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Interesting Engineering
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Simulating Your Future
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Self Closing Flood Barrier
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The Future of Farming
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The New Robotic Restaurant
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The King of SUVs
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A New Flying Experience
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A Grandeur Airport
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Build Your Own Robot
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New Gripping Technology
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The Flying Motorcycle
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Xaomi Folding Smartphone
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Autonomous Delivery
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Corrective Jaw Surgery
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Milling and Engraving Gear
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Making of Tesla Model 3
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Plant Robot Hybrid
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Fruity Freshness Sticker
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Turbine Style Snow Blower
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Motorized Towing Sled
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Professional Sweeper
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Bumper Guard System
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Robot Courier
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How Robots Stay in Shape
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Interactive Smart Toy
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Running Bike
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Next Generation Rescue Robot
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Automatic Mahjong Machine
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Next Generation Smart Cat Toy
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Mobile Walking Excavator
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Multipurpose Cultivator
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Smart Dress
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Xsens - CES 2019 Interview
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Radiant Heat Insulation
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Bacteria Killing Robot
Views 1.1K8 months ago


  • Yang Chen
    Yang Chen 3 hours ago

    Thanks for picking this topic, atleast this world will hear about Tibet & will know about Tibet. May Tibet & Tibetans be free and blessed with freedom soon.

  • Typu Famaus
    Typu Famaus 20 hours ago

    is it work with figure or human body?

  • Matthew Sacha Ullymce

    Btw I forgot to post, that day after I saw this video my friend already bought a lot of these from China while the other part of the world just start a Starter 🤣

  • Lumii
    Lumii 4 days ago

    This video is kind of misleading. Lumii doesn't make a physical printer or any device. We're a software company. Today, we're doing pre-press that allows commercial printers to create labels that look holographic.

  • Omar Torrentera
    Omar Torrentera 5 days ago

    if only it could carry heavy lift gear of at least 1,000 pounds (450 kg)

  • vondeliusc
    vondeliusc 6 days ago

    Thanks for pointing out you have to yank down on your oxygen mask to initiate the chemical reaction to start the O2 flow.

    • C J
      C J 5 days ago

      You’re already breathing chemicals anyway... the planes air conditioning is from the engines jet exhaust bleed air system.

  • Hansen Chu
    Hansen Chu 7 days ago

    Holdup wasn’t it June 4th

  • Dawn Brooks
    Dawn Brooks 7 days ago

    Well where do I buy send me a link I'm dying in this heat

  • Mary Hill
    Mary Hill 8 days ago

    The Gremlin Spike. His name wasn't Strike. I know that because I watched it when it came out here in Spain. In English with subtitles. I have never seen it since, and here, the movie wasn't given too much importance. No one talked about it, so we couldn't have influenced each other. I haven't given the movie any thought since the time it was released. I never liked it. But my memory is crystal clear on that one. His name was Spike.

    • Karl Nova
      Karl Nova 7 days ago

      Nah it definitely was Stripe not Strike or Spike.

  • Manish Gupta
    Manish Gupta 9 days ago

    Great Innovation.....

  • Martin Lintzgy
    Martin Lintzgy 9 days ago

    87gw?? Really??

  • Erika Petras
    Erika Petras 9 days ago

    SIDS back to sleep. Don't let babies sleep on their stomach. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. Back to sleep. Fact check it!!! Bad design. Terribly bad design. Not SIDS safe.

  • Houston Brown
    Houston Brown 9 days ago

    Where can you get these shoes in the USA, are these shoes aggressive

  • vondeliusc
    vondeliusc 10 days ago

    Nooooo! Don't let it stop! Just absolutely amazing. The cleverness of creating these in CAD is one thing, but imagining them in the first place is astounding! Great video.

  • vondeliusc
    vondeliusc 12 days ago

    Not sure what the point is. 0:27 is completely illegal; you cannot have a building located in the safety zone that close to the approach of a runway. (That is why there are no structures in the photo.)

    • C J
      C J 10 days ago

      Yep. I’ve attended meetings with drone vendors where they completely disregard part 107 regulations and expected contract approval.

  • mohamed amine ouardi

    First comment 😅 and first like

  • Joji Mathew George
    Joji Mathew George 13 days ago

    You forgot Mahindra & Mahindra... they own, pininfarina, B.S.A, SsangYong motor, Genze etc

  • vondeliusc
    vondeliusc 13 days ago

    VERY interesting; I learned quite a bit and was also amazed.

  • C St
    C St 13 days ago

    your technology is ruining human life. stop making madness in this world. Without technology humans respect each other more and need each other.

  • Christopher Parsons
    Christopher Parsons 13 days ago

    Be far more interesting if you did a what engine brand is in what car, though admittedly it would be a hard task

  • Hüseyin KILIÇ
    Hüseyin KILIÇ 13 days ago

    Good to know.

  • VK Tricks
    VK Tricks 14 days ago


  • Jonathan Randall
    Jonathan Randall 14 days ago

    Could u please sir tell me how to make this material it will save me time and alot of energy.

  • Andreas Ostwald
    Andreas Ostwald 15 days ago

    but the magnus effect doesn't work on a turning rotor ??? it would be stopped by itself !!

  • vondeliusc
    vondeliusc 15 days ago

    That repetitive music loop in the background is beyond annoying

  • Stuck In The Past Productions

    I have a feeling the Doorman's union is going to frown on this.

  • Arhatu
    Arhatu 16 days ago

    as a society we create mechines all together but as we create them bosses take the revanue and we take the unemployement part. This is why socialism is the only future possible for human kind unless we destroy ourselves.

  • Hüseyin KILIÇ
    Hüseyin KILIÇ 16 days ago

    Love the video..

  • Young Kim
    Young Kim 16 days ago

    Japan does not care about environment or humanities. They will just dump it all into Pacific because it is cheapest and easiest thing to do.

    • Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked
      Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked 15 days ago

      Young Kim All nuclear physicists and people who know something absolutely do agree with me. It's the ignorant anit-nuke fantasy lovers that can't agree because they know nothing reality based.

    • Young Kim
      Young Kim 16 days ago

      @Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked Really? Maybe Japan should try harder to impress the world with their caring for the environment. Obviously none of the people seems to agree with u.

    • Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked
      Dana Durnford & Kevin Blanch debunked 16 days ago

      Young Kim If they didn't care why would they bother putting the water in tanks? If they didn't care, why would they have not dumped it anyway without consulting with the international community? Perhaps they should dump it like South Korea does and not say anything.

  • Anam Khan
    Anam Khan 17 days ago

    So cute!

  • José Manuel Egaña
    José Manuel Egaña 18 days ago

    How much is it!?????

  • Sumlina Alam
    Sumlina Alam 18 days ago

    Where I will get it and how much it will be?

  • maya bruce
    maya bruce 20 days ago

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  • khatri mohammad
    khatri mohammad 20 days ago

    Is this washable ??

  • vondeliusc
    vondeliusc 21 day ago

    Interesting, but I am EXTREMELY dubious..

  • Boots Shamrock
    Boots Shamrock 21 day ago

    That was as clear as mud! 😝

  • Dani kris
    Dani kris 22 days ago

    now I'm wondering if any military had taken notice yet.

    Ram KUMAR SINGH 22 days ago

    Is it in use in India

  • Emre Göktuğ AKTAŞ

    As bayraklari as

  • Giovanni Donatelli
    Giovanni Donatelli 23 days ago

    For more info

  • Anam Khan
    Anam Khan 23 days ago

    AIs are truly fascinating.

  • Gavin Young
    Gavin Young 25 days ago

    Where do you even buy these?

  • vondeliusc
    vondeliusc 25 days ago

    Hal, open the pod bay doors. "I am sorry Dave, I cannot do that".

  • Karol Erasmus
    Karol Erasmus 25 days ago

    Why do the interviewees look like their speaking in a closet or wardrobe

  • Reek
    Reek 25 days ago

    First comment

  • Bernardo Ortiz
    Bernardo Ortiz 25 days ago

    Bruh thats so nasty

  • picitnew
    picitnew 27 days ago

    I do belive most people have a smart phone today, and with a decent scanner app this thing seems pretty useless.

  • Sean Choquette
    Sean Choquette 29 days ago


  • Dave Cowles
    Dave Cowles 29 days ago

    How much wind do you need? What is the generator for? IS it quicker than solar panel devices?

  • Darien MR
    Darien MR 29 days ago

    En definitiva será de gran ayuda

  • S M
    S M Month ago

    a video on Power Generating Shock Absorbers....if possible this month?

  • Cristina F
    Cristina F Month ago

  • residue junkie
    residue junkie Month ago

    All ME deniers are cowards, and or, morons. My money is on both in your case.

    • RA Horus
      RA Horus 20 days ago

      The m.e is bull shit. Why do you lot lie about the braces in bond?? Why lie about mirror mirror on the wall when it's both! You have been sucked in and give faith to videos without using your brain. No Mandela effect exists, only in the minds of the weak.

    • Jens Hoekendijk
      Jens Hoekendijk 27 days ago

      My wife answers all of my Mandela questions like she is affected. The next words out of her mouth are "so I got it wrong" ... then I say "what if you're right along with all of these people (and me)?" .. and then she says " I don't care ... I don't want to know .. what can I do?" ... Some people don't want to look down the rabbit hole. Others .. like me .. feel compelled to dive down the rabbit hole. There's problem some melange or DNA that produces sheeple (most) or lone wolf types. Both types help our species survive I suppose. The sheeple huddle together finding comfort and safety in the masses. Anywho. Different types of people bro.

  • Mark Lee
    Mark Lee Month ago

    So! How can I find out more information were to purchase ?

  • Santeri Salovaara

    You may not have tomorrow.

  • Fishguy
    Fishguy Month ago

    I get so many back cramps from this you will not believe lol

  • Sashidharan Krishna murthy

    Hi your from which country ?

  • marvtheandroid
    marvtheandroid Month ago

    I wanna dance all night to this song

  • Marsha Thrift
    Marsha Thrift Month ago

    This is amazing! Is this available as a kit for shipping to US? How could I get more information on this?

  • Raghavendran Suresh

    Unwanted music ruined the video

  • Evay
    Evay Month ago

  • Sas aa
    Sas aa Month ago

    How fast that printed house will burn to ashes?

  • Georg Spengler
    Georg Spengler Month ago

    50 kW, not 87 GW.

  • Raavi Kumar BN
    Raavi Kumar BN Month ago

    The narration is excellent! kudos

  • epsi nurwijayadi
    epsi nurwijayadi Month ago

    Great Video

  • Paul Youngs
    Paul Youngs Month ago

    Absolute load of rubbish. By the time you fill in the gaps at the top and the bottom, move it between metre lengths and cannot work around windows it's a complete waste of time and effort. Much quicker & easier to plaster manually. There are wall plastering machines available that use a hose to inject the render on the walls which are quicker than manually doing it but this machine is pointless.

  • Eva
    Eva Month ago


  • vondeliusc
    vondeliusc Month ago

    That is some amazing, AMAZING machinery! The bacon slice-a-nator was SO cool. I think I'll have some bacon to celebrate!

  • Fatih Açıkalın

    slicing line (the last one) is great!

  • vondeliusc
    vondeliusc Month ago

    Robot leaving bathroom with two meters of toilet paper dragging from wheel...

  • Hüseyin KILIÇ
    Hüseyin KILIÇ Month ago

    This is really cool, it will create a better world for our lives. It is really sad to see a human being cleans other human beings' shit. Kudos to inventors!

  • Fatih Açıkalın

    another human job is lost...

  • 사랑
    사랑 Month ago


  • Boots Shamrock
    Boots Shamrock Month ago

    More jobs gone! 😕

  • HottStepper
    HottStepper Month ago


  • C J
    C J Month ago

    Those 3rd world homes would be great right here in 1st world!

  • Jax :D
    Jax :D Month ago

    Hey could you please leave links for each of the projects shown in the video? Would really love to get more info about some of them.

  • Erin Hansen
    Erin Hansen Month ago

    Is there a link to purchase or request more information?

  • metamech
    metamech Month ago

    This would make a great tool for those old tv episodes where they have to divide a living space in half.

  • marco stefano riccardi

    actually ferrari is owned by fiat,

  • Matthew Sacha Ullymce

    Kick Starter?, they are being sold quite sometime in my country already:

  • Claudia Borzea
    Claudia Borzea Month ago

    That is called collective brainwashing. There is no such thing as collective memory.

  • KhoPhi
    KhoPhi Month ago

    How about they add some wings too. Then a rocket. So water, land, flight and space!

  • kadamsai666
    kadamsai666 Month ago

    Bro I am making high quality material

  • TaunTom
    TaunTom Month ago

    I'm gonna need the airplane too bruh.

  • Shweta Singh
    Shweta Singh Month ago

    How can I contact u? I need soft copy of ur project..

  • LewZR1
    LewZR1 Month ago

    False memories my ass

  • Kim Calkins
    Kim Calkins Month ago

    do these pictures look right ? a med site illustration showing the kidneys picture of boxers labeled "the kidney punch"

  • Kim Calkins
    Kim Calkins Month ago

    did you ever hear of "Daylight Savings Time" ?

  • vondeliusc
    vondeliusc Month ago

    Normal 18650 lithium batteries are rechargeable very simply. Just a gimmick.

  • budding scientist

    We cAn connect all battery in parallel connection and only one usb is there for charging to replace much more wire

  • Mookie Kimanga
    Mookie Kimanga Month ago


  • Wahyu Sasterawan
    Wahyu Sasterawan Month ago

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  • George Erasmus
    George Erasmus Month ago

    Concept is not new,life raft's have been there for years offering the same feature, me and a friend spent a night on a dam on their farm in one. It got bloody cold unless you insulate yourself from the bottom, second the life raft had a slow leak by early hours we had to paddle to the bank to re-inflate the life-raft. So if it doesn't kill you it will be the worst night's sleep you will have

  • Ninh Vu
    Ninh Vu Month ago

    How can I order this coating material?

  • shoaib ahmed
    shoaib ahmed Month ago

    how much is this

  • Bangg Tronecs
    Bangg Tronecs Month ago

    Mercedes even owns maybach

  • Mashud Ahmed
    Mashud Ahmed Month ago

    Where can i buy in uk

  • Jeb
    Jeb Month ago

    Anyone here from daily dose of internet?

  • Valknut Of Fate
    Valknut Of Fate 2 months ago

    Anyone remember a DnD item called Robes of the Prepared Mage?