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  • Bibin P Biju
    Bibin P Biju 2 hours ago

    I really love it.. need one

  • TheBaz568
    TheBaz568 2 hours ago

    Are the beam pattern of the head lights that bad or are they driving on high beams?

  • Josiah X
    Josiah X 2 hours ago

    wOw this looks sO tight. 😎🌴👌🏿

  • Robert Dowden
    Robert Dowden 2 hours ago

    I want to see this truck kitted out with Back to the Future time travel stuff...

  • Trin
    Trin 2 hours ago

    If I fidnt just buy a car, I definitely would get this! To have a truck and not worry about gas prices but still be able to tow (more than a reg truck!) Is literally insane to think about. Yes please!!

  • person fishforce
    person fishforce 2 hours ago

    It may be cool tech wise but I can't get past the looks. Probably the worst looking vehicle I've seen his year Imo.

  • Stephen W
    Stephen W 2 hours ago

    Star hoppers... Cybertruck.. Visionaries are polarizing and controversial at the worst.

  • sara4844
    sara4844 2 hours ago

    It looks more like a military vehicle of the future. Also it probably won’t have side mirrors because of body cams. so all you’ll need is the inside screen display showing you around the vehicle. (Not that i think it’s a good idea).

  • Ahmed Tareq
    Ahmed Tareq 2 hours ago

    the design is crazy....... typical tesla product, with crazy stuffs

  • Xxthe1andonlyxx One
    Xxthe1andonlyxx One 2 hours ago

    I like it

  • Rohit Ramkumar
    Rohit Ramkumar 2 hours ago

    8:14 It seems pretty cool on the outside, they should offer some colors though, I could totally imagine a neon, cyberpunk, version of this truck. The inside bothers me, it looks like a chamber on the inside. No noticeable AC vents no leather or fabric on the dash, also if you crashed you would literally break your face on that sharp dash.

  • Nusi Nusi
    Nusi Nusi 2 hours ago

    Like always: nice toy for rich kids or youtubers. Grown ups take a toyota for quarter the price.

  • Darrel Polymise
    Darrel Polymise 2 hours ago

    Not exactly what I was expecting but strange enough I must say the design is starting to "grow on me".

  • Abdul
    Abdul 2 hours ago

    Looks like the car i used to draw when I was 6

  • Veronica
    Veronica 2 hours ago

    That looks like the best interior design ever. Minimalist wet dream.

  • priyash anand
    priyash anand 2 hours ago

    Wtf is that facial hair bro 😂

  • jc teslovich
    jc teslovich 2 hours ago

    i fall in the whole: this is downright retarded end of the spectrum (sure its a novelty but...)

  • Outside The Box
    Outside The Box 2 hours ago

    Tesla designers sure have been playing a lot of mine craft lately...

  • isthatyou max?
    isthatyou max? 2 hours ago

    Truck still loading....

  • Sagar Sagar
    Sagar Sagar 2 hours ago

    This guy read comics in childhood n he is now making those vehicles

  • Snow Pirate
    Snow Pirate 2 hours ago

    Despite what you said. I'm really in the middle about it.. But I can see it's potential (coming from someone who loves a good truck) and I'm growing to like it

  • Eric Hawkins
    Eric Hawkins 2 hours ago

    It looks awful but I kind of love it anyways

  • EddyGraphic
    EddyGraphic 2 hours ago

    Finally a car that looks different, I see this truck being very popular for the insanely different design.

  • Travelblog JoyDellaVita

    I kinda want one, but at the size of a smart fourtwo 😂❤️☺️

  • Samrat Sarkar
    Samrat Sarkar 2 hours ago

    Love it. This is beautiful.

  • Mike Ivey
    Mike Ivey 2 hours ago

    Does go back to the future does it fly

  • Andre Moraes
    Andre Moraes 2 hours ago

    I think it's the first step into futuristic car design that we see in movies. But personally not a fan

  • Lalo Montoya
    Lalo Montoya 2 hours ago

    Black on black.. that thing is straight up a real life batmobile.

  • Shawn
    Shawn 2 hours ago

    Is it possible to love and hate something so much?

  • Abdul
    Abdul 2 hours ago


  • viralworth 19
    viralworth 19 2 hours ago


  • Nik Nair
    Nik Nair 2 hours ago

    So damn cool

  • Abisal Gergiev
    Abisal Gergiev 2 hours ago

    Love it

  • WolfmansCavemansNews

    Idiots bought the Hummer and now there will be idiots buying this peace of heavy crap. I thought we were suppose to decrease our foot print for global warming and all that, except for the rich and shameless.

  • open092
    open092 2 hours ago

    I really like it

  • David Xuereb
    David Xuereb 2 hours ago

    Ugly model cmon tesla

  • D Rose
    D Rose 2 hours ago

    I hate the design BUT I WANT IT SO FREAKING BAD

  • jvda
    jvda 2 hours ago

    im probably going to buy this...,.so I can live in it

  • Anthon Jackman
    Anthon Jackman 2 hours ago

    I can ROCK with it! It’s completely outside the box and I like that!

  • EingeL
    EingeL 2 hours ago

    6:35 Look at that left back wheel falling apart!! 😯

  • chris montgomery
    chris montgomery 2 hours ago

    It's a work of art

  • michał skupny
    michał skupny 2 hours ago

    love it. future is now lads :)

  • Jasen
    Jasen 2 hours ago

    Pontiac Aztec Truck

  • David Xuereb
    David Xuereb 2 hours ago

    Vlogging isn't for you my man too much movements,you're better in a studio,really strange watching you that way but always dope and interesting 😜👍 on which mobile did you take that vid? 😁

  • Alex Wain
    Alex Wain 2 hours ago

    This guy is so youngggg

  • John P
    John P 2 hours ago

    I think the more that it is exposed, the more people will start to love it. It has really grown on me already and it has only been a few hours. I want to put a camper on it

  • Ansi Drop
    Ansi Drop 2 hours ago

    Shit just throw an outboard on the back of that beast. I think i can render that truck on my NES.

  • Teddy Meagher
    Teddy Meagher 2 hours ago

    LASIK can be risky make sure you’ve done research to understand the chronic risks.

  • Nermin Okanovic
    Nermin Okanovic 2 hours ago

    Tesla is more and more for greeky tech guys... for car people, aero dynamics are a thing. And just physics over all. But it’s one big RC toy, so I guess realism doesn’t matter anyways.

  • YOLO
    YOLO 2 hours ago

    Looks like a great Mars rover

  • Paul Ma
    Paul Ma 2 hours ago

    My wife’s reaction was I like it because it’s so different. I said it’s so cool yet ugly at the same time. Elon didn’t mince words when he said that it was something from BladeRunner movies.

  • Krzysztof S3t
    Krzysztof S3t 2 hours ago

    yea, it's fine. It doesn't matter how it looks, it has to be tough and work well.

  • Mathew
    Mathew 2 hours ago

    This looks like a cheap toy design wise

  • Solar Dimen
    Solar Dimen 2 hours ago

    I really want the truck and the ATV as well haha

  • Abraham Silva
    Abraham Silva 2 hours ago

    It looks like it was designed by Kanye

  • Nathan Mitzenmacher
    Nathan Mitzenmacher 2 hours ago

    This is the upgrade to that electric car they made on top gear

  • Eugene Tan
    Eugene Tan 2 hours ago

    Too shock for words.

  • Martins Danisevics
    Martins Danisevics 2 hours ago

    looks at least interesting..

  • macace21
    macace21 2 hours ago

    One of the main reasons your content is so good is because of your accuracy, but your F-150 info is incorrect.

  • sydans
    sydans 2 hours ago

    Imagine raiding area 51 with that thing..

    SOUMEN 2 hours ago

    Looks like anytime One alien will come out of the car and Say Hello in some unknown language. 😂😂😂

  • Michael Niles
    Michael Niles 2 hours ago

    Hated it... But it's oddly rapidly growing on me...

  • Francesco Vultaggio
    Francesco Vultaggio 2 hours ago

    Damn, it's the ugliest car i have ever seen. A fat DeLorean drawn by a child.

  • VionicBlue
    VionicBlue 2 hours ago

    Am I the only one that thought this had something to do with Cyberpunk 2077?

  • eliminatorxx713
    eliminatorxx713 2 hours ago

    “It looks like a low polygon count render..” couldn’t be more spot on. I wonder which one of his kids drew the design 😂

  • Cardboard Android
    Cardboard Android 2 hours ago

    Firstly its UGLY AF, it looks like a prius and a delorian had a baby with gigantism. Secondly I dont see how this will be able to pass any saftey requirements. There is absolutly no crash structure (crumple zones) so if the crashes while doing any speed it will destroy whatever it crashes into along with the deceleration of the passenger inside surely being fatal. there is a reason that cars arent made from steel anymore, and the sledge hammer demonstration shows exactly why. the car would be far better and safer to be softer but with cheaper replacement bodypanels (that steel is going to cost a fcking fortune). Also if a car hits a pedestrian the pedestrian MUST be lifted up, on to the bonnet, its EU regulation and Im sure its the same in the US and elsewhere in the world. The way this car is angled at the front and back it it hits a person they are going straight under the wheels of that ugly thing, I know Elon is short but the furthest lateral point is WAY above his hips, Practically nipple height for him. The most lateral length of the car is too high and below it is a negative "underhang," even the bumpers to protrude further. this car WILL have to be massively redesigned if it is ever to be released. I see a few fanboys on here say, oh buit teslas all have 5 star safety ratings, well for the time being THIS WILL NOT pass in any shape or form. This is a concept car at best and a surefire deadly weapon at worst. Unfortunately it looks like this will be another failure for Elon, trying to be too far out of the box, just another Hyperloop, a poorly thought through pipedream "pardon the pun".

  • Saki Legenda
    Saki Legenda 2 hours ago

    This i when bold goes WAY, WAAAY too far.

  • Abraham Silva
    Abraham Silva 2 hours ago

    I really like it!

  • HorustheHorizon
    HorustheHorizon 2 hours ago

    Blade runner has arrived

  • megamaga manga
    megamaga manga 2 hours ago

    Elon Musk is bringing the 80s back. Punky hair and power shoulder pads to complete the look?...Oh, no, not again.

  • Jonathan Herrera
    Jonathan Herrera 2 hours ago

    U gonna go blind 😂 but at least you got to see the new Tesla truck

  • Kasper K
    Kasper K 2 hours ago

    Bungie from Halo.

  • TheRealRicky
    TheRealRicky 2 hours ago

    Where are the side mirrors lmao

  • michael perez
    michael perez 2 hours ago

    I can say this it already has grown on me since it was released last night and and first impression wasn’t so great. I can actually say I would definitely drive this truck

  • Ghenadie Covali
    Ghenadie Covali 2 hours ago

    No car manufacturers would do this in a million years,only Tesla has some balls to do something out of this world,gg Elon.

  • lino spaghi
    lino spaghi 2 hours ago

    I love it

  • Emerson Fabiano
    Emerson Fabiano 2 hours ago

    tks , best reviews here

  • Austin Gray
    Austin Gray 2 hours ago

    Honestly it’s dope. Sucks they had that issue with the glass haha

  • Andy Enright
    Andy Enright 2 hours ago

    If I had the extra cash, I’d buy it. It would really stand out as it’s pretty unique.

  • Jake Morel
    Jake Morel 2 hours ago

    The presentation really would've been memorable if Elon pulled a pistol out of his jacket and fully unloaded it in the truck before saying anything.

  • Im Sphere
    Im Sphere 2 hours ago

    this is the car that every 3rd grader drew for the first time

  • Stacks FX
    Stacks FX 2 hours ago

    This is ugly

  • raydn23
    raydn23 2 hours ago

    this has got to be a troll

  • Saeko
    Saeko 2 hours ago

    wow this is what we call futuristic. Don't worry, i'm sure we can custom the exterior. i like it :D

  • Enrique Florendo
    Enrique Florendo 2 hours ago

    Love it!!! Would totally buy it! And that ATV too. I'm sorry but Elon has surpassed Jobs in so many ways. The dude injects humor into inspiration and comes out with the best in class by a wide margin in both performance and advancement.

  • Anduril
    Anduril 2 hours ago

    First impression, I don't like the design. Thing about the truck market is you are trying to appeal to the practical side. The half ton truck is America's workhorse, it's used by companies in their fleets, it's used by everyone from plumbers, to landscapers, to city, state, and other government agencies. So the big question for me it's how will this translate to those applications? And yeah, there is a market for the vanity truck as well, but that's not the whole market. Next time you're out driving make a note of all the places you see trucks. The interior seems practical enough. And the all steel exterior hits that practicality note with durability. But the exterior styling is going to be the hardest sell for the practicality. And it does look really roughly finished, actually "not finished" is how I'd describe it, but that might just be the styling choice? Yeah, I'm not a fan. And while the highly angular roofline does make some sense in the aerodynamics, they could have rounded the top and made it look less like a one off prototype and more like a finished product. You can push a software update that improves performance, but you can't push a change the exterior styling of the truck once you go into production. They should have thought this through better. I predict the Cybertruck is going to be a tough sell. But hey, I can also see some people buying the truck for it's chassis and because it's a relatively cheap EV, and modding the hell out of it.

  • Erik Leyva
    Erik Leyva 2 hours ago

    Why always Tesla? why don’t u review the new Ford Mustang Mach E

  • Ryder Kahler
    Ryder Kahler 2 hours ago

    At first, I did not like it... After some time it grew on me maybe a little bit but that might just be because I like the Tesla brand. I'm pretty sure if a no-name companyhad presented this today I wouldn't feel the same way. One of the things that makes modern vehicles so safe is that they crush to absorb impacts. This thing makes me feel like it's built like a tank and all of that energy is transferred into the soft human on the inside. Tesla has made very safe vehicles so I'm sure they will work magic in that regard. Overall, I don't feel like this is made for truck people.

  • Melroy van den Berg
    Melroy van den Berg 2 hours ago

    I was shocked, but I like it!

  • V B
    V B 2 hours ago

    More than 90% of the comments are about the looks and I agree its not the best looking thing out there but neither is the model 3 but once everyone drives the model 3 and realizes that it does things other cars can't, its impossible to go back to an ICE car. For a construction guy, I don't think there is anything comparable out on the market at this time (probably will change by the time this thing becomes available). Pros - Never having to go to a gas station (I go through a full tank every two days on my Ram) - No need for an ugly generator or a compressor (this thing is ugly enough) - Better towing capacity than anything available today - The exterior panels are built tough, so I won't have to baby this thing around, no one is shooting at me but I do spend a lot of time on gravel - Autopilot, and overall performance - No oil changes (I feel like I'm getting one done every month) Cons - Its ugly For everything that it comes with that will make my life easier, this one con doesn't seem so bad. Plus, with that 0-60 time you won't be seeing me for too long from your Dually :P

  • hoodaffairstv
    hoodaffairstv 2 hours ago

    If you have money you can live in the future

  • steve huber
    steve huber 2 hours ago

    I can dig it.

  • Alphaxard Gacuuru
    Alphaxard Gacuuru 2 hours ago

    I used to think the McLaren Senna was the ugliest supercar in existence, this is the ugliest car i have ever seen. Still a fan of Tesla and Elon though. And you obviously.

  • Sagar Sagar
    Sagar Sagar 2 hours ago

    ..that man Elon is madman ..😂 he is alien

  • Stéphane S.
    Stéphane S. 2 hours ago

    Looks like the Warthog in Halo

  • DOS Flash
    DOS Flash 2 hours ago

    Looks like a prop from back to the future

  • David J
    David J 2 hours ago

    I'm wondering how they kept crumple zones at the front and rear without using another skin material.

  • Tom Schillemans
    Tom Schillemans 2 hours ago

    I pick the "This is cool" Side! I like that its not what I was expecting. Not boring. Not the same looking as every other pickup truck out there. Tbf, here in europe we don't see a lot of pickup trucks because they are just straight up too big but this is cool!

  • Guido Encalada
    Guido Encalada 2 hours ago

    Looks like a doorstop

  • Paulo Pereira
    Paulo Pereira 2 hours ago

    It remembers me of the DeLorean from back to the future...