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Edit role in asp net core
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Logging in ASP NET Core
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ASP NET Core Model Binding
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Why use tag helpers
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ViewBag in ASP NET Core MVC
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Views in ASP NET Core MVC
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  • Mourya Putluru
    Mourya Putluru Hour ago

    Was waiting for this one venkat. Good work.

  • Marcelo Romeu Gonçalves

    I really like your channel, I always learn a lot. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

  • FeTNooB
    FeTNooB 2 hours ago

    Minute 11 regarding the post back just fixed my entire issue and now I can continue with my project. Much love <3

  • Albert Brennan
    Albert Brennan 5 hours ago

    Question about field creation, the filed for department is enum and is nullable, in the video it creates the filed in the table as integer and nullable if false. I think I understand the integer part but should it be nullable because the field is nullable? What if it was desired to have the field nullable how would it be accomplished to signify nullable field during migration? Thank you for all your hard work.

  • Ayush Anand
    Ayush Anand 5 hours ago

    Sir, Can we use visual stdio code for this tutorial.

  • Steven Potter
    Steven Potter 6 hours ago

    Your WCF tutorials helped me greatly. I see you are doing EF6 tutorials. Could you do one on iRPC or gRPC or the next iteration of WCF. There's really no upgrade path in place for WCF. What do you suggest we migrate to?? Thanks..

  • Inmortal xyz
    Inmortal xyz 6 hours ago

    thank You

  • Menaka Sattmann
    Menaka Sattmann 8 hours ago

    what is the reason we need to validate the token? when we use the token (ex: ResetPasswordAsync) if the token is invalid, then it fails right? could you please kindly explain?

  • Paweł Horaczy
    Paweł Horaczy 10 hours ago

    I got error InvalidOperationException: Unable to resolve service for type 'Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.SignInManager`1[Microsoft.AspNetCore.Identity.IdentityUser]' . What i do wrong?

  • Rachit Jain
    Rachit Jain 10 hours ago

    Thank you sir :)

  • C-jay
    C-jay 10 hours ago


  • Arun Kumar Kumar
    Arun Kumar Kumar 10 hours ago

    Thank you for the great content I got my first job as a dot net developer bcos of your videos

  • Turhan Saltas
    Turhan Saltas 10 hours ago

    kudvenkat dear my brother you are the best. greeting from turkey

  • MicroftHunter
    MicroftHunter 10 hours ago

    12:09 I've tested this attribute routing but I've encountered errors with this Error: This localhost page can't be found "localhost:4259/home/index" Other links are fine: "localhost:4259/" "localhost:4259/home" "localhost:4259/home/details" "localhost:4259/home/details/1" Please answer me @kudvenkat

  • Muzaffer cıkay
    Muzaffer cıkay 11 hours ago

    Now I can die in peace

  • Rishav Chatterjee
    Rishav Chatterjee 11 hours ago

    Sir, Please Do a Tutorial Video on Fluent NHibernate

  • Endri Bara
    Endri Bara 11 hours ago

    this isnt working on VS 2019 Code is diferent here app.UseEndpoints(endpoints => { endpoints.MapGet("/", async context => { throw new Exception("Some error processing the request"); await context.Response.WriteAsync("Hello World!"); }); });

  • Lenz L Nerit
    Lenz L Nerit 11 hours ago

    Thanks for the wonderful videos. Really helped me!

  • Endri Bara
    Endri Bara 12 hours ago

    Hello! Im doing same thing as you did, using app.UseDefaultFiles(); but my default.html page isnt showing, im using VS 2019 .net core 3.0 have they changed somtheing there

  • Dattatraya Rathi
    Dattatraya Rathi 14 hours ago

    How do I calculate age in year and month and date format?

  • Nitin Soni
    Nitin Soni 14 hours ago

    PLease make video on using GIT

  • What the fuck are you doing reading my username?

    >underscores >ignoring camelCase in naming variables come on dude

  • Syed Mohd Naqi Zaidi
    Syed Mohd Naqi Zaidi 16 hours ago

    Required fields insert and not required field will be inserted MVC how?

  • Rachit Jain
    Rachit Jain 16 hours ago

    Thank you sir. Video is Mind Blowing... :)

  • jehad
    jehad 16 hours ago

    @*@Html.DropDownListFor(a => a.emp.gender, new List<SelectListItem> { new SelectListItem{ Text="Select", Value = "1" }, new SelectListItem{ Text="Male", Value = "2" }, new SelectListItem{ Text="Female", Value = "3" }, }) <div class="row"> <div class="col-lg-4 col-sm-3 col-xs-1"> @Html.LabelFor(a => a.emp.countryid) @Html.DropDownListFor(a => a.emp.countryid, new SelectList(Model.Country, "id", "Name")) @Html.LabelFor(a => a.emp.cityid) @Html.DropDownListFor(a => a.emp.cityid, new SelectList(Model.City, "id", "Name"))*@

  • jehad
    jehad 16 hours ago

    //public ActionResult sreachEmp(string id) //{ // context objcontext = new context(); // List<Employee> liEmployeeSearch = new List<Employee>(); // var MainEmployee = from emp in objcontext.employee // where emp.FirstName == id // select new { emp.id, emp.FirstName, emp.Deptid, emp.Salary }; // foreach (var item in MainEmployee) // { // Employee froEmployee = new Employee(); // froEmployee.id = item.id; // froEmployee.FirstName = item.FirstName; // froEmployee.Deptid = item.Deptid; // froEmployee.Salary = item.Salary; // liEmployeeSearch.Add(froEmployee); // } // VMemployee objEmp = new VMemployee(); // objEmp.Employee = liEmployeeSearch; // return View("EmployeeList", objEmp); //} //public string[] UploadFiles() //{ // HttpFileCollection files =System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Request.Files; // string[] path = new string[files.Count]; // for (var i = 0; i < files.Count; i++) // { // HttpPostedFile file = files[i]; // string roothPath = "~/UploadedImages/" + file.FileName; // path[i] = roothPath.Substring(1); // file.SaveAs(System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Server.MapPath(roothPath)); // } // return path; //}

  • jehad
    jehad 16 hours ago

    //$("#SaveGroup").click(function () { // debugger; // if(AllDataGroup != 0) // { // debugger; // var _txtName = $('#txtName').val(); // var _txtShort = $('#txtShortName').val(); // var _checkStatus = $('#checkStatus').val(); // var _txtStatusDate = $('#txtStatusDate').val(); // var dataSQL = { // 'ID': AllDataGroup, '_Name': _txtName, // '_ShortName': _txtShort, // '_Status': _checkStatus, // '_StatusDate': _txtStatusDate // } // $.ajax({ // type: 'post', // url: '/ClinicSystemAPI/UpDataGroup', // contentType: 'application/json;charset=utf-8', // dataType: 'json', // data: JSON.stringify(dataSQL), // success: function (data) { // alert('Success UpData'); // }, // error: function (error) { // alert(error.responseText); // } // }); // } // else // {alert("AllDataGroup save"+AllDataGroup); // debugger; // var Name = $("#txtName").val(); // var ShortName = $("#txtShortName").val(); // var Status = $("#checkStatus").val(); // var SatausDate = $("#txtStatusDate").val(); // var AllData = { '_Name': Name, '_ShortName': ShortName, '_Status': Status, '_StatusDate': SatausDate } // $.ajax({ // type: 'post', // url: '/ClinicSystemAPI/GroupSave', // contentType: 'application/json;charset=utf-8', // dataType: 'json', // data: JSON.stringify(AllData), // success: function (data) { // alert('Success Save'); // }, // error: function (error) { // alert(error.responseText); // } // }); // } //});

  • Yosua ES
    Yosua ES 17 hours ago

    where is the database first approach?

  • jehad
    jehad 18 hours ago

    //[submit(name = "save")] //public ActionResult save(VMemployee x) //{ // //TryValidateModel(obj); // if (ModelState.IsValid) // { // context objsave = new context(); // objsave.employee.Add(x.emp); // objsave.SaveChanges(); // } // VMemployee vmEMp = new VMemployee(); // vmEMp.emp = new Employee(); // vmEMp.Country = LoadCountry(); // vmEMp.City = LoadCity(); // vmEMp.Department = LoadDep(); // return View("NewEmployee", vmEMp); //} window.location = '@Url.Action("delete/id", "Employee")'.replace('id', val);

  • jehad
    jehad 18 hours ago

    //private List<Department> LoadDep() //{ // context objcontext = new context(); // List<Department> liDep = new List<Department>(); // var MainDep = from Dep in objcontext.Dep // select new { Dep.id, Dep.Name }; // foreach (var item in MainDep) // { // Department forDep = new Department(); // forDep.id = item.id; // forDep.Name = item.Name; // liDep.Add(forDep); // } // return liDep; //}

  • jehad
    jehad 18 hours ago

    //using System; //using System.Collections.Generic; //using System.Linq; //using System.Text; //using System.Threading.Tasks; //using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations; //using System.ComponentModel.DataAnnotations.Schema; //using ClinicSystemDataAccess.Context; //using System.Data.Entity; //using System.Data; //namespace ClinicSystemDataAccess.GenericRepository //{ // public class Repository<T> : IRepository<T> where T : class // { ClinicSystemContext _context = null; // public Repository() // {this._context = new ClinicSystemContext(); } // public void Insert(T obj) // { var x = _context.Set<T>().Add(obj); } // public void Save() // { _context.SaveChanges(); } // public void Updata(T obj) // { _context.Set<T>().Attach(obj); // _context.Entry(obj).State =System.Data.Entity.EntityState.Modified; // } // public void Delete(int id) // {T obj = _context.Set<T>().Find(id); // _context.Set<T>().Remove(obj); } // public IEnumerable<T> GetAll() // {return _context.Set<T>().AsEnumerable(); } // public List<T> GetAllList() // { return _context.Set<T>().ToList(); } // public T Get(long id) // { var x = _context.Set<T>().Find(id); // return x;} // } //} //public class submit : ActionNameSelectorAttribute //{ // public string name { set; get; } // public override bool IsValidName(ControllerContext controllerContext, // string actionName, System.Reflection.MethodInfo methodInfo) // { // var x = controllerContext.Controller.ValueProvider.GetValue(name); // if (x != null) // { // return true; // } // else // { // return false; // } // } //}

  • Anup Singh
    Anup Singh 18 hours ago

    Hi Venkat, context.Resource as AuthorizationFilterContext is coming as null, even it is decorated with [Authorize(Policy="EditRolePolicy") and I have also injected CanEditOnlyOtherAdminRolesAndClaimsHandler in the service. Any idea why is giving null?

  • Venu Reddy
    Venu Reddy 22 hours ago

    what an explanation! hats off... you got very good communication

    CLAUDIO CRUZ Day ago


  • fjr227
    fjr227 Day ago

    If you substitute name for a food item then parameters with protein grams and calories then how can I add more names or in my case food items when prompt?

  • purna prashanth

    The resource you are looking for (one of its dependencies ) could have been removed, had its name changed or is temporarily unavailable. Please review the following URL and make sure that it spelled correct Please help me with this error when am reseting password from Gmail

  • John John
    John John Day ago

    Do YOU have an aplication or PDF’s for all of this? Made by YOU of course because i like what you do. Answer to my question please

  • Алексей Андреев

    здравствуйте _ hi all

  • Haris Harris
    Haris Harris Day ago

    You are the best guy I found on youtube for angular and .net core topics. I hope I will find time to watch all of your videos.

  • Christobanistan

    So in process doesn't support Windows authentication, right? Only way I have seen is to use .Net Core 3.1, which is totally unusable now.

  • gaurav cool verma

    Sir plz make e-commerce site tutorial using asp.net core

  • arkam khan
    arkam khan Day ago

    I.am big fan sir 😎 2019

  • Abhilash Rajasekar

    how to disable future date in asp.net c# ???? and display it

  • Muhammad Sami
    Muhammad Sami Day ago

    How to add Area in .net core mvc? also please make a video on bundling and minification and On Unit Testing

  • Richard LLanllaya Alccahuaman

    Buen hombre!!

  • Talal Shafiq
    Talal Shafiq Day ago

    Thank you so much sir. A very simple yet detailed explanation. Love and Respect. Keep it up.

  • Emente Emente
    Emente Emente Day ago

    Write an SQL query to find names of employee start with 'A'?

    • kudvenkat
      kudvenkat Day ago

      Hello Emente - The following query should return the result you are expecting. Hope this helps. Select Name from [TableName] Where Name like 'A%'

  • Eoghan Feighery

    Is there a code for being able to cycle through images in an image gallery on bootstrap?

  • A4family
    A4family Day ago

    is this server side?

  • Mehak Khosla
    Mehak Khosla Day ago

    If you are using Angular 7 then while providing the reference to bootstrap use only one dot like ./node_modules/bootstrap/dist/css/bootstrap.min.css

  • Anand Deshmukh

    Sir, you Are mental Giant or forte or Genius!

  • Mohammed Gadi
    Mohammed Gadi Day ago

    Thanks for detail explaination

  • Yogendra Sutar

    All videos are superb..👌. Thanks a lot Venkat.

  • Tinu Mathew
    Tinu Mathew Day ago

    Isn't the default AspNetCoreHostingModel InProcess?

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    jacky nivarp Day ago

    super thalaiva thanks for U

  • What the fuck are you doing reading my username?

    great teacher but horrible naming habits

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    sreenu sreenu Day ago

    Yeah atlast i found a wonderful teacher to learn

  • Variety Stuff
    Variety Stuff Day ago

    Thank you

  • Gamers Pakistan

    I am still not understanding the use of delegat. Why we should create a delegate then attach a method to it when we can simply create another boolean method called IsPromotable and use it as our logic in PromoteEmployee method?

  • Che Onn Ismail

    Nedd to do some changes in Homecontroller.cs for file upload. need to change from uniqueFileName = Guid.NewGuid().ToString() + "_" +model.Photo.FileName; to uniqueFileName = Guid.NewGuid().ToString() + "_" + Path.GetFileName(model.Photo.FileName); With this I dont hit any error. Thanks bro for a very helpful video.

  • Ihab Fam
    Ihab Fam Day ago


  • Neha Sharma
    Neha Sharma Day ago

    Does anybody have the link to part 103 where Thread vs Task is explained? I can't find it.

  • Neha Sharma
    Neha Sharma 2 days ago

    Your videos are very useful. Videos you make are simple, precise and informative. Please keep posting such videos.

  • Michael Hearmon
    Michael Hearmon 2 days ago

    Thank you very much, this is what I was looking for. Subscribbed

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  • Avinash Kumar Verma

    Thanks to you Venkat Sir, being a desktop developer I could think of learning web technologies like ASP.NETMVC, WebAPI and now Angular

  • Avinash Kumar Verma

    Thanks to you Venkat, being a desktop developer I could think of you learning of web technologies like MVC, WebAPI and now Angular

  • Nico Ecker
    Nico Ecker 2 days ago

    I really like your series so far, but this video contains two flaws: 1. deriving from the CreateViewModel to avoid duplicating code is understandable, but not a good design decision. Create a common (abstract) base class for both and derive from it. And while you are at it, do not duplicate the fields and their respective validation rules in your model AND your viewmodel. Use the existing model properties. I guess you are aware of these things, but some of your viewers might not. 2. The "cancel" action is plain wrong if you navigate first to a users details and then to the correspondig edit action. It won't take you back to the details view, it always will take you back to the index list view. Why not simply use the browser history to navigate one step back?

  • Asliddin Orif
    Asliddin Orif 2 days ago

    Thank you for tutorial, I follow your many tutorials they are very nice and the important thing is they are free. Your videos save my time.

    • kudvenkat
      kudvenkat Day ago

      Hello Asliddin - Thank you very much for taking time to give feedback. This means a lot. I am very glad you found the videos useful. Good luck and all the very best with everything you are doing.

  • Arun Pandey
    Arun Pandey 2 days ago

    Awesome teaching method 🤩

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    Anupam 2 days ago

    <a href="@Url.Action("Home","Index",new {Id= Get value from javascript ?})">GO TO</a>

  • Anupam
    Anupam 2 days ago

    <a asp-controller="Home" asp-action="Index" asp-route-Id="Get value from javascript ?">GO TO</a>

  • Anand raj
    Anand raj 2 days ago

    is there any way we can exclude one particular column instead of mentioned all the column in the select statement ? please help

    • Anand raj
      Anand raj 22 hours ago

      @kudvenkat Thank you for your reply Kudvenkat… this question is asked by an interviewer.. I replied to them select *, except column from table... it seems like this is not correct answer. pls help

    • kudvenkat
      kudvenkat Day ago

      Hellp Anand - That's a great question. To my knowledge I don't think there's a way we can achieve it without specifying the complete column list. Did someone ask you this question in an interview or is it just a general question you have. It's a great question.

  • raghavendra reddy
    raghavendra reddy 2 days ago

    Thanks a lot

  • raghavendra reddy
    raghavendra reddy 2 days ago

    thank u sir, it is very helpful.

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    thanks for nice explanation and also can promote this channel: ru-clip.net/video/rt9ZYebsEto/video.html

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    avinash reddy 2 days ago

    Hi, Following code is not working. using System; using System.Data.SqlClient; using System.Configuration; namespace TestData { public class Program { public static void Main() { string CS= ConfigurationManager.ConnectionStrings["Connection"].ConnectionString; SqlConnection con = new SqlConnection(CS); SqlCommand cm = new SqlCommand(""); cm.CommandText = "select *from Students_Table"; cm.Connection = con; con.Open(); SqlDataReader dr =cm.ExecuteReader(); while(dr.Read()) { Console.WriteLine(dr["Id"]+"\t"+dr["Name"]+"\t"+dr["Course"]); } cm.CommandText = "delete from Students_Table where Id=1"; int count = cm.ExecuteNonQuery(); Console.WriteLine("No of rows deleted are" + count); cm.CommandText = "select count(Id) from Students_Table"; count = (int)cm.ExecuteScalar(); Console.WriteLine("Total students are" + count); con.Close(); } } } If I run all execute methods at a time, on opening a connection only once. It is throwing an error as below. There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which must be closed first.'

  • mahesh kumar
    mahesh kumar 2 days ago

    Is this course for front-end development??

    • kudvenkat
      kudvenkat 2 days ago

      Hello Mahesh - Yes, it is for front end (Client side) development.

  • Muhammad Sami
    Muhammad Sami 2 days ago

    Waiting For Next Video in this Series

    • kudvenkat
      kudvenkat 2 days ago

      Hello Muhammad - The following is the link to next video ru-clip.net/video/72Eu92ZkgCg/video.html You can find all the asp.net core videos in sequence in the following playlist. Hope you will find it useful. ru-clip.net/p/PL6n9fhu94yhVkdrusLaQsfERmL_Jh4XmU

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    Я рад, что это хак, поэтому некоторым из нас нужна помощь с драгоценными камнями.

  • Mo
    Mo 2 days ago

    Another great series kudvenkat--My two cents of help: If anyone is interested in learning Web Services, let it be SOAP XML or Restful API. My suggestion is go back to basics. What I mean is : 1. Learn structure of an HTML page (ultimately that is what browser displays). You just need to know basics 2. HTTP methods: GET, PUT,POST,DELETE. URL or URI structure etc. -- how behind the scenes they are used. 3. Web Services let be SOAP XML or Restful API is giving us a standardized way to call Class-Methods. Within your application you can create objects from classes and call their methods with ease. Well how would you implement that concept over the web? a. You can come up with your own standard for your application by using HTTP Methods. Tedious but that is what we used to do! b. Or You can use Industry-Standard i.e. SOAP XML or popular today Restful API. Both allow us to call Class-Methods. Responses can vary from an HTML page, Media, File, XML Document, JSON, Text or simply to perform an Action on the server side. I hope this helps! Please appreciate and share the work people are sharing for free, it takes a lot of hours to make good content. Thanks Pragim!!! P.S I had to come back and Edit this post to pass on idea that I used. -One good way to learn for new developers is to do the following: (assuming you are in .NET world, you can use it in Java also) --Create Two WinForm projects (they are easy to work with). App1 and App2. 1. App1 writes messages to a TEXT file 2. App2 polls this text file every 1 second, reads message and processes those message and writes results back to a TEXT file. 3. App1 polls Results TEXT file every 1 second and Displays the results on the Form. It is a fun project that I did many many years ago in VB 4.0 and it was an excellent way to understand how Disconnected Systems Work! Enjoy Coding!

  • FeTNooB
    FeTNooB 2 days ago

    Excellent video. Could you please make a tutorial on adding/updating SQL using asp.net <3

    • kudvenkat
      kudvenkat 2 days ago

      Connecting to SQL Server. Selecting, Editing, Updating and Deleting from SQL Server is discussed in the following ADO .NET Course. ru-clip.net/p/PL6n9fhu94yhX5dzHunAI2t4kE0kOuv4D7 Retrieving, Editing, Updating and Deleting data using a web application and SQL Server is discussed in the following course. ru-clip.net/p/PL6n9fhu94yhW1NryGv6LxX4U4b07T4RlI Hope this helps.

  • Conner Craft
    Conner Craft 2 days ago

    Middleware doesn't seem to be catching. Page is stuck on loading and the program just exits.

    • Conner Craft
      Conner Craft 2 days ago

      ​@kudvenkat​ Hello - It was weird a one. I launched it via command line using "dotnet run" and the exception page was working. But when I try using the IIS Express Profile it didn't seem to work.

    • kudvenkat
      kudvenkat 2 days ago

      Hello Conner - That's a bit unusual. Can you place a break point, debug and see what's causing this weird behaviour. Would love to hear back from you to understand what's causing this unusual execution.

  • IT Geeks
    IT Geeks 3 days ago

    position: sticky does the same thing

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    Wonderful as usual, the best teacher on earth. thanks alot Notice: This video is not exist in the playlist

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      @kudvenkat l have learned alot from you sir

    • kudvenkat
      kudvenkat 2 days ago

      Thank you very much for the feedback and letting us know that this video is not in the playlist. I have just updated. Thanks again.

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    Thanks for sharing you knowledge, sir!

  • Hasnain Adil
    Hasnain Adil 3 days ago

    we have inherited iemployee in Employee class which has declaration of CalculateSalary() which must be implemented and also have the same method as an abstract method in Employee class. Its so confusing. What my knowledge says is that we have to implement all the elements of interface but we are initializing the employee name and id in employee class instead using the properties from the iEmployee interface.

  • Arslan Saleem
    Arslan Saleem 3 days ago

    Hello sir, I have a case in which i want to create identity table at the time of startup project if there are no exiting table in sql server database. i have tried so many thing but succeeded. Please tell me how we can do it. Thanks in advance and a lot of thanks for everything you are doing in asp.net core it help me allot to solve my problems.

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    How about security, calling web api in this way

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