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  • byto
    byto Hour ago

    please give one of the characters the voice of a zognoid!

  • Jeremy Stallings

    The first bike is a slow moped? Probably could have gotten a better start to give you the fast bikes sooner.

  • Gizmo fromPizmo
    Gizmo fromPizmo Hour ago

    I mean.. it's the worse game on the Switch I've plaid.

  • Tyler Milne
    Tyler Milne Hour ago

    Them not reacting to the text is the real worst part about this game

  • Shafayet Ahmed
    Shafayet Ahmed Hour ago

    God I love Ben’s editing

  • Blaze Saber
    Blaze Saber Hour ago

    I love when one of them takes a laughing fit.

  • BubbleChubs _
    BubbleChubs _ Hour ago


  • Thatfunnypup Studio

    You should play more the dog island

  • Deathgod472
    Deathgod472 Hour ago

    so it begins the search for the ultimate worst game for the switch

  • NolandSpring
    NolandSpring Hour ago

    Wait, do you remember how muffet says she say the figure changed shape, and Papyrus says “Howdy” hmmmmm

  • John Redneck
    John Redneck Hour ago

    So umm... full playthrough when?

  • madashell1200
    madashell1200 Hour ago

    Careful, Nintendo may take you out of their pocket with a title like that. Then you won't be able to play anymore games for toddlers.

  • Steven Huetteman

    please never stop playing this game

  • sloppy Joe
    sloppy Joe Hour ago

    I almost bought this when the switch was new because there wasn't anything on the eshop

  • Ace G
    Ace G Hour ago

    Whoever wrote the text in this game must have wrote the Does Bruno Mars is Gay? article.

  • aaron cardozo
    aaron cardozo Hour ago


  • Bloody Rose
    Bloody Rose Hour ago


  • Vali Riversong
    Vali Riversong Hour ago

    Man the Oregon Trail got fucking intense

  • Cyborg Studios
    Cyborg Studios Hour ago

    Do 😤😬 you 😤😬 want😤😬 to 😤😬 feel 😤😬 the 😤😬 violence?

  • ValhallaFox
    ValhallaFox Hour ago

    Who dares downvote this absolute gift?!

  • Mikes Drag Race
    Mikes Drag Race Hour ago

    No one. Absolutely no one. The little… thing “I am a fairy”

  • Anthony Bouma
    Anthony Bouma Hour ago

    The worst games make the best episodes. If you want a laugh, read the conversations in the bottom-left, they're amazing.

  • A2Z83
    A2Z83 Hour ago

    There is only tree. Thats how it is.

  • QueenBee Bree
    QueenBee Bree Hour ago

    BUTT RUMBLE That's how it is

  • Malacrazy Abell
    Malacrazy Abell Hour ago

    That fake review calling Persona 5’s graphics cruddy was hilarious

  • Michael Long
    Michael Long Hour ago

    I'm sorry, but did Arin just rapidly scroll past a bike called "Magical Naked" in the shop? Am I the only one that noticed this?

  • Coralianblue20
    Coralianblue20 Hour ago

    *"IM A FAIRY"* "What was going on?"

  • GrimmScar
    GrimmScar Hour ago

    12:10 - 12:50 cracks me up

  • Disgruntled goth Girl


  • Kramburger11
    Kramburger11 Hour ago

    The game may be terrible, but that logo is pretty dope, ngl.

  • Bee Zee
    Bee Zee Hour ago

    17:05 “Magical girl is a comfortable job!” “Did you?” I absolutely lost it at that point.

  • Nagazongas
    Nagazongas Hour ago



    I’m looking at the comments from 5 years ago and a good amount of them are just plain mean and cruel. They don’t give constructive criticism and are super negative. No wonder the Game Grumps don’t read comments anymore.

  • Thomas G
    Thomas G Hour ago

    What a great "Game"

  • Ryan Maldonado
    Ryan Maldonado Hour ago

    Oh God, Joey's World Tour just got referenced on Game Grumps. If only they had any idea what that is...

  • Matt Orlando
    Matt Orlando Hour ago

    The subtle edits are getting better every time.

  • SaintSentry
    SaintSentry Hour ago

    They need to find physical versions of these games and play them on 10MPH

  • Worgen33
    Worgen33 Hour ago

    They should send you a cake for boosting their sales by like 1000%.

  • Taquito-Blade
    Taquito-Blade Hour ago

    I see you have "Radiation City" how is it? I've been debating on getting it

  • Blazey
    Blazey Hour ago

    Not that I’d know anything about the game or anything, but if u click on dialogue options more than once, something different will happen. Like the mirror in harukas bathroom, if u press it about 8 times, you’ll get a pair of panties

  • Thomas G
    Thomas G Hour ago

    If they don't play Untitled Goose Game...

  • Pinguino del Rio

    This feels like a proof of concept more than a game.

  • LordPhill Project

    Return the Slabs! Me: WHAT'S YOUR OFFER!?!

  • austin schween
    austin schween Hour ago

    watched this maybe 4 times before and i just realized what dan sang wasnt "Ross is a Nazi!" it was "Ross is an Aussie!"

  • lauren cowell
    lauren cowell Hour ago

    That first 10/10 review Dan read is straight up from the author of 'does Bruno Mars is gay?'

  • Scarlet Nightmare

    Does Bruno Mars is gay

  • Oceanic Pears
    Oceanic Pears Hour ago

    Petition to tell maker to finish this game cuz no lie with the aesthetic and everything, it would make a decent game if it was done

  • TV Jam
    TV Jam Hour ago

    Shine your light 🎵 What?

  • Derpadopholis
    Derpadopholis Hour ago

    The period should be outside the quote lol

  • Joshua Alderton
    Joshua Alderton Hour ago

    "That was *furry ass*... 😉

  • Harrison liss
    Harrison liss Hour ago

    So was it me, or is that fairy creature really dark at times. Especially with how unsupportive its been. The witch occasionally complains of pain and the fairy thing writes it off or encourages despite everything. Could you imagine how much better this shitty game would have been if there were more complaints and the fairy just brushing it off. I mean she complains of pain at one point, maybe she is forced to do this against her will!

  • Alex Chwalik
    Alex Chwalik Hour ago

    Can this never end I’m loving this too much

  • Find ur yellow paint

    You know, as I was listening to the *ding* sound effects and they reminded of something but I couldn't figure it out until now: they're from Dream Daddy when the dads react to one of your dialogue choices... I don't know what to do with this info except hope Mr. Editorman put those in the vid instead of the game actually using those sounds

  • acecat2798
    acecat2798 Hour ago

    I know this is a nitpick, but why make a motorcycle fly when they have a perfectly good broom strapped to their back?

  • HB FS
    HB FS Hour ago

    He's narcissistic and a sex offender. Is also the protag

  • Richard G Weatherspoon

    Have dan play links awakening... and finish it

  • Mikes Drag Race
    Mikes Drag Race Hour ago

    “There is only tree” “Yeah that’s how it is” 😂😂😂 masterpiece

  • Levi #776
    Levi #776 Hour ago

    "I'm gonna win!" "You can never beat me!" Everyone: "I'm sleepy." 16:35

  • Insidiousy
    Insidiousy Hour ago

    This game makes Ninjabread man and all of its copies look like Breath of The Wild

  • SpookyScarySkeletons

    I feel like the concept for this game is actually really fun though, if the gameplay idea was used for more of like an open world exploration type deal with interesting huge bosses I feel like it could be a really fun indie game. Somebody give the gameplay ideas to a good indie dev

  • nik700
    nik700 Hour ago

    Did they play an older version of this game before?

  • Iluvpie6
    Iluvpie6 Hour ago

    I’m so glad they enjoyed this amazing game with PERFECT English and SILKY controls

  • shaggyjebus
    shaggyjebus Hour ago

    The moon of tonight is my friend, too. Glad to finally see a game that gets me!

  • Dragon duke
    Dragon duke Hour ago

    Giriham the first time is low key the easiest boss...when you know how to bash that is

  • jayson lyon
    jayson lyon Hour ago

    9:19 not the what Dan, Not the What!!

  • IheartMiyaWHAT?
    IheartMiyaWHAT? Hour ago

    It’s weird seeing this game as the worst one on the switch knowing full well I’ve seen worse ones on Steam. Like it’s nice to know how filtered switch games are

  • Levi #776
    Levi #776 Hour ago

    Broken English in game? Broken English in 10/10 reviews? Hmmm, Detective Conan is on the case! 🕵🏼‍♂️

  • B E A R C L A W
    B E A R C L A W Hour ago

    I refuse to ever look at or play any nindies

  • Andrew Turpel
    Andrew Turpel Hour ago

    Arin got so many spirit orbs this episode, but he keeps forgetting to trade them in at the freaken goddess shrines

  • Oscar Medina
    Oscar Medina Hour ago

    Grumps: this game is garbage (to a good game) This game is nice (Vroom in the night sky)

  • Tenji
    Tenji Hour ago

    So the girl on the magazine at the beginning is definitely Miyabi from Senran Kagura.

  • Dekayed
    Dekayed Hour ago

    Can you guys play hollowknight

  • Hermes Kun
    Hermes Kun Hour ago

    I swear that the Game Grumps have played this before.

  • LordMalusDCLXVI
    LordMalusDCLXVI Hour ago

    The rumor come out. Does Vroom in the night sky is bad?

  • Gratnor
    Gratnor Hour ago

    4:47 "I'm the Magical Boy! I'm the one who wind!"

  • Saiph
    Saiph Hour ago

    Wait, so Arin will shit on beloved games that a lot of people enjoy like Zelda but when it comes to something fairly accepted as bad like Vroom in the Night sky he says "This ain't so bad." 🤔

    • Saiph
      Saiph Hour ago

      Going to note here that I'm aware of his sarcasm, I just thought that this would be a funny note to point out.

  • Christopher Bond

    Today IS football

  • Shaderaygun
    Shaderaygun Hour ago

    I can't believe Game Grumps is over.

  • Crimson Soul
    Crimson Soul Hour ago

    I hate this

  • Vanessa P
    Vanessa P Hour ago

    "My arms gave out" "stick to it" That dialogue is gold.

  • Nathan Naps
    Nathan Naps Hour ago

    lol, even with fake reviews it's got the lowest rating

  • Matt Lothe
    Matt Lothe Hour ago

    Can anyone else hear Lex Luthor's deadpan chuckle in the background or is it just me?

  • SoapyBoatman
    SoapyBoatman Hour ago

    what happened to Toilet Princess?

  • Rebekah Galante
    Rebekah Galante Hour ago

    That 10/10 is a plant

  • Kagamine
    Kagamine Hour ago

    Japanese viewers be like: なんてこった?

  • Weird Rabbit
    Weird Rabbit Hour ago

    This makes me want to die

  • flob ll
    flob ll Hour ago

    7:27 yeah this game is a magical failure

  • Konbini Boy
    Konbini Boy Hour ago

    I remember this was one of the first games on the eshop when the switch came out and my friends and I laughed so hard at the trailer

  • Rose Fountain
    Rose Fountain Hour ago

    Arin’s laugh fit killed me

  • Lieutenant Lettuce

    F*ck this game

  • Chillin' Like a Villain Killin' Krillin

    i totally knew the answer to that moon one was gonna be "your mom" or something to that effect

  • Sid Cheemakoti
    Sid Cheemakoti Hour ago

    First Pantsu Hunter now this?...I feel like I unlearn to "talk"

  • Wufflez
    Wufflez Hour ago

    All the weird text at the end of power hours from now on could just be the descriptions for these "cources" and it would be no different.

  • Will L.
    Will L. Hour ago

    Arin has an easier time saying good things about this game than he’s had about any Sonic the Hedgehog title.

  • Dominic Mako
    Dominic Mako Hour ago

    Playing Pantsu Hunter for laughs due to how creepy it is, and then immediately trying to see the panties in this game as soon as you get the controller in your hands, makes the playthrough look less like satire and more like wish fulfillment.

  • Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

    Boy, what a magical fucking adventure *that* was. I want my money back. Oh, wait... On a sidenote, "Total Stardust" should be the name of the next Starbomb album.

  • Kagamine
    Kagamine Hour ago

    *water into a SMOOTH*

  • CEFG101
    CEFG101 Hour ago

    I was so confused by the way she says “sister” until I remembered that this is Japan.

  • thaggartxsoo
    thaggartxsoo Hour ago

    Essentially, a vibrator app for your switch.

  • AcerbusTheDark
    AcerbusTheDark Hour ago

    This game reminds me so much of the "Does Bruno Mars is Gay?" article.