The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
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Yola: I Don't Wanna Lie
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Black Pumas: Colors
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Karol G: Tusa
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Lil Baby: Woah
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Orlando Leyba Stand-Up
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  • DayDraws
    DayDraws Hour ago

    Halsey is underrated asf.

  • Frederick A.
    Frederick A. Hour ago

    Clifford is classic. One of the funniest, goofiest movies I've ever seen..

  • Pandas are cool
    Pandas are cool Hour ago

    Does Jimmy now resort to inviting nobodies on his show?

  • Nico Nico
    Nico Nico Hour ago

    Hahahahah the best video ever I saw😍😍😍😂

  • Siri Smith
    Siri Smith Hour ago


    RICKY Hour ago

    I just want her to sit on my face already 🧐

  • J Mendez
    J Mendez Hour ago


  • BillyTheWilly
    BillyTheWilly Hour ago

    I missed her old voice :c

  • Taylor swift & NF stan

    halsey is so cool haha, she seems like a funny person to hang out with

  • Osiyo Uzturk
    Osiyo Uzturk Hour ago

    5:20 that's so funny!!! 🤣🤣🤣 his reaction... Oh my God

  • Fajar Ponco
    Fajar Ponco Hour ago

    Finn Wolfhard had the best middle finger ngl

  • Buddhini Gamlath

    Halsey : "YES...YES" Me: " why does that sounds so familiar?? ohh JIMIN!!!!!!"

  • M B
    M B Hour ago

    The more I see elephants the more loving, friendly, trusting and caring they appear to me. Breaks my heart that men hunt them because they don’t feel “manly” enough. Can’t play a normal sport so they call murdering a sport. You hunt an elephant then you deserve hell. She is BEAUTIFUL.

  • Emily is your girl

    Does someone admire her beauty? 🥰

  • Ahmad Nazrin
    Ahmad Nazrin Hour ago

    that really make January 2020 wrap so cool!

  • Eleanor Theeboom

    That voice break tho

  • Bhogpati Baboo
    Bhogpati Baboo Hour ago

    Why they have to keep showing the name of the movie on the screen 🙄let us guess too plz

  • mimo Vk
    mimo Vk Hour ago

    Her EyE makeup!🔥

  • Phil ThePromoter

    Died at age 27 *Laughs*.

  • Shiloh Store
    Shiloh Store Hour ago

    That wasn't shake it off that was Footloose

  • Salomé
    Salomé Hour ago

    I’m surprised he didn’t mention his shampoo

  • lil nugget
    lil nugget Hour ago anus has a ring around it?

  • Noel BayLon Tv
    Noel BayLon Tv Hour ago

    hey Jimmy nice tv show, we just watched your movie 'Taxi' 😁😎👍 nway hope help me get some subscribers of my channel , thanks have a good day 😉👍👍

  • Joana G
    Joana G Hour ago

    Omg this is so cute! 🤣🤣🤣

  • Andreas genis
    Andreas genis Hour ago

    Χτυπα με μωρο μου αλλη μια φορα!!! +1 οσοι το ειδαν

  • Hero The Plott mix

    Damn how tall is she? I thought jimmy was 6ft? He looks like he's next to Shaq

  • Tanisha Shriyan
    Tanisha Shriyan Hour ago

    "That's an opinion" oof the SHADEE😂😂😂😂😂 people HATED her before she was famous. And now that she's famous and trhiving people are acting like they were fans since the start.

  • Rahmah Farhan
    Rahmah Farhan Hour ago

    Though I could not recognize her she is an amazing singer

  • nader nader
    nader nader Hour ago

    Stupid girl

  • deadlolita
    deadlolita Hour ago

    cringy scripted & unfunny

  • Dalal 84
    Dalal 84 Hour ago

    Halsey is a good artist 😎😎

  • DayDraws
    DayDraws Hour ago

    Soft head still gave me goosebumps.

  • Bee Lover
    Bee Lover Hour ago

    English subtitle: hello, I'm-- where do I dance? I'm Jin.

  • Keabetswe Mokwena

    How do you sound just like him?

  • Odunlami
    Odunlami Hour ago

    mosquito- and nobody says malaria

  • Lorenna Mattos
    Lorenna Mattos Hour ago

    I actually wonder what the band thinks of their dancing...

  • Janvi Verma
    Janvi Verma Hour ago

    Halsey 😍😍😍

  • Isary96
    Isary96 Hour ago

    she looks so upset by his portrait 😂 "is that my ear?!"

  • Jk_Dangerzone LOL

    I swear a minute ago it said all the comments were posted 2 minutes ago Now it says 1 hour and 51 minutes like brun I really thought I was one of the special ppl.

  • Edgar Lopez
    Edgar Lopez Hour ago

    @5:52 Ryan lets out the quietest “F*ck”. Had me dying!

  • TS
    TS Hour ago

    Fuck she did that sketch in just few seconds

  • Alias
    Alias Hour ago

    Jesus she can’t sing.

  • Peter Galvez
    Peter Galvez Hour ago


  • ДИЮЗ
    ДИЮЗ Hour ago

    cool dude

  • Guzzie
    Guzzie Hour ago

    I learnt how to pass notes without getting caught in 5th grade. Does that count?

  • 10,000 of you for 1 Charlie Whiskey

    crazy,lotta ppl good with trumps blatant corruption

  • Big Big Cruz
    Big Big Cruz Hour ago

    Did she just put a shoe in her purse?! Haha

  • The Real Destiny Marilyn

    Just posted a story time about when I went to a talk show so if you wanna know the tea about what happens when you’re a audience member head over to my channel Lmaooo 💓💓

  • Luna
    Luna Hour ago

    The violin bow gave me pure anxiety

  • Kavindu simpson
    Kavindu simpson Hour ago

    I love you @halsey

  • Amazing Amy
    Amazing Amy Hour ago

    Great shoulder and amazing skin, I'm here for it!!!!!💃💃💃

  • DR K
    DR K Hour ago

    Okayyyy that’s more like a New York accent lmao possible the tippy top of new jersey but no where else lmao I lived here my whole life

  • LordAaronus
    LordAaronus Hour ago

    as a father of twins... it's only creepy when they touch each other...

  • bogen
    bogen Hour ago

    best plug of 2020

  • L.Fetuu Star
    L.Fetuu Star Hour ago

    Jimmy I have never been so happy about a celebrity guest

  • Jesse G
    Jesse G Hour ago


  • Ching Lee
    Ching Lee Hour ago

    I still see Martin as “Frank” who annoys Mr. Banks 😂 adorable 💛

  • Fariha Soptorsi
    Fariha Soptorsi Hour ago

    She is incredible 😘😘 I love her 💜💜after she has done *Boy With Luv*............With BTS💖💖

  • Daniel Mendoza
    Daniel Mendoza Hour ago

    Martin Short is hilarious

  • Vasiliki An.
    Vasiliki An. Hour ago

    Love her hair 🧒🏻🧒🏻🧒🏻❤️❤️❤️

  • Jeva Samy
    Jeva Samy Hour ago

    I love her ... i am her fan ..

  • TS
    TS Hour ago

    She is so talented like she can Paint , Sing , Write , act etc etc ! Scrammys Snub her Bec those awards are male dominating. We ONLY love Ama's , BBMA and iheart coz they show the reality, Dear Ashley u Deserve More 🙏🏽❤️

  • Maribel M.
    Maribel M. Hour ago

    "No, I'm ravaged by time"🤭👌😅

  • Isary96
    Isary96 Hour ago

    "that is a human male" 🤣

  • c l o w n
    c l o w n Hour ago

    so exciteeeeddddddd

  • ايمان الرشيدي

    This woman so funny she need her own show instead of jimmy

  • Shiloh Store
    Shiloh Store Hour ago

    Thousand cool points to whoever can figure out what is on the front of Pharrell's t-shirts

  • SassyBug
    SassyBug Hour ago

    Oh my goodness, this gives me LIFE 😂♥️

  • Lil ComiKons
    Lil ComiKons Hour ago

    This what’s gonna

  • The November Soul

    Cheers to Halsey and her unique beauty🥂

  • Nuyo
    Nuyo Hour ago

    00:06 it's weird. The pretend like it's not scripted, but it clearly is scripted. So that makes the show corny most of the times.

  • Sweety Heartfilia

    Her Voice is Angelic, I Love it💜🥰😍😊

  • E Lo
    E Lo Hour ago

    Yo, those shoes are hard af!

  • Halilibrahim Iskender


  • Sa Es
    Sa Es Hour ago

    Her voice is beautiful

  • 乡Shinchan
    乡Shinchan Hour ago

    we need this kinda show (which are not normie) in india 😂😂

  • ايمان الرشيدي

    I love this show but I hate jimmy he always laughs with reason and no reason . Fake laugh

  • Max Tonkin
    Max Tonkin Hour ago

    Trying to get at least 1 subscriber from a comment day 1.

  • Jaden CHOW [5E]
    Jaden CHOW [5E] Hour ago

    U r an inspirational person, Halsey Thanks for doing so much for the world

  • Glipglobs
    Glipglobs Hour ago

    Wait so there wasn't any autotune? Help I feel soo high right now

  • Jason Hunter
    Jason Hunter Hour ago

    Top 10

  • AddyTheDaddy
    AddyTheDaddy Hour ago

    Quicksilver is a smooth criminal.

  • Clint Cramer
    Clint Cramer Hour ago


  • Osman Hamid
    Osman Hamid Hour ago


    TRANCE MUSIC Hour ago


  • Noa Wong
    Noa Wong Hour ago


  • Abang Alai
    Abang Alai Hour ago

    Batman never cry. Love this guy. Original batman♥️

  • Jaden CHOW [5E]
    Jaden CHOW [5E] Hour ago

    Love u Halsey

  • gitazre
    gitazre Hour ago

    She's so cute

  • The Metic
    The Metic Hour ago

    her album has some amazing songs! she's incredible

  • Jam Hay
    Jam Hay Hour ago

    Я не дышала около минуты

  • lee Son7wife
    lee Son7wife Hour ago

    Love her..

  • Amerz 247
    Amerz 247 Hour ago

    The Police

  • Martina Fagiani
    Martina Fagiani Hour ago

    Halsey you're beautiful 💜

  • Dadousha im
    Dadousha im Hour ago

    Love her ❣️

  • Abby Hill
    Abby Hill 2 hours ago


  • b_ choyongjin
    b_ choyongjin 2 hours ago

    Love you Halsey 😘😍

  • Lea Janković
    Lea Janković 2 hours ago

    that dress is STUNNING !

  • Keren icehand
    Keren icehand 2 hours ago

    Leslie is so funny🤣👍💜

  • Chocolate Button
    Chocolate Button 2 hours ago

    HeLLo mY aNal niGga biTcHeZ hoW yaLL doiN' Tu'DaY , anY OnE KnOw WhEre I caN fiNd