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Chinese Food • MUKBANG
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  • Malikah Gray
    Malikah Gray 3 minutes ago

    The people i kno who join gangs need to feel apart of something so they turn to the streets for that love loyalty trust a unit yea they do scary shit but hey its gang gang

  • Pheonix Dawn
    Pheonix Dawn 6 minutes ago

    Why am I watching a Bible ad on your channel 😂 anyways, looking like you feel better 🤗

  • Smart Tablet
    Smart Tablet 12 minutes ago

    Your hair is on fleek today

  • Jacobi-vision
    Jacobi-vision 13 minutes ago


  • Dan paul
    Dan paul 14 minutes ago

    LMAO it's ranch not ranch

  • Shahadah Cross
    Shahadah Cross 14 minutes ago

    Wow my heart dropped and my eyes started tearing up as soon as she said she hated her sister omfg

  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith 20 minutes ago


  • Maria Zungri
    Maria Zungri 21 minute ago

    This girl just needs to go 🤦🏻‍♀️ Her true colors really came out big time in this video.

  • kristina tasic
    kristina tasic 22 minutes ago

    OMG NIKO! I CANT BELIEVE YOURE DOING THIS i was screaming when i actually heard you talking about the flying out a fan aaaaaa best youtuber E V E R ! im from serbia tho it seems very imposible lmao

  • Jennifer Castro
    Jennifer Castro 23 minutes ago

    This is so funny you never see honey bee drunk

  • RpG galaxyslayer
    RpG galaxyslayer 25 minutes ago

    He said “mukbung” Jesus christ

  • Alison Savage
    Alison Savage 27 minutes ago

    Nikocado avocado: I wanna be healthy Me: bish, you with that 10 pound looking add bowl of cheese ain’t gonna make you healthy.

  • Mia Rodgers
    Mia Rodgers 30 minutes ago

    I can’t wait for someone to talk about you

  • Dave gaming
    Dave gaming 34 minutes ago

    Zach choi is deaf?

  • C.A Adhava Subash
    C.A Adhava Subash 34 minutes ago


  • Angelina Mendoza
    Angelina Mendoza 38 minutes ago

    I was struggling as hard as nick was watching that bs 🙄😒🤦

  • Peter Muscato
    Peter Muscato 39 minutes ago


  • Nelly Solomon
    Nelly Solomon 42 minutes ago

    I love how zach smiles when he eat the noodles.

  • Sherilyn Giordano
    Sherilyn Giordano 45 minutes ago

    And yes ...I'm ranching it up cuz that's life!!!💀💀

  • Morshed Mohamed
    Morshed Mohamed 46 minutes ago

    This is how much nik weighs ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

  • BOS fajar
    BOS fajar 48 minutes ago

    Bocot 🙄🙄

  • Ninipopini
    Ninipopini 49 minutes ago

    29:25 I need this facial expression as a viral gif.

  • Incognita Smith
    Incognita Smith 50 minutes ago

    Lol the "N" word did not slip out. She been saying that ish her whole life. 🤣

  • Jibrillah Sultan
    Jibrillah Sultan 53 minutes ago

    I love the laugh lol..

  • Jill Thompson
    Jill Thompson 54 minutes ago

    Corroded artery Nick. Your creating her monster .

  • Ariel Harvey
    Ariel Harvey 55 minutes ago


  • Blink_exo-l_nctzen
    Blink_exo-l_nctzen 56 minutes ago

    Hey Nick! Can you do a video abt a mukbanger Kate yup? Bcz we think that she's being hostage! She puts signs as SOS. And there are bruises all over her body and A person even told "I'll Kill you" behind the camera!!

  • Fontressa Foxx
    Fontressa Foxx 57 minutes ago

    Wow she's heartless she doesn't care who she hurts I've had fights with my sister's but I would never say I hated her. She's disgusting I can't bring myself to watch her smh.💜💖

  • Kemeca Cain
    Kemeca Cain Hour ago


  • Peachy
    Peachy Hour ago

    Nik you are literally my favorite youtuber💕😂 I love when you do these videos☕️

  • #Val's Tasty Sensation

    smilesssssss LOL your funny, poor but not angry 💋

  • testingbeauty n'd gagets

    What's sad is her sister didn't even know that this whole time que was texting blove all those nice things, the apologie Chelsea made was after blove and her family came out with receipt and 3ven sayd i did not know my sister was doing that. She manipulated her sister to tag along to do the video without knowledge that que was doing that which came to Chelsea realizing what she did and sayd sorry, only to then be thrown under the bus and que stop talking to her and to be told she was hated.

  • Alisha Swords
    Alisha Swords Hour ago

    Question for you nick do you eat all of the food i was just wondering , love you nick xxx

  • Irene Clark
    Irene Clark Hour ago

    You roasting her but all you do is eat and and it's not your problem

  • Incognita Smith
    Incognita Smith Hour ago

    Wait. How do you not have RU-clip premium????

  • Chocolate Mermaid

    You should become a lawyer...

  • Irene Clark
    Irene Clark Hour ago

    Yo stop talking about Catherine like what is wrong with you

  • Gaetano Gragnaniello


  • olivia and oreo
    olivia and oreo Hour ago

    I like zach choi asmr vids better then this

  • Amy Jo Michael
    Amy Jo Michael Hour ago

    You are so right about the whole fluffy person and the skinny person thing

  • Dubois n' the Boyz

    Literally everything about you makes me want to punch you in the face

    AHMED SPECIAL . Hour ago

    9:02 finally speaks china

  • Makeda Chantellex


  • Sarahbell 0914
    Sarahbell 0914 Hour ago

    Can I do math? 😂😂💀😂😂

  • olivia and oreo
    olivia and oreo Hour ago

    You friends asmr are way better

  • B Kelly
    B Kelly Hour ago

    I have to try those cheese curds! Why aren't there cheese curds where I live??!

  • My โอตี่ Chanel


  • olivia and oreo
    olivia and oreo Hour ago

    Dude you just made me and my hamster cry because were scared

  • Stevie fox
    Stevie fox Hour ago

    CHEZ ITZ 👌🏼

  • Stevie fox
    Stevie fox Hour ago

    Ps..., who ever it is think about jollibees 👌🏼

  • zLord Farquaad
    zLord Farquaad Hour ago

    Stop talking about other people like that what would happen if somebody would say something about you. This is a eating chanel so just eat😠

  • Sarahbell 0914
    Sarahbell 0914 Hour ago

    You said Dupa!!! 🤣 💀🤣

  • Maurica Fuller
    Maurica Fuller Hour ago

    She took that video down because she was getting dragged in the comments,she's crazy

  • Chelsee Chews
    Chelsee Chews Hour ago

    Ooooooh my goodness 🙈🙈

  • Voshawn Parker
    Voshawn Parker Hour ago

    You can't trust anyone who says that they hated you! Even family. Hate is a strong word. So image how many other people she hates. That girl needs help!

  • #Val's Tasty Sensation

    The more you eat hot or spicy food the more you become immune to it 💋

  • Juanita Harris
    Juanita Harris Hour ago

    BrUh idk but I like Veronica wangs mukbang

  • Goudan G
    Goudan G Hour ago

    Is he back with Orrin? Cannot keep up with all his videos!

  • Yurkella Hunt ASMR

    *Share with me your food. I'm hungry*

    YANG-YANG YING Hour ago

    Nick stop the mukbang, please start a spill the tea channel.

  • Marianne Malvar
    Marianne Malvar Hour ago

    I would defently love to do muhkbang with u 🤩🤩🤩🤩 no.1 fan here from philippines

  • johan jacob keessen

    Omg het is the most discasting imbecile i ever see I think he like cancer I am sick when i see what en how he eat I don't want to see his shit in the morning brrrrrrr call 911 imbecile

  • Kim EunRia
    Kim EunRia Hour ago

    Can Zach talk? 😂

  • Tiffany Mae C. Deco

    Can RU-clip like just end qutieques career, ugh so toxiccccc I cant even

  • Sub If u breath
    Sub If u breath Hour ago

    I live in the uk so I can’t 😭😭😭

  • Meg Leo
    Meg Leo Hour ago

    she earns £15k a month, she can afford healthy food. she doesn’t want it

  • Sparkles Rosary
    Sparkles Rosary Hour ago

    It's uncomfortable watching this Ego chick be so okay with constantly tearing down her sister and play victim to something she created in her head... It's no healthy way to be towards anyone you claim to love.

  • Alyssa Foley
    Alyssa Foley 2 hours ago


  • Lakisha Hicks
    Lakisha Hicks 2 hours ago


  • * Wanderlust*
    * Wanderlust* 2 hours ago

    I could live of this amount of food for a couple of days, maybe even a week

  • Chloe Worth
    Chloe Worth 2 hours ago

    Gangs and subcultures can be formed for a number of reasons, possibly the need for belonging or a sense of being part of a family network that is otherwise absent. Possibly to police the streets and create their own justice system, possibly to create change or possibly due to lack of opportunity within neighbourhoods and not necessarily always violent!

  • Shawny Mac
    Shawny Mac 2 hours ago

    Why do you get so much food and eat such a tiny amount of it in comparison? You literally only buy so much food for the thumbnail, what a waste

  • Gacha사랑
    Gacha사랑 2 hours ago


  • Jaime Chomik
    Jaime Chomik 2 hours ago

    I was thinking about some cultures that being heavier is more desirable because, it means you have more wealth for more food! Am I mistaken ? 🤔

  • welcome to the DE
    welcome to the DE 2 hours ago

    Saying no response is better than responding but let's be real u still responded by saying that an actual no response would've been her not responding at all😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Seth Morrison
    Seth Morrison 2 hours ago

    pilipino you got me tagalog ako at pilipino ako yey gusto ko din jollibee

  • Yvette Smith
    Yvette Smith 2 hours ago

    Que is fucked up in the head! Someone just give her a fucking hiding. Honestly she's so fucked!

  • word up
    word up 2 hours ago

    we all know that isn’t what amberlynn truly eats in a day......

  • Spooky
    Spooky 2 hours ago

    Can nick just have a channel where he has breakdowns like he posts only breakdowns and his mukbang channel only mukbangs?

  • sara lipkind
    sara lipkind 2 hours ago

    You don't have to finish EVERYTHING we just wanna see you try everything and give us your opinion and omg I love when you give us the TEAAA

  • exquisite beauty
    exquisite beauty 2 hours ago

    This video has nothing to do with belove situation

  • Wazi Ullah Tanshen
    Wazi Ullah Tanshen 2 hours ago

    I hate this guy he's the worst

  • mskeezy 22
    mskeezy 22 2 hours ago

    You need to slow down bro

  • Tumblr Cookie
    Tumblr Cookie 2 hours ago

    I hate how he disses people but he has he's own promblems.

  • Liliana McDermott
    Liliana McDermott 2 hours ago

    Just subbed ! Omg I love you !

  • Billy
    Billy 2 hours ago

    its 4:49 in the morning

  • Juan Cortes
    Juan Cortes 2 hours ago

    i watch you because i like the tea and the food

  • Rania Queen
    Rania Queen 2 hours ago

    Love love and enjoy your videos 🙌🏼🙌🏼 look forward to them everydayyyyyyy

  • glenn martin nieto
    glenn martin nieto 2 hours ago

    brothers ekekkekkekkekekkekke

  • glenn martin nieto
    glenn martin nieto 2 hours ago


  • Jaime Chomik
    Jaime Chomik 3 hours ago

    Love the shopping Nik! 😍🤩👍🏽

  • Nathalie Semaan
    Nathalie Semaan 3 hours ago

    Watching this well eating noodles

  • Ellie Meyers
    Ellie Meyers 3 hours ago

    I hate this

  • Jillian Perez
    Jillian Perez 3 hours ago

    Put ketchup in the chicken sandwich

  • Jules Xx
    Jules Xx 3 hours ago

    Love that he was comparing the chicken nuggets at the start to see what one was more chicken when realistically none of them are real chicken😂😂😂😂

  • Marius Lindhardtsen
    Marius Lindhardtsen 3 hours ago

    Is your name Nick or what is it

  • Blanca Weigel-Dench
    Blanca Weigel-Dench 3 hours ago

    Could be that they have a terrible home life and the gangs makes them feel like they have family?? I’m adopted so just looking at it from the lonely type of upbringing

  • Mirage507
    Mirage507 3 hours ago

    Talk about Kate Yup conspiracy theory

  • Lany Luv
    Lany Luv 3 hours ago

    Que scares me, she’s disgusting. I feel bad for her sister, don’t matter if she’s family she’s toxic and she only cares about herself. Esta loca, she’s legit a disgusting human being.