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Nitro Circus
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A Motorless Moto Trick
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An Unreal BMX Combo
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A Jet Ski Made to Fly
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Who Beats Travis Pastrana?
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Is Harry Bink Brave or Crazy?
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Every Epic Pastranaland Stunt
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Travis Pastrana vs NRX
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  • evyatar eilat
    evyatar eilat 23 minutes ago

    So fucking cool

  • Mark Timothy
    Mark Timothy 47 minutes ago

    SInce when was street bike tommy born in alabama?

  • Stephen Brewer
    Stephen Brewer Hour ago

    This dude is a different kind of animal.

  • Rayzer
    Rayzer Hour ago

    Awesome man!

  • MeatyPunk
    MeatyPunk Hour ago

    I was listening to joe rogan with Robert oberst on and when he mentioned this lady doing this stunt, I imagined something way way way cooler-looking.

  • q perry
    q perry 2 hours ago

    Travis giving an interview with a broken wrist, hey somebody do this stunt for me

  • NISMO 226
    NISMO 226 5 hours ago

    Ken block didnt no what hit him moral of the story motocross makes you a better rally driver

  • tommy aja
    tommy aja 6 hours ago


  • Charlie Burrell
    Charlie Burrell 7 hours ago

    That’s my local

  • Savage Kill
    Savage Kill 9 hours ago

    Ad yng dri indonesia😂😂like nya donk

  • Ivonne Lopez
    Ivonne Lopez 11 hours ago

    🤔El competidor que quedó en 2do. Lugar debería de haber sido el primer lugar FAKE.😢😭.

  • lorelei whitcombe
    lorelei whitcombe 12 hours ago

    This guy is just amazing. Man he has bulked up since I seen him.

  • Neil Dickson
    Neil Dickson 15 hours ago

    was he heading for the metal ramp? lol. watched this with a permanent smile on my face.travis is one awkward dude but does everything he can to make people feel there is

  • hotwhell1968
    hotwhell1968 15 hours ago


  • David Lewis
    David Lewis 15 hours ago

    I guess Ken blocks strategy was to go three wheelin.

  • Lachlan Peachey
    Lachlan Peachey 16 hours ago

    I hate gravity

  • Jack Flexington
    Jack Flexington 19 hours ago

    I thought wheelz was black, and retarded. This is cool though.

  • DCW Films
    DCW Films 21 hour ago

    Yea, the older the vehicle the better and more reliant they are.

  • theLearner
    theLearner 22 hours ago

    1:15 Epic celebration laughter lol

  • CrymInAction
    CrymInAction 22 hours ago

    Stay Strong always!! Cheers

  • rumblefishes
    rumblefishes Day ago

    Great riding. Worst commentary ever.

  • Big Rob
    Big Rob Day ago

    :) Sweet Bro *

  • Chris Abrams
    Chris Abrams Day ago

    How to impress travis pastrana? simple either be one of the best in the world or almost die

  • Logan Moore
    Logan Moore Day ago

    That would be MOST DOPE to go to pastranaland

  • ReaperLong
    ReaperLong Day ago

    I didn't die trying to impress u......thanks for the...…. HAT?!!?

  • Brock Ewing
    Brock Ewing Day ago

    Camo shirt guy is a pussy

  • THE2ndLemon
    THE2ndLemon Day ago

    What happened to the game you were gonna release

  • Bob Thebuilder

    He looks like he is very top heavy

    MONK MIKE Day ago

    God Bless n Godspeed to you my Friends 💙💙 AMEN. What a Sight !! 👍👍😎 Congratulations to you All !!

    ROBBIS TV Day ago

    Just mint \mm/

  • kolt daugherty

    Like this so travis brings me to his house...haha

  • Lily van Lohuizen

    Hehe lol😂😂

  • Mr Mellow
    Mr Mellow Day ago

    Ryan is just too good of a guy

  • Dakota Wilkins

    They are doing the thing that made him have to ride in a wheel chair I think

  • raf154
    raf154 Day ago

    White people activities smh

  • DAVID Lemon
    DAVID Lemon Day ago

    En El Minuto 24:45 Se Ve Un Ovni

  • Cynthia Nelson
    Cynthia Nelson 2 days ago

    they are good .

  • Cynthia Nelson
    Cynthia Nelson 2 days ago

    i like bmxbiks beass

  • Thomas Lampman
    Thomas Lampman 2 days ago

    At 0:55 dude’s MIG welding shirtless

  • MrXelium
    MrXelium 2 days ago

    He's the only handicapable person in the World you can safely push down a flight of stairs.

  • Lando Fortyfive
    Lando Fortyfive 2 days ago


  • Scotty Knows Surf
    Scotty Knows Surf 2 days ago

    Luttrell has no chance vs a pro fmx rider.

  • Harsh Skateboarder
    Harsh Skateboarder 2 days ago


  • Bry Pom
    Bry Pom 2 days ago

    All crazy but Rinaldo at xgames blew me away !!

  • lordbutz
    lordbutz 2 days ago

    Who's that hick asshole?

  • PonasPravalas
    PonasPravalas 2 days ago


  • Esa Urnberg
    Esa Urnberg 2 days ago

    This just looks stupid, no matter what you do. :/

  • Alan DoubleYou
    Alan DoubleYou 2 days ago

    All these big city folks here, but I came here for my pal Lerry!

  • Izi Wi
    Izi Wi 2 days ago

    That’s my local skatepark

  • James Fawkes
    James Fawkes 2 days ago

    Trust me, I'm an alien

  • Slick Rich Da Producer

    Incredible... The Bravery She Showed... 🙌... Team TP!!!

  • Romromthegreat 8
    Romromthegreat 8 2 days ago

    1:20 it’s the denim

  • Fishing with WickedPeteDogg


  • futte2303
    futte2303 2 days ago


  • Rich TowerIII
    Rich TowerIII 2 days ago


  • Combine Harvester
    Combine Harvester 2 days ago

    Hey, be grateful! Gravity keeps food on the table and clothes on your back!

  • Junior Amador
    Junior Amador 2 days ago

    that was hard to watch..holy fuck.

  • Bass Sass
    Bass Sass 2 days ago

    This simple video of a guy in a wheelchair skating has woken me up to appreciate more of my life that I complain about.. I am my own problem and make excuses not to try new things or do new things because of anxiety and all the other disgusting feelings that come with it..but it's time guys it's time.

  • ride mtb
    ride mtb 2 days ago

    Try to made an électric chair weel

  • Gosy
    Gosy 2 days ago


  • Alex
    Alex 3 days ago

    He’s sound like from Action figures squad

  • Agamez123
    Agamez123 3 days ago

    atleast he cant hurt his legs

  • Snake Eye
    Snake Eye 3 days ago

    Song name! Please

  • Giornholes
    Giornholes 3 days ago

    Now i wanna experience it

  • Z J
    Z J 3 days ago

    What tranquilizer compound was used?

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman 3 days ago

    Dude makes me feel like my problems aint shit.. he just living life and i sit here depressed cuz im getting pissed off by my step dad everyday i mean DAAAAfuq IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?!?

  • rebecca moore
    rebecca moore 3 days ago

    Hi i am a big fan of Nitro curious and my dad has a raptor 700 turbo supercharged 25 horsepower and i have a kx 85 2 stoke

    INFOSWORDS 3 days ago

    So travis pastrami dies in a side by stupid lol

  • lee castrejon
    lee castrejon 3 days ago

    Davey Johnson your a true good sportsman on the podium you went for a good sport hand shake that got shined off you shined to first place right there man

  • DGrizz Nature
    DGrizz Nature 3 days ago

    he doesnt credit ryan Williams for this tric

  • DGrizz Nature
    DGrizz Nature 3 days ago

    Ryan Williams thought of this first and attempted it first

  • DGrizz Nature
    DGrizz Nature 3 days ago

    I was gonna challange him to do this I'm so happy he did

  • YoBoySethyy
    YoBoySethyy 3 days ago

    I reallyyy want to do that stuff

  • Adam Edgar
    Adam Edgar 3 days ago

    What about Bruce cook?

  • Michael Slaybaugh
    Michael Slaybaugh 4 days ago

    Travis you are a great person!! We need more like you

  • bradenwilliams 11
    bradenwilliams 11 4 days ago

    None of the bmxers are going to have kids.

  • i Believe your lies

    He will not be satisfied until someone dies.

  • Prxtec
    Prxtec 4 days ago

    Just me who thought wheelz looked high asf in the car

  • AssumedTiger778
    AssumedTiger778 4 days ago

    Who else is here from Ripley's Believe It Or Not?

  • !ひげろう
    !ひげろう 4 days ago


  • raya rambu rabbani
    raya rambu rabbani 4 days ago

    Orang indonesia mana???

  • Galaxy Boy
    Galaxy Boy 4 days ago

    Lmao I bought a hotwheels wheelchair for my friend as a joke and on the wrapping paper I wrote YOUR C R I P P L E D . And next to it I drew a handicapped man with a super long neck

  • Peter Farris Lo squinternato

    2446+1=Peter Farris pan (lo squinrenato )

  • Peter Farris Lo squinternato

    Arron....The best😉

  • Rae Pryde
    Rae Pryde 4 days ago

    I heard nothing bc of the music

  • disabled & dangerous

    That's outrageous

  • IronForce1TV
    IronForce1TV 4 days ago

    Staged bullshit !! Travis please !!!!’u are way above making a video like this ! Please

  • stone town riders
    stone town riders 4 days ago

    Ye wheelz always love watching you never give up even if you lose a tooth or two 😜👌💪🤘👍

  • Jack Murch
    Jack Murch 4 days ago

    Why does it seem like the most badass riders always ride a YZ250

  • cristian filipek villarroel

    South American Tour?

  • NattyHygiene
    NattyHygiene 4 days ago

    Does he have a wheelchair sponsor? wheel sponsor? Bones bearings?

  • Parker Kostyra
    Parker Kostyra 4 days ago

    Not enough Larry 4/10

  • Cory D
    Cory D 4 days ago

    The intro made think the guy just pushed him off a roof.

  • SternLX
    SternLX 4 days ago

    The "I almost killed myself at Pastranaland and I should be mad because they let me do it, but I'm still friends with Travis." Award.

  • SternLX
    SternLX 4 days ago

    First time watching this: "WHAT!!!? Did 13 year old Mason just throw a Can-Can and land it!!?"

  • Mr Jimbo 666
    Mr Jimbo 666 4 days ago

    That drift at the end tho 😁😁

  • EB C
    EB C 4 days ago

    2:27 I dunno y but I laughed so much at this

  • IronForce1TV
    IronForce1TV 4 days ago

    If that dude tried any harder to make it known that he is country then I may throw up. I am from the country, Appalachian mountains in Kentucky, and us country people don’t try faking how we talk, and then make sure to get it on camera every time we put a chew in 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  • Damon Dziewiontkowski

    Absolutely sick. He nailed that flip with no more than a millimeter to spare! Fantastic.

  • Ham SloMo
    Ham SloMo 5 days ago

    Fucks its weird seeing these guys hang out in my city, skated that park hundreds of times