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  • Music Cityimportsinc

    How much did this cost the customer

  • Jerod Pierce
    Jerod Pierce 16 days ago

    i poor sizes like this by myself, who do you need 10 guys?

  • Yan Zorg
    Yan Zorg 20 days ago

    В России 3 человека справились

  • Thomas Urben
    Thomas Urben 22 days ago

    This song ruined the whole video thanks!

  • remy rauch
    remy rauch 25 days ago

    Music is so bad that I had to turn the volume off

  • 876 Brogad
    876 Brogad 26 days ago

    watch in 1x.5 speed, thank me later.

  • Big Mike
    Big Mike Month ago

    Metal on top of top soil... ugly stuff boys.

  • drake iverson
    drake iverson Month ago

    writing the description on the video what they are doing would be nice. Learning as a beginner. thanks

  • Thomas J Sanford
    Thomas J Sanford Month ago

    Very poor surface prep... Around here, you'd need to remove all the soil down 3-4', then replace with Sand and Gravel, before pouring the slab. In other places, you might not need to excavate quite as much soil first, but I don't know anywhere that it's ok to pour the slab over grass, like you just did...

  • Chris Web
    Chris Web 2 months ago

    Feel bad when people pour concrete on grass

  • Gary Tackett
    Gary Tackett 2 months ago

    Couple questions why so many guys to do such a small job and why didn't you use poles to cut your control joints in it would have saved alot of time and you wouldn't of had to crawl to hole pad

  • Ricardo Galvan
    Ricardo Galvan 3 months ago


  • Danny Z
    Danny Z 3 months ago


    WHO DA NEIGHBOR 3 months ago

    They terk er jerbs

    WASHINGTON MAIN 4 months ago

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  • Bart Simpson
    Bart Simpson 4 months ago

    Are they Mexicans Illegall workers in America on this video?

  • David Poirot
    David Poirot 4 months ago

    Music so annoying...

  • ccaa production
    ccaa production 4 months ago


  • yeager200
    yeager200 4 months ago

    What type of camera did you use? I'm considering purchasing one for our next lemons race.

    • Mike k
      Mike k 4 months ago

      This was made with a 2nd gen Samsung Gear 360 camera.

  • Gabriel Gonzales
    Gabriel Gonzales 5 months ago

    buenas Contrucciones pisos.concreto el ranchero

  • Carlos Xavier Lique
    Carlos Xavier Lique 5 months ago

    Great work guys

  • Scott Busse
    Scott Busse 5 months ago

    Guy on the Pan whacker had me laughin...

  • adam0U812 Davies
    adam0U812 Davies 5 months ago

    I'll bet that the concrete has a crack in it!

    • 7.3 powerstroke!
      7.3 powerstroke! 15 days ago

      Yep, concrete will always crack. I will guarantee no matter how good a concrete contractor thinks they are it WILL crack. Thats life with concrete, you cannot stop it. IT WILL CRACK PERIOD.

  • Kreteman 777
    Kreteman 777 6 months ago

    Why oh why would you cut joints like that? Is it a lack of knowledge or just plain stubbornness?

  • Jurgy777
    Jurgy777 6 months ago

    No idea how much that cost to create but I probably could have done the same job for half price with only 4 people... said every contractor ever.

  • cBadssk8
    cBadssk8 6 months ago

    Why did i just watch the whole video

  • Hail Satan666
    Hail Satan666 6 months ago

    The guy in black did a whole lotta nothing

    • Carlos Garcia
      Carlos Garcia 6 months ago

      @Ryan Lang true lol

    • Ryan Lang
      Ryan Lang 6 months ago

      If he was the boss he wouldn't have used the broom to look busy

    • Carlos Garcia
      Carlos Garcia 6 months ago

      Probably the boss

  • Janusz Cebula
    Janusz Cebula 7 months ago

    My to w Polsce pyk pyk pyk kostka jako tako i fajrant a te amerykance się jakimś cymyntem pierolo

  • Crucial Farms Urban and Fresh

    My father would have been pissed for the rest of his life that those lines didn't line up from the old slab. Lmfao 😂✌️

  • jrea424
    jrea424 7 months ago

    I surprised you left organics under the slab.. bad practice

    • jimmy James
      jimmy James 22 days ago

      They scraped that grass up at the last moment. But yes. Should have gone down to clay. Top soil can shift and sink. And that such a huge job and a a large span from one piece to the shop its gonna crack and sink. Should have done Soni tubes down to clay to save a few $$. . Would have taken 1 day and couple thousand $..

    • Big Mike
      Big Mike Month ago

      Always! dig down to clay then build back up.

    • Ewen MacDonald
      Ewen MacDonald Month ago

      Yeah it's embarassing that they are trying to show that they do good work and do these kind of shortcuts ...

    • rzl dzl
      rzl dzl 4 months ago

      Especially when it would have taken the skid steer 1 minute to remove them, and they removed most of it anyways lol

  • ronald bowerman
    ronald bowerman 7 months ago

    why are they removing the grass ? why don,t they just poor the concrete on top of the grass or lawn.

  • jon ryan
    jon ryan 8 months ago

    What a Fuckin' Mess! Half the soaps are missing! You Conned that Customer, bet its already cracking up!

  • Sir unknown
    Sir unknown 8 months ago

    do u really need 10 people to do it?

    • arthernandez831
      arthernandez831 6 months ago

      4 guys max, who dose score marks with a 2x4 now and days

    • twitch moments
      twitch moments 6 months ago

      The more the marrer

    • J4YBONE
      J4YBONE 7 months ago

      I was thinking the same, 4 guys who knew what they were doing could handle this

    BDR CHRIST 8 months ago

    Lousy music.

  • James Tijerina
    James Tijerina 8 months ago

    If you done mind my asking about how much something like this cost? I know it will very place to place depending on concrete and labor but just looking to get and idea. Wanting to put a driveway and shed on my place

    • Jay Hakim
      Jay Hakim 7 months ago

      about 4-6 dollars/ sq foot

  • J. Sam
    J. Sam 8 months ago

    Keep up the good work boys 👍

  • RakanWD
    RakanWD 9 months ago

    Looking at the shadow of objects, This job took approximately 7 hours

  • Michael Angel
    Michael Angel 9 months ago

    These mexicans work for food.

  • sledhead88
    sledhead88 9 months ago

    2:23 Theres that impact socket, by the extinguisher. whoop there it goes

  • neilw4
    neilw4 9 months ago


  • paul smith
    paul smith 10 months ago

    Where can I hire them ? They are quick

  • WhatLorinThinks
    WhatLorinThinks 10 months ago

    Geesh they did all that in 6 minutes

  • Luis Luna
    Luis Luna 11 months ago

    Pimches batos marranos no le metieron la maquina

  • Kyle-_-
    Kyle-_- 11 months ago

    fastest workers ever

  • Daniel Wilkinson
    Daniel Wilkinson 11 months ago

    Lot of blokes for a hole lot of fuck all😂😂👎

  • Doug1125 Mcoc
    Doug1125 Mcoc 11 months ago

    Why would you leave organics underneath the concrete slab lack of knowledge

    • sbf 342 videos
      sbf 342 videos Month ago

      Exactly. I figured from the beginning that was going to happen.

    • rzl dzl
      rzl dzl 4 months ago

      @Sporty Bry no dude. The problem is as plant matter decomposes, it decreases in volume. That will cause voids. Voids under concrete cause cracks when driven over. Additionally, black dirt is expansive and not sufficiently compressible

    • Ryan Anderson
      Ryan Anderson 4 months ago

      @Sporty Bry they are supposed to lay a black barrier in between the organics and the class 5, or whatever they put down first

    • Sporty Bry
      Sporty Bry 4 months ago

      How do you make sure it won't be a problem? Do you spray with a chemical like "Roundup" first? On the flip side - will grass that is buried below 4-6" of concrete actually continue to grow?

    • Mtb Ridingog
      Mtb Ridingog 6 months ago

      Yep grass will break right through that in no time

  • Tile Marble Granite

    Nice job

  • tegeeYT loveapplepie


  • Kenny Dodd
    Kenny Dodd Year ago

    What did all concrete cost?

  • Clyde Livingston

    how much would a slab like that cost of you did all the work yourself?

  • Halo TR
    Halo TR Year ago

    will u park a bus on that area? why did u need that large space... i mean.. more green more good.

  • Phillip Chavez
    Phillip Chavez Year ago

    good job those Burros did . and it looked like it was done in one day , the only thing is why do they choose not to use power trowel

  • Richard Miller
    Richard Miller Year ago

    Sherman tx hope redimix top notch concrete company

  • Philip Hurrell
    Philip Hurrell Year ago

    Why don’t the the yanks dig the grass off? And then they whack it whilst with grass still below? 😂 comical

    • Mr Sunshines
      Mr Sunshines 9 months ago

      @Steve Lopez most of it not all of it dumbass what was left will rot and Decay and drop nearly 2 in leaving a void under the slab

    • Steve Lopez
      Steve Lopez Year ago

      Philip Hurrell Most of it was removed, covered with rock and compacted with a vibrating plate. The trick is the install of rebar either #3 or #4 Bar not just plain old wire mesh , it will hold up just fine, it’s a driveway!

    • aimee lopez
      aimee lopez Year ago

      Philip Hurrell tqehnfhnwfhktfgghbhryvc g

  • Adrian Tallpoppy

    Why dont they use mesh ??? Seems ANOTHER "we are Americans, we dont do that" even though it easier, cheaper and better .. we like our old ways. Where's my gun !

  • Rob Barret
    Rob Barret Year ago


  • Kazimo
    Kazimo Year ago

    So many workers for so low quality and low cost driveway?? wtf thisdriveway will be broken down in 10 years^^

    HUMA NGAJU Year ago


  • P G
    P G Year ago

    Mexican workers... Fuck you Trump !!!!

  • Timothy Welch
    Timothy Welch Year ago

    That looks like hope concrete

  • deztroyer76
    deztroyer76 Year ago

    Watch while muted. Or pop an X first.

  • Jeff W. Lawson
    Jeff W. Lawson Year ago

    All topsoil and grasses should have been removed. PREP IS KEY FACTOR... FLY BY NIGHT CONTRACTOR

  • Doomzdayxx
    Doomzdayxx Year ago

    If not for the ultra annoying fucking soundtrack this would be a cool video

  • Миша Маджитов

    Хуясе,они его наглаживают.....

  • KeananOien
    KeananOien Year ago

    Did they really just cover the grass like that and then strap sand down to a trailer

  • Leandro Mondelez

    I want to drive the bobcat!

  • Elan 79
    Elan 79 Year ago

    good job

  • yohoolover1
    yohoolover1 Year ago

    Imagine we had no Mexicans lol

  • GM fan
    GM fan Year ago

    Where I work they would have had 4 guys pour that

  • Ichiwo Konnichiwa

    Did your daughter write her name in the corner? And did they wipe it out again? 4:38

  • Alexander Estk
    Alexander Estk Year ago

    Wish it was as easy as these guys made it look! Lol. I'm a combination Mason (block & concrete).

  • Dale olson
    Dale olson Year ago

    Music?sucks junked video

  • Vicente Galvan
    Vicente Galvan Year ago

    y ahi si mascan el agua?

  • Dakota Smith
    Dakota Smith Year ago

    We make fun of Mexicans but they get in there and drop a slap in in 1 day. They are hard workers

    • Johnnywhamo
      Johnnywhamo 8 months ago

      @Mr Sunshines…...Yes because all white men have never done a shitty job at anything, WTF seriously? By the way, given your logic I guess all white men can't construct a sentence either because you sure the fuck can't.

    • Mr Sunshines
      Mr Sunshines 9 months ago

      Yeah I'm doing shity job doing it I'd rather hire a white man that will take 3 days and do the job right

  • G. Ono
    G. Ono Year ago

    That guy with the yellow machine works like an ant, someone bring him a glass of water.

  • andi butrus
    andi butrus Year ago

    Leeving gras under the gravel 🤫

  • Concrete ninja
    Concrete ninja Year ago

    Nice work guys did you end up getting cracks in that slab .

    • MidwestTrashTrucks
      MidwestTrashTrucks 6 months ago

      He’s talking about the cracks that can happen over time

    • Zee Zaa G
      Zee Zaa G Year ago

      Concrete ninja dude, cracks are deliberately placed in a concrete slab to release stresses due to shrinkage.... u know something called 'engineering' exists in the world.

  • roy ashkenazy
    roy ashkenazy Year ago

    nice but a few shifts in the ground on all the work will be cracked and broken , should always Digg foundations to every concrete job bigger than a few feet..

    • Caio Soares
      Caio Soares Year ago

      roy ashkenazy what are u talking about? I am a civil engineer.

    • roy ashkenazy
      roy ashkenazy Year ago

      dude stfu if thats your reply you have no idea what you are talking about ..

    • Caio Soares
      Caio Soares Year ago

      roy ashkenazy wtf are u talking about? This is a foundation

  • Parker Williams
    Parker Williams Year ago

    Impressive crew.

  • KK
    KK Year ago

    m m m m m m m m muuuuute

  • tomislav s
    tomislav s Year ago

    Rain will make it go skraaaaaa and papapapam, use geotextile, not so expensive these days...

  • tripjet999
    tripjet999 Year ago


  • Nikita Nemtsev
    Nikita Nemtsev Year ago


  • wouldntyaliktono

    Not sure we needed the soundtrack of the space pigs fucking eachother, but ok.

    NTDTV Year ago

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  • MaximumEfficiency

    USA folks with trucks

  • Andy Pinto
    Andy Pinto Year ago

    And they all ran off quickly

  • Ricardo Zapata
    Ricardo Zapata Year ago

    How many trucks of concrete did they use?

  • Renato Azulejista

    One day?

  • Gabriel Gonzales

    buenos videos construccion

  • 2 0
    2 0 Year ago

    I wish shit was really this fast!

  • دربيل !!
    دربيل !! Year ago

    Why split them into squares????

  • J.P
    J.P Year ago

    Les quedo a toda madre el jale. Mis respetos


    Its funny how unprofessional they work. That will crack and fall apart in a few years. Even with these stupid slits in the concrete which look awful. Like a Highway.... No offense to the homeowner just the company who did this

    • Nick Noland
      Nick Noland 10 months ago

      What! How was it unprofessional? They appeared to do everything correct. Proper base that was compacted. Rebar on risers instead of mesh, doweled into the existing pad. And control joints... The only unknown is the quality of the concrete from the batch plant. I didn't see anything that appeared to be unprofessional or out of the ordinary for a basic concrete slab.

  • Leo Ortkras
    Leo Ortkras Year ago

    You get what you pay for 😎

  • Mauricio Gonzalez

    And they all got deported... the end

    • elmer rodriguez
      elmer rodriguez 9 months ago

      Nah bro we can’t get deported because a pussy like you won’t be able to handle that job so we stay

    • Absolute Bollocks
      Absolute Bollocks 10 months ago


    • cerv 77
      cerv 77 11 months ago

      u know mauricio wife got fucked in the corn hole by a hispanic

    • ImFromDadeCounty.223
      ImFromDadeCounty.223 11 months ago

      @Rocket Propulsion Engineer You sound like a bitter business owner blaming others for your shortcomings

    • Rocket Propulsion Engineer
      Rocket Propulsion Engineer Year ago

      @Iowa Matt Because they are not skilled craftsmen competing on the same level. They are unskilled laborers that think they know about concrete. Because they have ruined the market in MY part of the country. I have been in the concrete business for decades and I have hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment and these dick eaters show up with a fucking shovel and a case of beer. Before you talk shit next time make sure you understand why WE hate the ILLEGAL ones. If every ILLEGAL alien got deported tonight I litteraly would have almost no competition.

  • Pedro Singer
    Pedro Singer Year ago

    Are we not going to talk about not following that existing line in the old concrete at the right corner?? OCD people cringe!

    • Rapid Outdoors
      Rapid Outdoors 8 months ago

      You lose whichever way you go. You want each area between control joints to be the same dimension, makes for even cracking. But you also want to follow existing lines. Hard to do both especially when specs only call out a certain number of control joints oftentimes, they aren't free.

    • -houdini-
      -houdini- 9 months ago

      You dont know. You are cringe.

    • Chris
      Chris 10 months ago

      I don't have ocd but that made me uncomfortable lol

    • Jonathon Vince
      Jonathon Vince Year ago

      Pedro Singer right, first thing I noticed

    • Iowa Matt
      Iowa Matt Year ago

      are we talking about the saw cuts? Should've followed existing cut and then put another cut between that and other side, joints should be under 10'. I prefer 6' and under

  • Ron McCaffrey
    Ron McCaffrey Year ago

    Did they really just cover the grass and topsoil with gravel and not excavate it?

    • marco Ot
      marco Ot 6 months ago

      Mr Sunshines bro chill no one gives a shit what you think 🤣

    • Mr Sunshines
      Mr Sunshines 9 months ago

      @Advocatus Diaboli still no excuse not to do it right slabs going to crack and Fall Away in about 3 years when all that grass rots up and leaves a 2 in void under it

    • Mr Sunshines
      Mr Sunshines 9 months ago

      @joe villalobos a maze of tunnels is a hell of a lot different than half of it no longer being supported after the grass rots away and leaves a 2-inch void under the slab

    • Eliana Baby
      Eliana Baby Year ago

      Why do you care

    • Advocatus Diaboli
      Advocatus Diaboli Year ago

      Ron McCaffrey It's just a driveway, not the fundament of a skyscraper ;)

  • looncraz
    looncraz Year ago

    What a lie. This wasn't a time-lapse at all - this was just Mexicans working for the last ten six minutes before siesta. (hint: it's a fucking joke)

  • Andrew Lehman
    Andrew Lehman Year ago

    I work in the lumber and building materials department at Home Depot and I like watching these so I can see what people do with the products I sell them.

    • ryanh0190
      ryanh0190 11 months ago

      Are you human?

    • Andrew Lehman
      Andrew Lehman Year ago

      ses S yea not large scale obviously but the jobs are still real even if they are not large scale

    • ses S
      ses S Year ago

      Amy Lehman nobody buys shit at home depot for real jobs