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Taylor Swift - Lover
Views 69M2 months ago
Taylor Swift - Delicate
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Taylor Swift - Style
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Taylor Swift - Blank Space
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Taylor Swift - Shake It Off
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Taylor Swift - 22
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Taylor Swift - Begin Again
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Taylor Swift - Ours
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Taylor Swift - Sparks Fly
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Taylor Swift - Change
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  • PauloTV
    PauloTV 5 minutes ago

    Que foda

  • Marlena Quick
    Marlena Quick 8 minutes ago

    I love you Taylor you make great songs like if you aggre

  • Rohit Aja
    Rohit Aja 9 minutes ago


  • Anabel Ocampo
    Anabel Ocampo 10 minutes ago

    I love this song sm 💜💜

  • Kim thi
    Kim thi 11 minutes ago

    I love r'edl,

  • Laquita Gilmer
    Laquita Gilmer 11 minutes ago

    Me if I was a man: Girl Bye! 🤣

  • 橙鹿鹿
    橙鹿鹿 11 minutes ago

    I will be 22 next year. 😗😯🤔

  • Văn En Tăng
    Văn En Tăng 15 minutes ago

    ai việt nam điển danh

  • *Starlight_Games*
    *Starlight_Games* 16 minutes ago

    Make this into a movie!!!

    ANDREYA VENTURA 17 minutes ago

    Who is here in October 2019? I heard it on tik tok and I was like I need to listen to that again

  • Prisha Saravanan
    Prisha Saravanan 17 minutes ago

    “I got that...uhhh, l mean” love it❤️😍

  • Arty Geek
    Arty Geek 17 minutes ago

    I turn 15 in 16 days!! Imma sing this song all day

  • Eric Somers
    Eric Somers 20 minutes ago

    Doesn't mean she's playing a banjo doesn't mean its country

  • jeffrey johnson
    jeffrey johnson 22 minutes ago

    i dont like you anymore

  • Remas Sweilem
    Remas Sweilem 22 minutes ago

    I’m the only one of me baby that’s the fun of me

  • Noa Kurin
    Noa Kurin 24 minutes ago

    here before 1 billion

  • Shirikuuu Zen
    Shirikuuu Zen 26 minutes ago

    Kha-kha-kha Entah apa yang merasukimu

  • Precious BautistaStudios
    Precious BautistaStudios 26 minutes ago

    one billion is coming,AHHHHHHHHH

  • Best Brands Perfume
    Best Brands Perfume 26 minutes ago

    This Time Next Year, Meet me here.

  • Gipsy Lazo
    Gipsy Lazo 26 minutes ago

    Volvia a su raíces tay

  • Maria Cristina Miralles
    Maria Cristina Miralles 27 minutes ago

    October 2019🙋💖

  • Raj rocks
    Raj rocks 27 minutes ago

    It will do 1 billion very soon! I cant believe its 10 years old song

  • Silver Storm Stables
    Silver Storm Stables 28 minutes ago

    Nice bed

  • DJ Rutherford
    DJ Rutherford 29 minutes ago

    Verse 1, 2. could use some work. In love with the chorus(the ends could have been better). Bridge and ending could be improved a lot.

  • Gabriel Esquinca
    Gabriel Esquinca 30 minutes ago

    Who else is listening to this in 2019 ????

  • allfy_ sr
    allfy_ sr 30 minutes ago

    Its really taylor and ed sheeran when they kids?

  • #Swiftiespage
    #Swiftiespage 31 minute ago

    Taylor Swift: SPELLING IS FUN! Mary Poppins: Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious?

  • FunRa
    FunRa 31 minute ago

    ‌🇱‌🇴‌🇻‌🇪 ‌🇲‌🇺‌🇸‌🇮‌🇨2020? ‌🇭‌🇮‌🇹 👇 👇 👇

  • Maria Das dores
    Maria Das dores 31 minute ago

    Like like

  • CharLotte Burton
    CharLotte Burton 32 minutes ago


  • Gustavo Dos Santos Silva
    Gustavo Dos Santos Silva 34 minutes ago

    Um obsessed with this song, every time I listen to it I want to cry and when I watch this I get hypnotized

  • bunny gaming
    bunny gaming 34 minutes ago

    How burgers and fries met.

  • Silver Storm Stables
    Silver Storm Stables 34 minutes ago

    This is how many people love Taylor Swift: 1 like = 1 person

  • travishunterbrown
    travishunterbrown 34 minutes ago

    Jim Henson would be proud.

  • CharLotte Burton
    CharLotte Burton 37 minutes ago

    Hi I am your BIGGEST FAN 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  • Iamartlesl Santabioisl
    Iamartlesl Santabioisl 37 minutes ago

    this will be the saddest song for me. EVER. As I remember the night that I was crying because my Mum left me, and this song was playing, somehow. Time past and I’ve changed so much from that night, but this song brings all those memories.

  • Katharine Ècrit
    Katharine Ècrit 38 minutes ago

    10 years :> I'm still here!

  • Renata Maldonado
    Renata Maldonado 39 minutes ago


  • Hmud Yikes
    Hmud Yikes 39 minutes ago

    2,833 B views 8,7 M liked

  • gggmoney77
    gggmoney77 40 minutes ago

    looks like where i work at. LOL

  • Hmud Yikes
    Hmud Yikes 41 minute ago

    560 k comments

  • Hmud Yikes
    Hmud Yikes 42 minutes ago

    8.9 M liked

  • Husky 14
    Husky 14 42 minutes ago

    Taylor, you belong in country music

  • Hmud Yikes
    Hmud Yikes 42 minutes ago

    1.101 B

  • Sabrina Graham
    Sabrina Graham 44 minutes ago

    Still listening Oct 19’

  • Husky 14
    Husky 14 45 minutes ago

    The day I fell in love 😍

  • Danilo Machado
    Danilo Machado 45 minutes ago

    Algum br?

  • Beyondflawless24
    Beyondflawless24 46 minutes ago

    But doesn't everybody leave their Christmas lights until January tho 🤣😂🤪

  • Reyna Vega
    Reyna Vega 46 minutes ago

    I’m using this song in my reading lesson

  • Maryam Mohamed
    Maryam Mohamed 47 minutes ago

    This is one of my FAVORITE songs Keep it up Taylor|!!

  • kinki party
    kinki party 50 minutes ago

    Lovers its flop

  • ButterCup
    ButterCup 51 minute ago

    I'm just2 year old at that time *sorry my english is bad🙏

  • emma Moncion
    emma Moncion 52 minutes ago


  • Q Co
    Q Co 55 minutes ago

    PenA is Coatzocoalho?? Shah . G, C's. A demonstrated the of

  • Leandro Agurto
    Leandro Agurto 55 minutes ago

    Lover 👍 VS reputation ✉

  • peter's backpack
    peter's backpack 55 minutes ago


  • Best Brands Perfume
    Best Brands Perfume 56 minutes ago

    I really Do Promise!

  • ArchedElf1
    ArchedElf1 58 minutes ago

    I still can't get over the fact that she hit a f**king Jaguar with a golf club.

  • Merilee Powers
    Merilee Powers 59 minutes ago

    This is how many times Taylor changed her outfit 😂 👇🏻

  • Ryanne Christensen

    I like her country side better. To bad she has changed

  • Because you Said so

    What's this video got to do with what you said???

  • DJ Rutherford
    DJ Rutherford Hour ago

    I like this song. Makes me feel at home long ago. I feel Taylor Swift might have had some insight into the chorus..but I'm not entirely sure :/

  • Q Co
    Q Co Hour ago

    Do you remember the guy who cut in in the NE when that woman in ma? Haha dummy, Pen US

  • slime mama
    slime mama Hour ago


  • Q Co
    Q Co Hour ago

    I still have to , and some c

  • Natasha's SoBlessed

    I've dedicated this song to my adoptive mother since the day I first heard it...

  • John Ortiz
    John Ortiz Hour ago

    Throw sum

    JOCABA Hour ago

    this song is cool and reminds me of someone ... i love his asian smile

  • Q Co
    Q Co Hour ago

    I l you!

  • Q Co
    Q Co Hour ago

    Topsy turvy

  • Lucas Swiftie 13

    Let's go until to 1 billion ❤❤

  • Non ya Business
    Non ya Business Hour ago


  • Lucas Swiftie 13

    QUEEN ❤👑

  • Ariel Aguirre
    Ariel Aguirre Hour ago

    Sounds like mazzy star fade into you.

  • DJ Rutherford
    DJ Rutherford Hour ago

    I like this song

  • Donna Cris Gecale


  • Wundabar Klaus
    Wundabar Klaus Hour ago

    I'm an 18 year old boy and I just got a barbie ad before this video, I think it's cause' I watch alot of taylor swift and ariana grande music videos and it thinks I'm a little girl or something. I just don't want to pay for amazon music!

  • Zeshawn Mustafa
    Zeshawn Mustafa Hour ago

    Just kick every guy who beg for likes..........

  • Bass Trammel
    Bass Trammel Hour ago


  • Serena Kendall
    Serena Kendall Hour ago

    I do not accept Taylor does not deserve to be w brendonnnnnnn

  • Amy M.
    Amy M. Hour ago

    2:43 the party don't start til i walk in

  • Liz Mchenry
    Liz Mchenry Hour ago

    Sounds like Cowboy Junkies.... rip off.

  • Pewdiepie It
    Pewdiepie It Hour ago

    this was a cringe song

  • Sheena Belle
    Sheena Belle Hour ago

    Hete before 1 billion :D

  • Taquito
    Taquito Hour ago

    2020 anyone

  • Arnie Jane Macamay

    Bring back this kind of era 😍😍

  • Chris Lo
    Chris Lo Hour ago

    Why is he black tho?

  • Damian Lucifer
    Damian Lucifer Hour ago

    I like the old Taylor and I miss it but i love this side of her.

  • Jenifer Garcia
    Jenifer Garcia Hour ago

    I love this song and I love it

  • GalaxyAndreagaming


  • Thomas Harry James Rodriguez

    I love this song.... And the old Taylor is better or mmm she is beautiful and her voice is magnificent

  • Flash McG
    Flash McG Hour ago

    Who’s here in October 2019???

  • Reanna B
    Reanna B Hour ago

    Elton John and Eminem would have been a great fit for the video too.

  • Nina Rodriguez
    Nina Rodriguez Hour ago

    He got that boyish look I like in a man Same girl sammmeeee Luv you Taylor! ~Sofia 2019 10 yrs old

  • Electric Dingus
    Electric Dingus Hour ago

    *No one:* *Not a soul:* *Taylor Swift:* Are you okay?

  • Damian Lucifer
    Damian Lucifer Hour ago

    Am i the only one who thinks Taylor Swifts's handwriting is stunning?

  • Yalezo Mbem
    Yalezo Mbem Hour ago

    The old country girl 😍 2019

  • Mathis Paturel
    Mathis Paturel Hour ago

    My mom when I do my homework 0:50

  • riziki yussuf
    riziki yussuf Hour ago


  • Valentina Batta
    Valentina Batta Hour ago

    so it goes... OR NOT? love you tay :)