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  • Adalberto Trujillo
    Adalberto Trujillo 3 hours ago

    This was so nice of you to do this, Jonathan!📱❤️

  • Jr Penalber
    Jr Penalber 4 hours ago

    Almost perfect but... next year it’s the year to change your phone. Don’t waste your money.

  • Hani Okasheh
    Hani Okasheh 4 hours ago

    Please help me go to sleep...What's the song that starts playing in the nearby bar at 13:53?

  • Captain Projects
    Captain Projects 4 hours ago

    Jonathan please upload the final bit again separately in a stand alone video. Don't be scared of the algorithm. Kind and honest story's deserve to be heard and shared for what they are. We'll support you even if the algorithm tries to fail you!

  • Captain Projects
    Captain Projects 4 hours ago

    The most OG move he made was asking the parents off camera if its okay to give the phone to the kid. Respecting parenthood and the parents decisions.

  • Hunter Woods
    Hunter Woods 4 hours ago

    Holy fuck I can believe how close that kid came to dropping that brand new phone. Talk about sweaty palms.

  • Sam Ross
    Sam Ross 4 hours ago


  • AJ Booster
    AJ Booster 4 hours ago

    Love it awesome

  • Danielle Andrade
    Danielle Andrade 4 hours ago

    I’ve seen a lot of videos where they give out new phones but this one just seems more sweet and cute to watch

  • Rodolfo Rausseo
    Rodolfo Rausseo 4 hours ago

    God bless you men. That was beautiful love that click bait

  • Al Mel
    Al Mel 4 hours ago

    the guy with the flip phone is mad cute af

  • Nyuyuni Karl
    Nyuyuni Karl 4 hours ago

    You're a really great man. You should get like a noble peace award or something.

  • Ivory Cade
    Ivory Cade 4 hours ago

    Omg...I love that little boy,s reaction

  • cringy doggo gaming
    cringy doggo gaming 4 hours ago


  • Wajih Ahmed
    Wajih Ahmed 4 hours ago

    Best thing I’ve seen in a long long time. Way to go!!

  • Moe The Roe
    Moe The Roe 4 hours ago

    Jonathan is so sweet always ❤️

  • Joseph Carr
    Joseph Carr 4 hours ago

    What a great video!

  • Kevin Davis
    Kevin Davis 4 hours ago

    Outstanding, very, very hard to beat that Canadian kindness, sent from the Southeastern US. 👍🏻👏🏻

  • Denis R Corea Anduray

    Midnight Green

  • Jeetu Baruah
    Jeetu Baruah 4 hours ago

    Love this video

  • Dennis Kristensen
    Dennis Kristensen 4 hours ago

    Most honest video of this kind I’ve ever seen - damn! Great video 🙌🏼

  • Rafael Cury
    Rafael Cury 4 hours ago

    I really like to watch your videos mostly because of the edits, it is definitely getting ever better with time, but, unfortunately it is almost perfect in the review department since it is clearly a biased review...

  • Jaydon Nolasco
    Jaydon Nolasco 4 hours ago

    This actually warmed my heart so much.

  • Romuald Pineda
    Romuald Pineda 5 hours ago

    Jonathan has been very generous to people in his community. I remember the video he did with his lady barber.

  • d.ronzo17
    d.ronzo17 5 hours ago

    Usually I'm not into people giving away iPhones or Onepluses or whatever, for clout, but this is actually pretty wholesome, and it's better than destroying the phones for views... Just give the phones to people who need it instead of having it meet face to face with the floor... edit: just watched the full video, I hope she gets well very soon, I'm really sorry I can't donate but I will promise you that you are included in my prayers, take care, goodluck, and God bless ❤💖💞

  • d.ronzo17
    d.ronzo17 5 hours ago

    Lil dude has his iPhone 8 chilling in the front yard, what an absolute unit. Hahahah this kid's amazing ❤

  • Alpha Ping
    Alpha Ping 5 hours ago

    Jon: What phone you got? Stranger: *pulls out flip phone* Job: WHAT

  • Åmān Śįngh
    Åmān Śįngh 5 hours ago

    Jonathan this video teach me one lesson from the last section !! Nothing is precious than living life instead of buying stuffs or tech stuff ... i was so excited to buy ipad pro 2017 model from past many day in India but the price was not going down so i was not able to pay that much and i was thinking all the time that i will buy it someday for my studyies and note taking .. and now i saw this video and learn last thing i need happy life that cannot be bought so , i hope i will buy someday . But now i’m fine 🙂 thanks @jonathan

  • ntulume allan
    ntulume allan 5 hours ago

    Kids are the best.. 2 hugs for thanking but adults ..! Are they shy or what !!

  • Zach Weiss
    Zach Weiss 5 hours ago

    "There's technically a 12 Megapickle sensor" 😂 11:57

  • AM-Tv
    AM-Tv 5 hours ago

    Great video Jonathan, shes amazingly strong person.

  • レインRain
    レインRain 5 hours ago

    0:41 I miss flip phones 😭😭😭

  • Tsxtasy1
    Tsxtasy1 5 hours ago

    He gave you a shoutout!!

  • Moses Kollie
    Moses Kollie 5 hours ago

    I’m Moses Kollie lives in Voinjama, Liberia. It so sad that I can’t trade my iPhone XS Max 256GB Gold with iPhone 11 Pro Max 356GB Midnight green or space grey. Here in Liberia is hard to do such trade.

  • Bryan Merton
    Bryan Merton 5 hours ago

    Great video, very thorough! Like someone else said, I didn’t’ realize that 24 minutes had gone by.

  • Tsxtasy1
    Tsxtasy1 5 hours ago

    Cool video, I made a donation 😊

  • Bader Al-Bitar
    Bader Al-Bitar 5 hours ago

    U're a hero. Period Respect x1000

  • ToyangStories
    ToyangStories 5 hours ago

    Can I also have one 😭😭😭

    • ToyangStories
      ToyangStories 5 hours ago

      Even just an iphone 7 for my birthday 😭😭

  • Joshua
    Joshua 5 hours ago

    4:27 OnePlus is really gaining traction in the usa

  • Ben and James
    Ben and James 5 hours ago

    Can you come to the uk and go to the west Midlands I hate my iphone 8 and I need a new one Jk that will never happen

  • Alexei Spring
    Alexei Spring 5 hours ago

    Can you review Sony's 1000XM3?

  • zero orange
    zero orange 6 hours ago

    They sound like a bank account crying . Why on Earth will anyone buy these ,when there is audio Technica. Hopefully these things can stop car crashes .

  • Kennedy’s DAY
    Kennedy’s DAY 6 hours ago

    Idk what phone to get either the 11 because the colors a super cool or the pro max because the actual phone is better, please reply if you have any advice! 😁

  • invisiblekid69
    invisiblekid69 6 hours ago

    Wow who was the chick singing? Really reminded me of Alanis Morissette 😮

  • Petty Labelle
    Petty Labelle 6 hours ago

    My Xs Max appearance look sooo much better

  • That’s The Tea Sis

    s l o f i e s

  • Gabriela Jasmyn
    Gabriela Jasmyn 6 hours ago

    That’s what i want bitch

  • Mario Gomez
    Mario Gomez 6 hours ago

    Amazing bro . Much bless 🙏🏽

  • LT
    LT 6 hours ago

    4:15 my man OnePlus team ❤️

  • Marco Waldmeier
    Marco Waldmeier 6 hours ago

    Just dope!

  • Eyad Al-sadi
    Eyad Al-sadi 6 hours ago

    You are the most amazing sweet heated person on RU-clip.... Wish you all the best in all your life

  • eazy14
    eazy14 6 hours ago

    May God reward you for this, no like no money makes it justice

  • Ciangi87
    Ciangi87 6 hours ago

    Love your videos bless you for helping people out and making there day!!

  • Sylvain Charroy
    Sylvain Charroy 6 hours ago

    Three weeks ago, I've lost a close friend from brain tumor. Thank you for this video. Thank you.

  • TheEagleDynamite
    TheEagleDynamite 6 hours ago

    0:33 how u edit that? Like did they use premiere pro or adobe after effect

  • 96 love On 69
    96 love On 69 6 hours ago

    I saw Flip phone on this video.

  • My Account
    My Account 6 hours ago


  • Jet Modos
    Jet Modos 6 hours ago

    I don’t think we as Apple enthusiast want to hear what the guys said at the apple event about four and five hours more battery life ..we want to know about experience that you “ you tubers” had with battery life . Instead what it says on paper

  • Roberto G
    Roberto G 6 hours ago

    [everyone liked that]

  • Jeremy Cush
    Jeremy Cush 6 hours ago

    a perfect phone is one you can customise yourself , ios is so closed and is the same every year like osx ios will never change and look old fashioned , the phones look nice but the os is boring.

  • Hannah Cartrette
    Hannah Cartrette 6 hours ago

    slowfies 😂😂

  • Films worlds
    Films worlds 6 hours ago

    Big hearted person Jonathan Morrison there is very few people like you brother stay happy

  • T
    T 6 hours ago

    Mega pickle

  • Adam Salahat
    Adam Salahat 6 hours ago

    Here with my s6 , though I liked the flip phone idea since I'm a med student

  • The Enthusiasm Project

    I love everything about this! I would love for this to be a trend that catches on in the youtube community.

  • Alexandros Aggelakoudis

    Androids are the beta , iPhones are the finished product.

  • Ronnie Mitchell
    Ronnie Mitchell 6 hours ago

    I'll say it again it's a cell phone what do you want it to do

  • Comment Section
    Comment Section 6 hours ago

    Guess I’ll just use my iPhone 6 till we get the real pro features and a shrunken notch or no notch

  • MrzMcClendon
    MrzMcClendon 6 hours ago

    I’m sooo glad that you were able to do those things for those people! 😀

  • Fernando Barboza
    Fernando Barboza 7 hours ago

    Those people are lucky asf 😢 I can’t even get an iPhone 7 😔

  • Daniel Waite
    Daniel Waite 7 hours ago

    That airpods shirt is dope.

  • vitotol
    vitotol 7 hours ago

    That was nice :)

  • Little Horn
    Little Horn 7 hours ago

    hey ive seen this one before, its were a phone company puts out a phone with 3 cameras. no wait im thinking of samsung

  • Alexis Steave
    Alexis Steave 7 hours ago

    I’m sad. I wish I was around to get one 😩 However everyone that received one is blessed. I’m sure that they all are very happy.

  • Oğuz Kağan Ceyhan
    Oğuz Kağan Ceyhan 7 hours ago

    How can it be almost perfect? I think you see what you wanna see. Isn't better to say truth?

  • lmfao
    lmfao 7 hours ago

    I have an XS Max should I do a trade in? Money isn’t the biggest concern

  • Nechemiah seltzer
    Nechemiah seltzer 7 hours ago

    Good for that guy who took the OnePlus 7 pro😄😄

  • Jose Flores
    Jose Flores 7 hours ago

    Downtown Claremont in California?

    CIA 4GENT 7 hours ago

    What a waste of expensive iPhones on worthless people.

  • MemeGang 2%
    MemeGang 2% 7 hours ago

    This video remembered me that I have the worlds worst luck :/

  • marco cinus
    marco cinus 7 hours ago

    Wallpaper at minute 1:36?!

  • ne0tic
    ne0tic 7 hours ago

    Great video as always man!

  • Alex Eutimio
    Alex Eutimio 7 hours ago

    Yeah I had the same problem as the dude with the iPhone 7, apple said it was a problem with the IMEI which caused my service not to work, so they sent my iPhone 7 to a third party company too fix and change the IMEI problem so they gave me a iPhone 6 as a loaner.

  • Ibrahim Ak
    Ibrahim Ak 7 hours ago


  • Amer Dawod
    Amer Dawod 7 hours ago


  • Garrett Gault
    Garrett Gault 7 hours ago

    This is so touching I’m at a loss for words

  • mebrown96
    mebrown96 7 hours ago

    So refreshing. Subbing now.

  • Nick B
    Nick B 7 hours ago

    Great video 👍🏼

  • THE MiX
    THE MiX 7 hours ago

    Man give me a 11 pro i really need that 😓

  • Justin Yadao
    Justin Yadao 7 hours ago

    Highest quality tech reviewer award goes to...

    SERENITY BEAUTY 7 hours ago

    I’m crying 😭😭😭😭 You have an exceptional heart. One day, I want to do the same. #spreadkindness

  • Razvan D.
    Razvan D. 8 hours ago

    that ultrawide lens is not that sharp though...

  • Alexandria Carlisle
    Alexandria Carlisle 8 hours ago

    white please it was my birthday last weekend and i really wanted a new phone🥺😭.