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  • Radioactive Banana
    Radioactive Banana 3 hours ago

    I spent years in a ballet studio doing stretches to this music at the Barre!

  • Cindy Allen
    Cindy Allen 3 hours ago

    It's just so beautiful, I can feel it healing my heart and soul.

  • Chris No
    Chris No 4 hours ago

    Absolutely should not be commercial in the middle of this.

  • Jacqueline Daniels
    Jacqueline Daniels 20 hours ago

    prehistoric tuna: me

  • Ricardo Perez
    Ricardo Perez Day ago

    Que bella musica q relaja y te comunica en horacin con dios.y te da calma espiritual.😇🙏💕hoy q estamos en el novenario ala virgen de guadalupe


    all of the world desires die along with reality and some thing new is there. joy.


    My friends and I play this every Christmas.

  • Lionheart Jason
    Lionheart Jason 3 days ago

    L> friends to start a guild B>10%dagger scrolls R>pq have ac

  • Uchiha Obito
    Uchiha Obito 3 days ago

    ru-clip.net/video/ndhXedTgsyE/video.html featuring Minecraft Canon in D version. Yes, using note blocks. Try watching it! It was orchestra based version

  • Ge ssy
    Ge ssy 7 days ago


  • GrookeyMaster
    GrookeyMaster 7 days ago

    2:05 (Le epic)

  • Raskal_OG
    Raskal_OG 7 days ago

    We spent the time from when we got home from school, to saying goodnight to each other for almost 2 years. We would sometimes stay up all night playing doing random stuff, then getting caught by a parent onto why we were still up and ghost one another, until the next day saying sorry got caught last night by dad lol. I remember the day we did that, and we both got to stay home from school that day and were playing all morning .. She was not a NX-whore or anything, just an Archer. I made my mom buy me a wedding card so I could marry Sarah, the premium one too lol. I'm thinking her IGN was something like SarahxAngel, and I have not ever thought of her until this moment... 12 years later here I am today asking myself, " I wonder where she is now and how life has been to her? " .... But I wonder if she has ever come to a maplestory song, and thought, "Wow when I was 13 I got married to a guy I actually liked on a game." MAPLESTORY WAS SUCH AMAZING TIME :'( nothing fucks you harder than time - Ser Davos Seaworth, GoT

  • Creative Person
    Creative Person 7 days ago

    This song is pure magic ! It like describes whole excistence , I can't describe how much influence it has on me ... This is and forever will be my favourite song ...

  • Zach W.
    Zach W. 8 days ago

    Has to be my all-time favorite classical piece...truly a masterpiece to live on for generations to come

  • Bernadette Tetreault


  • Jack Kaczmarski
    Jack Kaczmarski 9 days ago

    Hate you so much for putting an ad after the 1st loop.

  • Lucas Ribeiro
    Lucas Ribeiro 9 days ago

    this music is almost divine, it inspire peoople to reach their potential, it gives me hope, and it's a reminder of the beauty in life.

  • FusionPyromite
    FusionPyromite 9 days ago

    thank you sr pelo

  • Husky407
    Husky407 11 days ago


  • StevenTube
    StevenTube 12 days ago

    Someone respond to this comment in 5 years so I see where I am in life, just in case I need this song

    • Kevin Weng
      Kevin Weng 6 days ago

      Bruh helo there budy

    • GrookeyMaster
      GrookeyMaster 7 days ago

      Got it

    • Bipolar Nuke
      Bipolar Nuke 7 days ago

      Candie Harris I’m here! After listening to Maroon 5 - Memories 😂

    • Candie Harris
      Candie Harris 11 days ago

      I'm here! Cleaning my school bus after a stressful day. Cleaning my mind. Cleaning my heart. I hope this makes you come back to visit!

    VKBOSS 13 days ago

    Crashes on SAMP with SAMP version

  • Miki Gyurcsik
    Miki Gyurcsik 14 days ago

    Is anyone here from Coryxkenshin

  • Jennifer Castillo
    Jennifer Castillo 16 days ago

    Love this , I don't know why it makes me cry

  • LullaBY
    LullaBY 16 days ago

    5190 cellists disliked this

  • Dante Kharma
    Dante Kharma 17 days ago

    My pre k teacher always played this piece during nap time, and I've never forgotten...

  • ふくちゃん
    ふくちゃん 17 days ago


  • Ron Mangrum
    Ron Mangrum 19 days ago

    Peace and comfort that comes from a masterpiece like this. Praise God, after six years in the U S Marines and forty two years in law enforcement. I really value times like this! Thank You Lord Jesus for Your protection and healing times! Your servant for ever! Amen

    PHILIP WATSON 5 22 days ago

    That's quite a view sarge ( yes it is quite a view )

  • 날뛰는빛과어둠


  • Garrett
    Garrett 23 days ago

    Memories Maroon 5?

  • Mike Wishart
    Mike Wishart 24 days ago

    I learnt as part of MY teaching how to deconstruct music it was a vital exercise on understanding what makes up the very fabric of music. This is one piece of music that I enjoyed it's complicated yet so simple.... Minimalistic comes to mind it's complexities far out weigh it's simple yet effective play with the musical notes.

    • Mike Wishart
      Mike Wishart 24 days ago

      Yet more proof that music soothes the brain in a way no drug can because music is from Nature/Life it embodies OUR earthly feelings yet at the sametime it feel celestial/heavenly. This is what music is all about really there to be used by every one as a natural form of healing. Because it is NATURAL...... Simply...... Perìod!

  • Khizar Asim
    Khizar Asim 26 days ago

    He said 'Pewdiepie sucks' at 39:48

  • Nicole Sakwe
    Nicole Sakwe 27 days ago

    When my anxiety is at an all time high; I come here

  • Will Kelly
    Will Kelly 29 days ago

    I listen to this during World of warships.

  • Aaron Nerella
    Aaron Nerella Month ago

    If one hour wasn't enough, here's the restart button---- 00:00 - Costs 1 like only! :) \/

  • dusk rider
    dusk rider Month ago

    I can hear it all day ^_^

  • dusk rider
    dusk rider Month ago

    Love it

  • Atlearia Αταλάντη

    I only listen to this song during the need for utmost concentration. For instance, having to hand in 2 essays for tomorrow, a really long project I just began working on and having to study for an exam that counts for 30%. I've already given up on my sleep and only wish to finish everything before 8am. HELP ME

  • Enraged Human
    Enraged Human Month ago

    I honestly only came here after listening to Memories Maroon 5 cuz I saw a comment. M'kay byeeeeeeeee

  • Familia Barrera
    Familia Barrera Month ago

    Sublime a mis oidos, gracias, gracias, gracias

  • thatgirlkelly1
    thatgirlkelly1 Month ago

    Maroon 5 ‘memories’ be like........

  • ͔
    ͔ Month ago


  • Pbb
    Pbb Month ago

    KOC days :")

  • Rle Candi
    Rle Candi Month ago

    I studied for 23 : 06 minutes

  • Talyah White
    Talyah White Month ago

    Everything is the same except that for it only took me about four years because I've always had a passion for music and so I'm always looking through te "family" cd's and anytime I see classical music or an Album by Enya I grab it run upstairs and listen to the cd's on the same cd player my mom used when I was a little girl/baby to help me fall asleep she kept the cd player and the rocking chair in my room.

  • Nyny
    Nyny Month ago

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  • peter hernandez
    peter hernandez Month ago

    I get so much homework done listening to this lol

  • Rosie Liu
    Rosie Liu Month ago

    I'm listening to this because I thought Memories by Maroon 5 reminded me VERY strongly of this

  • Bianca Castro
    Bianca Castro Month ago

    This helps me to concentrate my work. It helps a lot.thx Jaiden

  • Juliano apolo Cezar Bach


    DλRKDλNTE Month ago

    Why does the title have "iCEnhancer"?

    • DλRKDλNTE
      DλRKDλNTE Month ago

      @Unmood People Not really, the mod looked like it does in the thumbnail. So not really clickbait, though the iCEnhancer doesn't belong there.

    • Unmood People
      Unmood People Month ago

      You got clickbaited, yeah mthrfckn me too

  • Grimms
    Grimms Month ago

    I honestly don't know why, I see all these people commenting about how this piece of music holds an emotional, sentimental or has some form of value or importance to them in some way to the point in their life. But to me I have no such connection. I have no reason to get choked up or brought to tears when I hear it. Yet I do none the less. I don't know why, I've listened to it for year after year and I just can't understand why, but it gives me a feeling like nothing else ever has. I've loved, I've lost people, been happy and overjoyed, sad and abandoned by friends or other experiences, I've experienced depression and fought through it, I've experienced stress from work and exams, I've felt worry if I'm doing the right thing or if I'm good enough. I've felt such a vast array of emotions through my whole existence on this planet yet this one song. That alone is the one thing that has and likely will ever make me feel this way. Maybe that's the thing that makes it special to me in of itself. The only way I think I can put into words how this song makes me feel, is alive. It feels like somebody has taken life itself and breathed it into a song. A painful and beautiful tapestry that somehow makes me remember everything that has ever happened. Whatever reason you're listening to this song, whether it be because it's relaxing, it reminds you of something, or you just happened to find it on youtube and checked it out from interest and happened to enjoy it, while this is probably cliche to say, I hope you have a good day.

  • J Boland
    J Boland Month ago

    Did Maroon 5's "memories" bring you here?

  • dusso4231
    dusso4231 Month ago

    Love how RU-clip puts a fucking ad in the middle of a classical piece i have on during dinner. Thank you RU-clip, Star Wars definitely added to the atmosphere...

  • Crezup Cuz
    Crezup Cuz Month ago

    Wait.... this was one of the earliest classical pieces, it sounds ahead of it's time

  • xX Alici Abbott Xx

    this is frikin good it my favorite❤ all the best to annie xxx

  • Tylar Lenney
    Tylar Lenney Month ago

    Ily it

  • Fox Dylan
    Fox Dylan Month ago

    Ads in the middle ruins this

  • ggomool tv
    ggomool tv Month ago

    amazing song..

  • Sarah
    Sarah Month ago

    I have always loved this song 💕 its the song my sister walked down the isle to

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson Month ago

    Memories by Maroon 5 must have used this

  • Gaming Channel
    Gaming Channel Month ago

    Pachelble... who is this man? This man with an incredible, sublime ear for such an extraordinary work of art? I wish to know more about this man with such amazing talent. O, glory to the Lord of Hosts for this man of inspiration! What a wonderful thing God has given to us through the hands of this man!!!

  • happy rich รวยความสุข

    I love this music🙏🙏🙏🥰

  • rayo
    rayo Month ago

    I traveled to Nuremberg ,Germany, found Pachelbel's grave ( a relatively unmarked and a simple one - it was a hard job to find) and placed a rose. This song took me out of some pretty dark times.

  • Birb !
    Birb ! Month ago

    Heard this was the first part of MSM Gold Island. Don't eally agree, has a similar rythym, will never sound the same.

  • Broadwings 777
    Broadwings 777 Month ago

    Can someone please upload the extended version? 1:02 simply isn't long enough, I could listen to this all day!


    Canon In D > Memories

  • Sherry X
    Sherry X Month ago

    I love you son

  • Graham Taylor
    Graham Taylor Month ago

    Over 22 million views ! What???!!

  • Mandy Viray
    Mandy Viray Month ago

    This actually made me fall asleep Then my charger starts to burn 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • make it short story!


  • make it short story!


  • hoppetosse8
    hoppetosse8 Month ago

    LOL, please, please stop the monetizing with ads on this video. It's so against your idea of an one hour meditation and really awful to be interrupted like this through ads!

  • JPTrady
    JPTrady Month ago


  • Mariam Tsehay Adegeh

    This song gives me primary school vibes and the innocence of childhood

  • macky donolds
    macky donolds Month ago

    any one else here from the new maroon 5 video?

    YELLOWBOYNGO Month ago

    Check out this lofi hip-hop remix of Temple of Time! - ru-clip.net/video/dwmzrbTiCZE/video.html

  • Antonio Gil Lopez

    Listen this piece it's like a touch the sky.

  • kuta bacha
    kuta bacha Month ago

    When i listen to this i feel like I'm Useless and Nothing

  • point guard
    point guard Month ago

    ahahah im looping a 1hour video this is so funny ooo

  • Maria elizabeht Alderete

    Antes q nada, Gracias!! A jahn aidens, por deleitarnos con estos videos Barrocos, tan bellos!!!!❤Este Canon , es uno de mis preferidos, por la riqueza, de sonidos. Por su Orquesta maravillosa y por ser mas prolongada. Me da tiempo para meditar y reconciliarme con todo lo triste.q asola el mundo!! Y dar gracias de igual forma a Dios por q tambien hay cosas hermosas por q vivir!! 🥰❤🥰❤🥰❤

  • apoch003
    apoch003 2 months ago

    How did this guy steal Blues Travelers "The hook brings you back" almost 200 years before it was written? ;-P

  • Eleonor Albuquerque
    Eleonor Albuquerque 2 months ago

    Song to listen limitless.

  • Avalyn Hostetter
    Avalyn Hostetter 2 months ago

    So pritty

  • H. Tongburg
    H. Tongburg 2 months ago

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  • Christina Bravo
    Christina Bravo 2 months ago

    Maroon 5 memories brought me here. Did not disappoint!!

  • Honestc04
    Honestc04 2 months ago

    My singing monsters brought me here

  • Jianlin Zhou
    Jianlin Zhou 2 months ago

    I just don’t know how to thank pachelbel.

  • malmoustié maryse
    malmoustié maryse 2 months ago

    Mémorable en souvenir de mon amour!ERIC H. Je t'aime pareil....

  • Kelly Wood Cazee
    Kelly Wood Cazee 2 months ago

    My favorite of all time...#Classical brings tears to my eyes every time. Touches my soul. ❤

  • Anon FX
    Anon FX 2 months ago

    Temple of time will always have a special place in any maplers life, as the best place to just sit and do absolutely nothing and just listen to this god damn amazing music

  • jaylyn daws
    jaylyn daws 2 months ago

    i LOVE this song but it really reminds me of the one vine at the one part

  • David Alvarez
    David Alvarez 2 months ago

    really nice!!!

  • alfa thariz
    alfa thariz 2 months ago

    anybody know where the background picture was taken?

  • ivanmg19
    ivanmg19 2 months ago

    When I first heard this piece, that day my grandad had a really hard heart attack, he nearly died. At the night this day I went to my favourite streamer on twitch and told him what happened. So he put this song for the rest of the stream just to make me feel better, and it sure did. It meant a lot to me and since then it's my favourite song. It was 3 years ago and my grandad managed to pass through it, but just 3 weeks ago he passed away. Since then I listen this piece every day, and it makes me happy and remember all the good things i lived with my grandad.

  • Shaydabop
    Shaydabop 2 months ago

    I remember hearing this song in 4th grade. I loved it a lot, but ever knew the name until I went onto piano tiles 2. I somehow remembered the song name, and I am glad I did. If I were ever to have a paradise of my own, this is one of the songs I would play first.

  • Macushla
    Macushla 2 months ago


  • Sax and Relax
    Sax and Relax 2 months ago

    make twoset violin watch the whole thing

  • marianne meinzer
    marianne meinzer 2 months ago

    Thank you