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  • Jeon maru Channel
    Jeon maru Channel 4 hours ago

    Bogoshipo wannaone😭😭😭😭

  • Nur Fateha
    Nur Fateha 4 hours ago

    Seriously the best teen drama i've ever watch,, it's fun and entertaining 😍

  • claudia wils
    claudia wils 4 hours ago

    they just dont deserve you beautiful soul! soar high💌🌌 + RIP Our Jinri +

  • Flavorful view
    Flavorful view 4 hours ago

    oh baekyung he must be hurt and confused 😭

  • 張紓菲
    張紓菲 4 hours ago


  • Giselle
    Giselle 4 hours ago

    they're so adorably awkward, it's so cute.

  • ika sentya parmadani

    I love this scene so much, I would happier if I could replace Dan Oh's position at that moment

  • We love Drama
    We love Drama 4 hours ago

    Team Bae Kyung is actually bigger than I expected lol yh and I'm in

  • RO SI
    RO SI 4 hours ago

    凄い貫禄 優勝です

  • Carmel Guinev
    Carmel Guinev 4 hours ago


  • Noshin Rahman
    Noshin Rahman 4 hours ago

    he breathed through his nose for over 2 hrs?? all while not being able to say a word or see anything?? omg that's dedication, i would feel like im dying within 10 minutes

  • Shafira Fuad15
    Shafira Fuad15 4 hours ago

    Why is every episode so mysterious????😭😭😭😭

  • changsub's derp face is life

    In your face, you jerk~!!! 😆😆 I actually want them to be together, but only if he stops being such an a**hole. He can be cold but pls don't be a jerk 😤 (sorry for being too immersed in this story 😅😅😂😂)



  • Adamaris Peachy
    Adamaris Peachy 4 hours ago

    Hey can anyone tell me if this was a webtoon first? I saw someone say it somewhere and I would really like to read it first before starting to watch this drama

  • Patto Styles
    Patto Styles 4 hours ago

    Song?Minute 1:38

  • Shafira Fuad15
    Shafira Fuad15 4 hours ago

    Kamprettt bikin penasaran😢

  • love yourself
    love yourself 4 hours ago

    M I the only one who wants kyung and danoh to end up together

  • Maria G
    Maria G 4 hours ago

    0:35 song??

  • Michi. Infinite
    Michi. Infinite 4 hours ago

    normal heart rate :65 ( when u meet your crush ) heart rate : 123 😂

  • K Nunezco
    K Nunezco 4 hours ago

    Aww plz don't make me cry 😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢rest in peace SULLI we love u the way you are.😭😢

  • Chase Kayden
    Chase Kayden 4 hours ago

    Is this drama not in Kocowa?..

  • renata souza
    renata souza 4 hours ago

    Dan Oh e o número 13- ele é fofo😻😻❤ e ela é muito engraçada 😊😍❤ eles são muitos fofos

  • Erika mae Panaligan
    Erika mae Panaligan 4 hours ago

    I want danoh and baekyung huhuhu😭😭💔pls they look cute together

  • Angela Ng
    Angela Ng 4 hours ago

    Why on earth Rowoon super duper cute!!!!

  • Bunita Perdi
    Bunita Perdi 4 hours ago

    i truly believe i should have been born in korea😍

  • CheLSea OneStar7
    CheLSea OneStar7 4 hours ago

    So Cute Haru and Dan Oh

  • Widyadari Anindya Diwyacitta

    *The jealousy!!!* Baek kyung already aware he's a manhwa character at this time!!!! Kyaaa I don't know but it feels so satisfying to watch baek kyung got jealous in the shadow!!! And he's hot lol

  • harry carey
    harry carey 4 hours ago

    Waaaaaaah kengene nakakakilig

  • harry carey
    harry carey 4 hours ago


  • starst9
    starst9 4 hours ago

    Cuteness overload 😍😍

  • Vikky
    Vikky 4 hours ago

    Kyung :((( he’s actually pretty cute when he talks softly and cares about Dan Oh but the minute she’s with Haru he does a 180 lol

  • Asmaul Husna
    Asmaul Husna 4 hours ago

    How can I watch it in Bangladesh??app and link doesn't work here

  • Jena Deng
    Jena Deng 4 hours ago

    Is cute and sweet when he said: “I found you” to Danoh. Is a movie date for Haru and Danoh. He is so charming and innocently flirting.

  • Ela Kahe
    Ela Kahe 4 hours ago

    Kyung big mad hehehe

  • Dane Agassi
    Dane Agassi 4 hours ago


  • มา มาย
    มา มาย 4 hours ago


  • Jena Deng
    Jena Deng 4 hours ago

    Haru and his name tag and getting his spotlight. Him being flustered by Danoh is cute. I always seen Danoh get flustered by Haru, but not the other way around. Those girls like him, but he has Danoh.

  • Ako Juana
    Ako Juana 4 hours ago


  • 민윤기
    민윤기 4 hours ago


  • Paula Choi
    Paula Choi 4 hours ago

    I need to watch this episode in its entirety 😂😂😂😂

  • 백설탕
    백설탕 4 hours ago


  • Dane Agassi
    Dane Agassi 4 hours ago

    질투 질투~~~

  • Như Nguyễn
    Như Nguyễn 4 hours ago

    Team Haru!!! 🥰

  • Jena Deng
    Jena Deng 4 hours ago

    Charming Haru protecing Danoh. And then making her heart races.

  • nutella nis
    nutella nis 4 hours ago


    CLAUDINE MABULO 4 hours ago

    Its really funny how Dan Oh shifts her expressions on and off the stage. Its like having split personalities 🤭😂😆 especially during shadow with Haru. Omo omo! 🤭😍❤

  • soft fie
    soft fie 4 hours ago

    everything in this drama just call me fantasy somehow

  • Emily Navarro
    Emily Navarro 4 hours ago

    Haru I love u

  • Sintha Andriyani
    Sintha Andriyani 4 hours ago

    Judul apa

  • YumiChanel Playz
    YumiChanel Playz 4 hours ago

    i really hate when baekyung push haru .

  • K Chan
    K Chan 4 hours ago

    I got teary eyed seeing sulli as a little girl :( before all the hate she received

  • Sapana Maharjan
    Sapana Maharjan 4 hours ago

    We always said suju all member are crazy but here comes hechul tell every member "are you crazy" and we are like "hechul u just realized now" lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • nurul fadilla
    nurul fadilla 4 hours ago

    it's okay baekyung danoh with haru and you with me 😂

  • Ricki Lee
    Ricki Lee 4 hours ago

    Cameramen nya mantep abis

  • Kat Llose
    Kat Llose 4 hours ago

    that cute giggles of brooke is making my heart melt 💕 however when she's holding back her tears my heart hurts a little.

  • ikonic🍇
    ikonic🍇 4 hours ago

    0:33 the towel is on the chair but then 0:51 the towel is on the ground aigoooo these kdrama scenarios hahahah but im still addicted to them

    • Irene P
      Irene P 4 hours ago

      0:33 the towel is on the chair, 0:34 the towel is on her shoulders, then she drops it off for the second time 😄 As she goes off, you can see the empty chair.

  • ri ri
    ri ri 4 hours ago

    Its really something when its in drama than in the webtoon. The intensity change. 😍😍

  • Jena Deng
    Jena Deng 4 hours ago

    I am in awe of Haru being protective of Danoh. He is so cool when he push Baekkyung into the water. I am amazed. You can see the slight anger in the gaze of his eyes, and that slightly move that he did with his lips/mouth. I am amazed, he is so cool. Rowoon is an amazing actor.

  • Sokhiba Abduganieva
    Sokhiba Abduganieva 4 hours ago

    Why I haven't watched that scene at the ep 12???

  • nurul fadilla
    nurul fadilla 4 hours ago

    poor baekyung 😢

  • joevina sopidi
    joevina sopidi 4 hours ago

    Please cover this song Kim jong kook.....I very like this song went Kim jong kook Sing the song...... Please kocowa

  • lxoxvxe xyxoxu
    lxoxvxe xyxoxu 4 hours ago

    Universal=UNICEF 😆

  • Rina Chasani
    Rina Chasani 4 hours ago

    Uuu ada yang cemburu

  • Steffennej Atong
    Steffennej Atong 4 hours ago

    I cried watch dis scene 🙁

  • hRzyie 0
    hRzyie 0 4 hours ago

    haru or baek kyung?

  • Husnul Khatima
    Husnul Khatima 4 hours ago

    team baekyungg ikut sedihh:""))

  • ixg.h _
    ixg.h _ 5 hours ago


  • irene da eun jeong
    irene da eun jeong 5 hours ago

    Wait Johnny's voice is actually so pretty in the beginning

  • Seti An Naruti
    Seti An Naruti 5 hours ago

    Lee Jae Wook... So charming. Eh, Baek Kyung its time for jealous..

  • Miss Anne
    Miss Anne 5 hours ago


  • Ethan Sky
    Ethan Sky 5 hours ago

    Instagram at some point can bring good things and can bring bad things

  • Nureen Nabilah
    Nureen Nabilah 5 hours ago

    Why is he so handsome 😭I want to cryyyy

  • literal taehyungtrash

    damn this girl is good at acting

  • Nunik Rahmasari
    Nunik Rahmasari 5 hours ago


  • Seti An Naruti
    Seti An Naruti 5 hours ago

    Baek kyung versi cemburu..

  • 민윤기
    민윤기 5 hours ago

    now the roles are reversed its haru getting flustered by dan oh ahhh 😍

  • Chasity Hawk
    Chasity Hawk 5 hours ago

    Haru my type, why did his name have to be so perfect as well 😭 I've always liked the name Haru

  • Artistic Groove
    Artistic Groove 5 hours ago

    He's so cuute 😄😄

  • EXO7 BTS
    EXO7 BTS 5 hours ago

    شو اسم المسلسل What is the name of the series

  • 小富
    小富 5 hours ago


  • 9510
    9510 5 hours ago

    2:18 aww a whole baby

  • Naye Jiménez
    Naye Jiménez 5 hours ago

    My queens had an amazing performance✨ They shine with their own lights So TOP

  • literal taehyungtrash

    this dude petty af

  • Bucinya Oppa EXOMonsta X


  • stanSb19_ rose
    stanSb19_ rose 5 hours ago

    She fought for her life..

  • Pasta
    Pasta 5 hours ago

    She's so cute and beautiful, such a tragic ending

  • Asni Arifuddin
    Asni Arifuddin 5 hours ago

    I really like a man putting his hand on my head it's simple of so sweet😍😍😍😍

  • Ya Na
    Ya Na 5 hours ago


  • Sunflower 5186
    Sunflower 5186 5 hours ago


  • Ridiculed Victor
    Ridiculed Victor 5 hours ago

    Wow korean are so nice... Hwasa: **eats** Korean: *wHy YoU eAtInG!?!?* Hwasa: **ties hair** Korean: *WhY yOu TiE yOuR hAiR LiKe ThAt!?!?* Hwasa: **uses lip balm** Korean: *WhY yOu UsE LiP BaLm So MuCh WeRe YoU dRuNk ThE NiGhT bEfOrE!?!?* Bich let her do whatever she want thats her life 🤦

  • ri ri
    ri ri 5 hours ago

    The progress of the drama is so good, like in the webtoon. Baekyung is so abusive here than in the story. Well, its still. Still rooting for haru and danoh. ❤️😍😘

  • YumiChanel Playz
    YumiChanel Playz 5 hours ago

    Team Haru

  • Seti An Naruti
    Seti An Naruti 5 hours ago

    Evil smirk of baek kyung... I like it.

  • Seti An Naruti
    Seti An Naruti 5 hours ago

    I like lee jae wook in the shadow..

  • Vaishnavi K
    Vaishnavi K 5 hours ago

    I love Haru, he's adorable I need the remaining episodes.

  • eve m
    eve m 5 hours ago

    Hmmm, long comment ahead with spoilers I think the writer never intended for dan oh to live long, hence giving her this toxic relationship with kyung in the stage (shadow kyung is more level-headed, though). Maybe, just maybe, she was supposed to have a tragic death? As an extra, it'd make more sense for her to be a throwaway character. Kyung's attitude towards her in stage doesn't help, either. Meanwhile, it's hinted that other comic books have materialized in the library. Dried squid fairy scolded haru about this, telling him his purpose is to stop dan oh from meddling with the original storyline. Other characters also notice that he has the same eyes as the main, nam ju. Which gets one thinking, perhaps the writer has created several other comics, and some characters have crossed over, becoming sentient? Could haru be part of an entirely different storyline or comic? Squid fairy is definitely not a mere side character, he appears to know much about the comic world than the rest of the characters. So far this drama has got me *tooo* invested 😅

  • On nnn
    On nnn 5 hours ago


  • Graciella Aguinaldo
    Graciella Aguinaldo 5 hours ago

    I need JK in my life😍

  • Kitty Wen
    Kitty Wen 5 hours ago

    ❤️ beat!