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  • Resuri Maikeruzu
    Resuri Maikeruzu 4 hours ago

    Thank you so much for uploading, sometimes I visit Pantheon just to listen to the music

  • Josh Bio X
    Josh Bio X 7 hours ago

    Quibble on gold island from msm

  • Minitank11
    Minitank11 Day ago

    This reminds be of all my memories plz like to make me feel better I also hunted for this song for like 5 years

  • Klasky Csupo
    Klasky Csupo Day ago

    I heard this while sleeping in kindergarten

  • ดารารัตน์ พูลทรัพย์

    I'm like if very good song it my life

  • yeah i got funnies
    yeah i got funnies 2 days ago


  • Maria Recta gonzalez

    Alv puta tristeza que siento al escucharla y ala vez impotencia por no poder regresar a esos tiempos...

  • Yum_plums
    Yum_plums 5 days ago

    Yu 🎵🎶💗

  • Mahogany Teakwood
    Mahogany Teakwood 7 days ago

    I learned about this through Ratatat's Tacobel Canon

  • legendoflonk04
    legendoflonk04 9 days ago

    Llamas with Hats anyone?

  • Lucas Mathis
    Lucas Mathis 9 days ago

    Favorite part of this video is when the loud, obnoxious ad pops up. 👌😤

  • A_Person
    A_Person 11 days ago

    Even though this is one of the most beautiful pieces I’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to, all I can think of is the vine that goes, well you probably know it so it doesn’t matter

  • AceDistortion
    AceDistortion 11 days ago

    So good ❤️

  • Sam Honodel
    Sam Honodel 12 days ago

    I love this song

    GILLI 12 days ago

    Anyone here from 1500?

  • DumbDumbBubbleGum
    DumbDumbBubbleGum 14 days ago

    This is so nice

  • quackson baby
    quackson baby 14 days ago

    isn’t this Christmas music 🤔

  • Leonardo P
    Leonardo P 14 days ago

    Great for meditation! Thank you!

  • camón
    camón 16 days ago

    No se que poner

  • Ben Wheeler
    Ben Wheeler 18 days ago

    This takes me back to the days of elementary school where I would sit in my class and my teacher would play this song while we did our work.

  • Cadu de Castro Alves

    2:02 is the best part EVER

  • Selvi Balamurali
    Selvi Balamurali 19 days ago


  • Fatima Youness
    Fatima Youness 20 days ago

    Most beautiful music on earth

  • Ru Theng
    Ru Theng 21 day ago

    Check this out guys i also made a video Canon in D music box, ru-clip.net/video/35mDVo-wLMk/video.html

  • SickNick'sProjects
    SickNick'sProjects 21 day ago

    Weird thinking when this song was written, you could only here it live. I guess that was a good and a bad thing...

  • Arnold Ronning
    Arnold Ronning 21 day ago

    Great arrangement with a nice upbeat tempo. Light and soothing. Thanks for the upload.

  • 12345678994800
    12345678994800 22 days ago

    Wow this is over 300 years old and still impacting people... I remember hearing it in the wonder years hahaha

  • happy rich รวยความสุข

    Thank you so much,I very happy, and love you too much

  • reesie knox
    reesie knox 24 days ago

    Completely puts me at peace, so relaxing! ❤️

  • The PlushiePlatypus
    The PlushiePlatypus 24 days ago

    This song played at my parents wedding and now I play msm which has this music in

  • Multimedia Man
    Multimedia Man 26 days ago

    Playing this while driving in Sleeping Dogs is awesome and I don’t know why

  • Ewan Ko
    Ewan Ko 27 days ago

    Everybody talks about that Jaiden guy... Im just here because of piano tiles😂

  • Tappy
    Tappy 27 days ago

    Goodbye sweet, sadistic llama.

  • AdamDudeGaming
    AdamDudeGaming 28 days ago

    it makes me happy and cry thank you

  • Robert Almond
    Robert Almond 28 days ago

    Great wedding piece as well

  • Liam Lane
    Liam Lane 29 days ago

    Sorry he had a toy bumble bee that played it and he loved it Love you Rocco Te amo puer meus Ya pa xxxx

  • Liam Lane
    Liam Lane 29 days ago

    My little boy died on New years Eve after 4 months of being tortured by the underfunded NHS and my now ex and I played it at his funeral because he had a toy bumble bee that made his little eyes glow even though he was born at 25 weeks and weighed less than a kilo !! It lit him up but he couldn't fight the NHS anymore !! Rocco marchant lane 11 August 2018 31 December 2018 Love you mate Xcc

    • Saxon Rascal
      Saxon Rascal 27 days ago

      I couldn't think of a piece more beautiful than this to say goodbye to a loved one. I've always told my wife I want this for my funeral tune and she knows it. RIP Rocco!

  • Zoot Blanc
    Zoot Blanc 29 days ago


  • Mary Tan
    Mary Tan 29 days ago

    👍 ❗️

  • Emily Schenck
    Emily Schenck Month ago

    Love dis song

  • Elijah Scott
    Elijah Scott Month ago

    jaiden for the win

  • Nagasaki Kishimoto

    Mandatory comment: *_"CAAAAAAAAAARL!"_*

  • gbndfkjfhsshnjifhsfj

    did you no jaiden animation played this song in camp operreta

  • Süleyman Gökpınar

    Yalnızlığımda kendiğimi bulduğum saatlerce dinlediğim tek müzikal..Canon..💜

  • Shannon Fire
    Shannon Fire Month ago

    This is a healing song. Your heartbeat effortlessly falls into sequence to the beat of this tune. It relaxes you and brings peace to the. cells of your body and delivers happiness to your mInd. May listening to it bless your life.

  • Gabriel McLeod
    Gabriel McLeod Month ago

    What tv show had this as their theme song? Like the end credits I think it was.

  • ItzNot4Mike
    ItzNot4Mike Month ago

    Ahem. Jaiden

  • MelissaLamontagne

    Tu sais quand tu te mets 1h de pachenbel cest pour decrocher et avoir la paix. Bravo les annonces...vrm tannant !!!!

  • Andy T
    Andy T Month ago

    How the hell could Jaiden play this?

  • Fifer Vids
    Fifer Vids Month ago

    Just got an ad that said “we don’t fake almonds.” But why would almonds be faked in the first place?? They’re almonds

  • Newt -
    Newt - Month ago

    The one song that makes me genuinely cry

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha Month ago

    Who else came here from jaidens animation

  • Exa
    Exa Month ago

    Hey, jayden played this!

  • Wolfpack Alpha
    Wolfpack Alpha Month ago

    Lol Jahn Aidens= Jaiden Animations

  • Ariiie e
    Ariiie e Month ago

    Who here from Jaiden?

  • realpopv2 :3
    realpopv2 :3 Month ago

    *Make him say the F word*

  • GamerGrl90
    GamerGrl90 Month ago

    Like If Jaiden Sent You

  • Peter Gibbons
    Peter Gibbons Month ago

    Thanks for the memories, Val...

  • Fossilidon Bonesone

    Somebody's gonna be here from jaiden, I just know it

  • Skintel N.Keychain

    Only tru asian kids remember this

  • Midnight Thoughts

    Should've put the f word in it

  • JeanPaul Guzman
    JeanPaul Guzman Month ago

    So this is what Jaiden played to teach those kids their place

    • Nova_Phoenix 95
      Nova_Phoenix 95 Month ago

      JeanPaul Guzman oh is this the line for the “from jaiden animations video?”

    • GO-TO -HECK
      GO-TO -HECK Month ago

      we will play this at scribble show down >:)

    • dameon philippi
      dameon philippi Month ago


    • NA
      NA Month ago

      Who is Jaiden

  • Dhaval Bhawani
    Dhaval Bhawani Month ago

    Here bcoz of Jaiden Animation

  • Danni Su
    Danni Su Month ago

    anyone in grade 7 hearing this? i love this song. I heared it in my music presentation assignment, and i straight away decided to do Pachelbel. This is soooo nice, MY FAVORITE PEICE. My music teacher was like, wow, i thought nobody remembered this😂

  • A Tasty Cloud
    A Tasty Cloud Month ago

    ru-clip.net/video/G9hCCa4Rgcw/video.html, watch my cover, comment what you think hahaha

  • aspi rin
    aspi rin Month ago

    I keep fucking thinking this is the cygnus garden music

  • GC200
    GC200 Month ago

    Who else listened to the whole thing

  • 12345 Brian
    12345 Brian Month ago

    Restart button cost 1 like only 00:00

    • GC200
      GC200 14 days ago

      12345 Brian I payed without taking it

  • 12345 Brian
    12345 Brian Month ago

    Pls subscribe to my channel

  • 12345 Brian
    12345 Brian Month ago

    Please like this comment if u liked this song

  • Emerald Eamon
    Emerald Eamon Month ago

    Everyone is getting emotional flashbacks while I'm just here because of the Go Suck a D**k vine.

  • Gerry de la Cruz
    Gerry de la Cruz Month ago

    I love this church background music. I discovered it as being played at the Princess Diane funeral because this was one of her favorites. As Queen Elizabeth II entered the church, the TV commentator mentioned the title of this song. He gave the wrong title to it and luckily somebody corrected him on the comment section. Since then, I never lost it.

  • vinodh i
    vinodh i Month ago


  • Juliano apolo Cezar Bach


  • Chantal Concas
    Chantal Concas Month ago

    Je pleure et j’ai mal tant cet œuvre me touche au plus profond de mon âme. Un hymne à l’amour à la vie à l’éternité

  • Larissa Rodríguez Perea

    I love the violin part

  • Peter Ivarsson
    Peter Ivarsson Month ago

    When I missing my youngest daughter too much I listen to this Music. I have not seen her since March last year when she was 14 years. I miss her so much. I cry everytime I hear this Music which remind me of her.

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    I heard this at an aquarium and spent the next 5 years trying to find it.

  • Felipe Ortega
    Felipe Ortega Month ago

    Who is high as fuck listenin this masterpiece ???

  • Tara Sirius
    Tara Sirius Month ago

    aus den Reichen des Lichtes und der Liebe......ein Geschenk des Himmels

  • FeiYuin
    FeiYuin Month ago

    your resolution is just as clear as my memory when the cygnus knights just came out

  • Abdulrahman Alaql

    When Mike dies in Duffy's hands :(

  • Kantapha Phetrsawat


  • Raul Perez
    Raul Perez Month ago

    I dance with my baby daughter to this song. As if we are in an enchanted ball from a Disney movie

  • dumdrop17 dumdrop17

    wither to for, from whence we came?

  • Civilization Sqaure YT [TYC]

    Overplayed tho I’ll be honest (also R.I.P. cellos who have to play this)

  • 1 spin
    1 spin Month ago

    When u feel down, turn this up🎶🎶

  • Sarma Yazan
    Sarma Yazan Month ago


  • James Chicoski
    James Chicoski Month ago

    Love this music

  • Kyle O'Bryan
    Kyle O'Bryan Month ago

    This song is over 400 years old and is played at nearly every wedding. And quite a few funerals. I'm a musician and I know why---it is the most beautiful piece of music ever composed.

  • Juliano apolo Cezar Bach


  • Darius Rosevear
    Darius Rosevear 2 months ago

    That song Was From The Bat 1926 Roland West

  • Moot Mayzie and Monroe W


  • Cody Cullum
    Cody Cullum 2 months ago

    This song is really great for meditation. I'm going to be coming back to this.

  • Wombat
    Wombat 2 months ago


  • Josh
    Josh 2 months ago

    My wife walked down the isle to this is 2015. I always thought it was a Christmas song until our wedding. Now it gives me chills and takes me back to the day I saw my bride in her dress. Such a beautiful song.

  • 한상원
    한상원 2 months ago

    뭐야? 7년전에 올라온 영상? 세월이 빠르긴 하네

  • KelvinK Sun
    KelvinK Sun 2 months ago

    F4 :'(