan1 !
    Anitapokemonfan1 ! 19 hours ago


  • Griffin Kane
    Griffin Kane 19 hours ago

    >North American championships >Australian

    FAN OF YO-KAI WATCH! 19 hours ago

    Que paso con el Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh de Guzzlord???