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  • Jai Crews
    Jai Crews 4 minutes ago

    Fun. To know you have 98 days to make it with your brain in tact when the US. Military has you doing these 6 month to a year long tours.

  • fred kalis1776
    fred kalis1776 7 minutes ago

    As a french i'm offended. lol

  • audiosreality
    audiosreality 33 minutes ago

    And we finally have the reason for Lindybeige's animosity to all things calvary and equine........

  • Jude Breheny
    Jude Breheny 49 minutes ago

    omg that dislike number

  • Michael Quinn
    Michael Quinn 57 minutes ago

    Who cares

  • I
    I Hour ago

    Where do you cut his monologue so much ? Is it because he speaks too slowly for this channel? haha

  • Flame Music
    Flame Music Hour ago

    I come from Vietnam and I love the shoes and the sandals of warriors. But due to economic conditions, I couldn't own a couple. Can foreigners give me a pair? Dear !

  • black adder
    black adder Hour ago

    Google is Big Brother. They hate history. Knowledge of History is dangerous to Big Brother.

  • Zachary Reaper
    Zachary Reaper Hour ago

    Who the fuck will masturbate to a rain forest?

  • Dude 0853
    Dude 0853 Hour ago

    You got to be kidding me, fire arrows were used earlier then 1000 BC. They had oil and resin soaked tows below the arrowhead. And yes, they were very effective against wooden structures. Another thing is that people during that time could very well light that much torches at once.. Blow a horn, you don't need radio.

  • Kerbaman
    Kerbaman 2 hours ago

    "Something pointy is quite pointless" Favorite quote so far

  • Rafael Rabinovich
    Rafael Rabinovich 2 hours ago

    I always wonder how they got to keep such nice hairdos and so finely trim beards, shaved faces, in a bronze age battle camp.

  • jim crow
    jim crow 2 hours ago

    Yeah, the jacket you got when you were smaller, and didn't wear an Icelandic jumper underneath. It's not a Judo jacket. In the past gentlemen were not supposed to raise their arms, they had servants for lifting and shifting.

  • Sophie
    Sophie 2 hours ago

    Boys weren't the only ones who enjoyed how absurd they were!

  • Oskar winters
    Oskar winters 2 hours ago

    no one at my bf's company ever wears them.That's the pharma management industry too.

  • Genghilla the Khun
    Genghilla the Khun 2 hours ago

    If you ever find yourself in Buenos Aires (big recommend), check out La Recoleta Cemetery (El Cementerio de la Recoleta). It's the best I've ever seen and perhaps ever will.

  • Geek In utopia
    Geek In utopia 2 hours ago

    Tax is extortion, plain and simple! If you don't pay, state thugs will likely kidnap and cage you, possibly rough you up in the process. So therefore taxation is extortion!

  • come with me on a train

    raus juden!!!!!!!!

  • Dennis Petrov
    Dennis Petrov 3 hours ago

    Maybe that flat-top helmet was fitted with a huge amount of padding. Or even with spring suspension, and maybe they looked like an army of head-shaking dolls on the march.

  • aikis007
    aikis007 3 hours ago

    Perfect timing! I was just searching on how would Baltics generaly look like in 18th century. As it was mostly in woods, black plague and all the wars, I got a feeling that it would be wild woods, but now ... buggers.

  • BeagleBear Gaming
    BeagleBear Gaming 3 hours ago

    its 9 also red. also heared and understand what you are talking

  • Jacob Adams
    Jacob Adams 3 hours ago

    ... Cromwell zooming in reverse...🤣

  • The Egg
    The Egg 4 hours ago

    2:11 It makes my blood boil whenever I hear someone say "killing women and children" as if they are more important than men. Fuck you. Thumbs down.

  • Alwyn Watson
    Alwyn Watson 4 hours ago

    I Have found a way that Stirling engines can be useful in the desert Using combined heat and power PV cells. The Stirling engine comes in half way threw.

  • Uku Sibul
    Uku Sibul 4 hours ago

    How does one quantify your skill at tennis?

  • Joseph Burke
    Joseph Burke 4 hours ago

    U.S. Calvary regulations. A horse and 4 spares per trooper. As a troop was 60 men. That is 300 horses to care for in garrison. Another reason calvary makes no sense.

  • MrBurgeri
    MrBurgeri 4 hours ago

    Penis tank!

  • rdu222
    rdu222 4 hours ago

    What About Arrows with Fuse and Gunpowder, Simply put a bomb at the arrowhead??

  • Hector Simonetti
    Hector Simonetti 4 hours ago

    Roads could not be used by everyone so that could have been a military road

  • Billy Macleod
    Billy Macleod 5 hours ago

    Hilarious. Very Monty Python.

  • Cam Rivest
    Cam Rivest 5 hours ago

    Men have the highest rate of suicide ("completed") because they pick more violent ways to kill themselves like jumping off cliffs, shooting themselves while women pick painless ways like pills or gas in the car, which are slower and gives them the occasion to change their mind or to be found. This is basic psychology you can look it up on google lol... also men experience more violence yes ... if you don't count sexual violence, which women experience more 😅 Just like you said you're not a woman and you don't seem to know what you're talking about when taking into account hardships lived by women... and you clearly did your research to favour men in the category of not having it easier...I do recognize everyone lives hardships but women live inequalities compared to men in Occident and also in other countries and you can't really deny that.. so didn't learn much in this vid you are clearly biased

  • KusGilis
    KusGilis 5 hours ago


  • Ryan Hickey
    Ryan Hickey 5 hours ago

    Literally just went searching for part 5 and had to come back to part 4 to look in the comment section hoping for some help. Looks like there wont be a part 5 for another year or so. How unfortunate.

    KONTYNUATOR 6 hours ago

    You realize we have had extraterrestrial tech since the early 40s, right? On top of that, there are literally thousands upon thousands of patents with National Security classification slapped on them just shelved. They're not just shelved and sitting there doing jack shit. They're constantly being developed. I mean, several hundred billion dollars a year in Black/Spacial Access Project funding aren't just buying toilet paper rolls, cigarettes and chess boards for the personnel in the underground bases so they can have a cosy shift, you know. "Some of us" have transitioned into Civilization Type 1 decades ago. And we're looking into Type 2 transition already. Of course, the average Joe still lives in the 19th century and they don't know it but this planet doesn't need to worry about energy or ecology ever again. The problem that is being tacked now is...what to do with all those average Joes, a whole 8 billion of them. We cannot main-stream progress into an advanced race with so much dead weight unfortunately.

  • AETHER Machine
    AETHER Machine 6 hours ago

    You can make rectangular Dimension ...then forge it....its valyrian steel...its fantasy so its logical that the process of making it is more or less fantasy also...hahaha..DUDE YOUR SO SERIOUS,,, DRINK AND GET LAID SOMETIMES hehehe

  • Mon nom
    Mon nom 6 hours ago

    Ok i'm a psycho

  • The Egg
    The Egg 6 hours ago

    Maybe it's just because you got yours from Kmart.

  • Journey through the Nebula

    Loyde for prime minister!

  • I
    I 6 hours ago

    In a fire usually people pass out from fumes and lack of oxygen yes. If you would open a window or the back door as you mention in this video this would only lead to the flames burning even more vigorously not actually giving you a better supply of oxygen.

  • Nathan
    Nathan 6 hours ago

    More things like this would be great.

  • Art1985
    Art1985 7 hours ago

    She is cute.

  • sisocrack
    sisocrack 7 hours ago

    Retreat from the archers retreat is just comedy gold.

    xxBOUNTYxxHUNTER 7 hours ago

    Get this man to 1mil subs already because _he’s British_

  • Kate Fortune
    Kate Fortune 7 hours ago

    Women like a lot of cosseted underdogs don't notice the concessions they are afforded , rather they see them as always justified, also see . Eg Scots . Ethnic minority's in public service .The self proclaimed disabled . Obese people . and spoilt children

  • William Griffiths
    William Griffiths 8 hours ago

    This is all true, the problem lies when women fight so hard to 'undo' the evolutionary and societal norms in how we view or 'use' women, complaining how they're sexist and terrible. But all those evolutionary and societal norms about men being less than nothing, and just tools to be literally used until they die, they stick around, and no one says anything.

  • thehenescrew
    thehenescrew 8 hours ago

    I don't know if you do or not but it would be recommended if you use the bow to leave it in storage with the bow unstrung.

  • Des Thomas
    Des Thomas 8 hours ago

    Worked on a film, providing some 17th cent firearms, one scene involved an actor being threatened by a man with a Matchlock Musket. Told the director that it needed some matchcord (which I could have provided and eventually did) the director said naively "Why" I replied because that's what fires the gun, he said we were not going to fire the gun but II said you cannot threaten some with a gun that cannot be fired. Once we had the smoking matchcord in place he cameraman was ecstatic as he had some smoke to play with.

  • hardpack187
    hardpack187 8 hours ago

    Looks a bit snug. Maybe get a larger jacket

  • JackSpeed 439
    JackSpeed 439 9 hours ago

    55:00 that macardo raid sounds a lot like the Israeli flight in a c130 to rescue all the hostages from a highjacked airliner. The c130 with commandos just landed on the enemy base, rolled out in a presidential motorcade and got the hostages back with a bit of a fight and a couple dead. Then took off again. Bold is a understatement.

  • Josh Herman
    Josh Herman 9 hours ago

    The military is ruined when women are around, in every aspect.

  • Clas David Lindqvist

    Well I am 99.9% European. And apparently 0.1% Sudanese! Like, how does that make seance?

  • James Smedley
    James Smedley 9 hours ago

    The guy in the hat undoubtedly has a lot of knowledge but does lack basic social skills.

  • The Mr Extra
    The Mr Extra 9 hours ago

    I personally love suits, and I wear them all the time even though nothing I do requires it. I wear it specifically for myself and nobody else. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that women wear makeup to impress men when in reality that couldn’t be further from the truth, I’d argue the same is true for suits. Back in the day suits were tailored specifically for practical reasons, gentlemen would go hunting in 3 piece tweed suits that were built to be comfortable, moveable, and to give protection from the elements. Even business suits from that era were much more practical, and allowed for much more movement. Unfortunately today’s suits are specifically made to cost as little as possible to make so they can rack up the price for a bigger profit and thus have many cut corners and are no longer practical. That’s why the best option for suit shopping is either getting one custom made for thousands of dollars (If you’re fucking rich) or buying vintage for dirt cheap! Even if it doesn’t fit you perfectly, alterations are very affordable to get.

  • Homa Simpson
    Homa Simpson 9 hours ago

    Google and youtube are a criminal far left extremist platform , their algorythms keep the citizens brainwashed , with their leftist garbage , for example , some things , they remove any videos of , if it does not suit their agenda , any criticism of Islam , any criticism of the UN human trafficing pact , and the overwhelming evidence of the human trafficing. One of my friends in the UK last year had her son killed by vehicle jihad , two muslims yelling Allah Akbar as they ran over 5 kids on the foot path at 70 miles per hour , 3 of them were killed , murdered by muslims in the name of islam in the UK. then 3 more of my friends last year were stabbed by muslims for criticizing islam and trying to tell people the truth of the attack , The police forced her to take out all reference to islam in the police report and covered it up. RU-clip removes videos of them telling the truth. You are getting demonitized Lloyd because of islam , and the Barcelona declaration of 1995 , and the Lisborn treaty , it is written into the contracts to stop criticism of the genocidal death cult , this is how it all started and is % 100 what it is all about , they are silencing anyone who speaks out , and that is why the algorythms are set up , you are just caught up in it.

  • Jo Bishop
    Jo Bishop 9 hours ago

    Why did they use them for thousands of years? War horses are trained to step, kick and bit in war! You standing behind a camera talking about things you know nothing about. I hunt from horse back with a gun! Rabbits,hares and other creatures. The quarry is used to the sound of horses feet rather than bi-peds. Just think about what you're saying before you open your mouth!

  • Goodness Graces
    Goodness Graces 9 hours ago

    I appreciate you telling the stories of forgotten heroes like this

  • Ben Worthing
    Ben Worthing 10 hours ago

    this is just an opinion frankly. ever heard of a Bipennis? a real single handed double headed axe

  • JoeStuffz
    JoeStuffz 10 hours ago

    I would love to see this after both sides train swords vs spears, but this still was a pretty good experiment because inexperienced spearmen vs swordsmen. Also, I think in the group battles, everyone needs to get outside the dueling mindset I would especially love to see the sword + shield when the swordsman keeps their shield in front of them

  • ed
    ed 10 hours ago


  • Gino Tarabotto
    Gino Tarabotto 10 hours ago

    Hi Lindybeige I wonder if can make a video about the German tank "ratte" please, I was taking to a friend the other day and explain to me about this huge German tank which I never heard before, great video LB, thanks.

  • JackSpeed 439
    JackSpeed 439 10 hours ago

    How is it regrettable that an enemy ship/destroyer was sunk? It’s fucking fantastic, the enemy was doing a military thing by taking your islands and you suck their fucking battleship. If the enemy had half decedent evacuation plans then since the belgrano didn’t blow or sink fast at all then besides those killed in the torpedo strike no one else should have died. It’s not WW2 with Germans machine gunning sailors in life boats.

  • JackSpeed 439
    JackSpeed 439 10 hours ago

    So the enemy was there so they were attacked. The exclusion zones are for the safety of every one ELSE the non combatants such as Brazilian freighters and aircraft. That exclusion zone wasn’t a limit of operations for the British forces.

  • JackSpeed 439
    JackSpeed 439 11 hours ago

    How was the press reporting on details about military combat assets in an active war (it’s a war as a war doesn’t have to be declared by either or any side for it to be a war) and their transport that was underway with vessel name and everything NOT treason?

  • Anthony Baldry
    Anthony Baldry 11 hours ago

    The smoke grenades of the era were used to replace air in bunkers green was best apparently

  • JackSpeed 439
    JackSpeed 439 11 hours ago

    32:00 it’s maintenance hours required per flight hour. All fighters are rated this way and decisions made based on matience costs and matience time. If an aircraft completes a sortie one day then you need to be able to have it available for the following day.

  • Anonymous Libertarian
    Anonymous Libertarian 11 hours ago

    So when you say "Calvery" you mean "chariots" correct? Rome didn't get true Calvery until much later (men on horseback)

  • Cody Miller
    Cody Miller 11 hours ago

    I see your a Judge Dredd fan.

  • Bartooc
    Bartooc 11 hours ago

    You have a friend from 5:38 - 11:37

  • Ulti737fs
    Ulti737fs 11 hours ago

    So have the French evolved genes for more blade-resistant necks yet?

  • Marek Pająk
    Marek Pająk 11 hours ago

    And it’s not beige

  • ObsidianJay88
    ObsidianJay88 12 hours ago

    lindy has researched himself crazy!

  • Love Law
    Love Law 12 hours ago

    Are the swiss guard halberds sharpened?

  • Squidward's Testicles
    Squidward's Testicles 12 hours ago

    I’m an atheist and I fully agree. I liked Neil deGrasse Tyson’s stance on this “issue” on the Joe Rogan podcast. His point was basically that the calendar we use was created by the catholic church, and it’s a kickass calendar, so why not use their way?

  • Raymond Su
    Raymond Su 12 hours ago

    The energy and work he put in this video is honestly impressive. No joke

  • Juanita Begaye
    Juanita Begaye 12 hours ago

    Were is your combat shovel?

  • Paul Tibbals
    Paul Tibbals 12 hours ago

    You can tell he is playing a British hero, he actually ran far enough to require another camera angle.

  • Squidward's Testicles
    Squidward's Testicles 12 hours ago

    I thought this was common knowledge. Guess I overestimated people

  • PianoLogic
    PianoLogic 12 hours ago

    This is so entertaining

  • Kenneth Ferland
    Kenneth Ferland 13 hours ago

    Soviet invasion of Manchuria caused Japans surrender, not the A-bomb.

  • I fuck yor mam
    I fuck yor mam 13 hours ago

    But what if something explodes behind you?

  • [SBB]ChaosJasmine
    [SBB]ChaosJasmine 13 hours ago

    I drive perfectly fine on the right side, I am left-handed so it's all good for me

  • Dub-J Scrub-J
    Dub-J Scrub-J 13 hours ago

    Swords are better than spears: the revenge of yellow-socks

  • ِ
    ِ 13 hours ago

    oh how fun

  • Patrik
    Patrik 13 hours ago

    3e REI of French foreign legion is far the best jungle unit nowadays The only thing they do is jungle warfare in French Guiana

  • TarrantBot 2020
    TarrantBot 2020 14 hours ago


  • Stuart Aaron
    Stuart Aaron 14 hours ago

    Fun video. I've bought some Stirling engines about 20 years ago (maybe more?). One is similar to Lindybeige's, but bigger, and can run from the heat of your hand. Another has a propeller (instead of the flywheel), and runs on a cup of hot water. The others run on alcohol burners or Esbit alcohol tablets. All are neat to watch run because of how quiet they are.

  • Squidward's Testicles
    Squidward's Testicles 14 hours ago

    Modern art prioritizes symbolism and metaphors over actual skill and appealing paintings/sculptures. Literally anyone could make and sell half of the modern art pieces in galleries if they just make up enough bull shit symbolism and spoke in a french accent.

  • Blah Blahsen
    Blah Blahsen 14 hours ago

    as a real blacksmith and a fiction writer...this guy is basically my own inner monologue when i see any movie with swordmaking. it's absolutely horrid how bad they mess it up. if you're gonna make some shit up, make up a fictional metal. "Oh its no mortal steel, this is Tharnium, blessed by the elves." and done, no problems. why can not just get steel right and make the finctional stuff cinematic? how do you forge Mithril? nobody knows because its FICTIONAL, it doesnt exist and it's magic. you cant nitpick magic, so why not just use that? freaking conan. UGH. describes bronze, pours aluminum, then it somehow turns into steel and they heat treat it by unevenly heating the blade and cooling it in icewater about halfway down. yep, you just cracked your bronsteeluminium sword there aquaman. good job.

  • - Nilok -
    - Nilok - 14 hours ago


  • Christopher Noel
    Christopher Noel 14 hours ago

    In a similar situation to the Falklands in 1982... Russia seized control of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea in 2014, for which was met with international condemnation..... and nothing else. Maybe nobody wanted to make the situation worse, and Russia and Ukraine might come to an agreement behind closed doors.

  • Proximity Clockwork X157

    Completely rubbish at taking fortifications? It kinda worked in Stronghold Crusader. xd My only bane was the oil pits.... Hate those things.

  • Edits On Imovie
    Edits On Imovie 14 hours ago

    I use caps lock in games to sneak, so oof

  • Michael Wills
    Michael Wills 14 hours ago

    Spot damned on.

  • Douglas Strother
    Douglas Strother 14 hours ago

    The Tommies have Fallschirmpanzers!

  • Lrminer202
    Lrminer202 15 hours ago

    What's that tank in the background at 1:00?

  • kamekazi1123
    kamekazi1123 15 hours ago

    Could’ve just said less technologically advanced but ok

  • The Mindbrokens’ Elysium

    “If you wanna kill your cat, give it some celery

  • Eno
    Eno 15 hours ago

    Except in America they market themselves as being religious, and promoting guns.

  • max kore
    max kore 16 hours ago

    can always wear a mask

  • Trunk McEight
    Trunk McEight 16 hours ago

    Central Scrutinizer?