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  • Kyle LeFroggo
    Kyle LeFroggo Day ago

    Oh boy this will be great in the area 51 raid

  • jock sprocker
    jock sprocker 7 days ago

    E k any day great for the money go pro getting to techy

  • Atina Ginneh Free Green Screen

    Thanks for sharing it! I am using the spider for my halloween Clip and of cause I will credit you in my video description!

  • William Hughes-Games

    Would it be so that if you removed the batteries after this process had been going on for a while and replaced them with an LED light, it would light up.

  • Tsc Tempest
    Tsc Tempest 12 days ago

    So I'm sourcing parts for this project. Good to Go! Thank you for the prompt. However, that "37 Ohm Resistor" is an awkward single part to find. I can a) take another 100ohm pot and set it to 37 ohm, b) sub the pot and resistor out and fix it at 137 ohm, or c) couple some resistors in series to make up a 37 Ohm equivalent. Do you have alternative configurations for this project using standard, easy to source components? e.g. I can get the Siemens LED but this appears to be a suitable alternative - Knightbridge WP710A10LGD LED; and Trimmer Pot - 3296W-100R. I should mention that I live in China, so these things should be easy to source - but are not.

  • Daniel Hain
    Daniel Hain 14 days ago

    so I can make this at my house?

  • Darlene Elvidge
    Darlene Elvidge 14 days ago

    The Action Camera to buy in 2019 is the Akaso Brave 4, it’s the updated version of the Akaso 7000. I just got one on sale at from 🇨🇦

  • Greyslopp
    Greyslopp 16 days ago

    For when you really wanna make those meat head jocks pay

  • Kyren Scott
    Kyren Scott 16 days ago

    This was clearly fake

  • Jon Bell
    Jon Bell 18 days ago


  • Jon Bell
    Jon Bell 18 days ago

    I reversed the leads and stripped the crome from a zippo lighter thank you.

  • Russell Sss
    Russell Sss 18 days ago

    play speed 0.25 @7:15 to 7:30

  • N Gauge England -Synthematix-

    Mr Gnat Is In A Better Place

  • zarja67
    zarja67 19 days ago

    Make Such Big Cannon, That Its Shooting Slow balls of plasma Which Explode Killing Most People Near The Blast

  • zarja67
    zarja67 19 days ago

    Doom guy: Big F***ing gun you: The Perfert Plasma Gun Doesnt Exist me: BFG9000!!!

  • Austin Wiley
    Austin Wiley 22 days ago

    Which plating chemical works best for knives muriatic acid or the stuff in zep root killed? I’ve tried both methods and cleaned what I want to plate and had gloves on when touching the piece and still can’t get an even plating any tips?

  • Colorado Old Man
    Colorado Old Man 23 days ago

    Can’t find a source for the LV3369 led. Can anyone else find it?

  • J - Hump
    J - Hump 27 days ago

    So fake . :/

  • The horrible Youtuber

    6:57 sounds like a transformer thing

  • worldtraveler
    worldtraveler 29 days ago

    Fly that sucker over LA so we can see all the bums and shit.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 29 days ago

    Great review, thank you. I'm in the same boat - I have a GoPro 3 which is on it's last legs it seems. Debating on a knock off. I was all about camera 2 in your video until the skiing footage - lots of shake. Color is easy enough to correct. The Hero 7 Black stabilization is incredible, but it's a lot of $$$.

  • Oners82
    Oners82 29 days ago

    You could instantly tell that camera 2 was the GoPro just by the superior sound quality. However this in no way justifies the huge price difference IMO.

  • The Spiv
    The Spiv Month ago

    You need sulphuric acid in your solution

  • Daniel Sailors
    Daniel Sailors Month ago

    Would it be possible to incorporate this into some marketing martial without violating your copyright

  • N Gauge England -Synthematix-

    I need to do this with my EK cpu AM4 waterblock, the nickel plating on the fins has worn off. And yes lower voltages are better, 3 to 6v dc

  • Superfly29rr
    Superfly29rr Month ago

    can you use HCL instead of Murietic acid?

  • MawXDesigns
    MawXDesigns Month ago

    Hi great videos, I used your information and others to start plating copper. It is going really well. For that I’m using both Muratic Acid and hydrochloric the copper sulphate and a laxitive for brightening. I plan to follow this video for nickel plating. With either of these do I need to be concerned with fumes once I’ve created my solution and start plating? I’m doing the plating in my garage but thus far haven’t found much information on if i should be wearing my P95 mask whenever I’m plating. Oh and lastly I’m using a small fish tank pump for constant agitation of the solution not sure if that changes anything. I’m plating at around 1.3v with an adjustable DC power supply. Thanks if you can help and for helping get started with plating!

  • KL-42 Riders Corner


  • Derek Wall
    Derek Wall Month ago

    75 stories is 812 feet. now a days elevators have brakes that stop the car if the cab goes faster than a set speed. the brakes work like clamps that grab the rails that are on the walls of the shaft

  • Derek Villicaña
    Derek Villicaña Month ago

    Cyberpunk 2077

  • Ryan Lewis
    Ryan Lewis Month ago

    Will this method work on bare steel?

  • Ben Skynson
    Ben Skynson Month ago

    Soccer ball companies hate him

  • Keaton Richards
    Keaton Richards Month ago

    Amazing! :D

  • tolga tr
    tolga tr Month ago

    How can ı buy this?

  • shaggy at 5% power

    I used the exact materials used here and it didn't work at all, I tried it on a few knives, a quarter, a d a nail, ir worked on none, the acid did etch the knives though, but there was no trace of copper

  • mina is the best member of twice

    but why would you need a propane propane flamethrower?

  • Magentawolf
    Magentawolf Month ago

    (attaches two of them to arms) Me: yea this big destruction time

  • T C
    T C Month ago

    How durable is this copper plating? I'm thinking of using a method like this for a couple reasons. Reason 1: to make an ablative coating on the inside of a rocket engine to conduct heat and burn off. Reason 2: to use a similar method to plate screens in silver to use as a high temperature catalyst.

  • Man uel
    Man uel Month ago

    7:12 is wht u came for thank me later

  • Jim Raymond
    Jim Raymond Month ago

    Is there a parts list anywhere? I can't find one below.

  • dziezia kontomala

    Please specify the name of the chips ???😉😉😉👍

  • O Ser
    O Ser 2 months ago

    Great review, camera #1 is my choice. Thank you!!!

  • stardustgirl
    stardustgirl 2 months ago

    And all the stuff shown in this video, is just about all there is to see!🌷🌻🌷🌷🌻🌷

  • Roberto N
    Roberto N 2 months ago

    Ese circuito lo realicé hace 40 años.

  • Kynan Farro
    Kynan Farro 2 months ago

    Which Is The Specific Name Of The FM Chip I Want To Know So I Can Get It!

  • -
    - 2 months ago

    Why would it be illegal to jam rf signals outside of a certain range?

    ALLFACTS 2 months ago

    Hey is this device can jam the digital TV with satellite cable connection ... please reply

  • Effrontery arbiter
    Effrontery arbiter 2 months ago

    That's sick man... Awesome

  • Drone Junkie
    Drone Junkie 2 months ago

    Excellent review 👍 I bought it as a stunt double for my hero 5 black 30$ Canadian on Craig’s list for those Dangerous shots like driving over it or sticking to bottom of vehicles or stuff like that.

  • Gideon Prior
    Gideon Prior 2 months ago

    What is the sponge material you used for the electrodes? Do you have a name or brand?

  • it's kiwi gamer
    it's kiwi gamer 2 months ago


  • Empress For-Life
    Empress For-Life 2 months ago

    Amazing review. I was hoping to find a review on the Akaso EK 7000 Pro vs a Gopro. This was nail on the head. I have the EK7000 pro in my cart. I'm going to order it now. Best review on this yet. New sub.

  • 1barticus
    1barticus 2 months ago

    I just bought it on eBay for 16 bucks for the SD card and batteries and all that stuff

  • Eduardo Carrera
    Eduardo Carrera 2 months ago

    if I want to put an analog amp meter, where should I connect it?

  • Roozbeh Behzadmehr
    Roozbeh Behzadmehr 2 months ago

    Hi, I followed the instruction but my device gives me 7.8 v and .015 ma or 15.7 microamperes output. I couldn't find whats the problem, LED or the arranger? because I'm sure the other parts are ok. Also, I couldn't arrange the amount of ampere and it's fixed on the 15.7 microamperes.

  • ian gee
    ian gee 2 months ago

    Good review

  • Zandar X
    Zandar X 2 months ago

    Great respect here all around. Trained with Horn for a day; prince of a man an awesome fighter. Brian, you did awesome! your resume can proudly reflect you dropped Jeremy Horn! Nice shot!

  • Rodrigo Coockie Monster

    You won me

  • alexander williams
    alexander williams 2 months ago

    Stan I am desperate, neighbours drum and bass has me losing my mind please can I pay you to send me one of these PLEASE

    • Angel Cusick
      Angel Cusick 2 months ago

      Please let me buy one off you too- I can’t take it- the boom of the woofer is tortuous.

    • Chalie Messina
      Chalie Messina 2 months ago

      I'll pay u also. I got new neighbors play music with bass up loud, Boom, boom, boom on the side of my house for hours

  • Jim Somers
    Jim Somers 2 months ago

    Poor camera work. Cannot really distinguish the quality of the job. Good lesson on voltage/ amperage though.

  • Blobfish rule Blobfish

    I like ek7000

  • Conrad Dean
    Conrad Dean 2 months ago

    Can you do the same gold plating ?

  • Lorus Gaming
    Lorus Gaming 2 months ago

    Who is here from Mr.Beast?

  • Mark Hermann
    Mark Hermann 2 months ago

    This works so much better and faster than any of the vinegar methods.

  • Silver and Brass
    Silver and Brass 2 months ago


    ZVLAD VLADESCU 2 months ago

    i love fyre and this is so awesome imagine how many houses i could set on fire

  • Aidan Jones
    Aidan Jones 2 months ago

    Anyone from Mr.Beast

  • Purpleflipflops
    Purpleflipflops 2 months ago

    That is the exact one on mr.beast

  • A google Account
    A google Account 2 months ago

    Could you plate cast lead bullets this way ?

  • NOT OZMAN210
    NOT OZMAN210 2 months ago

    MrBeast stole this is that ok

  • BlazingTank578 2
    BlazingTank578 2 2 months ago

    Add something inside the plasma gun a ball or something

  • jp R
    jp R 2 months ago

    Would this work for plating copper on to aluminum?

  • opus magnum
    opus magnum 2 months ago


  • Derick Kerr
    Derick Kerr 3 months ago

    ill explain later gtg

  • Derick Kerr
    Derick Kerr 3 months ago

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  • Derick Kerr
    Derick Kerr 3 months ago

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    Derick Kerr 3 months ago

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  • Derick Kerr
    Derick Kerr 3 months ago

    this is the closest thing we have to a kamehameha

  • the niks clips
    the niks clips 3 months ago

    Does this device work for jam dth signals ...plzzz help

  • Adel Fahoum
    Adel Fahoum 3 months ago

    Can you please list the components .

  • The new thot Destroyer

    Stan: *makes a small plasma boi* Also: LeTs MaKe A cAnNoN nOw

  • zero fucks given sucker

    This guy is real life eisenberg

  • Anthony Bédard
    Anthony Bédard 3 months ago

    J’ai une akaso ek7000 black et pour le prix c’est pas mal!!

  • BonnieGaming157
    BonnieGaming157 3 months ago

    It's not propane it's butane

  • hornse
    hornse 3 months ago

    Elon musk has sent a friend request.

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    IslandSoljaah 3 months ago

    whos here after watching mr beast video?

  • Thomas Jackson
    Thomas Jackson 3 months ago

    Thank you for this video. This will save a fortune in replacing balls 👍

  • blade_slayer
    blade_slayer 3 months ago

    who else came from mrbeast?

  • SawyerNQA
    SawyerNQA 3 months ago

    The intro turned me off but the first time he said "propene" I was outta there

  • Tahjmir Powell
    Tahjmir Powell 3 months ago

    1:32 wow a cretty prazy way

  • Spyked
    Spyked 3 months ago

    Who’s here from Mr.Beast

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    Brent Valdon 3 months ago

    Came here from Mr.beast : )

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    Mr.beast brought me here

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    xd 3 months ago

    which channel makes these videos xd

  • Frankie sucks at multitasking

    Were still thinking too small

  • keller albaner
    keller albaner 3 months ago

    Make a Version that can shoot projectiles

  • Lor00D
    Lor00D 3 months ago

    Video starts at 05:40

  • Ray Landeros
    Ray Landeros 3 months ago

    Would a car battery be needed to copper plate wheels? I have 17x9 in’ wheels that i would like to plate but am unsure about the exact measurements on everything. I understand the water to acid 5 to 1 but not so much with the copper amount and battery voltage.