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Blake Shelton - 24 #1s
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  • Lorato Baikananyi
    Lorato Baikananyi 10 minutes ago

    On repeat till God knows when ❤️🙏🔥 🔥

  • Ingrid Maria
    Ingrid Maria 30 minutes ago

    💟this voice, music & video😘 👍👍thx u a lot💟😊

  • Crip Blood
    Crip Blood Hour ago

    I feel like I've listened to this song 10 years ago, especially the intro part. I dont know why.

  • daniel sparrow
    daniel sparrow 2 hours ago

    is it possible to be wet and hard?

  • Tricky Toes
    Tricky Toes 3 hours ago

    Gods Country and Boys Around Here are my favorite

  • Coleman Binyon
    Coleman Binyon 3 hours ago

    Best song, but "yee yee" should have been included in the lyrics.

  • Albert D.
    Albert D. 3 hours ago

    I don't really know, when the first time I start loving the country songs?! but now I'm really love it so much....

  • Adam
    Adam 4 hours ago

    Hell right

  • liberty justice
    liberty justice 4 hours ago

    "Devil came to georgia but he didnt stick around cause this is GODS country!!"

  • Jessica Love
    Jessica Love 4 hours ago

    Thanks this is just what a maybe needed

  • Jessica Love
    Jessica Love 4 hours ago

    Amazing lucky you innovative solutions that isn't maybe its alright love love love is always fighting kindness not my way

  • Jessica Love
    Jessica Love 4 hours ago

    Nevermind just trying to be stronger with my beautiful son he is growing up with me

  • Grant Mercado
    Grant Mercado 4 hours ago


  • Jake independent voting shepherd

    Great song.

  • Black Country Boy 1992

    I wanna get a T shirt that says you ain’t done nothing if you did it halfway

  • ツVocalAustin_Youtube

    Love this also my gym teacher plays this in gym every day he loves this song So don't I

  • Black Country Boy 1992

    My # 1 favorite Musician out of all the genres that i listen Blake is my favorite one

  • Ben Pearse
    Ben Pearse 6 hours ago

    Blake’s last 2 songs have been bangers

  • Emma Vickers
    Emma Vickers 6 hours ago

    blake keep country songs going on on on on and on

  • rocker2000ish
    rocker2000ish 6 hours ago

    Home run boys! !!

  • Jo Moorehead
    Jo Moorehead 7 hours ago

    Omg 😍

  • butterfly 4
    butterfly 4 7 hours ago

    Damn, Gwen is one luck lady!!! Shit... 🖤

  • bigboy Marshall
    bigboy Marshall 8 hours ago

    I just can't stop listening to this song it is just that good

  • godmaster_yt
    godmaster_yt 8 hours ago

    me and my dads and his dads favorite song!

    JOEY TAYLOR 8 hours ago

    17,000 people don’t live in gods country.

  • Braiden Richardson
    Braiden Richardson 8 hours ago

    good song, but it shouldn't be called country, it's more rock than anything.

  • Spawny_95
    Spawny_95 9 hours ago

    A beer song. Thank god!

  • Dillon Lute
    Dillon Lute 9 hours ago

    God please bless these fields and bless us with great season to feed my kids this year's thank you for your help lord

  • Ozark Guys Fishing
    Ozark Guys Fishing 10 hours ago

    I'm always glad to see someone from the 4 States make it in this world. Blake, I've always loved your music. Keep kicking ass. God Bless you.

    MUSTANG550 FORD 10 hours ago

    I 100% agree with Blake Shelton this world is Gods Country

  • Slayton Foldenauer
    Slayton Foldenauer 10 hours ago

    2019 anyone

  • Ethan Terry
    Ethan Terry 11 hours ago

    This is trash

  • Michael'ss Lalaloopsy Land Movie Show Corner

    Is this real country with Christian Gospel music??

  • Michael'ss Lalaloopsy Land Movie Show Corner

    This is a good song and it sounds like Play It Again by Luke Bryan. Blake Shelton went hard to copy Kate and Friends' songs!

  • Uribe 4ever
    Uribe 4ever 12 hours ago

    Real shit

  • Alex Chapman
    Alex Chapman 12 hours ago

    Love your music

  • Cane Miles
    Cane Miles 12 hours ago

    Yah lying next u every night sounds like a damn good life😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Steve C
    Steve C 13 hours ago

    i believe her...........

  • Cassidy Costanti
    Cassidy Costanti 13 hours ago

    loooove this song ever sense i was little and im 12

  • Travis Burgess
    Travis Burgess 13 hours ago


  • Devansh Gupta
    Devansh Gupta 13 hours ago

    Seriously..after september 2k19... Like it up..

  • Gary Sanders
    Gary Sanders 13 hours ago

    Boomer Sooner!!

  • Fredericia Fodpleje & Wellness

    damm good number

  • Adi
    Adi 15 hours ago

    Imagine someone singing this in The voice blind audition 🔥. He would be the winner obviously.

  • Isaac vanderWeyden
    Isaac vanderWeyden 15 hours ago

    born and raised in rural Canada and this song still makes me proud! Canada is also Gods country

  • Mari Morales
    Mari Morales 15 hours ago

    el canta bien bonito toda su musica me gusta

    MOM DOES DIY 16 hours ago

    Sept 18, 2019 ❤❤❤

  • Susie Lancaster
    Susie Lancaster 16 hours ago

    Being born and raised in Ada I agree. It makes me feel connected somehow. I miss my home. Love y'all

  • Lord explosion murder
    Lord explosion murder 16 hours ago

    When u had no idea this awesome man did this song

  • Ommu Kanzah Pendatun
    Ommu Kanzah Pendatun 17 hours ago

    September 17 2019

    KXRAWHO 18 hours ago

    Hell Right

  • The Woodshed
    The Woodshed 18 hours ago

    Great song. Joe Nichols version is more raw and not quite as slick as this version. Who wrote this?

  • Dream PM
    Dream PM 19 hours ago

    [Verse 1] Right outside of this one church town There's a gold dirt road to a whole lot of nothin' Got a deed to the land, but it ain't my ground This is God's country We pray for rain, and thank Him when it's fallen 'Cause it brings a grain and a little bit of money We put it back in the plate I guess that's why they call it God's country [Chorus] I saw the light in the sunrise Sittin' back in the 40 on the muddy riverside Gettin' baptized in holy water and shine With the dogs runnin' Saved by the sound of the been found Dixie whistled in the wind, that'll get you Heaven bound The devil went down to Georgia, but he didn't stick around This is God's country [Verse 2] We turned the dirt and worked until the week's done We take a break and break bread on Sunday And then do it all again 'Cause we're proud to be from God's country (Yeah, yeah) [Chorus] I saw the light in the sunrise Sittin' back in the 40 on the muddy riverside Gettin' baptized in holy water and shine With the dogs runnin' Saved by the sound of the been found Dixie whistled in the wind, that'll get you Heaven bound The devil went down to Georgia but he didn't stick around This is God's country (Yeah) [Interlude] (This is God's country) God's country [Bridge] I don't care what my headstone reads Or what kind of pine wood box I end up in When it's my time, lay me six feet deep In God's country (Yeah, yeah) [Chorus] I saw the light in the sunrise Sittin' back in the 40 on the muddy riverside Gettin' baptized in holy water and shine With the dogs runnin' Saved by the sound of the been found Dixie whistled in the wind, that'll get you Heaven bound The devil went down to Georgia but he didn't stick around This is God's country (God's country) Yeah, I saw the light in the sunrise Sittin' back in the 40 on the muddy riverside Gettin' baptized in holy water and shine With the dogs runnin' Saved by the sound of the been found Dixie whistled in the wind, that'll get you Heaven bound The devil went down to Georgia but he didn't stick around This is God's country

  • Amver Media
    Amver Media 19 hours ago

    mustang huh?

  • Leigh Sytsma
    Leigh Sytsma 19 hours ago

    Beautiful! Thank you from an inspired EMT in Wisconsin.Thank you for bringing me a smile on a sad day. God is Love...He is the Only source of TRUE LOVE. When we abide in Him we carry out his purposes for our lives. When we stray from the source of TRUE LOVE we will fail, fall, trip ourselves up. There is always HOPE, Peace, Reconciliation is possible if both HEARTS desire that. If not, press forward. Know you are Loved by God and He is still writing your story.... keep living, keep on keeping on...... NEVER GIVE UP........

  • batman the dark knight

    I love blake i am a fan from kuwait i am in love wity country song

  • Danny Saleeba
    Danny Saleeba 20 hours ago

    The anthem of an American. Love this song. The lyrics, the sound, the video. Yes yes yes. Finally something good. We need more country music like this.

  • That one guy
    That one guy 21 hour ago


  • Lulu Brown
    Lulu Brown Day ago

    Agenda 21 is not your best friend fools..

  • Lulu Brown
    Lulu Brown Day ago

    HOW CAN SOMEONE DISLIKE "GODS COUNTRY" PEOPLE WAKE UP ITS WHAT THE GOV DOES TO OUR FOODS and earth that takes everything from those who work hard just to get by...Genetically modified foods (GM foods), also known as genetically engineered foods (GE foods), or bio engineered foods are foods produced from organisms that have had changes introduced into their DNA using the methods of genetic engineering .YOU THINK THAT HOW GOD WANTS US TO EAT AND LIVE UNDER all the bs they give us. .

  • Karen M
    Karen M Day ago

    Those almost 900 thumbs down people dont know how to raise hell right

    • fr ko
      fr ko 22 minutes ago

      Damn right Karen M. Them people really don't know what true living is, they are plastic people who are robotic in every sense of the word! You only live once so go raise alot of hell right

  • Shawn Gabriel
    Shawn Gabriel Day ago

    God bless this country and this song!!!

  • camo stag
    camo stag Day ago

    Some the only good modern country

  • crystal reynolds

    A lot of men need to listen to this song , especially my ex

  • Rita Northway
    Rita Northway Day ago

    Love this song and love him 💖💖💖💖💖

  • Edward McCarver

    I know you want a baby

  • Amanda Colon
    Amanda Colon Day ago

    Man I the mitille child of my mother and miss, that women so much.

  • Florida Man
    Florida Man Day ago

    Convinced the church band to play this next Sunday. Gonna be a good service. 🇺🇸

  • AtrueTOOLfan
    AtrueTOOLfan Day ago

    My mom never cared about me or my dad, cheated on him twice, left me when I was three. To be honest, I don't know what I'll do when it's her time.

  • Gian Grimaldi
    Gian Grimaldi Day ago

    Blake share this with Trump for his 2020 battle song

  • Richard Higgins

    I love this song. Hell right!

  • James McKay
    James McKay Day ago

    I like it

  • Lyn Marie
    Lyn Marie Day ago

    Hell right boys...

  • Jared Neely
    Jared Neely Day ago

    this is the song you here around the fire pit in the back yard on a cold night

  • Charlene Rowe
    Charlene Rowe Day ago

    Yes I am soon

  • Tammie Lewis
    Tammie Lewis Day ago

    Madison Knighten Love ❤️Hay ❤️❤️❤️

  • Mr Ma Deuce
    Mr Ma Deuce Day ago

    Wow! Speechless! 😎

  • Detroit Fan95
    Detroit Fan95 Day ago

    Blake Shelton or Dave Barnes? I honestly enjoy both

  • Jennifer Delay

    Till waiting for someone to fix it it sure looks short

  • Jackie Miracle


  • nice patrice
    nice patrice Day ago

    Fan from france i hope make an interview if you come in france

  • Eric Tripp
    Eric Tripp Day ago

    Blake's upper cool

  • Pamela Horad
    Pamela Horad Day ago

    Diggin this song ...if your going to do it do it HellRight ..!

  • Bill Harper
    Bill Harper Day ago

    God in His foreknowledge surely knew that I would fall in love with the angel lovely in my life.

  • Beverly Pruitt

    the boys round he'r jrincken that ice cold beer tacken bout girls tacken bout trucks running that red dirt road out kicking up dust

  • Leah B
    Leah B Day ago

    10 years later and these 2 amazing country artists did another great song!

  • Velton Leadingham

    Hi Blake this is amazing and i'm glad you made this song for us I love your music

  • Quinn .f
    Quinn .f Day ago

    I’m a Canadian who grew up Most my life livin in country sides in small towns and on farms now I live in a city but this song still brings me back. I still always love the country side and will eventually move back out to the country because miss not havin sidewalks and walkin around with a pellet gun in my holster and a pellet rifle down a lane through a field hunting rats and basically living in dirt and mud. That’s my dream

  • Velton Leadingham


  • keith rivera
    keith rivera Day ago

    I like Blake. I don’t like this. What’s with the auto tune? Where’s Country music going?

  • Sam
    Sam Day ago


  • Melissa Kerns
    Melissa Kerns Day ago

    Hell right if u dont throw down on friday night then u better raise hell two thumbs up from wv

  • Melissa Kerns
    Melissa Kerns Day ago

    Madden 17 here still listeing to this

  • Melissa Kerns
    Melissa Kerns Day ago

    Still listening to this 2019

  • Lewis Davies
    Lewis Davies Day ago

    I played with him

  • Melani Brawner

    I really didn’t like country music but this is one of the best songs I ever heard in me life ❤️

  • Abraham Lincoln has

    Bruh I hear this song on every single radio station!!!!

  • Kaykay2837
    Kaykay2837 Day ago


  • Almighty Thor
    Almighty Thor Day ago

    I like God's country music @Blake Shelton

  • pepe58 pepito
    pepe58 pepito Day ago

    At: 2:08 blake has no idea that Oklahoma? burial on private property may be possible in Oklahoma. (See Oklahoma Code § 59-396.19.) Before conducting a home burial or establishing a family cemetery, check with the county or town clerk for any local zoning laws you must follow. If you bury a body on private land, you should draw a map of the property showing the burial ground and file it with the property deed so the location will be clear to others in the future