How It’s Made
How It’s Made
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How It's Made Solar Salt
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  • Tim E.
    Tim E. 47 minutes ago

    Thanks how it's made. I was sitting there eating some food the other day and was like "hey, wait a minute!" 😆

  • Sfax Dan
    Sfax Dan 3 hours ago

    Sounds a lot like Turkish raki No herbs or plants but essentially just anis flavor

  • Sfax Dan
    Sfax Dan 3 hours ago

    Sounds a lot like Turkish raki No herbs or plants but essentially just anis flavor

  • ND buck
    ND buck 8 hours ago

    I thought this was a how its actually made

    M0HAWK HMS 8 hours ago

    We have that drink in LEBANON & it's called ARAK

  • aroneo3
    aroneo3 9 hours ago

    Kurzagt is that you?

  • Abuzz singer83
    Abuzz singer83 9 hours ago

    0:44 thats a saxophone. it may be brass but its a woodwind instrument but ill let this slide *pun intended* for now

  • Generic Name
    Generic Name 12 hours ago

    If they hired me there the jerky business would be no more

  • Daniel Timbs
    Daniel Timbs 13 hours ago

    How the hell do u suction bread?

  • Matko Lendler
    Matko Lendler 15 hours ago

    Does anyone know would a barrell stay strong and not fall apart if one of the bottoms is completely cut out to make a big pot for a plant for example? Thanks :)

  • I’m already Sans Undertale

    So can I have the rest of the marble?

  • Nidhi Agarwal
    Nidhi Agarwal 22 hours ago

  • Tupai Mandal
    Tupai Mandal Day ago

    How much is this football price?

  • Charles Trubl
    Charles Trubl Day ago

    Three to five drips my ass

  • The Absolute Madman

    You would think they could just weigh out the mints rather than count them.

  • Ahsan Shah
    Ahsan Shah Day ago

    system isn't efficient 2:13

  • IAMdevilwomen
    IAMdevilwomen Day ago

    all of these sandwiches need to get thrown away, NO GLOVES? NASTY! seriously touching with bare hands is a NO NO when handling food, I don't care how many times you wash your hands, when dealing with food in a company thats meant to be sold to the public GLOVES should be required or entire product thrown away, I wouldn't eat any of those due to them not wearing gloves till the end....too late product already contaminated

  • no username just a random Toyota logo!

    Why do they always film the knock off brands, they should've gone to the actual pop tarts manufacturing facility where they load on the frosting. Not this store brand Aldi shit.

  • Thomas Clark
    Thomas Clark Day ago

    Got this in Germany

  • S0DPlays
    S0DPlays Day ago

    It also deadly

  • Maz Terbate
    Maz Terbate Day ago

    Whoa, you really don't want glue to get into and on the rod.

  • Tom D
    Tom D Day ago

    THANKS ha L

  • GMD Geometry Dash Master

    Ok boomer

  • Deadpool Lee
    Deadpool Lee Day ago

    The salt an pepper thing is just the same way I jerk off

  • aserta
    aserta Day ago

    "top secret process" yeah, it's a circular blade that spins and cuts the lead at the required length based on speed of feed and rotation. ffs. it's like we're stupid or something.

  • SinistaN
    SinistaN Day ago

    Some of that rubber looked kind of tasty

  • Irin Oak
    Irin Oak Day ago

    My band teacher just posted this in google classroom it’s 11:03AMMM


    The X26 TASER with 50,000 Volts!

  • Whispering Jack

    Lol, I have this batteries. They're Aldi batteries 😂 cheap as

  • Kiwi
    Kiwi Day ago

    They banne it because they cant handle their drinks.

  • Carlos Geonzon

    3:20 he sees DIABETES

  • ITZmzn
    ITZmzn 2 days ago

    Aslamualykum how do they make this 🤨

  • Parnilli K Benally
    Parnilli K Benally 2 days ago

    Chlorophyll? More like Borerophyll

  • gearhead 400
    gearhead 400 2 days ago

    nothin fits my airbox like fram! nice job

  • Jason Sigler
    Jason Sigler 2 days ago

    It must be so cool to say you make cannons for your job

  • Daniel Timbs
    Daniel Timbs 2 days ago

    2:35 those look like yummy fatter 30mg oxycodone tablets

  • Curran Berland
    Curran Berland 2 days ago

    For all the vegans that don’t eat real meat Woopsie‘s I said something offensive uh-oh I’m soooo shocked

  • John Doe
    John Doe 2 days ago

    Do you have compassion for everything alive? Or animals don't matter to you, they can be deprived Animals are individuals and have feelings too They feel loneliness and happiness like people do 25 billion killed every year The average person culpable for 90 plus a year Overcrowded stalls, cages, and crates No sunlight, no grass under their feet They breathe, and they think, and they feel But we feast, and we drink, and we kill Factory farms inject stimulants and hormones They're fed other cows, they're fed hog bones Hundreds of thousands are poisoned and blinded To test cosmetics for the small, small minded The rain forests being destroyed to raise cattle Wildlife habitat became the battle They spray farms with herbicides and pesticides You know how much poison is in insecticides? The same chemicals destroy topsoil and leak into the ground and turn the ocean into oil Genetically manipulated to grow larger Only to be led to the slaughter I don't see it as being a conquest But people need to fight while there's still time left Crash and combine the crates and tear them by the neck They can't move their bodies and they could starve to death They bang their heads from the psychological distress Hellish conditions, that's not what I would call respect Would you do that to your dog or your cat? Do you really see the difference in a frog or a rat? What's sacred to you here might not be sacred in Tibet So who are you to say what should be eaten or a pet It's a revolving door and it turn, you can't differentiate between the moral concern An agitated pig might bite each other's tails So they hack it off at birth and then they lead it into hell Chicken beaks are seared off by farmers But they call it debeaking, I call it torture Boiled alive, you don't think it's karma? Money come before mercy, that's the mantra Cows give birth, their calfs are separated Factory workers are either scared or they're jaded The leather industry is tied to the meat industry Inextricably they're both responsible for misery A non-meat diet can slow the process of aging Avoid toxic food, contaminants, and enslavement Reduce global warming and end world hunger So think about it next time you sit down for supper

  • lucifer s
    lucifer s 2 days ago

    imagine spraying someone with a fiber glass gun

  • Jimmys Jamin
    Jimmys Jamin 2 days ago

    A pampered lifestyle right up till the end Oinkkkkkkkk 🐖🐷

  • MathAsian
    MathAsian 2 days ago

    High tech gadgets

  • Random Dude posting

    " has a more anus taste" Me: well how would you know what it taste like.🤔

  • 7000000000th Human
    7000000000th Human 2 days ago

    I call absinthe 'evening ruiner'....

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 2 days ago

    Hate the way Americans pronounce "Eggs"

  • Shubham Rajput
    Shubham Rajput 3 days ago


  • TheLostSpartan
    TheLostSpartan 3 days ago

    Everyone that is using the "Colorado mile high mints" as a reference to weed is retarded. Denver sits at 5,280 feet above sea level. 5,280 ft = 1 mile, and Denver is also known as the mile high city. Please people, get educated before you make a fool of yourselves.

  • Hilary MallonKelly
    Hilary MallonKelly 3 days ago

    Can a rubber band keep my mind together?

  • Reltpid
    Reltpid 3 days ago

    How It's Made Epstein

  • Arbab Raiyan
    Arbab Raiyan 3 days ago

    Man I miss this show SO MUCH!!! Why does discovery channel not air this anymore?

  • Martik LP
    Martik LP 3 days ago

    "And some strapping to secure it for shipping"😂😂 4:41

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke 3 days ago

    Must smell rotten in that factory. 🤮

  • Cynthia Charles
    Cynthia Charles 3 days ago

    A woman should be narrating this. This bastard has a condescending tone.

  • Syed kabeer
    Syed kabeer 3 days ago

    How can I

  • ジZNB
    ジZNB 3 days ago

    Lol @ 1:36 it's as the corns are dancing to the background music xD

  • yung twizzla
    yung twizzla 3 days ago

    I'm more interested in how the hell people have the energy to even start making machines to make these

  • Red Justice
    Red Justice 3 days ago

    There is like 2 pieces for 100 bucks dafuq

  • Noel Sandoval-Pulido

    apex is the best game

  • Xavior93
    Xavior93 3 days ago

    3:12 nobody likes a can flipper

  • Elephant In The Room

    Dry cleaners are expensive

  • James O'Garcia
    James O'Garcia 4 days ago

    hope all those ingredients are REAL vegetables and not artificial ones

  • Paul Gonsior
    Paul Gonsior 4 days ago

    soldiers descend on the "bugger"?? Poor bugger

  • The Anime Tuber
    The Anime Tuber 4 days ago

    It's called swatching

  • kevin Poo
    kevin Poo 4 days ago

    I hope this sterilizes the linens as well! I am just thinking it would be gross to wash hospital items with blood, feces, etc in my home washing machine!

  • FantasticMrFolf
    FantasticMrFolf 4 days ago

    This guy’s voice is calming

  • ِ
    ِ 4 days ago

    That distillery is dirtier than an Afghan opium refinery.

  • Dat Weird Person Who Can't English Well

    Why the fuck are people drinking shots of absinthe.

  • Sunny Nexxt
    Sunny Nexxt 4 days ago

    I don't know if it's healthy or or safe or not but it's only Canola oil that doesn't give me acidity after meals...I suffer from GERD and was on PPI antacids until I shifted to Canola oil. I use cold pressed Canola oil only. It's a bit expensive but better than buying medicines with that extra money.

  • Be tron
    Be tron 5 days ago

    How annoying to see them make the job look easy. In reality they want u to work fast and food has to b a certain way. For example the tamal has to b flat side down and the rice cant touch the tamal. They dont even train u and expect u to work fast pn the 1st day. Fuck them!

  • Estelagahe Slayr
    Estelagahe Slayr 5 days ago

    Are these open source plans? How can i get one of these?

  • KutWrite
    KutWrite 5 days ago

    The most amazing thing from this video is that there is a World Toilet Organiz(s)ation.

  • Evoq Gaming
    Evoq Gaming 5 days ago

    Definitely prefer the English voice, don’t know why they need to sell out to the Americans

  • 1curiouswolf
    1curiouswolf 5 days ago

    Fascinating! 😍

  • Nathan Joerndt
    Nathan Joerndt 5 days ago

    Special chemical or no special chemical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we want to know the name of the chemical! it's how it's made not how it's secretly made!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i should be the manager of that show!

  • Bug Maniac Lynke
    Bug Maniac Lynke 5 days ago

    Ah. Watching the production line of an Amy's TV diner makes me so happy. It looks like they take good care of their food. That sauce is delicious.

  • hotelmario510
    hotelmario510 5 days ago

    2:17 OwO what's this?

  • Roland Anthony
    Roland Anthony 6 days ago

    Wow magnificent art work now you know why grand piano was expensive

  • Sonny Nguyen
    Sonny Nguyen 6 days ago

    These were made in the u.s.?

  • Mary Bell
    Mary Bell 6 days ago Esau traded his inheritance for a bowl of soup. Not Jacob.

  • Wiz Chiwi
    Wiz Chiwi 6 days ago

    This should be on most satisfying

  • Anthony Garrett
    Anthony Garrett 6 days ago

    Real boots are not made with glue.

  • Simply jade
    Simply jade 6 days ago

    I haven’t seen maxi pads that thick since the early 2000s

  • Josh Parker
    Josh Parker 6 days ago

    I want some of this so bad but I live in fucking Alabama in America so you can barely buy cigarettes much less absinthe.. these so called laws are a load of bullshit!!

  • Laura Paiva
    Laura Paiva 6 days ago

    Can you please tell me who directed this, what year and where is it from? I need these references. Thank you

  • ben chen
    ben chen 6 days ago

    the good stuff? there is nothing good about alcohol unless used to clean wound

  • make0urday66
    make0urday66 6 days ago

    You got any more of them pixels?

  • Randy Hills
    Randy Hills 6 days ago


  • Gamerz 3.0
    Gamerz 3.0 6 days ago

    The joker sound at 5:07

  • Gamerz 3.0
    Gamerz 3.0 6 days ago

    The corks at 4:51 sound like mangle’s radio static from Five Nights At Freddy’s 2

  • Sayatan Dey
    Sayatan Dey 6 days ago

    Awesome search for each rubber band defect or ok !!!!!

  • Alex Gannon
    Alex Gannon 6 days ago

    But people are starving in this world. But they can produce enough pancakes in hour to feed an army

  • Josiah Bahuaud
    Josiah Bahuaud 6 days ago

    I want that guys job. lol I do that daily with my kid anyway. lol

  • Joseph Taylor
    Joseph Taylor 6 days ago

    2:21 where can I buy this drink?

  • Dawn Bertolotto-McKay

    like the info, not the background music

  • renaud techer
    renaud techer 7 days ago

    ... hmm jiggly bikes...

  • I'm. not. Famous.
    I'm. not. Famous. 7 days ago

    “ Various colors and flavors ” You mean tic-tacs

  • Brad
    Brad 7 days ago

    4:23 pushers? hydraulic pushers? not hydraulic presses? oh, and first wow after 20,526 views

  • Amteloletom
    Amteloletom 7 days ago

    I thought it's right huggbees

  • Kenneth Estrada
    Kenneth Estrada 7 days ago

    that's a lot of coke

  • Soggy Doggy 乂
    Soggy Doggy 乂 7 days ago

    This brings back so much memories

  • Rikco Wahyudi
    Rikco Wahyudi 7 days ago