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  • S M
    S M Hour ago

    We know there's not gonna be only one BMF. Either a rematch or another guy challenging the belt.

  • Aaron Shanderson

    101. Thats crazyyyyy. I guess if you can freestyle anything is possible

  • J.R.S. 91
    J.R.S. 91 Hour ago

    The should do a world country vs country tournament to see what country is the overall best in ufc, like the olympics for ufc. Who’s down for that?!

  • Keith Nera
    Keith Nera Hour ago

    Billie Eilish: Vans = Small di*k energy Mandingo: **wears Vans**

  • Rob B
    Rob B Hour ago

    Good fuckn interview


    Free max bdo a verse with Gucci and Max with big drako

  • Danny lobel
    Danny lobel Hour ago

    Fresh kicks

  • Space Space
    Space Space Hour ago

    Both are Future Hall of Fame...legend..lions

  • FearinGod
    FearinGod Hour ago

    Why is no one taking about Gucci getting that deal with gucci brand? Lol

  • gf tft
    gf tft Hour ago

    What makes snoop dog a gangsters he a rapper fs gangster lol

  • TNA_Reflex god
    TNA_Reflex god Hour ago

    Ninga is 69 because he is always dieing his hair and he snitch on my guy Faze sway

  • Cody Schmitz
    Cody Schmitz Hour ago

    Pick some shoes out broke boi

  • Timothy Fritz
    Timothy Fritz Hour ago


  • Adam Arends
    Adam Arends Hour ago

    Need to see more of this guy ❌🧢

  • 091696g
    091696g 2 hours ago

    the next opponent = EL CUCUY TONY FERGUSON

  • awesome man
    awesome man 2 hours ago

    Jorge Masdival!!!!!!

  • Anthony De Vita
    Anthony De Vita 2 hours ago

    Some of these comments be on point

  • 8dab
    8dab 2 hours ago

    Can’t tell if this dude is drunk/high or autistic

  • Motife _RSA
    Motife _RSA 2 hours ago

    Best father in the world

  • The English man The English man

    This man d has been punched to much he cant speak

  • Andrew Dunn
    Andrew Dunn 2 hours ago

    I love me some Dana White. Gotta be the coolest boss you could ever have

  • YB Khuman
    YB Khuman 2 hours ago

    Kris & rich part is 🔥🔥🔥

  • Stacy Lovell
    Stacy Lovell 2 hours ago

    No entiendo, tienen que pagar por las zapatillas? Wtf?!?

  • TheLastStan
    TheLastStan 2 hours ago

    Also ... kickass video, everyday i look to see whats up with the promo for this fight, and this one was sik!!!

  • ツMario TO THE DEATH Yamasaki

    Best UFC interview I’ve ever seen

  • Jonathan Giraldo
    Jonathan Giraldo 2 hours ago

    This guy is literally following the same questioning format as hot ones but without the wings. Lol that’s awesome.

  • TheLastStan
    TheLastStan 2 hours ago

    This is why The Nick Diaz Army iz so dope, kool fighters , real home town gangstas, but in the utmost respectable manner. Cant wait to see these guys throw down, and then chill together passing a blunt. Total respect and love for both fighters but just for the record , Nate 4 tha W !!!!!

  • LyriciMusic
    LyriciMusic 2 hours ago

    i ain’t gon lie... but ye

  • Thatboy Rubchinskiy
    Thatboy Rubchinskiy 2 hours ago

    Ninja is irrelevant

  • Shrikant Ramkrishan
    Shrikant Ramkrishan 2 hours ago

    In dis contest stippe miocic shud get d baddest man on d planet belt too for beating Francis ngannu no one can ever do

  • Star Status
    Star Status 2 hours ago

    Great interview‼️ wop the truth matured focused and bout his business 💪🏽

  • LyriciMusic
    LyriciMusic 2 hours ago

    “for sho” - Dababy 2019

  • jdbopz
    jdbopz 2 hours ago

    Best gucci interview ever

  • theblackestvoid
    theblackestvoid 2 hours ago

    Crazy how fast that 720 was going with how well it was driving with a pretty good driver in Sainz, yet it's nothing compared to a Mclaren F1 car which is nothing compared to a Mercedes F1 car being driven by Hamilton. Puts it into perspective how good these drivers are.

  • AS Red eye
    AS Red eye 2 hours ago

    Okay, more interviews like that.

  • Water Sheep
    Water Sheep 2 hours ago

    Why’d he buy the cheapest pair of ones

  • AS Red eye
    AS Red eye 2 hours ago

    Even though Dana Is cheap with the fighters but he Is the best promoter ever.

  • D G
    D G 2 hours ago

    Trap back 🔥 burrprint 3D 🔥 Tap god 3 Writing on the wall🔥

  • Johnny's Got It
    Johnny's Got It 2 hours ago

    Gucci mane has those Diddy gems and just hasnt had a way of putting them out there til he cleared his head

  • Ed Reyes
    Ed Reyes 3 hours ago

    Dude your interview style is pure flavor. These fighters are for real . Will be be paying for my first UFC event. Thanks

  • Tyresse Washington
    Tyresse Washington 3 hours ago

    A dream 😦

  • ZonedOutFN
    ZonedOutFN 3 hours ago

    Joji seems like the type of guy to wear a pink suit and go nucking futs

  • Daniela You Daniela You

    Tienen que traer a skrillex por favor!!!

    J FRESH 3 hours ago

    I luv jorge but i doubt strippers are getting food from whole foods

  • A Parra
    A Parra 3 hours ago

    Imagine animal packs for $700

  • Aaron Wade
    Aaron Wade 3 hours ago

    Im sorry i dont see Omari i see Ghost

  • Ethan Lee
    Ethan Lee 3 hours ago

    Ay why his ears so small

  • zer0badluck
    zer0badluck 3 hours ago

    so like I watch all these interview type things for the interviewer just to be like so Filthy Frank to Joji what's that like?? but it never happens.

  • myra little
    myra little 3 hours ago


    JBONE DEVIL 3 hours ago

    I love how the pepper gave klaus OCD and tourette's lol

  • Karen Sanders
    Karen Sanders 3 hours ago

    Really great interviewing skills here.

  • Carlton Banks
    Carlton Banks 3 hours ago

    JLP spends too much time with black guys that he tries to be like them.

  • Cactus Jack-Sama
    Cactus Jack-Sama 3 hours ago

    *”Hey Boss”*

  • 강다니엘’s
    강다니엘’s 3 hours ago

    His shoe collection is to die for

  • Barrington Morris
    Barrington Morris 3 hours ago

    Lord God, no matter how much money I accumulate over my lifetime, please never allow me to spend so much money on footwear.

  • Jamal Black OP Chakuu Negro Crawford

    That is NOT how you play Connect 4 😂

  • red 91
    red 91 3 hours ago

    Now this is good journalism.... Well done gents !

  • Bosco mariño
    Bosco mariño 3 hours ago

    I want pewdipie here

  • Robert V Suresh
    Robert V Suresh 3 hours ago

    Awesome interview

  • red 91
    red 91 3 hours ago

    Luke "bafoon" rockhold.

  • matt searcy
    matt searcy 3 hours ago

    Isnt burn rubber the same place big t battled tsu surf

  • afroasian YT
    afroasian YT 3 hours ago


  • Ali Abdurahmakov
    Ali Abdurahmakov 3 hours ago

    This interview was dope I didn't want it to end

  • HeadEnterprise
    HeadEnterprise 3 hours ago

    Connect square more like it LOL

  • Ethan Dale
    Ethan Dale 3 hours ago

    Budden is a wanking

  • Chow Dogo
    Chow Dogo 3 hours ago

    2 of my favorite things in 1 video, joji and sneakers!

  • thanks for all
    thanks for all 3 hours ago


  • Victor Zehan
    Victor Zehan 3 hours ago

    Did nate just say he used to sell weed at the burger joint next to his gym while grilling and shit ahahah

  • Lil Nepzy
    Lil Nepzy 4 hours ago

    Intro fire

  • SlipperyTube
    SlipperyTube 4 hours ago

    i love how he never loses his japanese customs of bowing his head slightly when thanking someone :) im not japanese at all and im a waiter in restaurants and for some fucked up reason I do that too even though I never even touched japanese culture

  • SlipperyTube
    SlipperyTube 4 hours ago

    joji dresses like me when im about to disappear from the world due to a game release

  • ChicoBP
    ChicoBP 4 hours ago

    The opening theme song is so NY🔥

  • Christian Williams
    Christian Williams 4 hours ago

    He picked future cause scooter said he would never do another song with Gucci man

  • Someone.
    Someone. 4 hours ago

    Lil Pump, the type of guy to use hair conditioner to clean his shoes.

  • SlipperyTube
    SlipperyTube 4 hours ago

    filthy frank goes sneaker shopping

  • Harry Maynard
    Harry Maynard 4 hours ago

    Great interviewer

  • chiinemerem
    chiinemerem 4 hours ago

    Where da tanktop go

  • srecna kornjaca
    srecna kornjaca 4 hours ago

    Billie: Guys with vans have small dick Johnny sins puts em on: Say sike right now bich

  • Damian Lucero
    Damian Lucero 4 hours ago


  • Glo Man
    Glo Man 4 hours ago

    Bug Gucci Sosa 2 !

  • Kemale Johnson
    Kemale Johnson 4 hours ago

    Check out Gucci body language. This guy is content with life and I love it!! The goat of trap no doubt!!!!

  • Lorenzo Von Matterhorn


  • Adam Gordon
    Adam Gordon 4 hours ago

    His facial expressions as ghost give me absolute jokes 🤣🤣 but they paint a picture 💯

  • Fernan Cervan
    Fernan Cervan 4 hours ago

    Uwien de espańa

  • SuperautisM
    SuperautisM 4 hours ago

    Flight Club is overpriced trash!

  • Nexxay
    Nexxay 4 hours ago

    ngl pump got a good taste in sneakers

  • Parsa Mohammad ali poor

    They're not like 2pac I think this is a lie

  • Jordan King
    Jordan King 4 hours ago

    Idk why nadeska is the host of this show.. she must be sucking the producer off

  • Jo White
    Jo White 5 hours ago

    Tyga coconut juice was in March on the 22nd donk by soulja boy came out in july and real shit gym class heros was the first ppl to put tyga on a platform

  • RawDog
    RawDog 5 hours ago

    Get these dudes on Hot Ones

  • Shorouq Tahraoui
    Shorouq Tahraoui 5 hours ago

    i have to say muchdank didnt do anything really to this vid

  • DaReal SquidWard
    DaReal SquidWard 5 hours ago

    PAPA Frank goes sneaker shopping!

  • OfficialJosh VLOGS
    OfficialJosh VLOGS 5 hours ago

    Museum lmao

  • Jaime Solis
    Jaime Solis 5 hours ago

    I knew Dana would say Tito🤣😂

  • Rahma Hadi
    Rahma Hadi 5 hours ago

    Who came here from josh’s TikTok? 👇🏽

  • Rahma Hadi
    Rahma Hadi 5 hours ago

    Who came here from josh’s TikTok? 👇🏽

  • Dylan N
    Dylan N 5 hours ago

    Seriously though. Tell every bar that the UFC and random lawyers will sue them out of no where if Jon Jones gets in. Lmfao. He needs to stay clean and chill. The dude already lost like dozens of millions and the UFC could have made bank from him lol.

  • CJ vault paterson
    CJ vault paterson 5 hours ago

    Fuck you

  • Fatima Kartal
    Fatima Kartal 5 hours ago

    07:04 that’s the japanese politeness jumping out of him

  • Butt Hash
    Butt Hash 5 hours ago

    ive personally slapped ppl who said nigga to me