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  • Jay McA.Projects

    Angry Bird? U getting that Angry Birds Money, like niggu how? lol, they still alive?

  • Lion De Pierre
    Lion De Pierre Hour ago

    Ralphy is BACK!

  • Isac Rivera
    Isac Rivera Hour ago

    Ralph: my jeeaaanss!!! Nickelodeon: we see what you did their.

  • RipTide141
    RipTide141 Hour ago

    My Christmas wish is just to meet you because I’ve been watching you for years. You have been my role model for such a long time you are the reason I got into gaming and tech. Thank you so much for so many great videos. You are the best man.❤️❤️much love❤️❤️

  • Jasjit Bajwa
    Jasjit Bajwa Hour ago

    yo gimme dat ill really test out the microphone for you

  • Cameron Larsen
    Cameron Larsen Hour ago

    hehe it's an angry 'bird'

  • JJ 2988
    JJ 2988 Hour ago

    "what's going guys its Uravgmillionaire !" Sugestion for a new intro .

  • AHG7861
    AHG7861 Hour ago

    I hope Best Buy doesn’t go out of business

  • castern charger
    castern charger Hour ago

    Point is, if they're going to give UNICEF whatever money, they might as well just give it to them. Why do they have to make money off of us before deciding to donate? That's no donation.

    • castern charger
      castern charger Hour ago

      @Brandon FromTheBx exactly how I feel

    • Brandon FromTheBx
      Brandon FromTheBx Hour ago

      Exactly lmao shits just a scam and 800K really ain’t shit to them. 10Billion pigs and having all of those players on their game again equates to way more than their measly 800k donation

  • Brandon FromTheBx

    You selling out.


    Buddy, you should've at least switched it on and let the average customer hear the effect once you finished your long talk. 😐 You talked about all these 13 surround system. What is the point? We Couldnt hear anything..

  • Philip Alani
    Philip Alani Hour ago

    Looks exactly like a lime scooter lol

  • Roman Deanda
    Roman Deanda Hour ago

    5:41 anyone hear the n word?

  • balf of all balfs

    imagine people looking at u screaming into ur scooter

  • Lil Bgb
    Lil Bgb Hour ago

    Judd, can you set the case up to charge only when your phone is at the 20% low battery mode....I’d rather that then having it charge all the time to keep my phone at 100%...that would kill the life of my phone battery faster!

  • A Regusci
    A Regusci Hour ago

    It doesn't matter whichever one is better, apple makes money no matter what. Just pick the one and surrender your money. I own android, not apple.

  • Jaysen Hacker
    Jaysen Hacker 2 hours ago

    You know your a legend and when angry birds sponsors you

  • The RaRa85
    The RaRa85 2 hours ago

    This has got to be one of the funniest uploads you've had on here in a while. Love the concept. Imagine sitting in your car at a red light and literally have someone screaming past you on the sidewalk.😂😂😂

  • Hello Goodbye
    Hello Goodbye 2 hours ago

    3:05 10 BILLION!!!!!??!?!

  • shshshs2
    shshshs2 2 hours ago

    What happened to the couple vlog?

  • Lawrence Lawson
    Lawrence Lawson 2 hours ago

    Awesome! I need one of those!

  • random guy
    random guy 2 hours ago

    They should've gave this to Logan Paul 2 yrs ago or any vloger lol

  • STR8 GAMER96
    STR8 GAMER96 2 hours ago

    Smh he thinks we’re broke guys psssst Smhh .... send me the link

  • curlsonleil
    curlsonleil 2 hours ago

    I’ve had my 11 for a week and the one thing that I don’t like is the quality of the camera in the dark it kind of looks like an android picture

  • Freddy Garcia
    Freddy Garcia 2 hours ago

    I saw this scooter on what's inside

  • Ryan
    Ryan 2 hours ago

    We need Goku to get on that if we wanna see its true potential

  • Vichhika VcM
    Vichhika VcM 2 hours ago

    No one: Uraveragecomsumer: this video is sponsor by Angry bird😄

  • Unknown reaper
    Unknown reaper 2 hours ago

    Im just imagining someone roling down the street on one of these yelling OK BOOMER

  • Tyler Barron
    Tyler Barron 2 hours ago

    Heard angry birds and I’m out

  • Editor XV
    Editor XV 2 hours ago

    Angry birds is my childhood game ! Love it! ❤❤❤❤❤

  • Prince Barrett
    Prince Barrett 2 hours ago

    Sweet Man Cave!! i get a lot of stuff from your channel. That fire box is next on my list!!

  • Amine Khald
    Amine Khald 2 hours ago

    no one : me : Iam THE FLASHHHHHH

  • Gaming Boy
    Gaming Boy 2 hours ago


  • Tic Tac
    Tic Tac 2 hours ago

    Clarity NOT amazing, sweet spot needs improvement, heavy AF on eyes/cheek bones, feel like I'm in1999 graphics/quality, DEF not worth the price, I woul say 149.99

  • Just a pug on the internet.

    Imagine Meek Mill on this scooter. He'd definitely break speed limits.

  • Mlle yasmine
    Mlle yasmine 3 hours ago

    Crazy 😜 and cooool

  • TBG Squid
    TBG Squid 3 hours ago

    We need Tyler1 for this

  • Rohan Sodhi
    Rohan Sodhi 3 hours ago

    What game was he playing at the start

  • Gdhdjs Bdhsns
    Gdhdjs Bdhsns 3 hours ago

    Sponsered by what

  • Ervgotti1985
    Ervgotti1985 3 hours ago

    Sponsored by Angry Birds WHAT YEAR IS THIS?

  • Samuel Koch
    Samuel Koch 3 hours ago

    I feel like you should take off that deadcat. Ez Pz Top speed with all that wind noise!

  • The RealUsokingyt
    The RealUsokingyt 3 hours ago

    Great video

  • Madfrazzer
    Madfrazzer 3 hours ago

    You'll get bullied if you ride that shit.

  • Collin Folk
    Collin Folk 3 hours ago

    Angry birds POGGERS

  • YamiGekusu
    YamiGekusu 3 hours ago

    I saw a video of a dude from IGN riding this scooter down a street and some window cleaner/construction guys told the guy to shut up

  • Scott Does WHATTT???

    Ralphie "My jeans...... MYYYY JEANNNNSSSSSSSS" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • venom5809
    venom5809 3 hours ago

    Shoutout to Ralphie running like a madman with the camera and gimbal, you’re the real MVP 👏👏👏

  • GrandMasterCzar
    GrandMasterCzar 3 hours ago

    My jeeeeeeeeeeeans !!!!! Reminded me of my leg ! from Spongebob

  • Radicool Gaming
    Radicool Gaming 3 hours ago

    My mom would break the sound barrier on that thing

  • Radicool Gaming
    Radicool Gaming 3 hours ago

    Imagine seeing someone yelling while riding their scooter down the street

  • Jakub Kędzior
    Jakub Kędzior 3 hours ago

    It would've been amazing if also breakes worked only when you scream STOOOOP!!!! very loudly

  • Nathan Hoyt
    Nathan Hoyt 3 hours ago

    to bad it wasnt a bird scooter

  • Peyton Keimer
    Peyton Keimer 3 hours ago

    What if the relatives see this lol

  • Freddie Palomino
    Freddie Palomino 3 hours ago

    Uraverage unboxer

  • eslam Pop
    eslam Pop 3 hours ago

    Your videos 100%amazing

  • ThorleyTech
    ThorleyTech 3 hours ago

    Imagine an old papa riding one of these and screaming at the top of his voice! 😂😂😂

  • Omar Valderama
    Omar Valderama 3 hours ago

    That was funny 😆 n must of been fun

  • Houdinii
    Houdinii 4 hours ago

    I really hope you don't get fined by coppa for a noble cause ....I'm really paranoid

  • Jay Love
    Jay Love 4 hours ago

    My jeaaannnnns!!! Lol

  • Matthias Rambally
    Matthias Rambally 4 hours ago

    Pop those pigs

  • Callum Murtagh
    Callum Murtagh 4 hours ago

    Love watching never gonna buy

    RIOT FN 4 hours ago

    You sound like beerus when you yell

  • iloveyour sacredcow
    iloveyour sacredcow 4 hours ago

    So, if you come up on someone and warn them with “WATCH OUT, BEHIND YOU!”, the scooter will torpedo right into them?

  • FakeVyz
    FakeVyz 4 hours ago

    "Start Poppin sum pigs" Nuf said 🤣

  • CovilDog
    CovilDog 4 hours ago

    Can cops summon your Tesla?

  • Shadowboss987
    Shadowboss987 4 hours ago

    I got to say though, that was the smoothest fall I've ever seen on video😂😂😂 I didn't even recognize he fell

  • Akin
    Akin 4 hours ago

    Airpod users can't afford the wires.

  • Abdul Hadi
    Abdul Hadi 4 hours ago

    Angry bird is first and favorite game 🤩🤩

  • realityzombie
    realityzombie 4 hours ago

    Give it to Ralphie! He deserve it for the hard work.

  • dre key
    dre key 4 hours ago

    Love the unboxings. I'm here for them, Jud!

  • agent2099
    agent2099 4 hours ago

    $589 for stock Ninebot KickScooter by Segway ES2

  • VOAV
    VOAV 4 hours ago

    Finland mentioned 😎

  • VOAV
    VOAV 4 hours ago

    Suomi mainittu torille kaikki👓

  • NYC D
    NYC D 4 hours ago

    That is the stupidest shit

  • AFD
    AFD 4 hours ago

    This would go beyond the light speed in new york.

  • Vinyldude
    Vinyldude 4 hours ago

    Fuck Astro. Fuck these shitty fucking headphones. Fuck all the positive reviews. Fuck you all for making me waste my money.

    AdAM SHAiKH 4 hours ago

    Play Speakers And Speed Up... Shhhh It's Secret Don't Tell Anyone 😂

  • Epidemic 006
    Epidemic 006 4 hours ago

    Cool tech. You have to yell like a super saiyan powering up to go max speed. Lol

  • InsaneOne816
    InsaneOne816 4 hours ago

    Free to play but pay to play.....

  • Joseph Riconda
    Joseph Riconda 4 hours ago

    Imagine Gordon Ramsay after a long days a work going home on this Scooter. Lmao

  • Vinyldude
    Vinyldude 4 hours ago

    Fuck this review and fuck this headset. Listen up everybody ive owend two pairs because im stupid. Reality is if anybody uses a phone around your headset it will cut out to the point they are unwearable. Even as i type this i cant hear my youtube videos. Fuck all these headphones companies they all suck they are all breakable. We need a fucking durability revolution. A hero company to just make a fucking product that wont break down in a year.

  • SplitSniper7
    SplitSniper7 4 hours ago

    2:51, why does it say 30Min? Shouldn't it be 30Mill or something?

  • Joseph Riconda
    Joseph Riconda 4 hours ago

    UrAvgConsumer: Yelling at a Scooter Me: In what world is this guy "Average"

  • Azio Corp
    Azio Corp 4 hours ago


  • You are breathing
    You are breathing 4 hours ago

    It's been 10 years since Angry Birds was released? I'm getting old.

  • Ava Ulrich
    Ava Ulrich 4 hours ago

    The ember temperature controlled mug doesn't work according to iJustine.

  • James Durisseau
    James Durisseau 4 hours ago

    pretty cool scooter

  • Marco Noro
    Marco Noro 4 hours ago

    This is something for my dad! He is always screaming😂😂

  • keshealm
    keshealm 4 hours ago

    This video is so epic and funny and looked like a lot of fun

  • Michael Indig
    Michael Indig 4 hours ago

    Ralphie from tld!?

  • حسين ابراهيم

    Woo US

  • Mr Slicsico
    Mr Slicsico 5 hours ago

    The hoodie you have on 👀 what is it

  • skyy F T P
    skyy F T P 5 hours ago

    This video was so good i want a part 2 Razor Phone review 😂😂

  • Yaw Owusu-Sarpong
    Yaw Owusu-Sarpong 5 hours ago

    When you're going to crash, you want to stop but naturally you'd scream in fear and speed up to the crash. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Mohim Forever
    Mohim Forever 5 hours ago

    Best phone of time

  • Dominic Reeves
    Dominic Reeves 5 hours ago

    Imagine the mom from everybody hates Chris on this scooter 😂

  • Mohim Forever
    Mohim Forever 5 hours ago

    It's a perfect phone

  • Dan Kov
    Dan Kov 5 hours ago

    You know something is expensive when even Jadner says “This ain’t cheap” lol

  • bluepeng889
    bluepeng889 5 hours ago

    Does anyone know why they removed the other Angry Birds games from the App Store?

  • clarissa krigger
    clarissa krigger 5 hours ago