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josh marlton
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Amateur Boxing rd 1
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Amateur Muay Thai Fight
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Josh Atlantic City
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no gi grappling
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CITC 4/25/09
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Goodfight- No Gi Grappling
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Combat in the Cage
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  • David Cook
    David Cook 3 hours ago

    Crimelogy raps raekwow

  • Warren Spencer

    fucking so good!!

  • Jason Bailey
    Jason Bailey 3 days ago

    Still blazing Bar's Son NY 👊🤛🤜

  • Vincent Welch
    Vincent Welch 3 days ago

    94 what a year of debuts Nas Illmatic, Method Man Tical, Outkast Southern Playalistic, Biggie Ready To Die, I wanna say Smif N Wesson Dah Shinin (i could b wrong) Brat Funkdafied, Warren G Regulate Keith Murray The Most...It was a great year in Hip Hop im jus glad i got to live in that time 93 thru 96 my golden years today couldn't even hold a torch to back then. Best era

  • Tj Taylor
    Tj Taylor 4 days ago

    He was Colddddddd!!

  • Metro Pcs
    Metro Pcs 8 days ago


  • Veronica Chatmon
    Veronica Chatmon 9 days ago

    Look backwards

  • Ralph Miles
    Ralph Miles 9 days ago

    I would rewind the cassette with a pen

  • Ralph Miles
    Ralph Miles 9 days ago

    I also had the cassette.

  • Ralph Miles
    Ralph Miles 9 days ago

    Just like that I get in ya

  • Softtaes _
    Softtaes _ 11 days ago

    This a bop n Im finna keep boppin 2 this song forever 😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥

  • William Daniels
    William Daniels 12 days ago

    Kieth was the FIRST to come through using those BIG WORDS RIPPING SHIT

  • Ronnie hasbrouck jr
    Ronnie hasbrouck jr 12 days ago


  • William Mason
    William Mason 14 days ago

    I will get in ya!

  • Jonathan Ward
    Jonathan Ward 15 days ago

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥2019 2020 & beyond

  • Ricky Simm
    Ricky Simm 15 days ago

    No doubt,!

  • Veronica Chatmon
    Veronica Chatmon 15 days ago

    Veronica??This at the Port Authority don’t you remember remember how hard it took and we had a Covenant House? We all did.

  • 0d1atu1 mb3l3dy
    0d1atu1 mb3l3dy 18 days ago

    Damn !....where de f!@k this kid at ?

  • mukie deblanco
    mukie deblanco 19 days ago

    Love this song❤️

  • Lamont Ragland
    Lamont Ragland 19 days ago

    Real hip hop!

  • Milt Chamberlain
    Milt Chamberlain 21 day ago

    I feel like a damn kid again 😁

  • Nikki Thomas
    Nikki Thomas 23 days ago

    Love this song!

  • justin marin
    justin marin 25 days ago

    This shit still knock !!🙌🏼💯💯‼️ 2019

  • Oldskool Empire
    Oldskool Empire 25 days ago

    Classic music 🎶 grown folks relate 👌

  • Scherrie Arnett
    Scherrie Arnett 26 days ago

    High school classic!!

  • ms gay
    ms gay 27 days ago

    would we listen now to a method man, keith murray and redman mix cd fuck yea

  • Road runnner
    Road runnner 28 days ago

    Sirus radio had this on blast 08/19 full effect

  • John Johnson
    John Johnson 28 days ago

    This was the shit & it still isss!, Mr.CLEANHIMSELF!.PHILLY all at once AA1!, peace!,.

  • Viltheegr8!
    Viltheegr8! Month ago

    Def Squad 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    TheVBROWNIN Month ago

    Man oh man the word play was crazy 🔥🔥🔥 #realhiphop #90s

  • Falliblelife
    Falliblelife Month ago

    Lyrically murderous!!!

  • Andaraawoos Yusuf

    2019 and still fresh

  • Keith Walker Sr
    Keith Walker Sr Month ago

    Couldn't have said it better myself Stoic God!!!

  • Vincent Welch
    Vincent Welch Month ago

    Greatest Era of Hip Hop ever. For any kid born in the early to mid 80s came up in the 90s you grew up to this. 94 was a hell of a year

  • Shelly The realest

    2019 blasting this

  • HeyitsPiper
    HeyitsPiper Month ago

    Memories man ❤

  • Bool Lar
    Bool Lar Month ago

    Like if you’re the “odd” one out the crew to play this on the aux.

  • BROTHA Jeff
    BROTHA Jeff Month ago

    Whatever happened to Keith murray??? Loved his music back in the day

  • James Johnson
    James Johnson Month ago

    2019 holla

  • chris rucker
    chris rucker Month ago

    lived life to this in high school

  • Jack Boy
    Jack Boy Month ago

    Man this was the jam back. In the day! Don't play!

  • Blue Vader
    Blue Vader Month ago

    Only 70s&80s babies can vibe too this yeah that’s us the last real era of music an movies an people’s period 💯💯

    • Blue Vader
      Blue Vader Month ago

      I don’t got no social media’s an it’s going stay that way..only mess with RU-clip cause great music I grew up on an classic memories an great old tv shows an RU-clip put u on alotta game too ..!!!

    • Blue Vader
      Blue Vader Month ago

      pixelatorNYC Facts💯

    • pixelatorNYC
      pixelatorNYC Month ago

      Blue Vader new generations are clones. Can’t blame them tho. it’s just how the internet destroys everything it comes in contact w like the borg

  • Romaine Montrelle

    Man this is a Classic i use to play this joint back to back 2019 still the most beautifullest thing in this world

  • BleSs520! sol kid

    The word play is ridiculous like he was eating dictionaries for dinner

  • Ashley grant
    Ashley grant Month ago

    The beat is secondary. Lyrics come first.

  • joohsay
    joohsay Month ago

    I comes down breakin ground So back up offa me and sit yo' ass down Now when I'm on the microphone I roam through zones But don't be tryin this shit at home No matter what race creed colour him or her I comes cleaner than Jeru, and Damage an amateur As chronical facial disorders occur I'll assassinate your character's caliber I channel my anger, from the double edged banger (Banger!) and turn into the microphone strangler Stop tryin to see where your eyes can't follow Say goodnight to the world and goodbye to tomorrow You rave and cuss so it's a must ya get bust We're not to be fucked with, Toys Ain't Us For eternity, through infinity I eternally, get in ya...

  • Gregory Smith
    Gregory Smith Month ago

    Its ah shame he had just one album or did he he was dope

  • Cash Rules
    Cash Rules Month ago

    Seriously, just came out my garden and strangely, my brain wanted to hear this lol. Wtf this doesnt have a million I dont know why...

  • R. Davis
    R. Davis Month ago

    Blueface,,,,,take notes

  • Chessknight 1
    Chessknight 1 2 months ago

    Keith Murray 🤗🤗🤗 word play outta the world

  • Independent female I got this

    I feel 17 again in the Bonnie’s n Buick’s riding the hood with some of the hood legends. (No thot tho ) just a real cool one that people loved to b around. still feel young lol

  • Jenuwin Moore
    Jenuwin Moore 2 months ago


  • Terrell Moore
    Terrell Moore 2 months ago

    For eternity to infinity I internally get in ya classic 💯

  • Milo Tucker
    Milo Tucker 2 months ago


  • Kiwii
    Kiwii 2 months ago

    Who here in 2019?🤔

  • Lar Williams
    Lar Williams 2 months ago

    2019 still a banger

  • Asayah Ben Israel
    Asayah Ben Israel 2 months ago

    2019 any one?

  • donita bibins
    donita bibins 2 months ago

    who's here for 2019

  • Rosalyn Morgan
    Rosalyn Morgan 2 months ago

    Foreva a BANGA!!

  • TheLeah2344
    TheLeah2344 2 months ago

    Isn’t this the same beat Biggie used in Big Poppa ?

  • Ferdina Buie
    Ferdina Buie 2 months ago

    The 90s best rap ever 🔥🔥📜🎼🎤💯💯💯

  • Jamey Tarrant
    Jamey Tarrant 2 months ago

    Twenty nineteen and this shit STILL fi 🔥🔥...matter of fact the whole cd was nice. #highschoolshit

  • Mike Greene
    Mike Greene 2 months ago

    I never realized how Wack this song really is

  • Royal Floyd
    Royal Floyd 2 months ago

    Man I remember listening to this song over and over... Classic❤❤❤

  • Sean Kings
    Sean Kings 2 months ago

    Love being a real 80s baby 💯☑️

    ADOUBLE TONE CAPONE 2 months ago


  • Walid Elsawi
    Walid Elsawi 2 months ago

    i love it when you call me big poppa, throw your hands in the air, if you's a true player ...

    • cheikhndyai
      cheikhndyai 2 months ago

      Good catch, but was around the exact same time. Not sure which, if either, are copying one another.

  • twan hunter
    twan hunter 2 months ago

    Real hip hop

  • LeeLee Eason
    LeeLee Eason 3 months ago

    The 90's was the shit!!! Still listening in 2019.

  • Fitzgerald A Jarvis Jr.

    Remember showbiz and ag timeless.

  • roger smith
    roger smith 3 months ago

    TA DOW!

  • Justin Davis
    Justin Davis 3 months ago

    Clasic record wowww👍

  • Sequoya Williams
    Sequoya Williams 3 months ago


  • Brandi Bossick
    Brandi Bossick 3 months ago

    June 2019

  • Apache Williams
    Apache Williams 3 months ago

    2019 Let's Get

  • Dwayne Richmond
    Dwayne Richmond 3 months ago

    80s 90s hip hop the only hip hop

  • reginald holmes
    reginald holmes 3 months ago

    Still 🔥🔥🔥🔥 MURRAY GOT SLEPT ON HIS WHOLE CAREER!!!! ( I'm glad I grew up in this hip hop era)....

  • Newblessedgrl76
    Newblessedgrl76 3 months ago


  • juwan
    juwan 3 months ago

    Ohhhhhh Sheeeeit, N***a where my BLUNT at

  • edward boose
    edward boose 3 months ago

    what what

  • Timothy Frederick
    Timothy Frederick 3 months ago

    Feel like 94 and 96 was out of this world for hip hop.

  • Top notch Tv Soulja
    Top notch Tv Soulja 3 months ago

    Still one of best from the 90s

  • Marcus Ross
    Marcus Ross 3 months ago

    2019...still bangin

  • DreXzero32
    DreXzero32 3 months ago

    Is that dru hill in the back ground?

  • 1mlmsystem
    1mlmsystem 3 months ago

    still a classic in 2019

    LA TIGRE 3 months ago

    I hear upgraded Big Poppa instrumental :)

  • Tev Simon
    Tev Simon 4 months ago

    2019 still going strong!!!!

  • Aaron Rivera
    Aaron Rivera 4 months ago

    i just downloaded it 1994 still vibing in 2019

  • Mobillion Black
    Mobillion Black 4 months ago

    2019....doctor who here

  • Gavin Fitzgerald
    Gavin Fitzgerald 4 months ago

    Wish I was friends with the people commenting on this video none of my homie listen to any of the real rap, just the new age garbage #longlivethe90’s

  • John Vincent
    John Vincent 4 months ago

    Classic by a real nigga strait from Jersey!!!

  • alwaysbusiness4
    alwaysbusiness4 4 months ago

    Keith Murray got his new shit out Reflections on the water April 14th 2019

  • FitBeautyLife02
    FitBeautyLife02 4 months ago


  • Charisse Harrison
    Charisse Harrison 4 months ago


  • Carla Williams
    Carla Williams 4 months ago


  • Sayon Coley
    Sayon Coley 4 months ago

    Back in the days when buying a cd gave you super powers

  • Dee Reaves
    Dee Reaves 4 months ago

    One of the smoothest best joints of that year and I still bump it til this day.. Eric Sermon is serious

  • StylistecS
    StylistecS 4 months ago

    nothing can touch the vibe of 90s hip hop. 00s (though 2000-2004 wasn't bad) nor 10s can touch it

  • Eugene Dantzler
    Eugene Dantzler 4 months ago

    He needs to make more music!!

  • Sotonya Nelums
    Sotonya Nelums 4 months ago

    Im the MOST BEAUTIFUL PERSON in this world i get it like that