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  • andre marselous
    andre marselous 3 hours ago

    Just saw this, and I’m sorry to say, it sucked. Just ridiculous. And I’m an avid, open minded film lover. Of all genres. If I had seen this crap in a theater I would have been so mad, I would’ve probably tried to get my money back. Who let this happen? Damn man. This was trash. I had high hopes for this. Please do better next time. Please!

  • Serprizebuttsecks
    Serprizebuttsecks 3 hours ago

    Sandler is genuinely one of the most talented actors working today he just chooses to spend his time goofing around with his friends and making something "good" once a blue moon when he has to so that people dont forget hes genuinely got talent... and say what you will but I have nothing short of the world of respect for that!

  • Hugo Soup
    Hugo Soup 3 hours ago

    I’d say that Coco and Infinity War are both an A imo, and Last Jedi is a C+.

  • K J
    K J 3 hours ago

    Am I the only one who think most of Shinkai’s films are too dramatic? Its not bad, its just overrated for me. The animation are always top notch tho.

  • Eran Orgad
    Eran Orgad 3 hours ago

    Flatliners was so forgettable it had a terrible story

  • junior perez
    junior perez 3 hours ago

    This movie was perfect

  • Gencoil
    Gencoil 3 hours ago

    This movie kind of felt like the mob version of Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. Well, except for the ending maybe.

  • Hugo Soup
    Hugo Soup 3 hours ago

    B+? I’d give it at least an A.

  • Obvi
    Obvi 3 hours ago

    I found myself siding with Charlie more than Nicole, I mean she literally took his kid and filed for divorce in another state, basically lied to him about her plans, Charlie wasn’t in the right for everything but I mean at least he was trying to be civil “no lawyers” and split custody, Nicole literally made it a war, she was the sole reason it got so dramatic. Charlie was blindsided and sucker punched by everything she was doing.

  • a noob Gamer
    a noob Gamer 3 hours ago

    Only movie id give a perfect score

  • Momo Du Blad
    Momo Du Blad 3 hours ago

    It wasnt bad, i liked it.

  • Frank Valderen
    Frank Valderen 3 hours ago

    I loved this movie until the last act...It was sow over the top that it ruined the movie.

  • CarlosChip Morales
    CarlosChip Morales 4 hours ago

    Charlies angels franchise wasnt even warm at best ... let alone a blockbuster !

  • StreetDogSteve
    StreetDogSteve 4 hours ago

    I actually didn't hate the movie. There were many parts that didn't seem to fit (the very randomly placed narration especially), but overall... It was watchable. I also watched the netflix version, which edited out a bunch of the clips you showed here (the dad never mentioned playing that music in the car in the version I watched. and he Threw Travolta to the ground instead of just threatening him in the alley) Doubt i'll ever watch it again, but yea, didn't hate it.

  • CrownedX Axoltol
    CrownedX Axoltol 4 hours ago

    The new one was trash tbh

  • Jeffrey Long
    Jeffrey Long 4 hours ago

    I need to see this. Loved Your Name.

  • StIwY
    StIwY 4 hours ago

    Femminator. Dark Tanga

  • Max Headshot
    Max Headshot 4 hours ago

    Just watching, i'm bored, meaningless acting and dialogs. True story ? Just marketing for a C-movie i guess.

  • Daniel Castillo
    Daniel Castillo 4 hours ago

    I liked this movie more than the Babadook that was way, way overrated. In my opinion it should've been trimmed down to make it feel more tighter, as it too long. Still I believe this is the movie that the Revenant wishes it could've been.

  • Karanvir Kooner
    Karanvir Kooner 4 hours ago

    I love the original and not the remake

    CAMERON BEVAN 4 hours ago

    20:05 Chris Stuckmann: dont ask me why i own Eight Legged Freaks, i just, haha, whatever, people watching this video: the real question Chrisbis why do you own Spider-Man 3 dude,

  • KingpinPasta
    KingpinPasta 4 hours ago

    I second I saw the Cast and the director I was like shut up and take my immortal soul

  • moonlily1
    moonlily1 4 hours ago

    So the dead body is "alive"?

  • Oscar Pineda
    Oscar Pineda 4 hours ago

    This movie is a failure lightsaber duel.

  • ThatKidSON
    ThatKidSON 4 hours ago

    This movie is a hype job. And full of plot holes. It's a dollar store recycled 'your name'. Even with the same musical themes. Only thing I liked was the level of animation. That's it Shinkai has peaked. I was very disappointed when I seen this in theatres

    CAMERON BEVAN 4 hours ago

    jesus christ, stop overanalysing

  • Rockin' Ricky Ricardo

    I'm so, so happy You put Licence to kill in your top 5. I like it so much especially the chase finale.

  • Gabe Geller
    Gabe Geller 5 hours ago

    I think the best of the year list will be 20 films, maybe 15.

  • Sugami
    Sugami 5 hours ago

    I wanted this movie to be good and I did love the old Charlie's Angels movies because I love good silly cheesy action movies. I'm gonna say it, feminism killed Charlie's Angels. The feminist touches were very heavy handed in the movie, especially at the start. *SPOILERS* She literally kills Charlie and has him replaced by a woman, makes a man the villain and every other man is either a henchman, useless or super gay. The plot is super dumb too. They throw in jargon like "block chain" and completely misuse it, if you're going make up a fictional super weapon that sounds so dumb it can't possibly exist then make up your own jargon to go with it. Seemed like they wanted to have the cheesy fun but also took themselves too seriously. Just-Smelt-Poop-Face has finally stopped looking like she just smelt poop all the time xD She was good in the movie, as were Namoi Scott and Ella Balinska and that's really the only good things about the movie.

  • Red Hot Chili Peppers man

    Just saw it last night and I thought it was good. Nothing great or flawless in my opinion. I really did appreciate the realism of the movie. How it showed all the legal things the couples had to do and what they went through. The scene stealer was the argument between the two leads in his apartment. That was truly incredible. What I didn't care for was the acting by some of the support casts aside Laura Dern/Ray Liotta. Scarlett Johansson's sister had some terrible acting. So was the lady who came to Adam Driver's house to see how him and his son lived. I really was confused it they were just supposed to be acting that bad or was it for a bad comic relief thing? Wasn't a fan of some of the singing. Like the scene towards the end when Adam Driver randomly sings at that restaurant. So is this a musical now or what? lol That kind of reminded me of La La Land or something (BTW I loved La La Land). And why did the babysitter tell them they were both attractive?? That was so odd lol. Also, I didn't like how it was from a point of a view of sort of rich people. It would be a little more realistic from a middle class point of view in my opinion. Because a divorce is bad on a child no matter what, but it's easier when a child has some great support around him. I know this from personal experience, and had the opposite. But overall, good movie. I would rate it a solid B grade.

  • To Des
    To Des 5 hours ago

    I'm a little late on the rant lol but I also have always hated the dlc on these new videogames, like you said in older you had to finish the game or break records to open new features, characters, weapons, etc And that's what made them more special because you knew that with your own time you earned all that, now you have to spend extra money on something thta should of been in the game already Specially in sports games, omg those are just upgrades from the last one which is worse because they show you how lazy they've become and somehow they get worse than the last one Ps- I love your work man I just started to check you channel a month ago and try to watch every video daily lol

  • Agung Citra Purnama Hamid

    That arguing scene was freaking amazing!!! I’m totally amazed... great and amazing acting of Driver and Johansson 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Bulgarian Gooner
    Bulgarian Gooner 5 hours ago

    One of the worst movies I've ever watched.

  • Jose Cerpa
    Jose Cerpa 5 hours ago

    Review AMERICAN BEAUTY!!! Like so he can see!

  • BangoBuck87
    BangoBuck87 5 hours ago

    it was so refreshing to see all these guys back on screen in a real movie, al pacino especially stole the show imo, i hope he gets nominated for best supporting actor

  • Rebecca Steen
    Rebecca Steen 5 hours ago

    Love you Chris, and I'm always rooting for you. This is just my constructive criticism that you may never see: This should have happened in a kitchen/dining room or living room. This looks too carefully staged, and unnatural. Also, the dialogue needed better flow or maybe just less rigid actors (particularly the woman). In real life, people interrupt one another, especially when they don't like what's being said. Have one of them finish the other's sentence, or break in with a question. That would make it feel less stale and rigid. They also needed more to do. Like she could have been giving him notes while he was making pancakes in the kitchen. He could have gotten more engrossed in his task (i.e: looking for chocolate chips, continuously pulling things in and out of the refrigerators) as he gets more frustrated with her criticisms - culminating with something getting knocked over, maybe a glass breaking, milk spilling - just something! Having them both just kind of sit and stand wasn't visually captivating. This wasn't bad. It just felt like play with a vague plot and no blocking.

  • Alex Webster
    Alex Webster 5 hours ago

    I enjoy this movie and revenge of the sith but attack of the clones is garbage

  • Nicomedes Santiago
    Nicomedes Santiago 5 hours ago

    As always, I really enjoyed your textured review. I loved this film too.

  • joonas lehtonen
    joonas lehtonen 5 hours ago

    Chris, do a review of Night Flyer! Its a movie based Stephen King book or novella, Miguel Ferrer plays the protagonist.

  • Jaakko Pöntinen
    Jaakko Pöntinen 5 hours ago

    Yes. Please let the kids know that if you place a lit candle in the middle of a field of dry straws that faeries will come. Also gun barrels have cartoons playing inside. Sheesh.

  • Cough Symcox
    Cough Symcox 5 hours ago

    Rashomon (1950) please. It's so ahead of it's time.

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 6 hours ago

    1 goldfinger 2 from russia with love 3 casino royal 3 thunderball 4 skyfall 5 the spy who loved me

  • Austin Hunter
    Austin Hunter 6 hours ago

    For me this movie is a B+, because it’s an interesting take on a supervillain movie, sure the script could’ve kept us guessing more, but I think the audience would’ve figured it out by looking at the trailers because they are Superman like. So I can’t really deduct points from that category because the audience would already know what it was just by looking at the trailer.

  • David Cokeley
    David Cokeley 6 hours ago

    You don't murder one person to save humanity!

  • Blackcrame
    Blackcrame 6 hours ago

    Love your smile, - TW

  • David Cokeley
    David Cokeley 6 hours ago

    I never ever ever wanted it to end

  • donbdonbx
    donbdonbx 6 hours ago

    I saw this when it came out and hated it, then saw it again a month ago... and have it watched it 20+ times since.

    AFAN OFPEANUTS 6 hours ago

    It was a sensational epic film. Acting, directing, cinematography. So good... 9.5/10

  • vlanAlf
    vlanAlf 6 hours ago

    This review just made me want to see the movie again.

  • Thashni Naidoo
    Thashni Naidoo 6 hours ago

    It's a boy girl thing is a body swapping movie with romance. But I loved the movie your name... It had the combination of lakehouse and it's a boy girl thing and made it way better

  • Uncommon Sense
    Uncommon Sense 6 hours ago

    Spoiler: My favorite part of the movie is when Adam Driver sings at the end. No homo, lol.

  • David Cokeley
    David Cokeley 6 hours ago

    It is a masterpiece and it's so long I love it!

  • Miles Dyson
    Miles Dyson 6 hours ago

    I hated this movie, I love complex badies, characters that are bad but you can understand why and sometimes even route for them on the one hand, like a Mcbeth, or a Joker, but this movie was full of awful characters, they are paper thin and retro--I'd even say regressive AF. What do these women want from drugging people and stealing from them? Big fur coats, and nice cars. Yeah this movie was way too vapid for me. It often times felt like a Yo MTV cribs episode in its lustful gaze of bling and luxury goods, all the while using the crash of 2008 as a backdrop. It shocking to me that Wolf Of Wallstreet was controversial while this movie is getting praised left right and center. This movie is the unironic verision of the end scene in WOWS. This movie is everyone doing their best to shill a stupid fucking pen.

  • Jacob Manahan
    Jacob Manahan 6 hours ago

    I'm pretty torn about starwars in general at this point. But this opinion I can stand on: You cannot rip on this movie and then justify choices in The Last Jedi with the same breath.

  • Ayy lmao
    Ayy lmao 6 hours ago


    BAWLA K 6 hours ago

    Best film of the year!

  • Generic White Man
    Generic White Man 6 hours ago

    Rambo franchise deserved better farewell. Hated this movie.

  • MyKittyPercy
    MyKittyPercy 6 hours ago

    I feel the opposite about that argument scene. Way over the top.

  • GoGo PowerRanger
    GoGo PowerRanger 6 hours ago

    That main female character (Claire) had about 5-6 times the chance to harm/kill that main villain. In the end it had to be the poor Indigenous man who got the job done for her and he got shot. She's very incapable to say at least, and yet the capable young man had to get wounded (and probably die). The other annoying thing was, whenever someone asked her about what happened to her family - just dead silence and turning her head.

  • Prison Mike
    Prison Mike 6 hours ago

    Government and media are awful.

  • Joel Bailey
    Joel Bailey 6 hours ago

    Reminds me of "The Pacifier" film

  • Sir Al
    Sir Al 6 hours ago

    I don't know how I missed this one,new favorite.

  • BlaineC2040
    BlaineC2040 6 hours ago

    I'm new to your content but the fact that your wedding exit music was The Throne Room just earned you another Subscriber (My wife is also cool and my Dad-In-Law who was the pastor that did our ceremony was also a big fan of Star Wars)

  • bot destroyer
    bot destroyer 6 hours ago

    Me: I wanna see dragon ball Mom: we have dragon ball at home "Dragon ball at home"

    BAWLA K 6 hours ago


  • threshi
    threshi 7 hours ago

    Wow this guy would be fun at parties 🙄

  • Austin Trench
    Austin Trench 7 hours ago

    All these movies except bee sucked ass. Glad paramount is considering using it as a reboot instead of a Prequel like it was intended and altered in production.

  • mONEy
    mONEy 7 hours ago

    I didn't really like the movie. The first 20 minutes is externally cringy. The blonde girl is so incredibly annoying. The whole video game thing is cringy too. Kevin Harts character having a weakness to cake is so stupid. It just leads to a lame as joke where the blonde lady eats some cake in a small village, but she thinks its bread like a complete idiot. Kevin's character eats it and then explodes and thats it, his weakness to cake is never mentioned ever again. Its like made by people that have never played video games. Dwayne has to keep explaining to the others how games work and its so stupid. Every single detail doesn't have to explained to us. It kinda felt like it didn't really know what audience to make this movie for. It felt like it was for young kids, but at times had swearing and such in it. I am not a fan. The original is so much better.

  • Nunoya bidness
    Nunoya bidness 7 hours ago

    Saw this movie with my kids. God, it was so horrible in every way imaginable. Throughout the entire movie all I wanted was drop kick the kids in their stupid bratty faces. The older sister is the worst piece of shit. The younger brother needed to be drowned in the lake. The researcher/doctor lady should have been run over by a truck. It's basically a movie about a bunch of grown men being castrated. So god-damned awful it's really hard to overstate. Even my kids were like, "wow, those kids sucked ass."

  • KoolMB
    KoolMB 7 hours ago

    In US theaters Jan 15

  • WildwoodClaire1
    WildwoodClaire1 7 hours ago

    Movies often lack nuance when portraying designated villains and scripts tend toward portrayal of unalloyed good vs unfettered evil. For example, the film "Cinderella Man" portrayed boxer Max Bayer as a cartoonish, dissolute loudmouth in contrast to good and humble family-man Jim Braddock. Scripts with a particular worldview or political axe to grind are especially prone to simple, black/white portrayals of heroes and villains. And so it is with the portrayal of the reporter in this movie. Sadly, many viewers will be incapable of perceiving that a movie is just a movie and often, complex and messy reality be damned.

  • Stephen Price
    Stephen Price 7 hours ago

    Ray J 😂

  • AlienatedIllusions
    AlienatedIllusions 7 hours ago

    You forget the box office record breaking ~$100M and it hasn’t released in the States yet. Your Name may be better but this film is proving to be more profitable financially. It could just be Your Name’s hype, but it would have continued this long.

  • Jennifer Darnell
    Jennifer Darnell 7 hours ago

    Flickman v Stuckman: Dawn of Reviews

  • Gordon Warlow
    Gordon Warlow 7 hours ago

    Harvey Keitel was underutilized. A shame in my opinion.

  • Elf Sieben
    Elf Sieben 7 hours ago

    The A+ is totally deserved! My favourite five flicks watched at the cinema in 2019 (in alphabetical order): The Favourite Joker The Lighthouse Parasite System Crasher

  • Vaibhav Anday
    Vaibhav Anday 7 hours ago

    Chris, I kinda know the scene that you spoke about. It was so well done and felt so real. It made me cry!

  • Casey Elgin
    Casey Elgin 7 hours ago

    Uh, Kristen Stewart? Lmao, just no. No offense to her, she's just wrong for the part. Here's my list of actresses I think would've been great. Comment if you agree. Mila Kunis, Megan Fox, Anne Hathaway, Nina Dobrev, Anna Kendrik, Prianka Chopra, Margo Robbie, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, and Amber Heard.

  • Alan Scouser
    Alan Scouser 7 hours ago

    Bloody jump scares - I HATE them!

  • Kickass PT
    Kickass PT 7 hours ago

    The Academy should give Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson their Oscars right now... What a movie!!

  • JustSomeAnimeGirl Who's a boy

    This is bullshit... I mean the anime was good but personally it hurts that kayo was married... Its just personal but it pains me alot to see his first love (idk if its first but hey..) taken.. Its just my rant but overall the anime was beautiful

  • lcj124
    lcj124 7 hours ago

    I can’t agree comments like ‘this is just repeating your name~’ things . Yeah a lot of people say it but i dont agree. It’s lot different on many ways Yeah of course it has a lot of similiar sides too because it’s ‘same director’. I mean we can’t expect one to create totally different things every time On this view we can also say this to even Miyazaki Hayao that he’s just repeating his success When I see critics like that I get the feeling that reviewers weren’t watching the movie . They were just like “ yeah let’s check how this is different from your name” instead of “let’s see this movie if it’s great”. It seems their head was already full of your name even before watching this movie. So I think it’s getting treated unfair . I think he tried new things enough this time too with his own style Im really suck at English and I’m not professional reviewer so i’m afraid i can’t express things i want to properly but i wanted to say this

  • Julie Rose Cook
    Julie Rose Cook 7 hours ago

    Moose is an extreme fanatic and Hunter is an extreme arrogant actor. It is a satire of Hollywood of how each complete each other where both are in the wrong. I feel that you weren't supposed to take a side. It is insane and I feel it was supposed to be. By the way, you forgot to mention John Travolta mimicking Tommy Wiseau saying "not."

  • Colin Mitchell
    Colin Mitchell 7 hours ago

    Episodes 2 and 3 of these season were some of the best of the whole show. The rest of the season was just meh.

  • samuel g
    samuel g 7 hours ago

    This movie left me bawling my eyes out for about an hour after watching it hurt so much bc I had to go through my parents getting divorced and idk it just like brought that pain out again. This movie is absolutely AMAZING.

  • ShatteredAce
    ShatteredAce 7 hours ago

    The face of realization at 2:07

  • Ghosto 04
    Ghosto 04 7 hours ago

    When the girl's arm gets in the alligator's mouth, she shoots but the flash of the pistol was seen outside by the father... How?

  • Willian M
    Willian M 7 hours ago

    hmmmmmm,,,no nada q ver !!! 2 horas de nada es esta pelicula,,,cuando la veas....a los 10 minutos,,,,ya ni te vas a acordar de esta triste peli !!!

  • Really Random
    Really Random 8 hours ago

    I cant wait

  • Paul King
    Paul King 8 hours ago

    People really need to check themselves before they get married. if you're the type of person who's happy about something one day and then wakes up the next day unhappy about it, then you don't need to be married. He probably would have never cheated on her had she not flipped the script. That does not justify his actions, I'm just saying. Other than that, she really didn't have a reason to be unhappy. He was a decent husband, a provider, a good father who loves his kid. She talks about how selfish he is but damn, if anyone's being selfish it's her character in this film. If you have longevity issues, don't get married.

  • Sukma Zaki
    Sukma Zaki 8 hours ago

    i watch it, it's just too non-sensical, entire nation will hunt down the girl to save themselves.

  • Crimson Whispers
    Crimson Whispers 8 hours ago

    I think I will have to give this a watch sounds interesting .

  • eggnoG
    eggnoG 8 hours ago


  • Matthew Zimmerman
    Matthew Zimmerman 8 hours ago

    Another detail that I noticed and loved about that shoe scene in Jojo rabbit is that at the very start of the scene the color grading is changed. Similar to how they did in the first scene of saving private Ryan they drain some of the color from that shot and keep it like that for the rest of the film

  • Aidan Meme
    Aidan Meme 8 hours ago

    Hmmmm... gonna hafta disagree on that B+ big guy. The Maul plot, the Fives plot, and the slave plots alone make that show an A+

  • Adonan the Stoic
    Adonan the Stoic 8 hours ago

    Shit, I didn't realize how old this movie is. I just watched it last night with my best friend and his wife. We thought it was beautiful, and it's definitely something I want to bring up to my therapist.

  • link biff
    link biff 8 hours ago

    Kramer vs Kramer: The Next Generation

  • Crimson Whispers
    Crimson Whispers 8 hours ago

    I agree this film is so f**king shit I find it so funny how so many people got turned out by this WRF

  • Emre Karaman
    Emre Karaman 8 hours ago

    why never say never again is unofficial?

  • gabriel mendez
    gabriel mendez 8 hours ago