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  • AK Drago
    AK Drago 6 hours ago

    Steelers 57 Cardinals 2

  • arclight
    arclight 6 hours ago

    10:10 defenders of Shitsburg make contact with a QB after he got rid of the ball. Baker Mayfield had the right to start a brawl with them. Mason Rudolph precedent made this absolutely legal.

  • DrizzyVapor
    DrizzyVapor 6 hours ago

    what song was that playing at 5:30??

  • Sa
    Sa 6 hours ago

    Como podem dar deslike nesse vídeo, para esse show

  • Joseph Wells
    Joseph Wells 6 hours ago

    Okay people the 49ers aren't playing we we're the 1st seed in the NFC now we're the 5th seed as a wild card team the 6-6 cowboys are even ahead of the 49ers this is insanity You're going to see a desperate 49ers team win 31-17

  • milce arry
    milce arry 6 hours ago

    I think the NFL wants Watson to take Brady's crown, three straight years against each other

  • Starzan Wieber
    Starzan Wieber 6 hours ago

    Nice video

  • Blueberry jay Jadiel

    Cc z,c,CBC ,,KKBCCCZV

  • Arindam Buragohain
    Arindam Buragohain 6 hours ago

    No giants packers?

  • GOATson4
    GOATson4 6 hours ago

    let's GO!

  • Wolftrainer35
    Wolftrainer35 6 hours ago

    Daniel is a complete moron

  • channeleightyfour
    channeleightyfour 6 hours ago

    45-16 Cowboys

  • David Lemmerman
    David Lemmerman 6 hours ago

    Its because San Francisco can't see the ball

  • John Diederich
    John Diederich 6 hours ago

    God please let this be a high scoring game

  • Marty Herrick
    Marty Herrick 6 hours ago

    Wilson repeats everything so much I'd worry he has a memory problem.

  • Starzan Wieber
    Starzan Wieber 6 hours ago

    Thank you for the Hawks video👍🏻

  • ᴋxɴsʜ †
    ᴋxɴsʜ † 6 hours ago

    Man I would LOVE to play for russ So much positive energy

    SWAGG KIDD 6 hours ago


  • Ralowski
    Ralowski 6 hours ago

    Look at the difference in that QB play Wow! Great stuff Aaron!

  • MLE
    MLE 6 hours ago

    This is disrespectful.

  • Charles Spencer
    Charles Spencer 6 hours ago

    dude says at the end I pick the bears because they still have something to play for. The Cowboys are in 1st place with a one game lead but nothing to play for. Not to mention I believe they are professionals, they are getting paid. Say how you feel dude, I think the bears are going to suck less than the cowboys suck. He also threw in a nice basketball analogy too, lol. blah blah blah

  • Swah Xavier
    Swah Xavier 6 hours ago

    Russell Wilson is a LEADER, forealll

  • HP Films
    HP Films 6 hours ago

    haha, americas team my ass ... well thats sums up the game pretty good

  • What's on my mind
    What's on my mind 6 hours ago

    Patriots 24 Kansas 21

  • Dallas Hanson
    Dallas Hanson 7 hours ago

    55 lining up offsides cost the chiefs that game.

  • Angel Cadena
    Angel Cadena 7 hours ago

    Sry but saints have NOT been the same I got the niners winning(30-17)

  • gaming with jackie
    gaming with jackie 7 hours ago

    He got 1-11 for the browns

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 7 hours ago

    Dirty birds

  • Ankle Pick
    Ankle Pick 7 hours ago

    If Packers and Vikings win all their remaining games except that Vinkings beats Packers w16, will the Vikings win the NFC North then?

  • Chillax
    Chillax 7 hours ago

    Russ the GOAT

  • Bjboyz971
    Bjboyz971 7 hours ago

    8:12 😂

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover 7 hours ago

    Everyone remember now they have lost two time because of their kicker missing

  • Giovanni St.
    Giovanni St. 7 hours ago

    그저 갓.. 갓욘세..

  • David Janowski
    David Janowski 7 hours ago

    I'm thinking this will be a 'break out' of sorts for the Steelers. They'll score 30+ for the first time this year.

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 7 hours ago

    Give me Carson the Red

  • Dalton Smith
    Dalton Smith 7 hours ago

    Lamar Jackson this Lamar Jackson that man he’s a ball hog yeah they win games but it’s kinda annoying to hear his name almost every offensive play

  • Josh Kim
    Josh Kim 7 hours ago

    Where's Trubisky gone?

  • Jay Rich
    Jay Rich 7 hours ago

    these refs not even paying attention lmaoo pass to gage was obvious incomplete and ref was literally 4 ft away from failed 2 pt conversion n said they got it smh

    • Jay Rich
      Jay Rich 7 hours ago

      n the no call on the helmet to helmet on kamara

  • Supernorry
    Supernorry 7 hours ago

    This is what i am used to since last year for the rams, even if it is against the Cardinals. This is how they should play

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 7 hours ago

    Aaron Rodgers the BadMan takes it

  • Jude Lewis
    Jude Lewis 7 hours ago

    Where's the Saints?

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 7 hours ago

    Two of the best QBs from the 2018 draft class... Gonna go with the Ravens... Not by much though

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 7 hours ago

    Marquee match up to me

    CEN CAL 7 hours ago


  • Jay Rich
    Jay Rich 7 hours ago

    idk what it is but this saints squad feels different then the past couple years. we dont have that rebel vibe to us anymore, we had more excitement throughout the team when bridgewater was playing tbh n kamara dont look like he playin %100 bring back.. GOLD GRILL KAMARA & SKI MASK MIKE

  • Juan Cruz
    Juan Cruz 7 hours ago

    The bills ain't play noone wtf yal saying they goin to beat the ravens lol

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 7 hours ago

    Let's go Hawks!!!

  • B JP
    B JP 7 hours ago

    3:58 LMAOOOO

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 7 hours ago

    Kirk of Berk will take it Divisional games are always close though

  • 崔效畅
    崔效畅 7 hours ago

    Amazon discount quick connection🔜

  • Chrristiann 1
    Chrristiann 1 7 hours ago

    He only Hamilton would of caught that ball

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 7 hours ago

    Tired of betting on disappointing browns Gimme the Red One and the Bengals

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 7 hours ago

    Watson the Magician takes it... Honestly think it will be close because of broncos defense

  • swxss mxsta
    swxss mxsta 7 hours ago

    Our new coach should be coach Hines so the next time kyle throws a pick he could tell him he's gonna set him on fire.

  • InTheShadowz 99
    InTheShadowz 99 7 hours ago

    Lamar jackson, Michael Vick, Randall Cunningham all had something in common they wanted to win, they play similar, they loved football

  • PrettyBoy Chrissy
    PrettyBoy Chrissy 7 hours ago

    Where my saints at???

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 7 hours ago

    The Goat vs Monster Arm Mahomes Gimme the chiefs

  • Lyn Sofea
    Lyn Sofea 7 hours ago

    am I wierd that I miss her hair? 🤔

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 7 hours ago

    Cowboys probably win... But that Bears D... Gonna go with cowboys

  • Jason Wu
    Jason Wu 7 hours ago

    Giants 45 eagles 27

  • Sis n Austin Yazzie-McDonald

    Ppl are like what happen to bell, brown, and wallace and people are like shiiii idk i don't think any of em play any more, maybe they shouldn't have left the Steelers maybe they would still be GOOD

  • King Of Hell
    King Of Hell 7 hours ago

    Russell Wilson MVP

  • Junior Ortiz
    Junior Ortiz 7 hours ago

    Like if Tom Brady is washed

  • Swa Sho
    Swa Sho 7 hours ago

    3:36 that's some expert camera work

  • phuckboy bennett
    phuckboy bennett 7 hours ago

    Greatest Philly moment all time

  • Sis n Austin Yazzie-McDonald

    Bell shouldn't have left the steelers just like wallace and brown...SMH

  • Juan Guevara
    Juan Guevara 7 hours ago

    the question is who let the dogs out

  • kush1985
    kush1985 7 hours ago

    Jags receivers sucks

  • Ismael Ortiz
    Ismael Ortiz 7 hours ago

    I say we play goodwin and Richie James more in this one. It will really open up the run and also it will allow some mixups. We need to use all our talent to win G0 NINER$!

  • Fonz Giavanni
    Fonz Giavanni 7 hours ago

    the Mike Vick of our generation.. #90sbaby

  • 223 A name
    223 A name 7 hours ago

    Guys what if dolphins vs bengales

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 8 hours ago

    Give me the 9ers

  • Junne Andressa
    Junne Andressa 8 hours ago

    Beyoncé shine so bright in anyplace. ✨

  • Chimill Rimbert
    Chimill Rimbert 8 hours ago

    8:24 😂😂

  • Les Rosin
    Les Rosin 8 hours ago

    Remember rookie #7 lined up other than at center and he turned out pretty good. GO BRONCOS!

  • R R
    R R 8 hours ago

    Both teams better fix their respective problems. May the best Saints win....WHO DAT!!!!!

  • Troispoint
    Troispoint 8 hours ago

    Bucky Brooks has a hilarious obsession with the running game. The Rams won't magically win if they give Gurley the ball 25 times a game. He's been saying that for 2 consecutive weeks at least. At the end of the day, you give Goff a clean pocket, he's going to be effective. But their O-line is worse this year.

  • Gabriel
    Gabriel 8 hours ago

    Ryan Fitzmagic vs Sam Darnold the Green One Can't believe I'm saying this, let's go dolphins!!!

  • djJames
    djJames 8 hours ago

    3:29 one of the best interceptions ever

  • Anthony Velasquez
    Anthony Velasquez 8 hours ago

    some of yall dumb as hell cowbirds tfc is that cowgirl like the hell i think you need to go back to 1st grade obviously yall cant read!!!

  • Buffalo Bobby
    Buffalo Bobby 8 hours ago

    24 -17 Bills

  • Peke's Repose
    Peke's Repose 8 hours ago

    worst punt return in NFL history. have them the game for sure

  • Andre Ashley
    Andre Ashley 8 hours ago

    Intergalactic raiders

  • gary cobiak
    gary cobiak 8 hours ago

    I hate when the Vikings are favored by this many points. The last two times have been rather bad. 2018 Bills and 2019 Broncos. They always perform better when the odds are against them.

  • Dead Man
    Dead Man 8 hours ago

    Saints about to upset the 49ers

  • levente szeifert
    levente szeifert 8 hours ago

    We all know that you miced up the patriots because you thought that they are going to win but we ain't giving it that easy. Lessgoo

  • Mil mil
    Mil mil 8 hours ago

    It would not be surprising to see the Bengals win.... When you look at the Browns roster its full of talent till you get to QB...Mayfield has turned into what Cleveland was hoping to avoid...Cleveland will look for another QB in the draft and again take the wrong one just like they do every time they pick a QB.. When we look at Baltimore's Jackson and to think the Browns could of picked him its almost laughable..

  • iMurkTV
    iMurkTV 8 hours ago

    Cowboys Lb Jaylon Smith talking about some “lets be thankful for this ass whooping they about to get right now” and they ain’t even beat a good team yet🤣🤣FOH L

  • YSL Jae
    YSL Jae 8 hours ago

    I will never give up on my bolts but damn man we gotta start winning

  • milce arry
    milce arry 8 hours ago

    Wilson sound so corny to me, I wonder if his teammates feel the same( it's sad to c jag's wr Chark by himself, but good to c it's not about just the $)

    • milce arry
      milce arry 6 hours ago

      @Jeff Urbz auto correction, still my mistake

    • Jeff Urbz
      Jeff Urbz 6 hours ago

      Doesn't matter too much but his name is Chark

    • Mav
      Mav 7 hours ago


    • Zair Morningstar
      Zair Morningstar 7 hours ago

      Fr Lmaooo

    • K
      K 8 hours ago

      Not when he's ballin like that. He wants it. He wants his team to want it. Most people are too afraid to be that optimistic.

  • Malia Wu
    Malia Wu 8 hours ago

    NOW THIS IS A SHOW! 2019 halftime was such a flop.

  • pretty cure Forever
    pretty cure Forever 8 hours ago

    I remember my Steelers were at 20 couple weeks ago and now thanks to the duck we're in the top 15

  • Malia Wu
    Malia Wu 8 hours ago

    Watching this in December 2019. This is way better than the 2019 halftime show. Hoping 2020 show is killer w JLO! 🔥

  • Better Than You
    Better Than You 8 hours ago

    Fitzmagic is back attit!

  • Jonathan Green
    Jonathan Green 8 hours ago


  • kyron charles
    kyron charles 8 hours ago

    Saints got this game

  • Harp & Beanz Show
    Harp & Beanz Show 8 hours ago

    Derrick Henry a GROWN ASS MAN

  • Kyaw Lahu
    Kyaw Lahu 8 hours ago


  • Basketball Player
    Basketball Player 8 hours ago

    Matty Choke

  • Chris Gonzalez
    Chris Gonzalez 8 hours ago

    Expect a great game. 49ers 34 Saints 21. It won't be like the packers game. It will at least come to the 49ers dominating by running the ball. Defense will give Brees problems. We playing angry after losing to Baltimore. This could be a close game or a game the 49ers dominated