The Herd with Colin Cowherd
The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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  • KarismaNBA2k13
    KarismaNBA2k13 Hour ago

    Bro said I’m never gonna bet against Russell Wilson again

  • Making Sense
    Making Sense Hour ago

    Leonidas you are wrong!!!!!!!

  • Ian Fink
    Ian Fink Hour ago

    Seattle is to reliant on Russell tbh

  • Clinton Alford
    Clinton Alford Hour ago

    Seahawks 31 Ravens 17. Russell isn't losing anymore home games. Stop it Colin

  • James Bragg
    James Bragg Hour ago

    After Manning retired, the Bronco's are stuck playing Russian Roulette with Quarterbacks.

  • Taten Colley
    Taten Colley Hour ago

    Lol 3rd time in a row you going to pick against Seattle.. your 0-2 about to be 0-3

  • Jason Smithwick
    Jason Smithwick Hour ago

    Did Colin just say the Seahawks have a defense????? He doesn’t watch Seahawks games 😂😂😂😂

  • AH81 was a class act

    Lmao of course his first thought was Tom Brady

  • Randy Poor
    Randy Poor Hour ago

    Collin "Seattle Guy" Cowherd goes against the Seahawks for a second straight week.

  • marotzj
    marotzj 2 hours ago

    Dude, where do you get these lines? The Rams are -3 against Atlanta - it isn't 2.5 anywhere. There have been a couple others like that in previous weeks too.

  • raptorrancher
    raptorrancher 2 hours ago

    I’m a diehard Seahawks fans. Ravens beating us wouldn’t be an upset...they’re great.

  • Ahmad Broadnax
    Ahmad Broadnax 2 hours ago

    I’m taking texans 35-26

  • R Donner
    R Donner 2 hours ago

    All of this will mean nothing if the Chiefs beat the Packers next week without Mahomes. How would Rodgers and his defense look then? Watch out if this Chiefs defense from last night continues.

  • Julian Joseph
    Julian Joseph 2 hours ago

    Love the picks this week. The NYG pick is gutsy But analytically sound. Gotta stick to your guns sometimes

  • ritesh jena
    ritesh jena 2 hours ago

    Warriors placed too high and 😴 on rockets really they will definitely make it.

  • Ryan Lauderdale
    Ryan Lauderdale 2 hours ago

    I'll take Houston over Indy any day of the week. The Colts still can't stop the run, as usual. You would think they would be better, since they have Marlon Mack to practice against. TY Hilton is their only receiver I like. Houston's line has gotten better. Their passing game is dangerous against anyone, which should have Kenny Stills coming back. Carlos Hyde and Duke Johnson should give out more of the same beating they gave KC. Jacoby Brissett is not Andrew Luck. I'll say Houston by a TD.

  • Ricochete Raw 90s the best decade ever

    Colin don't say pow no more please

  • Bloky Ay
    Bloky Ay 2 hours ago


  • Bloky Ay
    Bloky Ay 2 hours ago


  • Golden mind
    Golden mind 2 hours ago

    It was a cold 5 last week

  • Mato P
    Mato P 2 hours ago

    Jets get 10 points at HOME!

    • Ernesto Balcazar
      Ernesto Balcazar Hour ago

      Mato P I think people still think they’re the Luke Falk jets and it’s just the patriot factor...sigh

  • Sensei Adam - Brawl Stars

    Colin's overall record against the spread so far: 19-10-1 And his record by week: Week 1: 3-2 Week 2: 4-1 Week 3: 4-0-1 Week 4: 3-2 Week 5: 4-1 Week 6: 1-4

      OCPARKWAY Hour ago

      He's been very good historically...Hope he does good this weekend

    • Kev Johnstone
      Kev Johnstone 2 hours ago

      Like it love it .the week 3 was the Cheifs wasn't it ..I've done better than Cowherd with 1 team in weeks 1 ,2 ,5 letting me down

  • _ AudaceRider
    _ AudaceRider 2 hours ago

    I recon Dallas is a underrated! Luka and the Unicorn are going to catch teams sleeping on them! And they gonna be up there with the best teams of the West!

  • TFord
    TFord 2 hours ago

    Madden curse

  • johngaltjkt49
    johngaltjkt49 2 hours ago

    That's the problem...Andy Reid is still your coach

    • Bleeding Green Nation
      Bleeding Green Nation Hour ago

      I agree john

    • Brandon Daniels
      Brandon Daniels 2 hours ago

      No one was saying that when the Chiefs offense was firing on all cylinders. Anyone who was watching closely would know that this team hasn't been the same since the Kareem Hunt debacle. The Chiefs were almost impossible to stop while they had the threat of Mahomes passing as well as Hunt's explosive runs. This is on Hunt, not Andy Reid.

  • Matthew Prodoehl
    Matthew Prodoehl 2 hours ago

    This is a joke, he hops on and off teams every single week. "I love Russell Wilson" picks against SEA b2b weeks. "Deshaun Watson was Patrick Mahomes before Patrick Mahomes" picks Colts. STOP contradicting yourself and changing sides to try to be right every time

    • Ernesto Balcazar
      Ernesto Balcazar Hour ago

      Matthew Prodoehl just cause he likes Wilson means he can’t pick against him? That would just be blindly picking based on ONE player you like

    • Freundly Freund
      Freundly Freund Hour ago

      Matthew Prodoehl he can like a player but think their team is inferior

  • chebele69
    chebele69 2 hours ago

    The herd forget one thing...WARRIORS were INJURED , that why kawhi and toronto beat them. THEY WILL NEVER EVER HAD A CHANGE if there were healthy, THANK YOU

  • Clash with Spreese's


  • FuazzyMoto
    FuazzyMoto 2 hours ago

    Cleveland did NOT outplay seattle last week, if not for a prosise fumble that would've been a solid two score win for the seahawks. THe browns came out hot and never got it going again after the second quarter

  • bryce owen
    bryce owen 2 hours ago

    Colin really he picking games like Arizona and the giants when they both have no playoff hopes at all when the bears play the saints this week

  • Orbitz _
    Orbitz _ 2 hours ago

    I can't believe it.... Colin didn't predict a team to score 26 or 23

  • Seahawksforlife WhydoIhavetoputalastnameonthis

    Keep sleeping Colin

  • Swan Lee
    Swan Lee 2 hours ago

    Cardinals are definitely going to beat the Giants outright. FOH

  • Lil Jermaine
    Lil Jermaine 2 hours ago

    Picking against Seattle, again

  • Kaque Burlington
    Kaque Burlington 2 hours ago

    Not all bisexuals with large biceps coming off byes weeks are created equally

  • Warren Mazengwe
    Warren Mazengwe 2 hours ago

    Awww. The World is robbed of the Aaron Rodgers vs Patrick Mahomes matchup

  • Ross Luton
    Ross Luton 2 hours ago

    i REALLY wouldn't say Seattle was dominated by the Saints lol, they got a lot of points from fluky plays, Russell ran out of time to make the comeback.

    • Ross Luton
      Ross Luton Hour ago

      ​@Sk8erboi87 the defense got dominated? Cuz they only gave up 19 points lol. I'm well aware that they lost, but the game wasn't out of reach at any point.

    • Gamer Extraodernair
      Gamer Extraodernair Hour ago

      @Ross Luton Saints dominated. They led the entire game. Seahawks score 20 points in the fourth quarter and still lost by 6. It was garbage time points . They were dominated

    • Sk8erboi87
      Sk8erboi87 2 hours ago

      @Ross Luton Seattle's special teams and defense were terrible against the Saints they got dominanted.

    • Ross Luton
      Ross Luton 2 hours ago

      @Gamer Extraodernair It's never garbage time with Russell Wilson lol I think that's pretty evident. Saints got some lucky scores off fluky plays, it was never domination. A fumble recovery because it was pissing rain and a botched punt coverage. I mean im not saying that the Saints didn't deserve to win, im just saying it never felt like the seahawks were completely outmatched. They play that game 10 times and it goes very differently.

    • Gamer Extraodernair
      Gamer Extraodernair 2 hours ago

      They were dominated by the Saints. Saints should of won by a few scores but Seattle got garbage time points. They definitely didn't just run out of time. That's dumb

  • Dead Pull
    Dead Pull 2 hours ago

    A football team becomes dependent on a QB? What are the chances.

  • John Holland
    John Holland 2 hours ago

    Colin finally gave my giants a little respect ✊🏼

    • Waluigi The Master
      Waluigi The Master 2 hours ago

      He picked us to win vs. Tampa bay, but he also picked us to lose big vs. Minnesota. He was right both times, so I guess that's a good sign we'll win?

  • Ghost Face
    Ghost Face 2 hours ago

    If the Cowboys losing to the winless Jets isn’t humiliating then I don’t know what is ...

  • Jeff Miller
    Jeff Miller 2 hours ago

    Luck is the residue of design

    • Josh Holmes
      Josh Holmes 2 hours ago

      Was the design to have trash o line so he got destroyed evry year. You're insane. They finally have a good d and o line. Jacoby is good, but with luck that's a sb contenteder.

  • Mektek19
    Mektek19 2 hours ago

    Colin's standings aren't horrible. I got LA at 4th though. Portland 5th, SA 6th, GS 7th and HOU 8th. GS and Houston can switchm.

  • KMKimo
    KMKimo 2 hours ago


  • Ghost Face
    Ghost Face 2 hours ago

    So we gone act like we don’t know why the Ravens are leading the league in rushing 😂

  • Josh T
    Josh T 2 hours ago

    I think Russell throws 1st pick of year to Earl this weekend

    • Monitors of Decorum & Decency
      Monitors of Decorum & Decency Hour ago

      More likely he lights Earl up... I see another 4TD game, and Seattle's D is going to surprise everyone in a manner similar to what the Chiefs Defense did in Denver, last night.

    • Donald Trump Jr. X
      Donald Trump Jr. X Hour ago

      You're funny

    • Clinton Alford
      Clinton Alford Hour ago

      Nope another 4 touchdown game and win at home.

  • Alan T
    Alan T 2 hours ago

    Patrick Myhomie feels bad for colon coward.

  • DisinfectantWipes
    DisinfectantWipes 2 hours ago

    can we get an f for fantasy owners with mahomes

    DJMARLEY HYPE 2 hours ago

    seahawks over ravens

  • Gimli 21
    Gimli 21 2 hours ago

    No face guarding in the NFL Reggie! I remember that Cowboys play well lol I was at that game!

  • yg.meech679
    yg.meech679 2 hours ago

    Thanks for picking my Ravens now we’re guaranteed to lose.

  • LeVi Ball
    LeVi Ball 2 hours ago

    Back to back weeks Colin picks against Seattle, back to back weeks he’s wrong

    • LeVi Ball
      LeVi Ball 2 hours ago

      Angel Cadena oh I know and you know what’s scary...historically Russell gets immensely better in the second half of the season and especially towards the last quarter. Plus once Jadeveon and Ziggy get into their groove our defense will be a force to be reckon with. The Seahawks are the team to fear because we haven’t fully clicked yet and we’re still winning🤷‍♂️

    • Angel Cadena
      Angel Cadena 2 hours ago

      LeVi Ball well thx to Russell Wilson the Seahawks are where they are now. he's bailed y'all out already numerous of times n its only been half of the reg season

  • Justin Poppe
    Justin Poppe 2 hours ago

    “Not all bi’s are created equal” -Collin

    • Will Gomes
      Will Gomes 2 hours ago

      I'm fairly certain he was not talking about bisexuals lol

  • lil p90 misery
    lil p90 misery 2 hours ago

    Do Arizona.

  • lil p90 misery
    lil p90 misery 2 hours ago

    Do Arizona

  • Bnorvs 59
    Bnorvs 59 2 hours ago

    Pat Pete comes back for Arizona👀

    • Caviston
      Caviston Hour ago

      Bnorvs 59 soon to Philly

  • Luke Cage213
    Luke Cage213 2 hours ago

    Where are you getting these lines from?

    • Kev Johnstone
      Kev Johnstone 2 hours ago

      You not getting the same points on the spread ..

  • Captain Sauce
    Captain Sauce 2 hours ago

    He said Darby is special 😭😂😂 better hope coop can’t finish the game, him and Gallup will feast

    • Caviston
      Caviston Hour ago

      Captain Sauce Lol your not very educated

  • Jacob Santeria
    Jacob Santeria 2 hours ago

    You were 1/5 last week. Lets see how you do this week.

    • Sensei Adam - Brawl Stars
      Sensei Adam - Brawl Stars Hour ago

      @Jacob Santeria lmao cry baby cry. Why are you even watching him if you hate him so much? I just care that he makes $$$ year after year with over a 60% win rate against the spread. But you just care about your personal bias against him so you'll just reply with another "he sucks" argument, right? If you're so right, how about you just take your life savings, go on betonline(.)ag and bet against him week after week and see how that goes for you?

    • Jacob Santeria
      Jacob Santeria 2 hours ago

      @Sensei Adam - Brawl Stars Yes and he is by far the worst to follow. Like I said. We will see. Wait til next week unless you want to talk politics like your idol colin? See you next week.

    • Sensei Adam - Brawl Stars
      Sensei Adam - Brawl Stars 2 hours ago

      @Jacob Santeria LMAO do you even bet on sports? I have used all this picks so far this year. He is 19-10-1 and has won every week prior to this one.

    • Jacob Santeria
      Jacob Santeria 2 hours ago

      @Sensei Adam - Brawl Stars No he has not been consistent. He predicts by politics and not by the strength of a team. This has been ongoing this year. We will see his results this week.

    • Sensei Adam - Brawl Stars
      Sensei Adam - Brawl Stars 2 hours ago

      And he had a winning week every week before that...

  • Bull
    Bull 2 hours ago

    lmao....why did he bring up San francisco? They lost Jimmy Gstring and had the #2 pick.

  • Preston Garvey
    Preston Garvey 2 hours ago

    Wow Colin finally picks the colts yet wont put them in Herd Hierarchy

    • LiLPSwizz
      LiLPSwizz 2 hours ago

      Preston Garvey his takes don’t hold that much weight id consider that a blessing more than anything else

  • D J
    D J 2 hours ago

    That awkward silence and breathing 😭😭

  • Samuel Young
    Samuel Young 2 hours ago


  • Cutybandit14
    Cutybandit14 2 hours ago

    thank god mahomes is only gonna be out for a couple of weeks

    • Warren Mazengwe
      Warren Mazengwe 2 hours ago

      The World is robbed of the Aaron Rodgers vs Patrick Mahomes matchup.

  • Allen Wilson II
    Allen Wilson II 2 hours ago

    As a KC native and die-hard Chiefs fan I 100% agree with this. I was watching the game and the defense got a sack, fumble recovery and a touchdown and on twitter all I see is "I don't care. How's Mahomes? What's up with Mahomes?". SMH

  • liljackster228
    liljackster228 2 hours ago


  • Jacob Dennis
    Jacob Dennis 2 hours ago

    I'm a Pat's fan but I find the NFC more interesting just cause so many teams are good

  • Aight muthafuckas
    Aight muthafuckas 2 hours ago

    Dawg Colin really think the raptors were trash without kawhi 😂

  • o o
    o o 2 hours ago

    So what Colin! Patriots always rely on Brudy boy. There are a few player's bent on damaging other players body parts in the NFL. Those are your dangerous ones. They want to play violent, like the guys that started FB back in the day. I've been observing them. Denver s#cked last night. Flacco needs to retire and be replaced. He looks like it may be brain damage. He keeps twisting his neck like something's wrong. He better get an MRI. I'll be back Colin! And by the way, we love you Colin.

  • Joseph Thomann
    Joseph Thomann 2 hours ago

    Why is this a topic? Obviously the chiefs are reliant on Mahomes. Apart from the panthers saints and colts this year, most teams are reliant on their qb

  • Ev Hubbard
    Ev Hubbard 2 hours ago

    Colin I will continue to tell you that he proved nothing with that title. No Durant. No best player title.

  • Juggie Bonebrain
    Juggie Bonebrain 2 hours ago

    "Lamar Jackson, a kid who struggles throwing the ball.". THANK YOU for saying so. I'm a Ravens fan and I TOTALLY agree with that statement.

  • Agent 21
    Agent 21 2 hours ago

    Terrible ending, you know how much time you have left before break. Do a better job Colin

  • evan browne
    evan browne 2 hours ago

    Don't know if their too reliant on Mahommes after Matt Moore did his thing last night. Colin loves to hear himself talk.

  • drone1028
    drone1028 2 hours ago

    Must be the Knicks GM. 😂

  • Stephen B. Smith
    Stephen B. Smith 2 hours ago

    Well no one told them to release Kareem Hunt

  • Szilárd Oberritter
    Szilárd Oberritter 2 hours ago

    Since the rule changes you can easily stop a player that only plays at the rim

  • FrankC
    FrankC 2 hours ago

    overdependent? hes the most talented qb in the league, why wouldnt we use him as much as possible?

  • John Carter
    John Carter 2 hours ago

    So can NEW ENGLAND win without Brady? Don't give me great defense until they actually play a good offensive team.

  • Isaac Barrow
    Isaac Barrow 2 hours ago

    Didn't they go on like a 23-0 run without Mahomes? Makes no sense. they were a great team without him and they were with alex smith, too

  • Rohan Tyagi
    Rohan Tyagi 2 hours ago

    The AFC QBs are getting erased because of Brady’s snap, duh.

  • 123abc
    123abc 2 hours ago

    The Cowboys schedule is SCARY!

  • The Herd with Colin Cowherd

    Who are your top picks for Week 7?

    • StefanMilutinovicBH
      StefanMilutinovicBH 2 hours ago

      Oh Herd my Herd stop betting against the Hawks ,ravens cant win against Seattel as a guest team! :D

    • Zoidy MTE
      Zoidy MTE 2 hours ago


    • Monitors of Decorum & Decency
      Monitors of Decorum & Decency 2 hours ago

      Colin... picking against Russell Wilson, yet again? Have you learned nothing, from your past follies? How many times do you burn your hand on a hot stove, before learning not to touch it? #DangeRUSSisthe2019MVP #DangeRUSS

    • Robert Wheeler
      Robert Wheeler 2 hours ago

      What are your picks Lions vs Vikings

    • I F55 I
      I F55 I 2 hours ago

      You stunk it up last week, better be 5/5 here.

  • dipak ray
    dipak ray 2 hours ago

    This guy is real Analyst in my opinion.

    MrZRACER 2 hours ago

    they would've beat ne if hunt didn't do what he did. ever since that news came out the team has snowballed.

    • Brandon Daniels
      Brandon Daniels 2 hours ago

      Exactly! Nearly everyone pretends that Kareem Hunt never existed. He was the icing on the cake for the Chiefs last year. His ability to make explosive runs is what really allowed Mahomes to sling the ball all over the field. Ever since Hunt got busted for his shenanigans, the Chiefs offense has basically been one dimensional. It's not that Andy Reid built a team that was too reliant on Mahomes. It's just tough to replace Hunt's production very cheaply.

  • C Peterson
    C Peterson 2 hours ago

    Colin: "Chiefs too dependent of Mahomes" Chiefs last night: score 20 unanswered points after the Mahomes injury"

    • The All Knowing Eye
      The All Knowing Eye Hour ago

      C Peterson the chiefs had a really strong defensive line performance against a really weak offensive line. Theyll have to do it again to prove it to anyone

    • Felipe Nevado
      Felipe Nevado Hour ago

      Yeah cuz the broncos are great

    • James Bragg
      James Bragg 2 hours ago

      What's up with the Bronco's offensive play calling? On a 3rd and 2 the middle of the field was open and the receiver's run out routes. Maybe run crosses over the middle next time.

    • Chiefs Lightning
      Chiefs Lightning 2 hours ago

      3 of which were on a FG directly after the injury, doesn't count. And 7 were on a fumble return. They scored 10. Moore was pretty bad, but better than Flacco. All he had to do on the TD was hit a wide open Hill.

    • Alex Acosta
      Alex Acosta 2 hours ago

      That is the only game its the exception. And you know that, his point is very valid.

  • Manu El-Ocho
    Manu El-Ocho 2 hours ago

    Nick foles!!! :(

  • mister m II
    mister m II 2 hours ago


  • T-Mac's Reviews
    T-Mac's Reviews 2 hours ago

    The Chiefs are too reliant on Mahomes? Maybe because he's a generational talent at QB.

    • Nick
      Nick 2 hours ago

      @mark smith Whenever I watch him play he's throwing to wide open receivers 90% of the time or simple dump passes. He's flashy but the talent he's played with has been absured

    • QUEX
      QUEX 2 hours ago

      Did you not listen to his points? Brees became the team and look how that panned out, they became the 7-9ers for 3 years lmao. Now look at them when they have a complete team, they are SB contenders for the 3 seasons in a row.

    • Lucius Paullus
      Lucius Paullus 2 hours ago

      It looks like Green Bay with Rodgers all over again

    • mark smith
      mark smith 2 hours ago

      @Nick yes he is you can see it

    • Nick
      Nick 2 hours ago

      Is he really though? He's been loaded with top talent on offense all around him with one of the best coaches in the league.

  • Thomas Martin
    Thomas Martin 2 hours ago

    Big Ben wouldn't have beaten Tom as has been shown for many years. Andrew Luck wasn't going to even win his division let alone beat the Pats, they are much better off with Brissett despite what the media wants you to think. Andrew luck was a perpetually hurt QB and turnover machine despite being a great person. Not Tom's fault other people got hurt, it can happen to anyone. Brady had to sit out all of 2008 which could have been another run at undefeated. Everyone goes down at some point and the chiefs weren't a lock to beat them even with Mahomes so that point is really just conjecture. Next time maybe don't crown them champs before the season begins and then when they don't end up winning it won't seem like a shock.

  • Troy Duffie
    Troy Duffie 2 hours ago

    You can't say, " all the weapons on this team," watch them dismantle a division rival with 9 sacks and a back up QB and say they are too reliant on Mahomes.

  • Arnold Dalby
    Arnold Dalby 2 hours ago

    Colin brilliant life lesson. Also eat more sesame seeds to look and feel younger.

  • 0987754 9086
    0987754 9086 2 hours ago

    If warriors weren’t hurt they sweep come on now bet this list changes in a year !

  • animal mother
    animal mother 2 hours ago

    Joe Flacco was a meat puppet turned into human hamburger meat vs a bad KC defense

  • SmalltownWriter
    SmalltownWriter 2 hours ago

    Joel Klatt is EXACTLY CORRECT about the Jones. ROFLMAO But, I would Rank the College Teams differently. 1.) Alabama 2.) Oklahoma 3.) LSU 4.) Clemson 5.) Texas

  • Salman Khoja
    Salman Khoja 2 hours ago

    Colin "I'm not a Twitter doctor" Cowherd

  • Troy Duffie
    Troy Duffie 2 hours ago

    Colin read out the next 10 weeks for the Cowboys and I audibly said, "yikes." Dallas could go 8-8.

    • 777d7777 777d7777
      777d7777 777d7777 2 hours ago

      Troy Duffie I think that they will lose against eagles (once) , lions bears and patriots wich means they end up 9 7 and misses the playoffs

  • VrQz Silent #Bulls2022Champs

    Tom Brady is so lucky he’s in the AFC

  • Kelly Conroy
    Kelly Conroy 2 hours ago

    All teams are dependent on their starting Quarterback .

    • Chris Flores
      Chris Flores 2 hours ago

      Not necessarily dependant. You just need a decent QB if you're stacked on Defense. Imagine having the best QB but everyone else sucks. Now imagine a bad QB but the defense is unstoppable!

    • Bacon Le Skiiwalker
      Bacon Le Skiiwalker 2 hours ago

      Not the Saints and my Patriots

    • Zoidy MTE
      Zoidy MTE 2 hours ago

      Not the Saints we winning with out ours