Lil Trickyy Says
Lil Trickyy Says
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  • 0401412740
    0401412740 2 hours ago

    I've heard French rap is pretty cool too.

  • 0401412740
    0401412740 2 hours ago

    My dude, whats good?

  • zReTex zZ
    zReTex zZ 7 hours ago

    your Reaktion is very nice 😂🔥 🇩🇪

  • Rev Reveliano
    Rev Reveliano 8 hours ago

    React to lil berete he is from Toronto.plz.and thank u

  • Rev Reveliano
    Rev Reveliano 8 hours ago

    React to African hip hop and rap

  • Rev Reveliano
    Rev Reveliano 8 hours ago

    German rap aight 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Rev Reveliano
    Rev Reveliano 8 hours ago

    Notifications GANG

  • Jim Bell
    Jim Bell 19 hours ago

    He’s got clout now lol

  • Aerial Videos Photos

    Nice reaction keep it going

  • Rev Reveliano
    Rev Reveliano 6 days ago

    Love your emery trickyy.keep Up the good WORK and CONSISTENCY

  • Just Audio Tunes
    Just Audio Tunes 6 days ago

    Best reaction of this song I've seen so far!👌

  • PrettyShania Vicky
    PrettyShania Vicky 6 days ago

    So cute ...I love it

  • Suzy Danga
    Suzy Danga 6 days ago

    Yehhhhhhhhh 🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾🤞🏾

  • Ashton
    Ashton 7 days ago

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  • Israel Rosales
    Israel Rosales 8 days ago

    Luv dem vids bruh

  • Yo mom
    Yo mom 8 days ago

    Fuck jake man he's ugily as fuck 🤮

  • Mistz Typical
    Mistz Typical 8 days ago

    Remember me before you hit a million!!

  • Fax
    Fax 8 days ago

    Let's just hope this isnt a stunt 😂

  • Thanos Nigga
    Thanos Nigga 8 days ago

    Love the accent

  • Rev Reveliano
    Rev Reveliano 8 days ago

    Love the consistency

  • Pablo Grimwood
    Pablo Grimwood 10 days ago

    I fr hope you blow up ngl, don’t give up you’ve only seemed to be doing this a year so you’ve got loads of potential 🙏🏽🔥

    • Lil Trickyy Says
      Lil Trickyy Says 9 days ago

      Thanks so much bro, I really appreciate it and will keep grinding for sure!! 💯‼️

  • Rev Reveliano
    Rev Reveliano 11 days ago

    React to lil berete

  • Rev Reveliano
    Rev Reveliano 11 days ago

    Trickyy you opened me up to Uk artists .just wanted to say thank Deno

  • Rev Reveliano
    Rev Reveliano 11 days ago

    Love your consistent

  • Rev Reveliano
    Rev Reveliano 11 days ago

    Cant wait to see the come up

  • Dipo Ak
    Dipo Ak 13 days ago


  • Shaim Shafi
    Shaim Shafi 13 days ago

    The feds finally caught up with deno after shotting the lil kid from shiro’s story

  • Anas Khan
    Anas Khan 13 days ago

    They releasing a new mixtape again before 2020 again

  • Faze Ruggy
    Faze Ruggy 14 days ago


  • MikeAdjei Andy
    MikeAdjei Andy 14 days ago

    Ashanti ft Ja Rule Always on time sampled

  • Efrain Entrertainment

    Love your energy bro

  • Will Singh
    Will Singh 15 days ago

    Lil baby's didn't fit it and what's this shit about 100 million... no way Jose.

  • QasimAli Days
    QasimAli Days 17 days ago

    Do you wanna colab

  • QasimAli Days
    QasimAli Days 17 days ago

    Yo this was mad

  • Skywalker Clash Slayer444


    ThaTBOI ISKAY 18 days ago

    *LIT LIT BRO🔥👌😁*

  • ItzModza
    ItzModza 18 days ago


  • ItzModza
    ItzModza 18 days ago

    Mad 🔥

  • ItzModza
    ItzModza 18 days ago

    2:20 when lil tricky takes off his du rag in the morning and sees a braid sticking up

  • 4ear graficcs
    4ear graficcs 19 days ago

    Yo honestly I thought you had way more subscribers

  • Ace Hardy
    Ace Hardy 19 days ago


  • Israel Rosales
    Israel Rosales 19 days ago

    Don't quit u get up there

  • Israel Rosales
    Israel Rosales 19 days ago


  • 0401412740
    0401412740 19 days ago

    Keep at it!!!!!

  • Fax
    Fax 19 days ago

    Lmao this is true though... no 🧢

  • Matrix Niqqa12
    Matrix Niqqa12 19 days ago

    Bruh This ain't happening to me 😂😂

  • Israel Rosales
    Israel Rosales 20 days ago

    Keep up the vids

  • itznot_Sara
    itznot_Sara 22 days ago

    This is amazing

  • lilah
    lilah 22 days ago

    I just love your omph and your personality

    • Lil Trickyy Says
      Lil Trickyy Says 19 days ago

      Thank you so much, that’s very kind of you 😊🌟

  • Kaylee Salas
    Kaylee Salas 22 days ago


  • Dave Coutinho
    Dave Coutinho 23 days ago

    New subscriber brother keep that energy like it ! And this tune is 🔥

  • ziex
    ziex 24 days ago

    Bro it's the akatski cloak not the uchiha one

  • Kpop Studio
    Kpop Studio 24 days ago

    I LOVE It ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Mousko iLisia, Zografou

    You look like Jimmy from Top Boy

  • erin Scuderi
    erin Scuderi 25 days ago

    Let the truth be spoken

  • Corey HADDEN
    Corey HADDEN 25 days ago

    Sx is a British rapper and is friends with tgf bro

  • skull fire 1221
    skull fire 1221 25 days ago

    Excuses after excuses. Hes the biggest mong on the internet.

  • Yo mom
    Yo mom 25 days ago

    When are you gonna do more gaming videos the new modern warfare is out and I wanna see you play it

    • Yo mom
      Yo mom 19 days ago

      @Lil Trickyy Says nice 👌🏿

    • Lil Trickyy Says
      Lil Trickyy Says 19 days ago

      Hopefully very soon bro 🤟🏾‼️

  • Btd Cul123
    Btd Cul123 25 days ago

    Only thing is we'll have yo put up with the logang saying "oh its because the point deductions". Even still, if there were no point deductions and if jj's knockdown was valid it would still be a draw. Either way im so gassed logan has been taken down a peg

  • Iyanu Olayimika
    Iyanu Olayimika 25 days ago

    I'm so happy for him tho, but i do feel bad for Logan. It was a fair finish to all this stupidity

  • Fax
    Fax 26 days ago

    Its HYPE! Lets go KSI!

  • Martin Wahba
    Martin Wahba 26 days ago

    I so excited to your next video

  • It_B_ David
    It_B_ David 26 days ago


  • Football Forever
    Football Forever 26 days ago


  • Suburhen
    Suburhen 26 days ago

    Let’s go my nigga

  • Wetchickennipples Scotty lover

    lol kinemaster

  • Swirls LF
    Swirls LF 26 days ago

    This is his walk out song

  • Infamous15
    Infamous15 27 days ago

    Damn son

  • TrahzzSZN
    TrahzzSZN 27 days ago


  • Gi Austin
    Gi Austin 27 days ago

    Yo only just stumbled across this vid and can't lie this is the 1st reaction vid I've seen which is actualy entertaining. 😂Subbed now tho and keep it up bro

    • Lil Trickyy Says
      Lil Trickyy Says 27 days ago

      Thanks bro, really appreciate the support 😂💯‼️

  • Venom 69
    Venom 69 27 days ago

    Team ksi

  • Venom 69
    Venom 69 27 days ago

    Team ksi

  • Djeno Lekossa Mayela

    This is fire 🔥🔥🔥

  • Rev Reveliano
    Rev Reveliano 27 days ago

    Love your consistency,keep up the great work.your inspiring

  • Roker legend
    Roker legend 27 days ago


  • Kiz
    Kiz 27 days ago

    JJ dropping fire and about to make Logan Paul retire 🔥

  • ze mexi
    ze mexi 28 days ago


  • ze mexi
    ze mexi 28 days ago

    Every african british youtuber except for deji , ksi , and tbjzl sound the same.

    • Delta
      Delta 26 days ago

      ze mexi racist but ok 😂

  • Zach H
    Zach H 28 days ago

    Lmao great reaction

  • YR -YK
    YR -YK 28 days ago

    I expected u to have more subs than me ur a great youtuber 👏

  • mamstaylormusic
    mamstaylormusic 28 days ago

    What a good kid. I like this guy! Good energy.

  • space_jumper
    space_jumper 28 days ago

    Love your reactions keep the good work up 💪💪💪

  • It_B_ David
    It_B_ David 28 days ago

    Put music in backround your gonna thank me later

  • YvngboiJohny
    YvngboiJohny 28 days ago


  • Mr Joogie
    Mr Joogie 28 days ago

    My fav song g

  • Lewis The First gang


  • Aim God
    Aim God 28 days ago


  • Ronald Rutherford
    Ronald Rutherford 28 days ago

    Ayyy sick reaction bro we got the same name aswell😂🤙🏾

  • Itz Salim
    Itz Salim 28 days ago

    there is a way to remove the watermark for free that's what i use

  • Fm 64
    Fm 64 28 days ago

    This song is fire

  • Mr_Moose2
    Mr_Moose2 28 days ago

    Bro you enjoying this too much... Its great

  • Evan Corcoran
    Evan Corcoran 28 days ago

    That scream at 1:46 had me creasing😂😂

  • anup varma
    anup varma 28 days ago

    I had the same fucking reaction bruh😂💯

  • Self Discipline
    Self Discipline 28 days ago

    Amazing song...

  • Rafic Sherkawi
    Rafic Sherkawi 28 days ago

    The music is 🔥

  • Fax
    Fax 28 days ago

    Love your stuff bro

    • Fax
      Fax 27 days ago

      @Lil Trickyy SaysMuch Love Bro 🙏💯

    • Lil Trickyy Says
      Lil Trickyy Says 27 days ago

      Thank you 🔥

  • nainy b
    nainy b 28 days ago

    fam i had basically the same hype reaction as u 😂

    • Lucas Simon Kate Milan Valent
      Lucas Simon Kate Milan Valent 28 days ago

      Dude everyone literally fucking broke down into a million pieces when the beat dropped

    • nainy b
      nainy b 28 days ago

      KILLER RABBIT cant wait for it bro

    • Fax
      Fax 28 days ago

      @D J well not confirmed but why would he release it 2 days away from the fight

    • Fax
      Fax 28 days ago

      @D J it is confirmed

    • D J
      D J 28 days ago

      He will use it as the intro to the ring in the fight 100%

  • Brad Vincent
    Brad Vincent Month ago

    We were meant to be closest to God when we are alone in our room with him! That’s the secret place Jesus talked about. Love seeing the reaction, Jesus loves you bro!

  • Kelvin Leung
    Kelvin Leung Month ago

    Love this reaction!

  • Briana Ayittah
    Briana Ayittah Month ago